Conversation with Aaron Abke

In this conversation Aaron Abke maps out The Law of One material and explains RA’s message to humanity.

Listen to the podcast version of this interview here.

The Law of One is a philosophy for the origin of the universe that tells us that all of the universe is a manifestation of The One Creator. The Law of One message was communicated by beings who calls themselves RA, through the channel Carla Rueckert back in the eighties.

In the interview you can expect to learn about the seven densities, the difference between a density and a dimension, what the higher self is, what angels are, how wanderers (starseeds) fit into the picture of the evolution of the soul and the choice we all as souls have to make in order to spiritually progress.

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Spiritual Balancing – The Law of One

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Aaron Abke

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About Aaron Abke

Aaron Abke was born and raised as a Pastor’s Son in the Silicon Valley of California. He desired to work in Church Ministry like his father and went to college at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Music and Theology. He spent one year working as a full time worship pastor at a church in San Jose until eventually, at 23, he felt called to leave his religion and pursue a deeper and more authentic spirituality.

At 27 years old, Aaron had a dramatic spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life. At the time he was working as a signed Fitness Model in San Francisco and competing at the National level in men’s bodybuilding. He completely walked out of his former life and into a brand new space of Being.

Aaron’s passion is to share the path to inner freedom and self-realization with the world. He does so today via YouTube, Social Media, Meditation classes, workshops and seminars.

Aaron’s draws heavily from texts such as The Law of One and A Course In Miracles and Advaita/Vedanta in his teachings. He believes that lasting joy and peace are everyone’s birthright and are attainable for anyone who truly desires them. 

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The book “The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One: Volume 1”*
The book “The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One: Volume 2”*
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  • Does the law of one indicate that we move through 7 densities and then the highest/lowest density or are there octaves where one 8 level system simply moves to a higher 8 level system.

  • The 25,000 year plus cycles between harvests seems to be close to the length of a zodiac cycle. Does anyone have any knowledge regarding this time duration.?

  • I asked someone that practices The Law Of One to please explain in the most simplest way on the beliefs of the TLoO differs from the belief of let’s say a Cristian. In a nutshell both want nothing but to love one another and much more but are pretty simple, however in the end Christians believe God created us and those from The Law of One believe they were created by aliens. When talking to a Christian they explained it like this. No matter who they claim to be or follow their belief is they believe in their god to be an alien. Whereas Christians(and other religions)believe in God our Father. And Jesus Christ. So my question is if someone believed in and practices The Law Of One, that they are of evil and Satan and for Christians, we are of God and Jesus Christ so we are of good. I hope I explained this well enough to understand. Take care and God Bless

    • You are the typical Christian. Unable to see beyond what you have been taught since birth and read from the Bible. I used to be just like you.

      Isn’t it possible that the Bible was bastardized so severely by those who wanted to hide the power we each carry from our one Divine Creator so they could continue to USE us to divide through religious beliefs?

      ALL THE UNIVERSE was created by the ONE DIVINE CREATOR. Rather than use the term “alien”, is it possible, humans are so arrogant we haven’t grasped there is a greater intelligence is in this divine universe who have ascended beyond where we are? Could they be our angel guides rather than aliens? And, even if aliens to us… weren’t they too created by the One Divine Creator?

      The veil is thinning. Can we open our minds to SEE real truths that have been hidden from us by Satanic forces? The goal is to spread love to ALL people rather than trample on those who don’t think as we do?

      We have a long way to go to love as Jesus did!

    • The basic difference is that they believe 1)that you go to higher and higher levels of existence and not just automatically to the highest level(heaven) and 2)their premise is that Man is devine and not inherently evil and gradually through many incarnations man can reach a higher level of consciousness.

  • I attend ACIM online meetups (in person ones also before the pandemic). I am also interested in the Law of One material as well as the how the Law of Three meshes with both the dynamic Holy Trinity (not as described as the three persons of the Trinity but the dynamic one which is part of the evolution (along with the Law of Seven) of the universe towards Christogenesis. It would seem that there is a common thread in all these systems that guides us from a ‘me’ consciousness towards a ‘we’ consciousness, and finally a consciousness of Oneness.

    • Hi Michael, Only because I care am I just telling you to be careful and always do your research when looking into a new religion or other practices, and just be careful really look into what its about. For instance I found out that The Law Of One believes they were created by aliens and not God. Just be careful that’s all.

      • The creator is obviously not human. What you call that
        creator is semantics. God created all and there could easily be beings of a higher nature that assisted us with our development who in turn were created by God.

  • A Course in Miracles, which I cannot even remember how I learnt about the existence of, was profound and awesome in my life, at a time that was extremely difficult. It helped me to learn and apply the necessary emotional detachment from an individual whom I had remove myself from. The relationship had been to my detriment, however they just refused to let go, yet carried on with their poor attitude and damaging actions towards me, and within the relationship. I learnt to loose detachment to the connection and all the feelings involved to evaluate the core being and intention of that person, from reading A Course In Miracles…

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