Since 2010, Daniel Scranton has been on an extraordinary journey, channeling higher-dimensional beings and collectives. He has become a conduit, bridging the gap between countless individuals worldwide and these higher entities through both live and online group events, as well as private one-on-one sessions.

Channeling beings who have committed to guide us

Among the entities that have chosen to work with Daniel are The Creators, The Hathors, The Founders, and several others, including Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Ophelia the Faerie, Quan Yin, Yeshua, The Buddha, The Pleiadian High Council of 7, The Zetas, and The 9D Arcturian Council. These beings have committed to guiding us through the exhilarating and sometimes challenging experiences we are collectively navigating during this period known as The Shift.

Interestingly, Daniel did not always walk this path. Initially an atheist, his journey towards becoming a channeler began during a personal crisis. His marriage was crumbling, and he was in the throes of intense physical and emotional pain, to the point of contemplating suicide. At that time, he had no interest in extraterrestrials or their potential connection to humanity. However, one desperate plea to God for help led to a vivid, life-altering dream about aliens. Awakening from the dream, he found himself filled with ecstatic energy and an insatiable curiosity about these beings, leading him to discover that they were not from Earth.

During a detailed conversation, Daniel reveals that the beings who visited him were known as The Zetas. He provides a fascinating insight, explaining that the term “Greys” is broadly used and often associated with AI-controlled entities. However, the Zetas, despite a similar appearance, followed a different path. They had made serious mistakes in their past, suppressing their emotions and relying solely on their intellect. This imbalance led to the pollution of their world and their inability to reproduce, leading them to seek out genetically compatible humans. These are the visitation experiences people have been reporting. Consequently, the Zetas created a hybrid race, learning to live a more balanced life, incorporating both their minds and emotions. This program ultimately saved them from extinction.

The teaching and message received through channeling

When asked about the teachings he receives through channeling, Daniel explains that it is more about the energy he receives. Each being has a slightly different focus, cares about different things, and possesses a unique personality.

The primary messages that come through channeling are forgiveness, compassion, and the importance of unconditional love. According to Daniel, we often move away from these qualities in order to experience the journey of rediscovering them.

Toward the end of the interview, Daniel channels the Arcturians, a higher-dimensional collective that addresses pertinent topics such as climate change, artificial intelligence, COVID-19, and the concept of the soul. They share wisdom and insights, aiming to provide guidance and a broader understanding of these complex issues in our current reality. Daniel’s journey as a channeler serves as a bridge between these higher-dimensional beings and us, bringing forth their messages to assist us during this significant period of transformation known as The Shift.

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