Lisa Williams, an internationally acclaimed medium, clairvoyant and author is currently touring Norway with her show; “Message from Beyond”. In this interview Lisa and Jannecke are sitting in beautiful Drammen Theatre talking about her show, her contact with spirits and how she prepares before meeting the audience. 

The gift came to Lisa at a very young age and the first time it happened was a frightening experience for her.  

She would see hands and faces emerging from the walls and she would hide under her bed covers shivering with fright. Later she learned how to communicate with them. 

Working with spiritual development 

I’m always doing exercises and constantly trying to develop myself, she says. Lisa is a teacher at her own spiritual development school and as she teaches, she’s constantly learning, pushing not just her students, but herself as well. 

I never made a conscious choice 

It was about 18-20 years ago that I really started developing this gift, Lisa explains.

What happened was that a friend of hers got to experience how accurately she can read people and she then told her family and friends.  

She started doing tons of readings as well as working 100% and being a mom. She decided to go full time into her readings, and she never regretted it. 

Born with the gift to contact spirits 

Lisa believes that God gave her her gifts. She thinks that it’s something people are born with, but that we can develop it with time and effort.  

She had a near-death experience about 8 years ago. She got to see what the after life is like and she says there is a lot of manifesting through thinking, because we’re just energy. The spirits live in the same universe as us, just in a different dimension, according to Lisa. 


Do we have a twin soul or a twin flame and are there soul mates? We have all asked ourselves these questions. We tend to think of our soulmate as a romantic affair, but it’s actually someone we’ve connected with before, according to Lisa. That soul has journeyed with us through many different lifetimes. For more interviews on the topic of soul mates, click here.

A twin flame is different, it appears to be one soul split into two bodies. Lisa also tells us that she believes there is one soul that will capture your heart, but whether you follow through on that or not is a different matter.  For mer interviews on the topic of twin flame, click here.

It all comes down to loving yourself. When you love yourself, you will attract love and that soulmate we all want.

Lisa’s interview is truly captivating, as she is, and she comes across with humour and charm. We recommend watching her conversation with Jannecke, if you are interested in any of these subjects. 

  • Det er mer mellom himmel og jord enn vi kan sanse i hverdagen. Da synes jeg det er godt å få en bekreftelse fra Lisa Williams på at åndeligheten befinner seg blant oss til enhver tid. For noen av oss kan det være vanskelig å åpne opp for åndelighet – det er jo snakk om å kunne klare å ha tillit til noe man kanskje selv ikke har opplevd – eller oppveler i nuet. Da er det etter mnin mening godt å kunne få lytte til Lisa Williams – for på denne måte i det minste motta inspirasjon og nysgjerrighet i en retning enhver kan få hjelp til å opparbeide tillit til åndeligheten.
    Lars Braa

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