Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, 4 years later she was rushed to hospital. The doctors gave her merely hours to live… 

That’s how this fascinating interview starts. Anita is an author of the New York Times bestseller “Dying to be me”* where she describes her near-death experience. The book has since been translated into 45 languages and has sold over one million copies worldwide.

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Encompassed by unconditional love 

Anita fell into a coma after being rushed into the hospital in 2006. She experienced that she could not only hear what people were saying around her, she could also feel their feelings. She was aware of everything going on around her body and even further away. 

The feeling she had in that state, where her soul could experience whatever she focused on, was so strong, like being encompassed by unconditional love. 

Born tapped into knowledge 

We were all born with the ability to tap into universal consciousness Anita says, but from a very young age we are taught not to trust it and instead live from our heads. 

Anita compares it to being wing clipped and it’s very unfortunate for us that we’ve been taught not to trust anything that can’t be verified through our five senses. 

Fear controls our lives 

Anita is sure her cancer came from fear. She used to be a people pleaser and had always put herself down. She was afraid of her own voice always making herself smaller so others could feel big. Every decision she ever made was out of fear of consequences. Anita tells us that’s why a lot of us are unhappy. 

Teaching our kids not to feel 

We teach our kids not to feel because we’re covering up our feelings with words. Most relationships today aren’t based on honest feelings and that’s why so many have dysfunctional relationships. 

Don’t hide your feelings, just let them come out. Being vulnerable is the bravest thing, but we are so afraid of it because we think it’s a weakness. 

Anita teaches us about universal consciousness and unconditional love, how her near-death experience changed her life completely and opened her eyes to how she was living her life in fear. 

This interview is a wake-up call, and Anita is truly an inspiring woman with lots of love and knowledge to share with us. 

Discover the Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences 

Anita is now sharing her story to help others release fear and live a richer and more joyful life. In a FREE video event*, she will help YOU access the gifts of an NDE. In this event, she will share with you;

  • Her inspiring story of her 4-year struggle with cancer, near-death experience, and return to life
  • A guided journey to simulate your own near-death experience — and begin to release the beliefs and fears that keep you from living fully and joyfully
  • Why you don’t need to work hard at being “spiritual,” but simply to live as who you TRULY are — beyond the constructs and expectations you’ve taken on from your family and culture
  • How fear of illness and “being a doormat” for others can actually make you more vulnerable to illness — and keep you from embracing your authentic life and deepest desires

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