“Gratefulness is a miracle”, Louise Hay says and I couldn’t agree more.

When we’re asking ourself the question “What can I be grateful for now”, it changes the chemistry in your brain. Therefor, practicing gratefulness can possibly transform our lives, when we remember to do it.

It only takes 20 seconds of feeling gratitude and gratefulness to set a process in motion.

  • OMG I’ve been on the receiving end of that never being satisfied. I have a funny card: “Behind every woman stands a man wondering what he said wrong.” And for a very long time I was in fear of negative reactions. After a few decades I have begun to realize that what you said is the truth: that the dissatisfaction is auto- generated, though of course I am the one that receives it. So I am learning to ignore it. How we cannibalize each other, even in loving relationships!

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