Interview with the freedom alchemist Tammy De Mirza

No matter what problems you have in your life, it’s ultimately about your relationships. Your relationship with yourself or other people, your career, money, and life in general says Tammy.

Tammy De Mirza is an expert on relationships and helps thousands of people acknowledge their traumas and emotions so that they get the clarity they need to heal and transform.

Your soul’s curriculum

In this interview, Tammy talks about how we all choose our own soul’s curriculums before we incarnate, which are certain lessons that we are here to experience and master. In order to master them, it is important to keep the right focus and to trust yourself, because that is when you’ll find your answers and the freedom you seek, Tammy says.

We also addressed questions such as:

  • When do we know that we are avoiding something in ourselves?
  • Can we change our soul’s curriculum?
  • Do our loved ones on the other side visit us, when we think about them?
  • How can we get what we want?

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About Tammy De Mirza

Tammy De Mirza, is an international sought-after speaker, author and spiritual teacher known as The Freedom Alchemist ™. She specializes in helping people from all creeds and professions to break through regrets, judgments and shame, build self-confidence and live a love infused life.

Overcoming many life hurdles, serving over 2500 clients, and learning from some of the world’s leading experts, she authored the heart exhilarating book “The Inmate and the Medium” and created The Tammy De Mirza ground breaking and life transforming Five Step Method. As The Freedom Alchemist, her vision, mission and purpose in life is to awaken, change and positively transform the lives of one million people. 

She is known for leaving her clients feeling elevated, inspired and reconnected to their innate wisdom and love.

Learn more about Tamme on her website:

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