Interview With Connie Huebner

This interview is a deep dive into the topic of connecting to the Divine spirit. My thorough and fascinating conversation with the spiritual teacher, Connie Huebner, highlights the feeling of oneness to the universe and how she used it to guide her to build a relationship with the Divine mother. 

In this video, you will learn more about:

  • Connie Huebner’s encounter and relationship with the Divine mother.
  • How Huebner connected to the feeling of oneness with the universe. 
  • What exactly is being one with the universe? 
  • Understanding of the Divine mother and its role in the universe. 
  • Using meditation, connection, and light as a method to reach divinity.
  • How do we connect to the Divine mother? 

Listen to the podcast version of this interview here.

To deepen our relationship with the Divine, we need the means for connection. For many, this journey does not come easy, yet still possible. For instance, Connie Huebner used her blessed experience of oneness to form a connection with the universe and a higher power.

What is Oneness?

Oneness shows us the meaning of connection to the universe in every sense of the word. Hueber’s first experience with oneness happened after an afternoon gaze into the sky. She explained the out-of-body experience as a feeling of “unity with the universe.” Being one with the universe, she explained, is the sensation of being overcome with joy and multi-directional feelings of intense connection.

Huebner then explained her happiness after becoming “one” – a sublime state that a human being can ever achieve. This bliss she describes as being heart-centered, as opposed to relying on our own consciousness (or brain) to make decisions. Since this experience, her confidence grew as she became aware of and felt the true landscape of the universe.

How Oneness Lead To Connecting With The Divine Mother

Her newfound feeling of oneness sent her on a long quest to connect with the higher power. Utilizing meditation and persistence, she focused on finding the “Kingdom of Heaven” to connect with the highest powerful form in the universe. 

After many attempts, she began to notice a light coming through in her meditation practices. The light she was experiencing was the presence of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the “Birther of the Universe” and the feminine aspect of the universe. By utilizing her “Divine Light Tool”, she was able to build a connection with the Divine Mother for guidance, understanding, and a relationship with our creator. 

How To Be Connected To The Divine? 

Connie’s practices teach and empower others to become themselves and speak to the Divine. In the interview, she goes over steps of how to utilize meditation, light, and vibrations to connect with the Divine. 

How to be your own energy healer - masterclass with Connie Huebner

If you are on a spiritual journey, join Connie’s Master Class, “Learning To Be Your Own Energy Healer,” on Wisdom From North. Here you will learn tools and teachings for connecting with the Divine and building that relationship to deepen your life’s journey. 

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