Have you ever felt as the pink sheep for not fitting into the traditional paradigm? That success is only measured in terms of outside factors like money, status and power? Have you ever felt regarded upon as weak or even weird because your strengths were more in the emotional, spiritual, relational, physical and energetic areas? If so, here are some good news for you: the rules of the game have changed.

The future is feminine – for all genders

What does this mean? It means that the paradigm we have lived in so far, is turning upside down. Many compare the shift that we are witnessing these years to when we went from believing the Earth was flat to knowing it ‘s round. In science, for example, we are moving from mechanical physics to quantum physics, according to which everything is energy, frequency and vibration. In the new paradigm, success is created from the inside out. BEING now comes before DOING, because we now know that we live in a participatory universe, where our consciousness shapes matter. You have probably heard of  The Law of Attraction but it ‘s too simple to boil the new paradigm down to that particular spiritual law – there are many other universal laws at play, and our task now is to gain understanding of how the universe really works and adapt. For example, if we talk about world peace, let ‘s start by creating peace inside and with our neighbors, even with our enemies. If we talk about pollution, let ‘s start by detoxing our own mind, so full of old recycled garbage.

A historical time for woman

In the 20th Century, we mostly used our rational mind, goal-orientedness and action to get results. In the 21th Century, what counts is your heart and spirit – the only things artificial intelligence can never fully replace. This gives an advantage to all people who were at a disadvantage in the 20th century because they didn’t have a strong ego, striving to compete, conquer and dominate, or strong intellectual muscles. In other words, in the new era, it’s people with a strong feminine side – people who are creative, compassionate and collaborative – who will have an advantage.

Are you ready?

In fact, the new consciousness is brought in by the rise of the divine feminine, which has been suppressed for thousands of years under the dominance of patriarchy (which means the rule of the father). Women, who by design have easier access to their yin side, have an advantage now. The future however, will only be more feminine if you are. As long as women deny or suppress, or don’t fully know or master their feminine powers, the world is at risk tipping into catastrophe from masculine overdrive in all of us. The feminine is urgently needed at this point to balance the masculine.

Take leadership – or die

Another consequence of the new paradigm is that leadership is no longer reserved for leaders with a formal title but is mandatory for everyone: The new consciousness is not brought forth by our official leaders but by you and I taking leadership for a brighter future at home, at work and in the world. You can do that by creating harmony in your inner world, by straightening out your relationships, by getting in touch with your soul purpose and by having the courage to follow your heart and act on your dreams, for example by creating your own freedom-based business.

I have been a mentor for frontrunners who want to practice this new leadership based on the feminine model for 15 years. If you want to get the shortcuts I have found, check out my free tools at kirstenstendevad.com or internationalfeminineleadershipacademy.com. If you live in Scandinavia, you can take advantage of all the free Scandinavian inspiration or the courses available at kirstenstendevad.dk and akademiforfeminintlederskab.dk.

No time to waste

The point is: there is no time to waste. You and I have a historical chance for changing our own world as well as the bigger world for the better through inner paradigm shifts. Go for it – your time has come. And your luminary leadership is much needed in order to co-create a world that works for All.

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