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Teal Swan is a New Thought Leader and a Bestselling Author who is an expert in human development and relationships, with a following of over 1M on all social media platforms. She has over a decade of experience working with people of all walks of life with a mission to reduce human suffering.

Today, she's also become an International Speaker with a mission to reduce human suffering, having facilitated retreats and life changing workshops in large venues worldwide.

After all her years of experience, Teal has noticed how many in the world are suffering. This is primarily as a result of how terrible we are as individuals, and a society, in having healthy relationships. If we as a collective learn to have better relationships, we could solve, essentially, all the problems in the world.

That's why she's made it her mission to promote world change through healing relationships, teaching others how to improve the relationship with the self, our ancestry, our peers, our lovers, our job, the animals, the planet, even objects and so on.

Teal Swan

I have through Wisdom From North had the honor and joy to interview Teal on a numerous occasions, getting to know her deep and profound teachings and work. I know how transformative it can be. This is why we are thrilled to be able to share and promote her courses from our site, hoping that Teal's courses can help, heal and support you in your spiritual development and growth. 

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How it works

Below you'll find the programs we recommend. The links to the programs on this page take you to checkout on Teal Swan's homepage. Teal Swan's team handles orders and support regarding these courses. The links are affiliate links, this means if you purchase a course through this site, you'll also support the work of Wisdom From North. 

Ancestral Healing Course

 - 20% discount through Wisdom From North!

Unlock the Power of Ancestral Healing: Rewrite Your Family's Past, Reclaim Your Future

Heal Generational Wounds, Embrace Ancestral Wisdom, and Forge a Path to Personal Empowerment and Fulfillment

Your Ancestors are Influencing and Affecting You Everyday

Our experiences in our lives are only part of who we are. You can have wounds that are rooted in your ancestry that unless you uncover and resolve, can keep you fated to a lifetime of pain.

The Triumphs of Your Ancestors are Your Triumphs - The Traumas of Your Ancestors are Your Traumas

Like you, most people are suffering from traumatic and negative experiences passed down to us from our ancestors. Until we know to delve into our challenges and pain at the root level most people will just hope and pray that something will heal or change with time. They might even examine their childhood hoping to solve everything, but lack the tools and awareness to much more than take a look.

After experiencing the amazing journey of my own ancestry, and helping countless people do the same, sharing this magical and revolutionary program with you and others is one of my great joys.

Now after years of research, development, and proven results, my new program, Ancestral Healing™ will help you discover your lineage and show you the steps to healing and reaping the benefits of your ancestry in a practical, straightforward way.

By researching and discovering the lives, experiences, relationships, and events of your ancestors, and with the guidance of my program, you can heal, find answers, make sense of who you are, and realize how you might have actually ‘fit in’ all this time!Our experiences in our lives are only part of who we are. You can have wounds that are rooted in your ancestry that unless you uncover and resolve, can keep you fated to a lifetime of pain.

- Teal Swan

Discover the Magic of Your Existence With An Exact Plan with Simple Step-By-Step Instructions That You Can Begin Immediately

From the first lesson you will be taking a journey with amazing personal experiences. With guidance, you will learn what to do, how to do each step, and how to interpret your unique story.

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How to Thrive in a crisis


Whether it's a pandemic, a war, or a personal crisis, anything can happen from the moment you wake up in the morning. And the ONLY THING that you do have control over is YOU.

Today I invite you to accept your fear and pain and transform that energy into personal power so you can respond during times of trouble out of a place of calm power instead of getting stuck in negativity or self-destructive behaviors that often occur during difficult times.

After going through the Thrive In A Crisis course you will:

  • Have a process to become clear about dealing with whatever life throws at you - whether it's an unexpected job loss, a relationship breakup, or even something as catastrophic as an economic collapse or widespread war - without losing your personal truth.
  • Know the tools to uncover the insight necessary to thrive in any situation. 
  • Learn how to accept and work with your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.
  • Discover who you are and what truly matters most to you, so you can stop allowing other people to violate your boundaries.


With this E-course, students have seen results in just a matter of days… with only doing a part of the work and lessons. They were able to experience relief very rapidly, and regain their sense of clarity and purpose so that they can break through the wall of uncertainty and frustration. 

Sexual Healing Course

This course is for all who have experienced any kind of sexual trauma or sexual abuse in their life.

It's for anyone from sex abuse victims to those that want to reconnect to or improve their relationship to sexuality.

  • Want to learn how to heal unpleasant or traumatic past sexual experiences?
  • How to let go of sexual guilt or shame?
  • How to set boundaries?
  • Make sense of gaslighting?

Then this course is for you.

In this course, Dr. Laura Berman and Teal Swan dive deep into topics such as what sexual abuse and sexual trauma actually are, struggling with shame, the dynamics of grief that come up, dealing with guilt, and if and when to forgive your abuser.

This course is different from many other online courses out there, as it has not one but two expert teachers, as well as two brave young women sharing their stories and going on the journey to heal with you.

These four women all come from different backgrounds, yet have this one thing in common. This commonality is a huge part of healing - knowing that you are not alone.

Sexual trauma is something that should be healed together, in groups, which is why this course was designed this way.

Self-Love Course


Dive deep into yourself to learn how to feel good in your skin.

You have created a life that on the outside looks perfect. On the inside you feel everything but?

In our society, self-love is often defined as the occasional spa-cation or shopping spree. These types of self-care are like swimming in shallow water - they provide momentary relief but do nothing to heal the deep wounds that lie below.

Loving yourself should be more than just buying a new dress or heading to the spa.

Self-love is a journey that takes you much deeper than that.

This is what this course will give you

  • An in depth understanding of where self-hate comes from and how to cultivate self-love instead.
  • Guided steps to create a life where low self-esteem is replaced by knowing your self-worth.
  • A structured experience with steps that, by committing to, will begin to create a lasting change in your life.
  • 10 video lessons
  • 11 Exercises that actually help you create change in your life and the way you feel about yourself.
  • Bonus #1: A masterclass on self-love that answers all of your questions.
  • Bonus #2: A private community of others on the journey towards self-love.

Meditation Vault

Teal's Meditations Vault

Soothe your mind with guided visual meditation

  • Build a safe space for awareness so you can connect with your personal truth
  • Experience the satisfaction of living your life without self sabotage
  • Gain clarity to create and live your highest potentials
  • Feel calm with Teal's voice guiding you through meditation
  • Choose to start and end your day on a positive note

Teal created these meditations for people just like you who want to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and start living a healthier, happier life!

Over 200,000 people have used my Meditations Vault to learn how to transform self doubt into self love and live healthier lives.

The Meditations Vault will guide you through beautiful, tranquil visualizations that allow you to fall back in love with yourself, uncover and heal trauma, deal with disappointment and fears.

Start meditating today and see how much relief you will experience after only one session!

Hi, I'm Jannecke!

Below you can find all my different podcast episodes with Teal Swan as a guest throughout the years. I also had the joy of meeting her in person in 2014, when she was having a talk at Klingenberg Cinema in Oslo. 

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