Tammy De Mirza, known as the breakthrough alchemist, has been a guiding light for countless individuals seeking transformation. In this interview, Tammy shares her awakening experience at the age of eleven, shedding light on the significance of souls who awaken at this age. According to Tammy, those who do are often older souls who have chosen a more challenging journey in life.

Transcript of the interview

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And when you use the top five Claire's, they're really like your superpowers and you came in with dominant ones. And if you don't know what they are in, you're not going to really know how you communicate with spirit, the non physical, the physical, as you clear what we call the shadow work, which is things that are keeping you top down or in reciprocal patterns, you shift your consciousness and make it rise to another level. The rewards are that your abilities are uncovered.

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Hello, Tammy, a warm welcome to the show.

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Thank you so much for having me. And welcome to all your guest.

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It's an honor having you back. I know a lot of my audience are very drawn to you. Because I see a lot of people are watching our interviews together. And I've had the honor to work with you many times. You are a masterclass teacher in my membership, and you have a class about you know how to develop, develop our psychic skills, actually, that that is a power source. And I would love to speak to you about that. Because you are an intuitive guide, and you call yourself the break through Alchemist and you will help 1000s of people actually have real breakthroughs in their lives. You're an upcoming author, and I know you have a lot going on. So I'm glad you have time to sit down with me today. Thank you. And I would love to go back to when you were actually 11 years old, because I saw on your website that you wrote that that's actually when it started that my intuitive abilities opened up. And I'm curious, curious to know what happened. But before that, were you spiritual at all? Or did you have any religious beliefs as a child?

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All right, we really didn't go to church. So I didn't know who Jesus or God was. I mean, we might have gone a few times. But I really didn't understand that concept or religious things. So I think in some ways, that was probably a good way for me to begin. And then what happened is that we had a Southern Baptist pastor visit my grandmother who came over to our house. And then we're sitting there, and he's talking about Jesus and God. And I'm like, Who are these guys? When you're 11? What do you know? So I said, Who are these guys? You're telling me love me? And why would he give his son for me? And, you know, the way that the Christianity talks about? It didn't make sense to me, even 11. So, I know Jana, because that I was actually already sensitive. Because it's something that I said to the pastor, he starts talking about heaven, he talks about hell. And I was like, I don't want to talk about heaven or heaven, that doesn't feel good to me. But whatever this love word is, I'm not loved. And my grandmother and my mother, let me say that out loud. And without punishment, I said, I'm not love. So I need the love. So that day, I asked love in my heart, with a representation of Jesus Christ. And overnight when I woke up, Jana, I'm like, this is not the same world. I I don't feel the same. I don't feel alone. I I feel full. i Why do I know things about what my sisters in there thinking? How do I know what my mom's about to do? How do I know the timing of my mom's about to come in my room and then, and all of a sudden, it's like I was awakened. And when you were 1111 years old, I mean, I was not equipped to handle that. And so when my my first grandson who's now 14, turned 11, I looked at him when he was 11. And went, are you kidding me? He couldn't handle that. I didn't handle it. Well, to be honest, because I thought that what I knew you knew. And so if I knew that your grandmother was in the hospital or your mom was sick, or you had hurt your knee and it was under your pants, I could see these things I could feel these things I could. I thought that I could talk about it but I couldn't. And so it was quite painful Jana co to be awakened and aware of people's thoughts. I would see beings I would have conversations I was hearing a very dominant male voice who I just called God, because I didn't know who Jesus and God were. So when I really started studying it and getting in the Bible, because I did immerse myself in the church. I would pick up the Bible and I would feel Clairsentience which is one of the things that we're going to talk about in the masterclass I'm sure is I would feel it and I would want to throw the bobble across the room or I would I would feel such love that I just, I would say, I can't handle this much love, you got to calm this down. So I was having very dramatic experiences Jana co with the knowledge that I had, and I couldn't talk to anybody about it. Nobody really wanted me to talk to them about it. And then I started noticing this very dramatic, really people noticing me out in public and wanting to be near me or wanting to touch me and, and I'm like, what is happening? Wow, all of a sudden, is everybody noticing my smile, and I was smiling the same way, you know, so. And then I started learning how to be telepathic and my communication at 11. It's one of the first things that I remember happening with my mother and it was over music, everything that I ate every friend that I had, every color that I liked to my closet, everything supernaturally changed, and I was not the same person. But I still had all my memories, I was still here. And it's not what some people call a walk in, I had an awakening. And they say that people that have awakenings, by the end of their 11th year of life, are the ones who came in as master. So our journey is very intense, and traumatic and difficult and traumatizing. And yet the rewards are just as big.

