Interview with Rahelio Roderiguez

While traveling in Sedona the summer of 2013, I met the fascinating and wise Rahelio Roderiguez. Rahelio took me up to the mountains to experience Sedona’s energy vortexes.

In this video Rahelio addresses topics like Sedona’s vortexes, energy spots, soul mates, kindred souls, as well as his own encounter with highly evolved star beings and ufos.

Listen to the podcast version of this interview here.

Rahelio’s mystical experiences

His awakening to the shamanic path was preceded by a number of mystical experiences he had beginning in his teenage years that jolted his reality. These types of experiences continued throughout his life where he had some profound encounters with Spirit Powers and intelligences from alternate realities.  At the age of 21, is when he was telepathically contacted by his ascended Master teacher that began his conscious journey into the spiritual path.

About Rahelio Roderiguez

Rahelio is a mystic, an astrologer and a spiritual guide residing in Sedona, Arizona.

He has been in Sedona over the past 28 years arriving on the summer solstice of 1987. By 1988 he began working as a Sacred Earth vortex tour guide. Eventually, in 1990, he started his own company as Sedona Nature Excursions with his specialty Mystic Tours.

During the 1990’s he worked with many people eager to experience the energy of the Sedona red rock country and its famous vortex energies. And this gave him the opportunity to develop his own unique way of teaching and sharing shamanic wisdom and healing methods while out in the beauty of the sacred landscape of Sedona.

Wisdom Teachings and Native American Shamanism

His approach has combined wisdom teachings from both eastern Yogic traditions, Taoist wisdom, Christian mysticism and Native American shamanism. He was especially drawn to the teachings of Toltec wisdom that has come out of Mexico, and to the practice of Kriya yoga through Babaji’s lineage. Since he was already deep into the practice of Western astrology, he was able to merge this perspective into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel as taught to him by Sun Bear. 

Links & Resources

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