What I learnt from meeting with a swan about finding the Light Warrior Within

How do we handle lower vibrational emotions when they get stuck and seem to go in a loop?

In my own spiritual journey I have practiced embracing and accepting my emotions, what ever they may have expressed. But this fall I felt a stuckness in my emotions. It was like I couldn’t get out of the negative state I was in. I went out for a walk to refresh my mind and see if I could somehow meet this negative state from another angle. All of a sudden a huge swan came towards me and began to spread her wings pretty drastically. It completely freaked me out as I was afraid it was going to attack. I had no clue why it swam across the sea just to “bark” at me when I was just sitting there minding my own business. I know it wasn’t a coincidence. I knew immediately that this was a significant message for me, I just didn’t get what it was.

The Universe talks to us all the time, but this time it talked very loudly to me. Apparently there was something for me to understand.

Later at the school I go to (Agape instituttet) I read myself through the third eye. In the reading I saw a huge bear that was threatening me, but then a powerful swan appeared as the solution to the situation. The message I received was that I needed to be the white swan and fight the dark bear within me.

The light warrior – To choose what emotional state we want to experience.

I have had resistance towards the expression “light warrior” as it hasn’t resonated with me being a warrior. But my inner intelligence clearly showed me in my reading, that I also needed to take a stand and make a choice to let go of the depressive state and choose something else. The emotion had been accepted and embraced too much, so I got stuck in it. Now I needed to fight the negative state and choose a more positive one.

What this taught me, was that, yes we need to accept the emotions, and not judge them. And yes we need to receive and acknowledge the message in them, but we also need to choose what emotional state we then want to experience. This is easier said than done though. But we are creatures of habits and emotions can often surface just because we are used to feeling them, and then a negative spiral can often begin. I haven’t been feeling down since I changed my approach to my emotions. In fact I have been feeling very strong, happy and optimistic.

Here are the steps I am currently practicing:

-accepting the emotion

-receiving the info/message about the emotion

-then choosing a higher vibrating emotion (even if it feels like a fight against the dark doing it sometimes).

I would love to hear your experience on this. Write comments in the section below. 

Much light from Jannecke

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