Delve into Lindsey Scharmyn’s profound experiences with spiritual growth, protection, and transformation. Lindsey shares captivating stories of paranormal activity and spiritual warfare, offering unique insights into the complexities of choice and its impact on our life’s timeline. This discussion highlights the importance of protection and safety in spiritual development, providing valuable guidance for anyone on a journey of self-discovery.

Lacking protection led to a dark beginning of her spiritual journey

The beginning of Lindsey Scharmyn’s spiritual journey was quite dark and she explains how she felt almost like she was being pushed into it without having much choice. Though at a higher level, she understood she chose this path. I think it’s important to share this because the “love and light” narrative often makes spiritual growth seem easy, but my experience involved a lot of difficult purification, Lindsay says. This process, often dark and challenging, is less talked about, yet it’s an honorable path to release our ego-based and trauma-based issues.

For Lindsay, It all started when she was 14 and attended a sleepover where someone did a tarot reading for her. All ten cards drawn were Major Arcana and reversed, which freaked out the reader. Intrigued by this strange experience, she started doing tarot readings herself and found she was very good at it. However, this opened her up to dark energies, leading to terrifying experiences like sleep paralysis and poltergeist activity. One night, during an out-of-body experience, she encountered a malevolent entity. Desperate for help, she called out to God and felt an immediate sense of peace when a protective shield appeared…

This experience taught her profound lessons about the existence of evil, the need for protection, and the power of inviting light and love into our lives.

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Transcript of the interview

Lindsey Scharmyn 0:00

And right when I think maybe I can help this girl, ghost, a very clear voice comes into my head. That's just what it wants you to think. And I, if I could have gotten chills got chills, I knew instantly it was correct. I knew this voice was without the words at the time, but guardian angel spiritual guide, higher level consciousness. And I just said; Dear God helped me. And literally as I said it a shield appeared, I saw it.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:33

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Hello, Lindsay, a warm welcome to the show.

Lindsey Scharmyn 0:52

Oh, thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited about this.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:55

Me too. Thank you so much for being a guest, I know you have quite a lot of mystical experiences in your life. And today, you work as a spiritual healer, a channeler, a master teacher, you've been on several shows. And I'm really curious to hear about those experiences you've had. And I also know you are passionate about helping people activate their divine will, and also activate another level that you said you were actually forced into. So I'm curious about your story. So so let's start there, that you actually were we're sort of forced into another level. Now, what kind of level is that? And what happened?

