Have you ever wondered about whether you have spirit animal guides?
In this interview, you will discover how animals are here to guide and help us.

Animals are second density beings

The law of one material is explaining animals as second density beings (almost like us humans in the past) and humans as third density beings. In this interview Tricia gives a new view to this perspective, as we as humans tend to think of densities as universes.
– We can only explain things based on our own perception and understanding. So let’s acknowledge that we are talking about limitlessness, yet we tend to put it in a form so that we can relate to it, Tricia explains. As our conscious mind is limited, our subconscious mind is connected to limitlessness. So we’re going to bridge these, giving our conscious mind the feeling that it understands, yet our subconscious mind knows there is so much more, and no limits.

Animals, particular wild animals who have very little connection with humans, are on the lower end of the second density. Domestic animals are on the higher end of the second density.  

Animals are close to the Gaia signature (mother earth). And therefore also closer connected to the Divine. In nature there is no judgment. It’s all balanced, “give and take”. It’s about the flow of the ecosystem, and the ecosystem is nature’s way of expressing unity consciousness, Tricia explains.

– Humans are right in the middle, trying to be both nature and Divine at the same time. We are somewhere in between, in this paradox, and therefore we have the opportunities to learn, Tricia says. 

Our spiritual animal guides

Our nature spirit guides and animal guides assist us and help us remember that we are nature and spirit. As humans we can especially relate to them. 

How to know if you have a spirit animal?
Any animal that comes to heart or comes to mind could be a spirit animal. It is part of our nature as humans.

Personally I had a very special experience with Jaguars in 2012. I saw them everywhere (!) for a whole year. Tricia gave me a little insight into what this animal symbolized for me at the time, and how I can call upon it even today. 

In our talk, Tricia is covering a broad spectrum of topics, from how we experience past lives, to different spiritual beings, like gnomes and Devas.

Spirit Animals & Guides – a masterclass with Tricia Carr

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Animals are nature are open vessels for Divine energy

-Tricia Carr

Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, empathic channel, multidimensional medium, animal telepath, voice artist and certified hypnotherapist. She works internationally providing classes, one-on-one sessions, articles, and coaching programs. In The Membership, Tricia is teaching the masterclass Spirit animals and nature magic.
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Tricia is also the creator of the Charmed Life Podcast. The 300+ episodes of Charmed Life are published on YouTube and all podcast outlets.

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