From dissatisfied medical doctor to Law of Attraction life coach

In this interview, I talk to Marie Gunnestad, a medical doctor whose life was transformed when she discovered the Law of Attraction and became life coach. Now, she uses her newfound spirituality to help people heal and find purpose in their own lives. 

In this video, you will learn more about:

  • How Marie went from a dissatisfied medical doctor to Law of Attraction life coach
  • How mainstream healthcare is failing its patients
  • How working with the body can address symptoms and heal disease
  • How to take a holistic approach to mental and physical health
  • How the Law of Attraction can be incorporated into a healthcare environment

Listen to the podcast version of this interview here.

A medical Doctor Discovering the Law of Attraction

Marie first discovered the Law of Attraction via social media. As a practicing medical doctor, she sometimes struggled with traditional treatment plans that addressed the symptoms but not the cause. Often, it was expected that patients would simply not get better.

Suffering from burnout and depression, Marie discovered a new, spiritual approach to life: the belief that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and vice versa. After taking a coaching course in the Law of Attraction, she has learned how to incorporate this philosophy into her practice as a healthcare professional.

A New Approach to Alternative Medicine

Since embarking on her spiritual journey, Marie has transformed the way in which she views the human body—and the diseases that it can succumb to. In her practice, she takes a holistic approach, addressing both mental and physical concerns. 

Marie believes that the Law of Attraction has a vital role to play in the future of healthcare, and she works with her patients—who she affectionately calls members—to develop an in-depth treatment plan designed to heal the mind as well as the body. 

A Journey From Darkness Into the Light

For Marie, her journey has been a transformative one. Before discovering the Law of Attraction, she was unhappy in her work and life, constantly frustrated that she couldn’t do enough to help those in need. But now she sees the world in an entirely different way, helping others to figure out exactly what their heart wants—and healing them along the way. 

Looking to the future, she believes her fellow doctors and nurses are slowly waking up to this new way of thinking, promising an exciting future for the world of alternative medicine.

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