Rafael Garcia is a down-to-earth individual who has a remarkable story to share. In this interview we discuss his near-death experience (NDE) in 2004 and the insights he gained from it, as well as his views on the dimensions of consciousness. What emerged from the conversation was a candid exploration of spirituality that didn’t seek to overwhelm with mysticism but aimed to inspire through relatability. 

A Glimpse into the Near-Death Experience 

Rafael’s story begins with a Near-Death Experience that transformed his understanding of life and existence. He recounts being in his room, facing a Light that beckoned him to the other side. Floating above his body, he encountered a joyous reunion with departed loved ones, an experience many may find both heartwarming and comforting. He delved deeper, into what he would later call the “Council of Light,” a space of Unconditional Love where his life review and the ripple effect of actions were unveiled.

The cycle of reincarnation

He gained insight into the cycle of reincarnation, realizing that all moments occur simultaneously, forming a continuous circle of existence. However, we opt to experience these moments sequentially, progressing through the journey until its culmination, he says. Despite this simultaneous nature, a linear aspect remains. During his experience, he encountered the “Council of Light.”

Additionally, he was granted a glimpse into the akashic records, where he saw the future. His vision revealed humanity’s transition into the 4th dimension, and he foresaw an eventual collective ascension. Remarkably, he predicted the impending collapse of our current system within a few years. Everybody will ascend eventually, no matter how dark the road they are on, Rafael says.  

Lessons from Life’s School

One of the most striking takeaways from Rafael’s NDE is his realization that life on Earth is essentially a school. Rafael emphasizes that life is a continuous learning experience. He sees each moment, every encounter, and every challenge as an opportunity for growth. This perspective reminds us that we’re all on this journey together, stumbling, learning, and evolving. 

Dimensions of Consciousness Explored

After Rafael’s NDE, he was gifted with several extraordinary abilities. He got to discover the different dimensions of reality. He underlines that the way he sees it, it’s not necessarily “the truth”, but his perspective.

Let’s delve into his simplified breakdown: 

Dimension 1 – Quantum Realm: A journey into the fabric of reality on the quantum level, where we explore the essence of existence at an atomic scale. 

Dimension 2 – Nature’s Reality: This level invites us to explore different states of consciousness embodied in plants, trees, rocks, and the natural world. 

Dimension 3 – The Earth Experience: Our 3-dimensional human existence on Earth, where we navigate the complexities of duality and the matrix. 

Dimension 4 – Simultaneous Time: A realm where time is fluid, and past, present, and future coexist, granting access to past and future lives. 

Dimension 5 – Parallel Lives: Here, we experience our parallel lives across time and space, understanding their interconnectedness and learning from them. 

Dimension 6 – Higher Self: Transcending human limitations, this dimension allows us to become creators of planets and delve into planetary consciousness. 

Dimension 7 – Stellar Creations: As creators of stars, we participate in crafting solar systems and exploring the interconnectedness of galaxies. 

Dimension 8 – Galactic Awareness: We ascend to creating galaxies, developing an understanding of galactic consciousness and our connection to the universe. 

Dimension 9 – Universe Creation: Becoming creators of universes, we shape and define universal laws, guiding the evolution of galaxies within them. 

Dimension 10 – Multiverse Exploration: Here, we craft parallel universes with unique laws, fostering an awareness of the multiverse and our interconnectedness. 

Dimension 11 – Source Consciousness: The pinnacle, where we behold the fabric of creation, from the multiverse to every living being across its expanse. 

Enjoy this conversation where Rafael is sharing his insights into the cycle of reincarnation, how his takeaways emphasize life as a school of growth, and his breakdown of consciousness dimensions that offer relatable perspectives on reality.

Rafael Garcia’s website “SupernovaTalks”
Rafael Garcia’s website “DecodingLifeLessons”

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