In this interview from 2014, I’m having a fascinating conversation with Camillo Løken about how creation is a paradox. Camillo is a former atheist, who realized that there is more between heaven and earth than anywhere else. He left the pharmaceutical industry where he had worked for years and began to delve into questions about our Creation. Today he is a speaker and author and has written several books including the one discussed in this interview The Paradox of Creation*

Listen to the podcast version of this interview here.

Camillo yearned to know more about the big questions, and he asked the Universe for help to understand deeper the mystery of Creation itself. Suddenly he received an email from an unknown man who explained in detail the cycle of Creation, and the paradox between the finite and the infinite.

One paradox of Creation is that consciousness requires time and space to create

The entire paradox of Creation, Camillo says, can be divided into five steps, and you will hear about these steps in this episode. We have a mind that is both unconscious and conscious, but consciousness requires time and space so we cannot be conscious indefinitely.

“The universe is infinitely large, but it has nothing to do with size”

Camillo explains to us how the Universe and the infinite cannot be measured, so we do not know how big it is. Since we use time and space as units of measurement, time cannot actually exist indefinitely. And when consciousness requires time and space, we cannot be conscious when one day we are in infinity. And this is the paradox of Creation.

Camillo explains that when we have experienced everything that is to be experienced in this world, and created what is to be created, then the infinite and the finite can meet.

Jesus said: “in my father’s house there are many rooms”, and what does that mean? That the Father’s house is the cosmic mind, which is divided into departments and dimensions, says Camillo. And Camillo explains how you can access these other “rooms” by changing your brain waves.

The subconscious is the gateway to the cosmic mind

In order for us to be able to attract what we want, it is not enough to think positive thoughts and use our consciousness, we must also reprogram our subconscious. For many this is difficult, and Camillo makes an appeal to those of you who are not quite able to do this. Take off your clothes and go into the forest, he says. This way you can get good energy from Mother Earth and you will be able to raise your frequency faster.

Finally, we go into how we can be who we are, without trying to be someone else. Often we live a life that others expect of us, but the best way to live is by being true to ourselves, and stop the noise from the outside world, says Camillo. So turn off the radio or any other sound put the phone away and listen inwards.

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • What exactly is the paradox of Creation
  • Are we conscious after death?
  • For us to be conscious, time and space must exist, but there is also a place where we are not conscious, where time and space do not exist
  • It is important to work with the subconscious to let go of limiting beliefs that prevent progress.
  • We have a soul contract that resides in your auric field
  • How Camillo consciously uses nature and the forest to find peace and presence instead of meditation
  • When we change our brain waves, the ego lets go more easily 
  • The four S’s, are: Stop the noise, Silence, Scan the past, and Support.

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