Interview with Starseed channeler Tiffany Tin

What is important to know when channeling Higher Realms as well as Inner Earth and Galactic Beings? Are there any precautions that needs to be taken when doing so? In this video you will meet Tiffany Tin who has mastered the art of channeling. Tiffany explains how she experienced a deep depression, but began to receive guidance, help and peace when she opened her heart portal.

The latest two years, Tiffany’s spiritual guides have been working with her spiritual expansion, galactic history, emotional wellness and channelling mastery. Today Tiffany is helping others connect with higher realms, unlocking their spiritual gifts as well as activating their superpowers.

About Tiffany Tin

Tiffany is an international spiritual healer, mystic teacher and starseed channeler living in Toronto, Canada. She has ran over 250+ workshops, classes and retreats helping lightworkers and starseeds heal and transform blockages to embody their authentic selves.

Tiffany’s website:

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