Meet Kate Northrup, a bestselling author and the founder of The Origin Company who claims; it’s spiritual to be rich!

Kate says there are all kinds of wealth and riches in the world. We have financial riches, health, relationships, our connection with the universe and our emotional well being. Kate explains that our commonly held cultural belief is that it’s more spiritual to suffer than to be rich. According to Kate there are human beings who organized this belief in us to keep themselves in power and it’s all a hoaks! 

We are taught to believe that our abundance take away from others

Kate wants to switch the spiritual community around from a model of thinking that if we have abundance we take away from someone else, to a model of, there is plenty and enough to go around. Kate explains that finances and our relationship to it is located in our second chakra. This is where we relate to money, sex and power. Those three things are tied together according to Kate. The way we relate to one of those things is the way we relate to all three things.

How is finances connected to our self care?

We receive money in exchange for creating value in the world. Somebody who does not value themselves very highly will have more trouble charging for their services, negotiating a raise or asking for a higher compensation package. Kate offers some financial practices on her website to help us look at what we spend money on and find out if what we invest in is expansive or contractive to us.

What being spiritual and rich is all about

Our bodies often tell us what is right for us and what is not. Kate says it’s different for everyone, but she gets an expansion in her body that says “yes”, if something is right to invest in, or a contraction which makes her body feel heavy and dark, if it’s a no. When you spend money you should listen to your inner conversation and what it tells you. If you feel bad about spending money on a specific thing or project, you shouldn’t do it. That is what being spiritual and rich is all about.

How can we get more flow in our work lives by doing less?

The woman’s egg is blessed with wisdom to pick out the sperm that’s right for her. Once a month one egg is released from the fallopian tube and it sits in the tube while sending out a very strong and specific signal for the sperm to find it. The egg will not let anyone but the right sperm in. Kate firmly believes we need more of the egg wisdom in today’s society. More of the stillness and trust and more ability to discern what’s right and wrong for us. Tapping into the egg wisdom can give us a rich inner spiritual life.

Doing less is about doing less of those things that don’t matter. It’s about being mindful of our time and energy so we can do more of the things we want to do. We got to start looking at how our identity is wrapped up in what we can accomplish. We need to really tune in on our own intuition and understand that we have cycles like mother nature. We can’t all be spring and summer all year long and push to be the same every day and check off everything on our lists. 

If you are a woman you can begin to learn about your own menstrual cycle and how your energy pulsates during a month. Kate has created something she calls the daily energy tracker, so that we can get to know specifically who we are during the different phases of the menstrual cycle and how we can optimize our lives and our business to support who we are as abundant spiritual people. 

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