Lindsey Scharmyn 1:42

Yeah, well, the the beginning is a little bit dark, actually. And this is maybe part of the feeling that I was sort of pushed this way. And, and almost that I didn't really have a choice. And I'll say before I get into any of that, that I know, at the highest level, I chose all of this, right. But as a person here on my human consciousness and my personality consciousness, it didn't seem like I was choosing any of it, or much of it at least. And it seems sudden, and it was very jarring. And a lot of times very difficult. And I think I think it's important, actually, for people to hear some of that, because there's a lot of the love and light sort of stuff that makes people feel like oh, it's also so easy. And I'm just supposed to jump right up, and I'm just gonna send once I get my vibe, right or my mind, right or my heart, right, like it's just there. And actually, for me, at least, there's a lot of purification along the way. And that feels and looks dark. Sometimes it feels and looks like a struggle. And that part is less, I think talks about and honored. And I think it's an honorable path to go through the purification or to go through some of the releasing of our more personality based human based ego based physical based, karma based trauma based stuff that most people have. So, you know, part of that feeling forced, I think, was maybe dragging my feet a little bit through some of those harder times. But it really for me was felt like something I didn't ask for and at the very beginning I I mean, who knows where the very beginning is, but early early on, I was thrown into a situation with Taro. Somebody was doing tarot readings at a sleepover I was at and I was the last person to receive a reading and when I received my reading, the reading was 10 cards and it was an all of them were reversed and all of them were Major Arcana cards which anyone who's familiar with Tarot knows that those come up less frequently. And so the person who was giving the reading was starting to get really nervous and sort of freak out every card she turned because it was reversed again Major Arcana again reversed again major came again and by the last card, she was like I'm done with this. I don't know what's going on with you. I don't know what's happening. And I was I didn't know anything about Tarot. I didn't know anything about this world that mystical that you so Tarik, it was not my thing. This is all pre internet. Like I didn't have any idea. And it kind of scared me. But it also kind of intrigued me. And I wanted to know more about Tarot or why this was freaking her out so much and like what actually happened and what could it mean? Because she was she was like, I don't know what this means to scared. And so I started actually doing tarot and the more I did tarot, the more that reading really stood out to me. I had never again I've done 1000s and 1000s of readings for myself or other people. And I have never gotten any things even remotely similar to that reading. And so I began doing Tarot I was about 14 years old. And I started giving readings to people and I was really really good at it and the information answers would just come so easily and I and people would get nervous and sort of stunned at like how much I knew I put that in quotes, because I didn't actually know I was just reading the cards and saying what came through for me as the cards were revealed. But people were shocked, like, how do you know? And I would always say, I don't know. And I don't know how I know. It just, I'm just doing these readings, it's what's coming through. So got a little bit of a reputation of my high school, and I would give readings to people and they'd be very accurate. But I also thought at that time, and I didn't connect these things for a while, but I started experiencing poltergeist like, and I'll just say demonic and darker energies. And it took me a while I started having sleep paralysis, I started having things were being moved around in front of me, sometimes thrown at me. dark energies seem to be around me, my dog would respond to them, and he would growl at them. And he had never grounded anything in his life. So it was really starting to freak me out. But I again, was very young, there was no internet, I didn't have people in my life who believed in these things or knew about these things. So I was just left to sort of struggle through it on my own, not knowing what was