Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, intuitive medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and animal telepath. In this interview, Tricia shares her insight into animal communication and offers advice on how to connect with our furry friends on a deeper level.

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You will learn more about:

  • Animals have souls with different frequencies than humans.
  • Direct communication is a way to connect with animals telepathically.
  • Tricia Carr’s personal journey to animal mediumship is highlighted in the article.

One of the most fascinating things Tricia talks about is the idea that animals have souls just like humans do. However, their soul frequencies exist in different dimensions that are closer to the source energy than humans are. Depending on the type of animal, their soul is in different vibrancy levels. 

Connection with your pet

To connect with animals, Trisha teaches and practices a type of animal communication called direct communication, which involves telepathically connecting with an animal and honoring their lived experience. Through this method, Tricia says we can learn a great deal about how animals perceive us and the world around them.

According to Tricia, animals see and hear everything that’s going on with us. They are more in tune with telepathy than humans, which means they can see and hear our thoughts. However, she reassures us that they do not judge us. In fact, animals help humans keep grounded and provide us with unconditional love.

Tricia’s Journey To Animal Mediumship

Tricia has always had an innate ability to connect with animals, which she honed as she got older. An experience she shared when connecting with an animal included a time when she communicated with a dog who revealed that he meditated with his owner every day in a certain room in the house. The owner had no idea that the dog was actually meditating alongside him, and this communication helped him understand his pet on a deeper level.

Connecting With Your Pet

Tricia suggests getting into a mindful meditation and inviting your pet in with your mind and heart. Ask your animal a question, have an expectation that your animal is responding, lean into their answer, and accept it. 

By using techniques such as direct communication and meditation, we can communicate with our pets and create a deeper connection with them.

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