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Yeah, I can imagine that's a lot of responsibility for an 11 years old year old girl and being all alone with it. Could you for us or including myself, and many others, sort of describe how it feels like awakening to all of a sudden seeing beings hearing or understanding people's thoughts like, how does that work? If you could put yourself in my perspective, who've never experienced that?

Tammy De Mirza 6:57

Well, I'm gonna go with the theme of the masterclass because we're really talking about you opening up your senses, which are the top five Claire's, and when you use the top five Claire's, they're really like your superpowers and you came in with dominant ones. And if you don't know what they are, then you're not going to really know how you communicate with spirit, the non physical, the physical, and every single person in the physical. If I stood someone that is a clairvoyant, somebody who sees which is here, by the way, if I stood in front of them, then as a intuitive, the way that I would help them is to help them to see it. If I know it's somebody who hear something, which is actually back here, it's behind the ears, then I would work with them on what they hear. Now, the good news for every single one of you is that as you clear what we call the shadow work, which is things that are keeping you top down or in reciprocal patterns are creating the same thing again and again. You shift your consciousness and make it rise to another level. The rewards are that your abilities are uncovered. You come in with them. But if you can't identify them if you don't know how you communicate how you receive information, how you whether you're really clear sentient, you know, which is in the hands, if you smell Claire scent if you're Claire Gustafson's. So to give you an example of this, I had a massage therapist who I knew was reading my body. And the more she touched my body, because of the vibration because of the consciousness because of all of the work that I've done, and guys have not had an easy life. But when you get past that threshold of the pain, and you motivated and you want to get free, then the freedom includes abilities. So as she worked with me, I was helping to uncover even though I used to be really quiet and massages and still like that. For her. I knew I'm supposed to gift her with this if she wants it. So guess what happened by the end of the time that I lived in Chattanooga is that she was such a clear, clear Gustafson's and she tasted that she would taste the people's body and I would always lay out the money because I would pay for if somebody did a life and breakthrough transformation, I would pay for it. And then I would give her a stick of gum. Because as the person released as she got to a place on the body, let's say my left shoulder is aching she would she would taste it And so the benefit for her of being a Claire sentient and having the taste ended up being her superpower. And it's all because somebody in her life which was me, was talking to her coaxing her saying, come out of hiding, come out of hiding, you've got this ability, why don't you tell me what you're reading? She's like, I need to tell you what I'm reading in your body. And I said, Yeah, it's your superpower. So we come in this way, Yanaka, and all of you who are listening, and you're not left out, none of you came in with nothing, you're not missing anything. You actually, in between laws, decided what abilities you would need to accentuate for your curriculum, and they're perfect. And there's nothing missing in you. So find someone that can help you to identify those Claire's someone who has actually done the work doesn't have to be me, it can be somebody else in her membership. But find someone who's done that work, who can help you identify yourself, and then you'll know oh, well, that's why my life has been that way. That puts the puzzle together for people. And then the more you clear, the more abilities you uncover. So it's like they're hidden, and they're in a treasure chest, and you just haven't found the staircase and the doorway, and all of a sudden, it's open. And you have these abilities. And that is what happened to me. I was grieving as an 11 year old, with a lot of abuse, and lack of love. So when somebody is in front of me and saying, you can get love, invite Jesus in your heart, I didn't care what the name was. I wanted love. And I knew that I wasn't loved because my grandmother was abusive, and my mother followed suit, nothing was wrong with them, believe it or not, it's just how they function and what had been passed down for generations. And I was the one to stop it.