going on, and really trying to explain it all away, because at heart, I'm a very logical practical, I'll say at that time, especially very materialist sort of person, not materialistic. But materialists like things have rational explanations, and everything is physical. And this is all, all the universe is and. And so this all culminated one night in a sleep paralysis event in which I went out of body without knowing it. I believed my first out of body experience. And I was asleep, but I woke up, my body was paralyzed yet again, for maybe the 100th time. I had mantras at this point that I would use, like, I'm safe, it's okay, it's gonna pass. Everything's okay. And anyone who's had sleep paralysis knows that it can be very frightening, especially if you're young and don't know what's happening. And then, and then I felt the same dark energy that my dog would often growl at. I felt it coming towards me, I could see my whole bedroom perfectly. And I knew my eyes were closed. So that was very confusing for me, again, I didn't understand I was out of body. And I felt this energy coming in this time, because I was out of body I could actually see the energy for the first time, I had felt it multiple times. It had created poltergeist like activity around me multiple times. But I had never seen it because my spiritual I was not yet active. But in an out of body state, my spiritual is active and there has to be that's the if you're using there. And so I saw this black roiling mass of horrible darkness that I can't ever really truly express in words, because it's beyond my understanding and a lot of malevolence coming from it a lot of darkness. And yet it tried to cloak itself. And it took the form once it recognized that I could see it and was aware and was out of body instead of just paralyzed like I normally was. It closed itself in the shape of a little girl, maybe eight, nine years old, or very young, little girl. And I thought to myself, Oh, it's not evil. It's not dark. It's just a little girl's ghost. And she's stuck here. Maybe she needs my help to get to heaven, if that exists, or whatever the afterlife is, or to go into the light, right? Maybe all these things are real. And maybe I'm supposed to help her. And I look back at that moment, and I think there's some devious goodness there, right? There's some deceit in this. Obviously, there is also the playing on my ego, like, Oh, you're special, you can help little girl ghosts go to heaven. Right and then there's also just the playing on my sympathies if like of course I want to help a little child who wouldn't help a child and so all these things are sort of going on at once again, not in my consciousness. Am I conscious I just first see this evil thing and then see it become a little girl and then think maybe I can help this girl. And right when I think maybe I can help this girl ghost have very clear voice comes into my head. Very clear voice says. That's just what it wants you to think. And I if I could have gotten chills, got chills. I knew instantly it was correct. I knew this voice was again without even thinking without the words at the time, but guardian angel spiritual guide, higher level consciousness. And so I thought though that's true. What do I do? And I didn't know what to do because I didn't have skills for this sort of experience. And so I called out to God for help. Who I again maybe had something claim might exist but didn't really have strong beliefs about and I just said Dear God helped me and literally as I said it a shield appeared by saw it through that again, astral Space Out of Body space and my third eye, my spiritual eye, and it was just a shimmering, very thin layer of, you know, shield something. And I thought, Oh, thank God. And then this thing as I had been asking God for help, as I think it heard that voice told me that it wasn't real, it was lying to me, it left at me and it hit that surface, it hit that shield. And in that moment, it became exceptionally angry. And I heard things on that level of hearing that is spiritual only. That I can also describe there is no really physical equivalent, but I describe it as people screaming combined with cars being crushed, combined with explosions combined with, you know, everything negative, you could imagine in one sound of anger. And it was right in front of me. So this was actually the most terrifying moment of all, I'm hoping whatever this shield is, holds.

