Welcome to another podcast episode from Wisdom From North, and I really think you will find this one interesting. I am interviewing the magnificent spiritual teacher Teal Swan, and I’m so excited for you to listen, because it is all about relationships and soulmate, a very important topic for most, if not all of us. 

Listen to the podcast version of this interview:

This interview is from when I met Teal in person in Oslo a few years ago, and we got into all things soul mates, soul groups and soul agreements. We also talked about attraction and what really attracts us in another person. 

I really recommend listening to the whole episode because there are so many golden nuggets here, and I am convinced you will have lots of a-ha moments about the concept of a soulmate. I know I did.

Does the opposite really attract? 

Attraction is a biochemical reaction in the body that you can have when meeting a soulmate, but also when meeting someone that reflects something in yourself. You might think that the opposite attracts but according to Teal, the only reason we attract someone that is seemingly different from ourselves is because we have suppressed and denied a part of ourselves, which we find again in another person. 

Teal Swan says that our soul contracts don’t always feel good in the moment, but they will teach us something valuable. She shares some perspectives and nuances that you might not have heard before around this topic. 

The most successful relationships are not what you think

Towards the end of the talk we discuss what truly a good and healthy relationship is. And Teals actually says that the couples that are willing to get their hands dirty, and accept that they can’t be happy all the time, are the most successful ones. 

We also touched upon shadow work and inner child work, because that is also very important when it comes to our relationships and finding our soul mates or soul people.

We dive deep into all of this and so much more in this juicy and quite mind blowing interview, that I really think you will enjoy.

In this episode you will hear more about

  • What a soulmate really is
  • How we are all apart of a soul group and what that means
  • Soul contracts might no be what you think they are
  • Teal shares how she travels to other dimensions
  • How breaking up right in the middle of pain might not be the answer
  • Attraction and what controls who we get attracted to
  • How Norwegians are often afraid of being vulnerable 
  • A different way of looking at what is a good relationship

About Teal Swan

Teal Swan is a great spiritual teacher with a huge youtube following. She has both a lot of admirers, but also lots of people who disagree with her, and has been a little controversial lately. 

She is also an International speaker and Best-Selling Author and a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Now she is using her unique life experience to inspire millions of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy.

To buy Teal Swan’s beautiful book about Self Love, “Shadows Before Dawn”, just click here >>*

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