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What I find fascinating was that you were 11 years old, and you have this experience. And I just had a thought in my mind that when you are 11, you are maybe much more open to receive guidance, perhaps because maybe the ego and the analytical mind is not as strong. Although you are like, it is said like Bruce Lipton talks about that when you are zero to seven years old. We are like, sponges, we are like taking in everything the adults are saying and we're not analytical about it. We look at the adults as gods, but still, right before you become a teen also, you are, you know, open to sort of suggestions. So maybe, you know, that's part of it. Because like when we are adults or ego is so critical saying, Oh, this is just my ego. This is probably nothing. And the other thing I was thinking about or curious about is whether we all have super natural abilities. Because I feel that some of us, or some people I've interviewed have really strong abilities. And they often tell me that their grandmother had this ability, their mother that it's in their ancestral line, and I'm curious about that with you as well. So it seemed like, you know, some are talented in certain things, and some are not. So that's why I'm a bit confused, like, do we all have them? Or maybe some have some stronger abilities like yourself than others. So

Tammy De Mirza 13:44

it's, like I said, just just a little bit ago, nobody's left out. Nothing's missing. We all chose which one of the top five Claire's, we chose which ones correlated with the curriculum that we pre agreed to. If it's self love, if it's, you know, having a partner, if it is, whatever the curriculum is that we agreed to come to our top five Claire's, and those dominant ones will be the superpower. So you come in that way. There's no question you come in that way. Just like I mentioned, I was planting a seed I already knew I wasn't loved. I already knew there was an unconditional love. So how did I know that other than feeling it the Clairsentience so what happens is that you are communicating naturally through the five senses, and you don't even know it. If you don't know what your superpower is, then you're going to look at other people and wish Oh, I wish I was clairvoyant. I wished I was clairaudient. Ignoring the fact that you have one of the most heightened senses of Clairsentience or Claire scent. And you can smell People come in the room, what mood they're in my four year old granddaughter and my eight year old grandson. I just found out that we're hiding this from me. And I did not know from Spirit, because it wasn't time. But my daughter said, I need to talk to you about AV because Evie is talking to souls. So here's an interesting part she's for my grandson is eight and he sees color around people. And he says it's either blue or it's red. And blue is good, and red is bad. And that's very simple. Now, rider came in at two months old Yanaka. And I was in a car lot because my daughter was trying to test drive. She didn't want to take the car seat in and out. And Ryder does this. He looks around the room at the different people. He goes back to the first woman and does like this. I was reading her and I went oh, oh, he's clairsentience. Yeah, he's got, he's got that ability to read people. At 18 months, he was still doing it. I may be holding him on my hip. And he's doing the guy in the store like this. And I said, Don't do that, that that makes people upset. It makes them feel self conscious. You can hide behind my leg and read people you've got that ability. So what would it feel like for you to know that I'm saying as an intuitive and I've dealt with 1000s and 1000s of clients and set them free and brought them home to who they really are. What would it feel like for you if you really studied the Claire's and then you had an intuitive to tell you. This is your top three. This is this one comes through first. This one comes through second. This one comes through third. What happened with Evie was we were playing Hi ho Cheerio. While Marlo the little nonmuscle was asleep and we're outside. And I said talk to me about you talking to souls. And she just matter of factly as she's still playing the game. She doesn't even look up at me. I'm like very close during going live. I am dying to know what you're experiencing. She said, Oh, well, I can just talk to souls but you and I said What does my soul look like she said it's really big, because you're really big. But you have the ability to talk to them and see them and communicate with them. I can only talk to so you see in our innocence and it's good that you brought that up you want to cut about our childhood and our childhoods were more susceptible to using those. But when you are old souls, then your senses are heightened and they're beyond what is normal. And there are commonalities with that. And one of them typically is that nobody in your family is like you and ever has been so you're a misfit and that was me. Nobody in my family has this ability or ever has that I met and that wild

Jannecke Øinæs 18:08

This is very helpful. Um I'm curious, what is your strongest stability?