Then I finally am feeling myself move back into my body, which at the time, I also didn't understand, but now I look back and do understand. And so I woke up. And I just ran from the room. My dog was waiting outside of my room for me, he had been scratching at the door because he knew something was happening. Dogs and cats. I mean, animals are so aware of this stuff that we are often much slower to recognize. So I ran and I hid I hid under my mother's comforter with her actually, I caught in her bed with her and she just was so tired. She didn't even really notice. i In the meantime, was having horrifying visions again. This thing wasn't done yet. And I was seeing things I would never see in even the worst horror movie, which I don't watch and never have watched. So really disturbing stuff. So I just thought I had gone insane. I didn't know I didn't have any explanation for this. I was like, this is beyond my understanding. It's insane. I'm insane. I woke up in the morning I went to school, I met a bunch of people in the parking lot. Just you know, this is the mornings we're all headed into school. So by now I had been 16 I drove to school. I all of them when they saw me. I mean, every single person I saw had some sort of reaction of shock. Like, oh my god, what happened to you? Oh, my God, did someone die? Oh my god, did your dog die? Like instantly before? Hello? How are you? They would just look at Oh, well what happened? So something was still going on like that. There was an energy exuding from me. There was some sort of darkness clean to me. I don't know. They're not all spiritually sensitive people. So it was clearly very strong. So that was terrifying me because I thought, well, it's over now whatever it was, maybe I can just go forward with my life and hope things get more normal. But no, things weren't getting more normal at all. They were getting more disturbing, actually, the other people could tell something was going on. So I went. And I called the only people who I knew who talked about things that I thought were crazy, like demons, which are these very devout Christians that I knew. And I called them and I said, I don't know what's happening to me, but I think I need your help. Can I come over? And they said, Yeah, even though I would be skipping school to do it. They said, yes, come over. So I got back in my car drove up to their house was my friend's parents. And I went there and I told them the story and they said, that's a demonic attack yourself. You've been suffering demonic attack for months, because they I told them about the poltergeist stuff because I was starting to connect it all finally, sleep paralysis stuff, and they're like this has been going on they said, what started this? And I looked back and I connected it with the Tarot reading and starting to do taro and they said, Well, what did you do? Did you invite in a spirit and I said, Oh my God, yes. In fact, every time I did a reading I just said, what the first girl that I had got that original reading from said which was can a spirit common guide this reading, which is really dangerous, but I didn't know that. So if you are very intentional, and you know you're of the love and the light and you know you're connecting to God source Jesus, whatever it is, you believe is the highest loving lightness you can connect with. Then you can do Tarot safely but no one taught me this. So I just invited in a spirit and the one I got was really dark and bad. So I said, Well, what do I do? And they said, well, let's pray to Jesus and invite Him into your heart. I was like anything cool anything? Let's do it. Do we do it right now? They said yes, let's do it. So we did it and when I literally when I said the words you know Jesus, will you come into my heart just from head to toe just this relief that I didn't even know I needed? I had no idea how bad this had become. I didn't know how much darkness was around me. I didn't know how stressed out I didn't know how negative My thoughts are because I had no because it was so slow and over so much time. And then it had culminated in this attack. So when I said that I felt this immediate peace which again, I didn't have a strong belief in Jesus or any of these things. So this was just out of the blue for me either like I don't know, I didn't know Jesus was this, right like this amazingly beautiful peaceful, infinitely loving, no fear can ever touch this no darkness could ever get through this just filled my whole being so I was sold. I was like, that was the key. Jesus is clearly amazing. Everyone should know this. So I got really excited about Jesus are on he's still my, my favorite. I'll say my number one, but they're a out of the blue, very unexpected. And they said, Well, you're not done yet. I was like, Oh, no. And they're like, you have to go home. And you have to get rid of the portal you created and invited this spirit into which is the deck that you've been doing tarot readings with, so I, and they and they taught me how to banish darkness from the house and from myself and from my property and from the space and how to invite the love of God in and which is a very magical, it's very interesting to me that Christians have this very magical, you can see the same banishing, invoking, and all sorts of traditions that I think Christians would call satanic most of the time. The same exact types of things. But that was very interesting as well. So I did, I went home and I banish Satan, I vanished the armies of darkness I vanished demons, I did whatever list of things they told me to say. And I invited in God's love. And I invited in Jesus and I invited Michael Archangel and I took that tarot deck and I went out to my yard. And I was getting ready to burn it. It was a nice, a nice day. And all of a sudden, as I was moving towards the fireplace, this wind picked up and then it got more fierce and more harsh, and then it started getting kind of stormy looking and cold, really cold, which was something that would happen when that poltergeist activity was happening, that would get really, really cold. And this the wind and the trees started shaking, things were flying at me from the trees, pine cones, and pine needles and leaves and sticks. And I was just like, wow, this is a crazy sudden storm and I leaned down to try to light the cards, it was very difficult to light them that flame kept being blown out. And then I looked around I realized the property right next to us, maybe 100 less than 100 yards away and the property on the other side less than 100 yards away. Know when to their trees aren't even shaking. And I was like oh my god, this thing like really doesn't want to go. And so I got a kerosene or gasoline or something, I poured it on I lit on my was like just with this it was like vanishing and bringing the light in more. And once it was gone, it was just stopped. No wind, no, no rain, no pine cones, nothing flying at me just peaceful. Again, it's just the craziest amount of energy released maybe that I've ever seen since then it was a it was a big attachment. So that again, it kind of forced me into a lot of realizations really quickly. A one being that evil exists. A to being that you it has to be invited in, you have to create an an opening for it. It doesn't just strike out of nowhere. And three, being at the light is so powerful that just your invitation to it. It also has to be invited in is enough to banish all darkness. And those are some beautiful, those are some beautiful things to know for sure. With ultimate faith at the age of 16. That was my initiation, I think.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:02

