Helén had several challenging experiences with the other side before she found Reiki as her energy tool. In this interview, she shares about her path to Reiki and how she had to go through a proper wake-up call in order to understand her need for a tool to help face her spiritual side.

Helén R. Løddesøl is a Reiki Master, an Energy Intuitive, and now also our September Masterclass teacher in the Wisdom From North Membership

A childhood in the world of fantasy and mystical beings

While her peers played with each other, Helén’s childhood was characterized by fantasy and nature experiences. Her friends were many, but not of the kind you could easily see. They were nature beings, elves, fairies, and others who showed up in her presence. 

When Helén was around 14 years old, she shut the door to her spiritual side and stopped seeing these beings. But just before turning 30, the universe came knocking on her door again. She had several unpleasant experiences with the other side before she understood that she had to find a tool to deal with her experiences. Reiki became the energy tool she needed to master her spiritual side.

Why do we need the energy tool that Reiki is?

Reiki has been the tool Helén needed to navigate her own inner landscape. The beauty with Reiki, she says, is that it meets you where you are and takes you where you need to go, but always through our heart chakra leading us with love and light.

Helén believes we are meant to heal ourselves. She emphasizes that we all need a healer or outside help from time to time, but that giving yourself Reiki energy heals you where you need to heal. It is intuitive and the Reiki energy will go to where it is needed the most.

Reiki has truly been life-changing for Helén because she’s dared to venture into the parts of herself she’s been afraid of before. 

Reiki – a tool in the art of living

Learn about Reiki

Helén explains how the Reiki energy works in detail in her class in Wisdom From North Membership. You also get to experience Helén’s energy work and be initiated to Reiki level 1 through this class. 

Please enjoy!

If you want to learn more about Helén, click here to see her homepage.

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