Tammy De Mirza 18:15

I mine have kind of meshed. So I'm going to start with the weakest which is Claire scent and the physical realm. I've had so many no surgeries I can't smell and you see my noses even cricket. Even though they've done surgery. I can't smell but if I need to smell I smell so when I smell when I'm in session, I have to say What is this smell? Oh, this is lavender. This is this tree. This is this bird. This is this food. Because I haven't been smelling since I was 11. A tooth developed in the middle of my nasal cavity. So the others the smell is the weakest. That taste is next to the weakest and the top three all are equal. Clairvoyance, Claire audience and Clairsentience if you don't realize that you feel everything as a highly developed highly sensitive empath. Let me tell you what those ramifications are for me. I will experience if a client asked me a question or if I'm doing an energy session whether it's on the phone or it's in person. I am feeling as an empath what goes on inside the body. So I have felt the choking of the noose around the neck. I've I've felt the heart attack. I've felt the gunshot wound. I felt just going to sleep and in old age. So as a clear I mean as an empath, who has Clairsentience if you don't realize that then you may be using your abilities to be in a codependent state because you feel people and you don't know what is your lane and And we're just there's, so you can actually jump. Okay, since I know this, and I feel this, and I know that you're already hurting, I used to feel people hurting before they even cried, and it could be up to 15 minutes. And I'm like, Why am I crying? Because then as Empath, I could feel them. But there was one day that was really profound. And I was learning the difference, because I had to learn this in stages. Jonica, I had a client that was coming within an hour. And I usually get ready at the last minute, put on the lipstick at the last minute. And then, because she was like, well, she came into my house, about an hour before I'm drying my hair, and all of a sudden, my tongue started swelling. And I just put down the jar, and I'm looking in the mirror, what is my conduit and it was swelling an inch to an inch and a half, and it was fluctuating. And so I just read, and this is when you know who you are, and you know what your abilities are. And you know what you're picking up and you're going to use it. But not by being codependent, you're just using it for information only. So as I noticed this, I said, Okay, I'm going to pay attention to what it feels like, Oh, I feel like I can't breathe. I feel like my tongue is going to block my airway. Oh, my God. That's how she feels. Alright, thank you. I let it go. I just used it to identify. This is how the top five Claire's become your superpowers. If you use hearing, and other people in the room are not hearing what you're hearing. You have a superpower. If you see, and you're clairvoyant, you may see somebody's body movement or their eyes or where they go, or how they eat and whether or not it is they're a foodie or not. I just using the physical senses that are also developing your clairvoyance. Do you see what I'm saying? So what happened was that when that client came in the door, she had her hand behind her back. And I just looked at her and I said, Kathy, you do not have to say a word, sweetheart. You don't have to speak. I just experienced 45 minutes ago, what you experienced? can I describe it for you before we even get started? And she said yes. And I said, you feel a choking sensation. And you can't speak and you feel like you can't breathe when your tongue swells exactly an inch to an inch and a half. And she broke Jana cone, she started crying and she pulled what was what was hiding behind her back. And it was a it was a pad for her to write on and erase boards. And I said put it down you don't need to speak I've got here.

Jannecke Øinæs 22:50

Wow. Powerful story. So I know you're using your skills. I just get curious with clients but in your everyday life. Like could you use it to know you know what date to go on? And not what project to go into and not or is it like harder to get those intuitive guidance for yourself?