Wow. You know what a fascinating story. And also, oh, my goodness, I mean, what you've been through, I can't imagine how that would feel. And I would be freaked out and you know, feeling alone and all of this being so young and not having internet to search and I have been on this path for a long time. I've steered you know away from the darkness. However, I think it is important to speak some about it a little bit about it because like you shared today, this is very helpful. Like it doesn't come if we're not inviting it in. We also need to invite in the light and the light is incredible, incredibly powerful. And that fascinated me when you said that that once you ask for God to help. And I've heard that many times before that other others have been in terrible situations and then they ask for help and they get help. So we have to Ask for help. Yes. It's our freewill. Right. And also that yes, darkness exists, but from a higher level, it has a purpose.

Lindsey Scharmyn 20:10

It does. Yeah, I actually have come to this realization, because part of my, I've had other dark experiences too. And part of me, you know, the pity party part of me. It's like, why why do I have to experience these things? Or like, why is this happening to me. And in the end, in the long view, I can always see, I can see exactly why it started, I can see exactly why occurred. And I can see the karma that brought it in, or my invitation that brought it in, or whatever it was that caused this to be. And then I can also see, the faith that I got from it, the strength that I got from it, the fearlessness that I got from it, and the skills to then help other people who are struggling. And everything that came from it is, in fact, pure, good, pure light. And so when people say like, there's no plan of the enemy that could prosper, I would say that's true. I mean, it may seem that way, in the short run, it may seem that way in our limited perspective, but at the highest level, it's all being turned into good.

Jannecke Øinæs 21:07

I can identify with some parts of it, because when you were describing that sound, and all these terrible noises at once, I've experienced that once in my life. And it was sort of the feeling that I've never heard something more gruesome. And it was when I was leaving my body, going out of my body. And then it helped me to know that that might happen. And don't be afraid of it. Sometimes spirits don't want you to become enlightened, they don't want you to know all these, this spiritual knowledge, they want to hold you back. So I went to this course that I did many years ago. And they said, just you know, don't go into fear, just move through it. And having that knowledge that I knew I could encounter some spirits that will try to disrupt me and have me move back to my body because they didn't want me to explore their outer body state, knowing that really helped me and that they couldn't hurt me also, and that I could also protect myself with light. Now, what would you say when it comes to protection, because some are saying that, Oh, you don't need to protect yourself as long as you are in your heart and, you know, exude, exude love. Because when you feel like you need to protect yourself, then you need to protect yourself, because that's the mindset. Is it that simple? Is it like we need to protect yourself, we don't need protect ourselves. So what are your takes on that?

Lindsey Scharmyn 22:45

That's a great question. And I really, it's like, you need to protect yourself, if you are experiencing the darkness, right? If you're experiencing the attack, are you experiencing the those negative sounds? Are those things that are trying to drag you down or stop you from proceeding? So in that sense, yes, you need to protect yourself. And the best way to protect yourself is to be in your heart and to be full of love and to call in the love and to ask for help there. So, you know, it's it's sort of the difference between if in protecting yourself, you're feeling fear, and you're feeling some anxiety about like, well, what might happen and how might it happen? And am I in danger, then there's the negativity you're creating. And it's much harder to draw in the light when you're in that. And on the other hand, if you're like, oh, yeah, my protection is the bubble of love around me. And it just is there I don't really even have to try for I just have to feel that and know that it's true. You're just protecting yourself, but you're not doing it out of fear. You're doing it in that centered love place. So, you know, I've had experiences to where some of these beings will try to make me feel like I can't talk. Or I can't write to speak to say, God helped me even though in that place, there's really no sound or no talking but like when you think there is you use your mouth and you think you're making sounds right? So there's there's that conception that's its own sort of blockage in a way. And so if I haven't been able to speak, I've realized that just dropping my consciousness into my heart and feeling and going and going internally saying like, love, love, love, love, love. Like that's more than enough to you don't have to say or do anything actually. Right. So there is nothing and I think knowing that and being empowered in that truth that you just are loved. You just are protected. You just are the light you can't be hurt like you said nothing can hurt you. Except if you believe it can agree to it, right? You're like oh, this can hurt me and now this is happening to me like really? You're co creating it with that thing. So the more you just say no that's not happening. No, I am safe I am love I am protected and just even if you aren't sure if that's true, you know you fake it till you make it you that's what the mantras are for writers use repeat it repeat it repeat it so that you start to go like well yeah, that is true. The part of you that knows truth and knows God knows that that's true. So you fake it till you make it if you need to. You just sit in your heart and you find out lot of and you create it however you can. And it's there.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:04

I would love to hear how you all of a sudden, or maybe not all of a sudden, but how you got yourself to the center of the universe was this later on? And was this sort of after you had gone through this darkness and then sort of awakened into a new state?

