It often surprises me how so many people prioritize listening to others before they listen to themselves. It is loving, simple and easy practicing the silent conversations with your self.

The following is inspiration and 5 simple steps to your personal and silent reflection with heart.

We all need the personal time with ourselves listening to our heart. 

I call this heartfulness and silent reflection, where we take the time to let go and renew ourselves in body and mind. Take the time to listen inside our selves.
Modern human beings are so busy with all the things we must do and there is such a huge pressure on us that we (even with the best intentions) rarely get the time to rest and recharge.
Maybe you even feel like you don’t need to do that right now.

THE TRUTH IS that no matter, what you do and how happy and content you are with all what you have around you, you will burn out if you don’t take the time to be aware of yourself.
EVEN THE BEST IN LIFE FEEL EMPTY without care and loving attention.
The joys of the everyday life will be overshadowed with all of which must be done. 
We make long To Do lists to accommodate the pressure, but it often ends with the feeling of being burnt out, which can lead to stress, depression and in worst case scenario dementia.

Do you know the feeling of just being heavy? Passing out on the couch from exhaustion or the other way around… not being able to sleep because there is so much going on inside you?
And do you know the feeling of accomplishment when you finally go to sleep early, maybe even with a footbath and a good book.

Heartfulness is about finding the alignment within our selves.

THE GOOD NEWS IS that we, with small breaks in our everyday life, can give ourselves the calmness and attention that is our lifeblood.
Yes, a present footbath can almost do it! We give ourselves a peaceful space with silence, immersion and pause. It feels good and we can feel right away that we are doing something good for ourselves. We recharge!

We feel this need and this selfcare instinctively… – or we should at least. But if we have shut down our own needs, well then the needs drowse, until they are woken up or can’t be ignored anymore, then they scream for attention. Our body and being calls to us, and our deepest desires comes to the surface with such power it can seem overwhelming. After this we often find ourselves thinking; HOW COULD I IGNORE THE WARNING SIGNS?

Heartfulness is about finding the alignment within our selves.

It is about following and finding the nature in us. The same way as the hunters in the stone age (our ancestors), who was out hunting and/or fighting. After a good day of efforts they returned to their home where they had the time to recharge, without further worries.
Modern humans don’t do that!
We are out “fighting” all day long. We activate the so called fight or flight reaction, even though we enjoy the “battle”. After this we might pick up our children or keep on working. We check on various media and watch the news bringing threats about this or that. WE ARE BOMBARDED WITH WORRY.

We only recharge and recover when we sleep, but if we don’t sleep properly, because we have so much on our minds, when the worry continues into the night, until we notice them.
This is where we can get caught up in a “vicious” spiral. However this spiral is not so bad at all. Your human life is amazing and your body is wonderful and tells you when to be careful.

THE BODY DOES EVERYTHING TO MAKE YOU AWARE! It even makes you sick, stressed and forces you to your knees, to teach you your most important life lessons.

So let’s feel the body now. RIGHT NOW before it is too late!
Let’s allow ourselves to notice and to listen. 
Allow yourself to relax so you can give your body and mind the calm it needs.
I will now introduce you to 5 simple steps, which you can train and practice until it is fully integrated in you.

Heartfulness exercise

This simple and effective exercise lasts around 5 minutes and can be done multiple times a day.

Close your eyes.

Take three deep breaths and breathe all the way into the entire body. With this I mean that you should breathe in so you experience expansion – not just in the chest but as a total experience all the way out in your cells.

After this you must connect with your inner peace. You are very welcome to smile at yourself – even if it can feel artificial. Allow yourself to feel your inner peace.

Tell yourself: 
I wish to listen now and I wish to work with myself in the most loving way with gentleness and attention. 
I am here for me now!

Then ask yourself the question:
What messages do I have for myself right now. What do I need to listen to?

I wish you a joyful and loving journey…

Remember that you can always find more answers inside yourself. If you don’t understand those signals or answers you receive, then please keep asking until the answers feel safe.

Sussanne Wexø – founder & owner / Life Mastery Academy

Watch interview with Susanne Wexø in conversation with Jannecke Øinæs here

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