Tammy De Mirza 23:17

This is a brilliant question, Jana, come on. It's where most people are stuck is that they don't realize that their spirit I do it in three spirit, mind, body emotions, and the physical. So what happens to spiritual seekers by nature, is that when you're hypersensitive, or when your senses your hearing is highly evolved, you're seeing is highly above your, like Claire Gustin, it's my massage therapist used to have to walk out of the room from clients and just give them a minute while that cleared. So most people do not talk about the spirit. So then when you awaken to oh my goodness, I'm a spirit. And I have a curriculum, and what if I have spiritual abilities, where you already have them, and the natural way that you communicate, like if you hear the person on the phone, and you're clear audience, listen to what they say and be present, and connect with your ability to hear what they're saying, and beyond what they're saying. While they're saying it superficially. And then you'll know you'll have this is where it becomes your superpowers, you'll know, do I hear that I should go on a date with him. Am I hearing past what he says his motive is? And the reason he's saying I'm not going to try to do this. I'm not going to try to get in your pants or I'm not going to try to do this or I'm not going to try to control you. That's when you use your hearing and Claire audience to say you wouldn't even be bringing that up if that's not what you're going to try to do. Thank you so much. And Namaste. I'm not going on a date with you. If you see IE, you would do better to get in front of the person and just have a cup of coffee or walk in the park and watch them and use that. Top five, Claire to see what do I see you do? What do I gather? What kind of entail and information do I gather? Because all of these Claire's these top five, there's a lot more. All of these Claire's are giving you information all day long every day. Well, the problem that we have Yanaka is that we start developing stories, and belief systems. For me, 11 are not loved, or not loved or not loved. I told myself that enough, that according to the laws of attraction, it's in my GPS. So when we develop the stories, then we it's almost like we become dumbed down, if you will, or in a coma, or our senses kind of like deflate. Because we don't know how to use them. The world is not really teaching us how to use our senses. It's teaching us Oh, be a servant, do something good. Make somebody else smile, do something for somebody, pay for something, get in alignment, hold your mouse straight, do this act, right? Have this kind of weight, do something with your hair, do something with your eyes, you're not enough, you're not enough. We get that we get bombarded with that. And the reason that I just did that in a frenetic way, is that what you're hearing all day long? So the senses that you have if you get educated on him, and you learn, oh, my God, what's the definition of clear audience? What is that, and I'm telling you, it's not inside here is behind here. For those of you who hear it's right in this area at the bone, if you hear like really high pitch tone you're being communicated with. So I have a really cool story about this, because I have hired a speaking coach, because I'm doing a lot of classes, and I'm doing a lot of master classes. And I'm speaking more and I've got my own app. And there's so much going on. And I heard a speaking coach and I was talking to her about the concept of this class, the six week course that I was doing, in order to get the meat from it to get it from somebody else's perspective. And she said, What, give me an example of using this as your superpower. And I said, well, the clairaudience is in the bone. She said, Oh my God, let me tell you what she realized. She is a very famous opera singer, who had Grammy nominations twice for singing. And she said, Guess what I would do? Before I went on the stage, I would massage that phone. And she said, You just set me free. You just connected me to love energy. And we both cried it because you innately know things. But when you're paying attention to the things that aren't elevating you self nurturing you identifying who you are, you're in trouble. And so where the mind is where the focus is, expands. So when you're thinking I'm not enough, I don't have a superpower. And then you get in front of somebody like me, I'm like, Are you kidding? I can tell you exactly what you did all day long yesterday with three of your superpowers. It's not hidden from me. But it's because as I do the work, I can not only see myself, hear, taste, smell, all of the senses feel I can identify it for the people.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:50

You mentioned, curriculum and all their souls, and maybe some in the audience are like, What do you mean, I have a curriculum? So could you please give us some insights about what you mean? Whether curriculum,

