Have you longed for a deeper connection to God – to the divine, but haven’t really found a way? Is there really a way to God outside of religion? Without dogma and rules? Maybe you feel that the universe is great, but also a little impersonal?

If this is the case, then this loving and interesting conversation with spiritual mentor Anja Steensig is for you.

Listen to the podcast version of this interview below

A natural and beautiful connection with God

According to Anja Steensig, we can have a natural and beautiful connection with God, the source of the universe, without having to go to church or join a religion. We can find God within us and everywhere. 

Anja says that although there are beautiful things and rituals in religion she never really found her place there. 

It is time to leave religion behind and just invite God back in!

God’s love can be found everywhere and in everything.

In this conversation, we go deep into how you can find a pure connection to God. The non-religious way.

She also talks a lot about Jesus, and who he was. Anja does not consider herself a Christian, even though she has a strong relationship with Jesus. Jesus was not a Christian himself, she says, but rather a mystic. 

A connection with God and Jesus has nothing to do with religion or Christianity (necessarily).

You are a unique mirror of God

Anja talks about the fact that you are here to be you. You are a unique mirror of God, a particular part of God, and no one else can be you. She says your main task is to be you and to allow yourself to come closer to being you in the world. 

She talks about our unique life purpose and that we are not meant to be the same. God’s love is the most important, and the fact that there are so many ways you can be of service in the world. 

We also go into the fact that life is both light and dark, and cannot be total without challenges and darkness. Because if you stop having resistance in your life, you stop moving forward. 

If you watch until the end of the interview you will also get a very interesting and perhaps new perspective on the concept of asking “why is this happening to me?”. And also a suggestion as to what you can replace that question with if you are going through something difficult.

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About Anja Steensig

Anja is a spiritual leader, a spiritual mentor, and an author, and she also holds silent retreats. She worked many years in Media and television before she found the path she’s currently on. Anja says she has always been a communicator, and now she is a communicator of God’s love.

On her website, Anja states: I offer no religion. No system. No dogma. No philosophy. No rules. No rituals. All I am is a servant. Serving love. 

Isn’t that beautiful?

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine

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