Welcome to Wisdom From North’s podcast! This has been a long process and I am so excited to finally release the first episode. Because I feel this is my life’s mission. But what is a life mission?

In this first episode, I share openly why I haven’t started a podcast before, even though it’s actually been a dream for a long time. It felt easy to start Wisdom From North 10 years ago, but starting the podcast was put off for several years.

Here you will hear a bit of my story and how it has been for me to awaken to a deeper mission.

Did perfectionism get in the way of my life’s mission?

Before Wisdom From North was a reality, I struggled with limiting thoughts about myself and my life mission. In the episode I share about a decisive moment when I sat in a café with my father ten years ago, that changed my future.

Little did I know how wonderful Wisdom From North would become, and that the universe would make everything possible for me to make it happen.

But despite, and perhaps also because of everything we achieve in life, it can be easy to become perfectionists. So the podcasts was just postponed and postponed..

What is your “why”?

Perhaps you have forgotten why you do what you do?

In this episode, you will hear about why two little red shoes are a symbol that I should play more, and why it is important to find that childlike joy again. Then it becomes less important what everyone else says.

The intention of this podcast is for you to learn, grow and expand your awareness, get some tools to be able to step into your life’s mission, and create more of the life you dream of.

In this episode about life mission, you will hear about:

  • What you can expect from this podcast.
  • The story of how I discovered my life’s mission when I sat in a café with my dad 10 years ago.
  • Why it was so difficult to start a podcast, and why I am not the same now as I was ten years ago.
  • Why it is important to connect with “your why”, and what that is.
  • How can you delve into both childhood and adulthood to find your life’s mission

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