I have had the privilege of doing another interview with the amazing Lizete Morais. This time, our topic was “The new paradigm for female leadership” as one of Lizete’s greatest passions is to help female leaders create a unique ecosystem to bring forward their most aligned and authentic work. 

-Female leaders are the solution to so much that is not right, Lizete says. – The people who have made an incredible impact in my life, have all been exceptional women who lead.
And she is not referring to only corporate leaders in a position but women who are living as they are meant to live.

The new paradigm – an unique ecosystem

In the old paradigm of development, something is missing. Therefore we believe we need to search for “it” (whatever “it” is) and change in order to have what we want in life.
-We live our life trying to be “that other”, being different from who we really are, Lizete explains. -The journey is not about getting something that is outside of ourselves, but being present. That is where we are powerful!

This is the new paradigm where we create a new and unique ecosystem.

Descension versus ascension

We often hear about the ascension process, though Lizete is pointing out the importance of the descension – Being the one that you are, and having the safety to do that. 

Her metaphor about the seed, becoming a tree, is a good image explaining the ecosystem that we need to have in place in order to thrive.

The tree only has three things to support it, for it to be in the ecosystem; Beautiful soil with nutrients, source of water and light. 

The tree is not trying to be a banana tree when it is a lemon tree. It is being itself, as it is. The same as when you are being your natural self, you are leading from this natural place that is you. We too need the soil, the water and the light, represented by awareness, activation and alignment, Lizete explains.

-When I ask my clients about their transformation, it’s not about the techniques but about the presence. Their heart space. It is by being her natural essence, not by force.

When light walks into the room, it does not need a name-tag. When truth speaks, it does not need an introduction.

We are the solution to everything we are looking for.

– The solution with every client I have had is not having the thing they wanted, but understanding why they wanted it, Lizete continues. -And seeing that it was a perception of what they thought they needed. 

I’m not enough

Lizete also addresses the common belief of “I am not enough”. -The reason why it’s been hard letting go of this belief, is that we haven’t had the support, we haven’t been seen, really. 

That is why she is now staring an exclusive one year mastermind so you can fully step into your true self, be seen for who you are, and see others as their true self. -We are so busy hiding behind a mask that we don’t experience people loving us, just for who we are. We are so caught up in all the tactics that we don’t see each other.

Let me fall and the one that I am will catch me

About Lizete Morais

Lizete is in an international best-selling author, a retreat leader, a transformation life and business coach and the creator of the ARISE system. She supports executive corporate female leaders and entrepreneurs to create an ecosystem to live, love and lead from wholeness.

Lizete Morais Website

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