Tammy De Mirza 29:05

what started years ago, like if there's a thing of like working around, right, and not understanding it, and getting the fullness, I'll get six or seven clients in a row that had been raped. So I started going through this thing of realizing what we do between the ages of five and eight, and how we go into the curriculum. And then I started understanding because I would literally read the contracts. I'd be in a session and I'd be reading the contracts. And I would see you in a room with your gods and masters and masters of masters and masters. And you're all talking about it. You're all talking about the curriculum in this lifetime. is self love the curriculum in this lifetime is understanding what it means to mistreat somebody or it's about lying or it's about, you know, getting free. It's about doing, that's your shadow work. So you come in to experience, the very thing from the people that you chose the site, for example, my family. So when I came in the ego looks at me and the world reads me and said, Oh, this one, her curriculum is about self love. So I will by nature, and with the laws of attraction backing that I will experience not being loved. So, and while I was sleeping in this drawer, because my family was poor, my dad was in the Navy, I didn't see him for three and a half months. So I'm sleeping in a drawer. And they took me back to when my father first met me. And Jana can, you didn't mean to do it, I'm just going to tell you, because he was emotionally crippled in a lot of ways. But he looked down at me. And he's just staring at me, and I am wanting almost like the movie powder, I'm wanting love. I'm already sensitive. I'm wanting my dad to love me, I'm wanting my dad to pick me up. And I can remotely view past and this is what happened. I saw him look at me and turn and walk away. And my mother said, Are you not going to touch her? Now see, that's what I call an imprint. Because we really in our brain, and in our soul, and our spirit, where you remember all the stories, and then we're going to develop the stories. And if I keep thinking, I'm not lovable. I'm not lovable. I'm not lovable. My parents don't love me, my mom abuses me, my dad doesn't touch me that my dad doesn't talk to me. But that was really my curriculum. So laws of attraction, say you experienced the opposite of what you came to experience. So you know what you want. So by 11, I'm already seeing, wow, I don't have anybody that really loves me unconditionally. I didn't even know what that meant. But then came love. And then the journey of self abuse, and making decisions like getting homeless and being married four times. And, you know, thinking other people knew better than me. That was really my problem. I wasn't using my abilities to discern, to get information and entail to know how to make a decision. So when I crossed over Yanaka, to, I'm going to use my abilities that I thought or curses, and people ran for me are they which they were like smother me, you know, you can see me out in public now. And the server, like I had nine people in my home, and I was the 10th, we go to dinner, and the server is hovering behind my back, I mean, right up against my chair, hovering around my back because he can feel the energy of me. And then some of my clients who have really grown, we're going, Oh, my God, I'm seeing it in real time. And I'm like, Yeah, and I'm not letting take anything for me. I'm just letting him stand near me. So I'm staying in my lane. I'm not giving anything away. I'm not letting him take for me. Because when you're clear, sentient takers, and narcissists are attracted to you because they want to take. So if you know, I'm clear, sentient, I feel everything, I'm going to feel you. I'm going to use this to feel you and see what role you play or don't play in your life in my life. I seen where they are. That's when your five Claire's the five senses that coordinate with all those are your superpowers you get information for that. And then you act on that information. Or if you're not taught to trust yourself, if you don't even know what those are. If you don't believe that you have them, then you're in trouble. So I'll give you one more illustration. I was teaching this the five senses class. And I was teaching it I was going around the room saying speak to you may identify. And I went around and I was in front of this woman and I said can I speak to you? And she said yes. I said do you want to talk to me about your clairvoyance? She said I don't see. I don't see anything. I don't see. I don't see beings and I said you want me to tell you about the three times you saw your grandmother and what happened? I can tell you the details. And she woke up your she's ever she said no. And then she said it was three times I have seen my grandmother. I say clairvoyance Honey, let's use it. So you see Annika you're doing it. But you haven't been taught to pay attention. Self love somebody else loving you enough to say this is who you are. Can we use it? Can I show you ways to use it? It's beautiful.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:53

It is really interesting that this woman for instance like have actually seen you know All spirits, and then we don't acknowledge it. That is just interesting to me.

