How an Unthinkable Tragedy Opened the Door to Unexpected Enlightenment

In this 2013 interview, I connected with intuitive author and inspirational speaker Karen L. Garvey, whose life was transformed after she experienced an accidental enlightenment during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Karen’s journey began back in 2001 when she returned home after her morning run. It was just before 9 a.m. on September 11th, and her world was about to change forever. As she stood in her driveway, she recalls, she began receiving visions of the events unfolding in Manhattan—despite being an hour away from New York at the time. 

Listen to the podcast version of this interview here.

Accidental Enlightenment

At first, Karen dismissed this unexpected episode as nothing more than intrusive thoughts. But when the phone started to ring, she realised she’d somehow been observing the tragedy in real time. And that wasn’t all. According to Karen, she became immediately aware of the magnitude of what was happening, and knew the city was under attack even as news anchors still speculated about the cause of the crash.

So what did Karen experience that morning? And what can it teach us about the ways in which we interact with our world? In the interview, she explains that she did little with this gift at first. But over time, she realised she was connected to significant events around the world, receiving messages from entities which she refers to as “souls without bodies”. Through their communications, she learned about the great interconnectedness of all the people and occurrences on this earth. 

Fulfilling Our Purpose in Life Through Self-Love

Today, Karen uses her knowledge to teach about the importance of self-love in fulfilling our purpose in life and reaching a higher plane of spirituality. Through self-love affirmations, she believes we can overcome the need to judge others and learn to approach the world with a positive attitude. We feel empowered as we realise we’re a significant force within the universe. Although her enlightenment occurred seemingly at random, she teaches others to open the same doorways and begin their own lines of communication with the spiritual world. By releasing judgment, setting intention and finding ways to let go of negative self-belief, we can achieve levels of consciousness beyond anything we might previously have dreamed of. 

In this interview we explore various themes, including:

  • How accidental enlightenment can change lives
  • The secret enlightened messages behind major world events
  • Our role as individuals in an interconnected world
  • Finding fulfillment through self-love
  • Opening spiritual doors by letting go of negative emotions

Making discoveries

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