Interview with author Riana Arendse

Here I meet with the master healer, spiritual teacher and author of “You are The Creator” Riana Arendse. Ever since Riana incarnated into this reality her life had been an incessant cycle of suffering. In her early 20s her spiritual awakening began. She discovered more of her gifts and abilities and remembered that she was an incarnated seraphim angel here to assist humanity during this time. Through her own journey of suffering and destruction, she wants to help others. Her purpose is for others to see that once committed to healing and unbecoming, they too can find their true purpose and truly live as creator beings. Beings who even can command miracles!

It’s possible to command miracles to happen.

Many people feel lost in their awakening

-Most people on the spiritual awakening path, often feel stuck at certain points. Like their life is not going anywhere, Riana says. One of Riana’s intentions is for people to get to a point of realizing who they truly are. That the power is and has always been within them to shift and create what they desire. That it’s possible to command miracles to happen.

Riana says the awakening journey is a path of destruction. But in this destruction lies the greatest gift of awakening, realization and embodiment of who we are. 

Today Riana teaches and helps other lightworkers in their awakening process. She assists people with healing their pain body and claiming their divinity as source, as the one. Her book “You are The Creator” is raw. It will either cause one to awaken or propel them further into expansion, Riana says. This book also consists of channeled texts with the ascended masters which will activate one to an even higher octave. 

About Riana Arendse

Riana Arendse is an internationally recognized Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and an International Best Selling Author of the Book “YOU ARE THE CREATOR”. Riana’s teachings are focused in the fields of Self-Mastery, the Direct Path method of Un-becoming, Self-Enquiry and Spiritual Growth, Energy Healing, Self-Development, Awakening and Enlightenment, exploring the nature of experience in her essays and texts. It is one’s suffering and one’s darkest moments, according to Riana, that becomes the greatest catalyst for transformation, enlightenment and healing. Riana encourages us to strip away everything we know about ourselves, our lives, and Unbecome; in order to fully be aligned with the TRUTH of who we are.

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