Your inner child is the part of you that holds all your unprocessed emotions and experiences. When something traumatic happens in your life, your inner child can become frozen in fear. This can lead to patterns of behavior that no longer serve you as an adult, such as negative thoughts and self-destructive patterns that stems from traumas. If you want to release traumas and negative thoughts and patterns, it’s important to understand how your inner child affects your everyday life and learn how to heal your inner child. Because your inner child may be affecting your life in more ways than you realize.. Listen to this conversation with Evette Rose about releasing traumas with inner child work.

Evette Rose is an author, a life coach, a trauma-release practitioner, and a personal development teacher. She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy and the Rapid Growth Healing Technique. In this video Evette shares about the importance of healing the inner child, how we have different inner child archetypes, what ensoulment is, and how our relationship with our mother reflects our relationship with The Divine. 

What is the inner child?

Jannecke looks back at her own childhood which she thought was a perfect one. She shares how she, as an adult, struggled in life, with negative thoughts about herself, but couldn’t understand why. 

Evette explains that our inner child is our first platform and the inner essence of who we began as before we experienced trauma and before we moved into a body. The inner child is born into the physical body where it has experiences that can make or break them while they have to mature into an adult version of themselves.

Your struggle as an adult is connected to your inner child

The injured inner child can come out in many ways and especially in instinctive reactions. We might see some people react in certain ways and think to ourselves; “wow, they are so immature”, or “that is so over the top”. What we’re seeing is actually the wounded inner child reacting because it has not let go of certain coping mechanisms. A big part of our lives might actually be driven around and maneuvered by the inner child’s instincts and responses. 

Trauma experienced as a child can get stuck and influence us as adults and cause negative thinking and poor self-esteem. Just look at your actions and how you handle things today. Do you push away, do you reject, do you step over your boundaries? All of these actions are coming from a wounded aspect of yourself. Especially if it’s causing you pain and discomfort. 

Do you feel disconnected from the divine?

Your relationship with your mother is connected to your relationship with The Divine. Because your mother is your first reference in the womb, you are deeply influenced by her. As you are born and separated from your mother, you have a strong desire for that connection to be re-established. God has a very similar role in our lives. It is a power that we’ve always been a part of, but as our individuality grows, we feel separate and we desperately want to feel the connection with the divine again. It is a tough transition for us and one that many people never fully complete during their lifetime. However, you can heal your relationship to your mother (and father) and in that way feel more connected to The Divine. Healing the inner child may also help you strengthen your self-esteem today and release negative thoughts about yourself.

We are proud to invite you to a course with Evette on inner child work. In Evette’s opinion healing is meant to be graceful, gentle, and easy. She emphasizes that taking her course won’t push you to relive any of your trauma if you don’t want to go there. The course is set up in a gentle way designed to make you feel that you are being supported all the way through it. 

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