Spiritual bypassing

What is the ascension, awakening and the spiritual work about and what is “the goal” with it all? Part of it is an expansion of our consciousness, but does that mean that spirituality is about letting go of our ego and rejecting our “humanness” in order to reach nirvana or enlightenment? Letting go of the ego demands a huge effort. The story of Buddha demonstrates this clearly. How to avoid spiritual bypassing?

Maybe we are not supposed to let go of our ego. At least not now at the level or density we are in. Maybe it is more about creating a healthy ego and embodying more of our Divinity, here and now. Creating heaven on earth, not escaping from our human experience.

I thought I needed to erase my ego

When I embarked on the spiritual path, I was falling into the trap of spiritual bypassing. I thought I only needed to think positive, because if I didn’t I would attract negative experiences. I thought the goal was to erase my ego all together and I would do that by using willpower. I have understood that it’s way more complex than this and also that trying to do so was actually harmful to me.

Yes, we need to use our minds in a productive way, imagining what we want to happen, and have a positive mindset. But at the same time, we also need to heal our past, integrate our shadows and accept what is in the moment. To me it is not either or, it is both.

Can we use willpower to let go?

I don’t believe that using our willpower to let go of what is not serving us, is the way. What if we have to learn the lesson that a particular experience wants to teach us, before we can let go? Seeing a pattern and being aware of it and moving consciously through an experience, that to me is real conscious spiritual work. Rejecting the experience might just bring it back again, because we didn’t heal the pattern.

From how I see the awakening process is about embodying more of our soul essence here and now. That we are to embrace our bodies, seeing them as holy tempels, and creating more healthy egos. Being grateful for our ego that is protecting us and creating our individual personalities. But at the same time giving more room for conscious Divine intelligence to fill our bodies and energy fields.

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