Tammy De Mirza 35:07

That's our living all day long. And then we don't think we have them, but we have them. But we haven't learned to be in the moment and not just pay attention to ourselves and look at the man in the mirror, Michael Jackson song, look at the man in the mirror. All the information you need is inside of you. The world teaches you go and do for everyone else. And I go that's off. That's codependency.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:32

I want to circle into older souls. I know you have done a lot of work and workshops with that. So let's dive into that Tibet. What is an older soul? Because that is an interesting question, because that means or it implies that there are new souls. So are there new souls born? Like, haven't we always been there? Well,

Tammy De Mirza 35:57

it could take us 500 lifetimes to get through one curriculum if we want to go really slow. So there's no judgement about where you are in your curriculum. But some people the way that I describe it is, I'm not gifted, I'm not special. I've done the work and the abilities got uncovered. So I was already doing a lot of work before I was 11. Not counting the other lifetimes that I had before now all compiled, according to quantum physics, is happening at the same time. So then what happens is that as you go along this journey, you're in the curriculum, whether you realize it or not, the people who came in with more awareness, and they just know something is off with this and nobody in the room is understanding is why is my family not listening to me? Why is my teacher not listening to me? So I'm going to give you an example of someone that I met that is absolutely amazing. And he's got all kinds of classes. And he said he had an awareness when he was little, that when they asked him to learn handwriting at a very young age, second grade, I think he said, he told his mother, I'm going to be working on computers, this bullshit I don't need to do. And she's like, what a computer and you don't know what a computer is, then I'm not even going to tell you I'm not going to learn how to write. He said, I'm a bad hand writer, I wish to learn how to write. But see old souls come in with a heightened awareness. So let's take that into the Claire's, the five Claire's are much more accentuated. You get overwhelmed, because they're so accentuated, you get tired of seeing things, you get tired of hearing things, you get tired of feeling things you carry smelling things. And we have a tendency to go into a little cave and go, I'm just gonna just stay in my house, I'm just gonna, I'm not gonna be friends with people, I'm just gonna, I can't go in that group anymore. I can't take it. And they don't know why. I have dealt with people that their senses were so heightened, and Clairsentience they couldn't even walk in a grocery store. There was one guy that hadn't left his house and three and a half months, and he looked like Jesus. And he was one years old.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:12

He received so much information,

Tammy De Mirza 38:15

so much information such as an evolved old soul, you have an awareness, you know, things I could put you in a room with 23,000 people, and there might be two of you that are old souls that got 50 times more than 200. I mean, 2998. So old souls come in, because our curriculum is much more intense. There's a book that I put out there 65 songs that journaled or so where you can actually work through that. What I learned was in 2013, I started asking spirit, don't send me people who are playing with this. I want people who are very serious. I want people that will invest in themselves. I want people that know that there's something off. And from 2013 10 years ago to now i You would not believe hemming list I have the commonalities and we check almost every single box. So the best way to describe it is no matter what your top five Claire's are, they're over the top. So when you look at the journey, if you looked at this way, people are all over the place. older souls are closer to enlightenment. So their journeys are much more dramatic. They pick some of the most abusive people in their lives to teach them about love. You experience the opposite to know what you want.

Jannecke Øinæs 39:48

Right? You experienced the opposite to know what you want. Yes. All right, Tammy, I'm going to ask you some questions that I ask all my guests. This has been very inspiring. So We spoke about self love, but what is self love to you?

Tammy De Mirza 40:05

Knowing myself so fully, then when someone asked me to do something, I have used my senses to be able to say yes or no, or give me a few minutes. And then I go into that top five, Claire. And I go, I want a minute to get to the position. And Jana, this is a really difficult one, to get to the position that you're, instead of living your stories of what other people are showing you. You love yourself enough to break through that and go, What do I want? Did you know that 95% of people do not even know what they want. So manifesting, this house behind me, led to books, courses, the older souls tribe, and then sitting in my house this weekend. And realizing because Tammy wanted something personally, it's a home where all of us can feel at home and go home to ourselves. So thinking that what you want is selfish is off. So to me part of self love,

Jannecke Øinæs 41:16

and what is happiness to you?

