Interview with author and transformational life coach Lizete Morais about twin flames

In this video Jannecke meets with the Twin Flame and blueprinter soul in sacred union with her love, Lizete Morais. Lizete believes that it is time for Twin Flames to truly take their place and come into union at this time and that the Twin Flame relationship is the new template for love.

A longing for a deep conscious relationship

At the moment, many long for a deep conscious relationship with the right partner, Lizete shares. They long to manifest a love that is more than a mental or emotional connection, but a soul connection. The truth is we can find the love that our soul craves. We can manifest that spiritual connection into an incredible 3-D romantic and intimate loving relationship, she says.

Lizete recently published her twin flame journey in a book called ARISE to Love. The book is focused on giving a roadmap to twin flames. It is written mainly for Twins who are in their connection and struggling but it is truly a template for anyone wanting to Love through wholeness. Anyone wanting to love without the compromise of giving themselves up, without the conflict and drama and without confusion.

About Lizete Morais

Lizete is in an international best-selling author, a retreat leader, a transformation life and business coach and the creator of the ARISE system. She supports executive corporate female leaders and entrepreneurs to create an ecosystem to live, love and lead from wholeness and enables them to create a legacy or alignment without burning out. She lives in Costa Rica in sacred union with her Twin Flame and also supports other seekers and twin flames to connect & align to their soul essence and inner sacred union. Lizete loves to create transformational experiences and unforgettable retreats in paradise, online 1:1 coaching journeys and online group coaching programs.

Lizete Morais Website
The book “ARISE to Love”*

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