Can you believe it?
One more year at this beautiful planet? A blank page, a fresh start. A shining morning-gift from the Universe. So. How to enter 2019 fully aligned with your soul? I’ll share two golden questions I’ve been
given and always practice – to align with my soul when entering a new year. They open our hearts and connect us deeply to our souls.

The 2 Golden Questions

To align myself with my purpose, and the energy of my soul is the most important in my life. And even if it’s a constant practice to listen within and align my choices and priorities with my soul – I always love the freshness of
a new year. I take the invitation to sit down for a while and open my heart to answer two simple, yet powerful questions. I don’t really know how they came to me – they’ve just been with me for some years now. And for me,
they work magic.

First Question

The energy of our souls is loving and grateful. So I always start with this question and let my pen run till it stops by itself.

What will I honor and give thanks for when thinking of this last year?

Here’s a list for inspiration:

● What little miracles and signs of Love have I received this year?
● How have I showed up in life? For myself? The ones I love?
● What have I learned? How have I grown?
● What dreams have come true this year?
● How has life surprised and stirred my soul?
● What pain have I been holding in trust and love?
● Who has shown up on my path and been a blessing?

Let your list grow long and crazy – and let gratefulness and love fill your heart. You can even light a candle and say a prayer of gratitude to “The one who always hears you”, whatever you call the loving Universe holding us.

Second Question

Now, you continue from this state of gratefulness and openheartednes – to the next question. Close your eyes and take a few deep long breaths.

Then you ask:
What’s my souls most beautiful vision for the year to come?

Sit with this question for a while. Just listen to what comes up in your heart. Maybe you’ll get a picture, a symbol, a word. Note it down. (You can also try “What’s Universe’s most beautiful vision for the year to come?” It can sometimes help you let go of the little mind, and open to your higher self).

Now you tune into all areas of your life, one at the time – asking the same question for this specific area.

● Your body temple and spiritual life
● Love and relationships
● Work and creation
● Your home
● Experiences
● Resources and money
● Contribution and how to serve

Every time you tune in, ask the question – and note down what you get. Receive what is given to you with an open heart. (And if you feel fear when you see something new, let it be there, but hold it with compassion – and

Maybe you’ll get in touch with unheard dreams and longings from your soul. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of what is coming on your path.

It’s beautiful.

I’ve experienced, that this exercise is very powerful.

It helps us to let go of the ego – open up to the energy of the ever-expanding Universe itself

It differs from other ways of setting goals and visions because it lets the ego out of the picture. It’s our egos that are limited and fearful.

Our souls are ever expanding, and in alignment with the energy of the ever-expanding Universe itself. And what’s so amazing is: When we align with our soul’s desires – in our hearts and with our decisions – then
Universe itself aligns with us and support our efforts accordingly.

That said, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to work for what we want to create in our lives. And sometimes we learn through darkness and struggle. I know all about that too.

But allowing ourselves to embrace the song our souls want to sing, and receive our soul’s visions with care and love – opens for more grace to enter our lives.

Make a plan of daily practises to embody what you’ve seen and weave this soulful consciousness into your life. Keep your notes with you, and read them often – they’ll help you stay aligned with the vision of harmony and unfoldment from your soul.

Wish you the most beautiful 2019 – unfolding from your precious, shining, loving soul.

With love
Eva Andrea
Danish Author and Guide on your Soul Journey

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