Interview with Starseed guide Tiffany Tin

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and felt a connection to the cosmos or even a specific cluster of stars? It is not so unlikely then that you are feeling your soul’s connection to a past or future life. Because we are all part of a galactic family.

In this video I meet International Spiritual Healer and starseed guide Tiffany Tin to learn more about different higher-evolved beings in the cosmos, The Akashic Records, how we can shift timelines, and more.

Meet your starseed selves and connect with your cosmic guides and galactic family

Tiffany Tin is one of our masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership where she teaches the class: “Meet your starseed selves and connect with your cosmic guides”.

In this class, Tiffany will shed light on your cosmic origin and help you expand your cosmic consciousness. She will take you through a guided meditation where you’ll get to connect with your cosmic or starseed self. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your soul imprint and your ability to influence your timeline and the information stored in the Akashic records.

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Tiffany Tin

About Tiffany Tin

Tiffany Tin is an International Spiritual Healer and certified meditation facilitator. She has worked with hundreds of clients, hosted 250+ workshops, classes, and sold out retreats. 

As the Director and Lead Instructor at the New Earth Alchemists Academy, she is offering a variety of online training where people can learn over 16+ Spiritual Healing Modalities ranging from energy healing, channelling, shadow work, and much more.

Before starting her own business, she struggled with depression and social anxiety. Through her own healing she traded in her business suit to follow her purpose. Now helping thousands of people connect with their higher self and spiritual abilities. 

She has been featured on Eleven Eleven TV, The Breakdown Show, Echo Movement, Soul Movement, and Popvilla. She has an international audience through her YouTube Channel.

Learn more about Tiffany on her homepage

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