In this interview, Jannecke meets with Evette Rose and Teal Swan. Evette is the author of the book “Metaphysical Anatomy”*, which explains about the root cause of illnesses. Teal Swan is a YouTube phenomenon who travels around the world giving synchronization workshops. She’s also an author. Her most recent book is “The Completion Process”*. 

The cause of illnesses 

Evette Rose’s amazing book teaches us about genetic predispositions. That means we can have feelings that aren’t even our own. They might be our grandmothers’ feelings. Genes are multidimensional and according to the two women they are encoded with information passed down from our ancestors. 

Teal believes that the root cause of an illness has to do with our belief systems. She can see in a person’s auric field whether they have low self-esteem or not, whether they think bad thoughts about themselves, or they look down upon themselves. 

It’s important to complete a trauma cycle 

Trauma is experienced differently in every single person because it depends on your genetic makeup. Something that’s nothing to me, might be a huge trauma to someone else. Evette describes in her book how animals shake off the trauma as soon as they’re safe from predators, but we humans do not. We tend to hold on to the trauma and lock it in our bodies.  

Crying is an example of a trauma cycle that wants to complete itself, the problem is that we’ve been taught to stop crying and suppress our feelings from when we were little. 

Teal says that no matter how much positive focus we have, we will still attract what we’ve tried to suppress. You may then start to see a manifestation of the physical illness in the body if we keep suppressing our feelings.  

The root cause of illnesses might lie in our past lives 

Evette shares that she’s had clients come to her and tell her they feel like they’ve been raped, except they have no memories of it. Something like that can be ancestral trauma.

In one case the client wasn’t raped, but her mum was. When the client was touched by a boyfriend in a way she didn’t expect, boom, the trauma came up! 

Teal thinks it frightening how much people today disassociate from their bodies and feelings. The fact that people can’t tell whether the food they put in their mouth works with them or not, is scary, in her opinion. 

Old trauma can trigger us in unwanted ways 

There is a big difference between an old memory being activated and people’s intuition. People end up making bad decisions because they are triggered by old trauma.  

You’ve got to ask yourself; is this just old fears coming up or can I really trust this person, this situation? It’s a journey to start to learn how to listen to your body, Teal says. 

The reptile brain has the mentality of a 13-year-old, according to Evette. It can rebel pretty badly if you abuse your body and push it too hard. It hits you where you’re the most vulnerable. 

It’s important to separate between past and parallel lives 

Evette says to her clients, who talk about their past lives; “I don’t want to know about the hypotheticals, I want to hear about the here and now!” The past lives are in the PAST, let’s stay with the here and now. That is the strong message from these two ladies.  

Teal elaborates and says, “the reason for death is to wipe the slate clean.” From source perspective you’re choosing a life and traumas based on what you’ve experienced in your past life. Blaming your past life for your troubles, is according to Teal, a scapegoat. You will not find your root cause of illnesses that way, she says. 

Migraine and headaches are actually… 

What is headache about? It’s two parts, one is you’re feeling angry and conflicted about circumstances you’re in, that you don’t want to be a part of. It is your boundaries being completely crossed.  

Also, a feeling of “I’m not allowed to express my boundaries.” Evette elaborates and says that for instance with cancer you’ve got to look at what happened at least 7 years prior to you coming down with that disease. 

Conventional medicine versus metaphysical medicine 

The conventional doctors are looking at a picture that is very narrow. They understand very well how to fix a machine, how to graft skin and put broken bones back together. 

What they fail miserably at is chronic illnesses. We’re dealing with a very old-fashioned science, Teal says. According to Teal, you need to look at all aspects of the human mind and body to be able to heal it. 

Evette says that you need to look at the root cause of, for instance, depression. The medication will suppress the underlying feelings and you might not be able to get a grip on why you are depressed. 

Healing with Teal and Evette 

Teal has designed a process very specifically for emotional triggers and she has her clients choose to relive their trauma in order to reverse the disassociation that happened during their experience. 

Evette’s method also sometimes takes the person back to when the trauma happened, but she’s found, in her experience, that it can become too emotionally strong and that’s why she’s found a gentle way to help people deal with deep trauma.  

If you’re going to work with people’s crap, you’re going into your own crap too, Teal says. Both women agree with this and tell us how they have their own practitioners go through their trauma in order to become better healers. 

Victimhood and empowerment 

Evette speaks about how we are not raised to be empowered. Start taking responsibility today, for how you act, how you show up, for the role you play in other people’s lives.  

A negative mindset starts to serve you because it gives you an excuse for being a victim. Ask yourself how it serves you. 

Teal says that what people all over the world are most attached to, is the idea of being good. 

Empowerment is any action or step you take to move your life closer to what I can do to positively affect my life. 

Teal says she has her clients feel into their bodies, however often they need during a day. Where do they feel a tingling, where do they feel pain? In the beginning it’s going to be faint and confusing, but one day, say after a fight with your partner, you can feel a crushing sensation in your chest.  

You start to get tuned in to your inner life. Evette says that it’s clear when people have stopped listening to their bodies, they’ve stopped having fun. Being intuitive is playful and fun. 

The minute you start working and communicating with your body you will understand that your body works for you. It will never, ever fail you; it will work really hard to keep you safe and alive and to try to tell you about its root cause of illness. 

We all have cancer, it just hasn’t manifested yet.  

Teal tells us that cancer has got to do with childhood trauma. It is unhealed grief. Cancer comes in and says, you get to change everything right now, or you’re dying. It’s basically the best gift ever, Teal says. It shakes you to your roots. 

In this interview we learn all about the root cause of illnesses. These two amazing, spiritual teachers have so much energy and it’s amazing to witness their eagerness and passion for this subject! 

This interview is really one of my favourites and I highly recommend it. It will open your eyes and you will never be able to go back to seeing life and illness as you used to see it! 

Teal says it wonderfully in this interview; “We need to let go of the idea of wholeness. Let’s all take on the process, we don’t know what we’re going to be. Let your life unfold itself, stop controlling everything. Be playful!” 

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