How to unlock your spiritual mission so you can discover your purpose

I recently arranged the virtual free event: Awaken to your Soul’s Purpose. Here I shared that many souls decided to come down to this planet exactly in this time to help support the great awakening. And that our soul-mission is actually twofold; our soul wants us to step into our highest potential, but it also calls for us to be of service to the planet.

However you cannot discover your purpose without expanding your awareness, raising your vibration and evolving spiritually. Spiritual expansion goes hand in hand with finding your purpose.

So how do we evolve spiritually?

In 2018 I felt there was a gap in my work. Even though people were inspired by my interviews, I felt that they didn’t have a real transformation and shift in their lives.
-they lacked the tools
-the big picture
-the community
-the accountability

I knew I had to step up my game but how?

Then one March evening, I received clarity. I saw a vision in my mind of creating a soul-ful platform where people could receive everything in one place. I realized that I could both share my own keys from having been on the spiritual path for 18 years and to invite the most gifted teachers I had come across to give exclusive trainings.

And in November 2018 The Membership platform was born. We have now just opened the doors again and I am beyond excited to invite you to join us!

What is The Membership about?

Wisdom From North Membership is a soulful platform for those who want a major shift in their lives, and want to evolve spiritually together with a loving community of kindred souls. It’s for you who are tired of searching for knowledge “out there” and spending tons of money doing so. In The Membership you have everything in one and the same place.

Exclusive masterclasses

I have personally handpicked the most heartfelt and gifted thought leaders and spiritual teachers from having interviewed 400 teachers on YouTube, to give you the tools, the wisdom and the techniques to better master your life and have a powerful shift. You’ll also receive live sessions with me, a library of meditations and practices and so much more.

I would love for you to join us! Let’s walk the path together. <3

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Along with our own free classes and meditations, Wisdom From North has also partnered with Shift Network and Gaia to bring you even more transformational wisdom. Connect with the world's best teachers within spirituality and personal growth.

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