Vibecke Garnaas has always felt a guiding force in her life, even from the moment she was in her mother’s womb. She recalls her guide, Zarius, playing with her and preparing her for her journey into the world. However, as a young girl, Vibecke closed off her abilities due to negative reactions from others when she spoke about them. It wasn’t until she discovered Michael Newton’s books on life between lives* that she began to remember her connection with Zarius. Vibecke found that the teachings of Christianity did not resonate with her, as she sensed that the priests themselves did not truly believe in what they shared.

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Now, Vibecke serves as a channel for high-frequency energies, specifically Zarius and The Order of Seven. Through her channeling, she brings insight, knowledge, and wisdom about the spiritual journey that all humans are experiencing. Vibecke’s mission is to help others reconnect with their true essence and live life in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

How I started to co-create with Zarius

There was a time when Vibecke faced the dark night of the soul and began to doubt the truth of what she heard and saw. This led her to lose all will to live. However, in a moment of surrender, she experienced a profound shift. Determined to test her abilities, she joined a TV show called “The Sixth Sense” and made a pact with Zarius to co-create and open up to him. Despite her initial skepticism, Vibecke eventually embraced her role as a channel.

During the interview, Vibecke channeled both Zarius and another guide from The Order of 7. When asked about navigating unstable financial times, Zarius emphasized that we are the creators of our own realities. To overcome financial challenges, we must see ourselves as divine beings and raise our frequency through self-love. Holding onto old strategies and lower vibrations will only hinder our progress. By allowing divine energies to support our path, we can find resolutions and manifest abundance.

Important, channeled message from Zarius on depression and sadness

The conversation then shifted to addressing depression and sadness. Zarius advised finding joy in the small things in life and visualizing past moments of happiness. He stressed the importance of physical movement as a means to release blockages and alleviate depression. Additionally, the new guide, Gloria, shared a message of unconditional love. By embracing both the light and dark aspects of ourselves, we can truly love and accept ourselves.

Vibecke is offering her own three recommendations for bettering one’s life. First, she encouraged individuals to do what brings them joy and follow their passions. Setting intentions for each day was also emphasized as a way to manifest positive outcomes. Lastly, Vibecke stressed the importance of taking responsibility for one’s energy and the impact it has on the world.

In summary, Vibecke Garnaas’s journey as a channel for high-frequency energies has allowed her to reconnect with her true essence and help others on their spiritual quests. Through her teachings, encourages individuals to embrace self-love, raise their frequency, and take control of their realities. By doing so, we can navigate challenging times, overcome them, and live a life anchored in unconditional love.

Mastering Your Soul Purpose

In Wisdom From North membership, you can enjoy Vibecke’s beautiful class on Mastering Your Soul Purpose. In this class, she shares her channeled knowledge from Zarius and the Order of Seven. According to them, to fully integrate any lesson in life, or facilitate any high form of purpose or mission it is necessary to understand our lessons on three levels; mind, body, and spirit. Vibecke will show you how you can do this by taking you through the seven keys (qualities/lessons) that will help you live from what Vibecke calls a “soul state”.

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