Meditation practice with Jannecke Øinæs on interconnectedness

We’re all a part of the greater fabric of life, this immense web of relationships and connections and influences. None of us is actually independent, alone, or cut off. However alone we might sometimes feel. So let us reflect on interconnectedness.

In this meditation practice, I invite you to explore and discover how connected you are to life and all things around you and how dependent you are on others. You will also explore your connection with people in your life, even those you may disagree or argue with.

Everybody wants to be happy

Everybody wants the same sense of belonging, feeling at home in this body, this mind, this life and everybody wants to be happy. Seeing other people through that perspective may help you understand other people better, even people you might disagree with.

You too just want to be happy. This urge towards happiness is nothing to feel funny about.
The problem is not the urge. The problem is ignorance, not really sensing where genuine happiness might be found. And so making the mistakes that might cause so much suffering for yourself or for somebody else. Know that your urge towards happiness is your birthright.


When we start to observe our interconnectedness to all forms of life, it is easier to come into a state of gratefulness which again will open your heart and bring us more happiness. I invite you to observe your connection to all things this week, and notice if you feel any different at the end of the week. Perhaps your perspectives have changed on a few things, maybe you feel your heart has opened or maybe you feel a change in your emotional state.

Happy practicing!

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