Tammy De Mirza 41:20

Happiness, food. Food, I, some people tell me I could sell videos of my eating because I look at the food and the way that I put into my mouth. The joy of eating one meal, I've got a client in the house, and she's over there laughing and going Yes. Seeing the smile of my grandchildren, my youngest grandson, who's nine months finally reaching for me this week, looking at me to see if I'm looking at him and we just broke breakout and a smile. Seeing somebody see me and go, I gotta talk to you. I can come Come on. Let's do this.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:06

Beautiful. And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Tammy De Mirza 42:12

Graduating my curriculum, so I don't ever have to experience it again. When you're on something, you will never have that symptom again. That is alchemy.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:25

Wow. Yeah, that is real alchemy. Well, this has been super inspiring. Tommy, can you share a little bit about what you're working on now and where people can find you?

Tammy De Mirza 42:35

Well, thank you so much. I'm about to do a workshop in Austin, Texas, and it is called older souls unleashed. And it's really about you giving yourself permission to uncover who you are, why your life has been the way it has, why you don't fit in why you feel like Freek why you want to have all the things that I've mentioned. And then there are books on the marketplace about older souls. The second one is probably going to come out in January February of 2024. I have I'm doing a manifestation class right now. Because guys, I went from homelessness, to buying my home. to learning the recipe, I have a no fail recipe that people have used a manifest to $20,000 within two days. I mean, this works. The work is getting past your fears, and learning what fear is that you can choose. So I'm teaching that deep thing I'm going to be teaching the five Claire's, I've got a course that I've written and recorded that you can get access to that's coming out soon. So sign up for my email at Tammy de mirza.com. And you can ask me one question, and I will personally email you back.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:47

Ah, wonderful. Thank you so much, Tammy. This has been so inspiring and also for all the members in western North membership and you guys know who you are. You can look forward to a wonderful masterclass with Tammy about the Claire's which are our superpowers. And if you're not a member, of course you are so welcome to join us and you can find the link below. Thank you so much Tammy for all the beautiful work.

Tammy De Mirza 44:10

Thank you so much for what you're doing. I mean, we all hold hands and we just share and we're making an impact. Yada and thank you so much for being that in my life.

The five intuitive abilities

Tammy introduces us to the concept of the five intuitive abilities that reside within us all. These innate gifts, she explains, are bestowed upon us at birth, yet our own shadows often obstruct their full potential. We each have a dominant “Clair,” which acts as our superpower, assisting us in our life’s predetermined curriculum—our pre-incarnation plan.

The five Clairs, as Tammy defines them, encompass a range of intuitive abilities:

  • Clairvoyance allows us to bridge the realms of the physical and non-physical, offering profound insights.
  • Clairaudience expands our sense of hearing, enabling us to decipher voices and messages from the beyond.
  • Clairgustance introduces us to new tastes and emotions, extending our sensory experiences.
  • ClairScent empowers us to detect odors and energies, adding a unique layer of perception.
  • Clairsentience deepens our empathy, aiding in making intuitive decisions and connecting with others on a profound level.

Tammy emphasizes that these intuitive abilities are constantly at work within us, though we often underestimate their power. Our society tends to neglect teaching us how to harness these gifts, instead inundating us with messages of inadequacy. However, with proper education and awareness, we can develop and nurture these latent senses, unlocking their potential to enrich our lives.

The older souls embarking on more intense life journeys

Furthermore, Tammy delves into the concept of older souls, who embark on more intense life journeys. These souls, she explains, come into this world with stronger clairs, as their curriculum is designed to be more demanding. Their path is one of learning about love through experiences and challenges, and gaining wisdom by experiencing the opposite of what they desire.

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Tammy guides you through the top five clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairgustance, clairscent, and clairsentience revealing their nuances, benefits, and potential challenges.

Gain insights into how these remarkable gifts shape your perception of the physical and nonphysical worlds.

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