Lindsey Scharmyn 25:25

Yes, I would say I started having a lot of other types of experiences that weren't dark and weren't poltergeist and weren't scary. And they were kind of scary, just because they were weird. And I still didn't have anyone to really share things with, but I started interacting with other consciousnesses that I think some people might call light beings or Ascended Masters or whatnot, and, and more. And, you know, I started having more sort of out of body experiences I didn't, I still didn't know what those were, I just had a lot going on a lot of it at night, right, a lot of it while I was sleeping, or just while I would go out and land with the stars a lot, because I lived in a rural area. And that was really nice to do. So a lot of experiences happening, especially at night. And this one you speak of was probably the most profound experience I've ever had. And I've had a lot of profound experiences. And so this was shortly after maybe 1718 years old, or show or so. And, and so I was asleep. And I did go out of body again. And this time I was with what I've now come to understand are my spiritual guides, and there's often three of them, and they're almost always standing right behind me. You know, they, they literally have our back. And so they took me up and out of my house out of my bed. And I think just for my benefit, conceptually, we were in a ship, I believe that we were actually in a ship of any kind, except maybe like the Merkaba similar to that, right. But to me, it looks like a sort of spaceship type thing, I would guess. Most people's conception of that at least. And we're flying out of the earth. And and I'm just like, This is amazing. This is incredible. And I, I loved it, I was like a little child. And the whole wall around me and in front of me could either look like a wall if if we were talking or interacting. And then if I wanted to look out at the universe, it was just clear like a window. And so I was often just like kind of right up against it, like looking everywhere, looking at everything. It was so amazing and beautiful. There's, you know, Jupiter and Saturn, and now we're leaving the solar system. And now here's other galaxies, here's the Milky Way. But then there's even more galaxies. And I'm starting to see like, just how big some of these things are. And I'm like, wow, we're really far away from Earth. Like, where are we going? And they're like homework, but we're going way out, going out. And we're going further and further. There's Nebula, I've never seen these things before. Now I've seen them in public telescope pictures, and all sorts of stuff. But back in 1998, or whatever this was I No, not really, I hadn't seen any of this stuff. So I'm seeing like stars, being born Nebula, and just clusters and all sorts of stuff. And it's all just so beautiful and amazing. I mean, in my mind, I'm like, this is like Lisa Frank like, which is just so if you know Lisa Frank, you know, because it's bright and colorful and happy and wildly imaginative. It seems like to me, unreal, almost. So the things I had to compare it to a reference are pretty, pretty small. So we're out there flying and and finally we go so far, that we're kind of getting there's actually just like a space of like nothing. There's no stars there. And they're like, well look over there where there are and I'm looking and I realized there's this huge light coming into view. And it's massive. Again, there's no words to describe the size of this cluster of lights. It's not just one light, I realize after looking at it for a time, it's billions and billions and billions of lights that are maybe billions and billions and billions times bigger than our Sun, giant, giant beings. And the more I reflect on this, the more I download about it. So thank you so much for hearing the story, and bringing more out but I understand now, as well that this not only was the center of the universe, but also heaven. And also each of those giant lights in itself is its own consciousness that we might call an angel, right or, like the highest level beings, and they're all clustered there at the center, the brightest light you could ever imagine. And I just feel this overwhelming sense I've never had before or after. Maybe a little bit After an a different experience, but that that's my home. And I belong there actually. And then I'm from there, actually. And I just want to go back to my desire and longing to be re immersed in that space is overwhelming. And so I just got up against the glass staring at it longingly for I don't know how long because time is weird there. And it's sort of heartbreaking. It's incredibly beautiful. And, and. And then I see on either side of this light, the universe, we have just flown through the part of the universe we have just flown through is coming out of one side of it like an hourglass, like half of an hourglass. And on the other side is another. We didn't even go there. There's a whole other side of the hourglass. And so it's coming out like a figure eight, from this center of immense in insane, beautiful light. And I realized, like, Oh, this is what the universe looks like, this is the actual Universe I'm seeing. And there is the center. And it does come out on either end, like an infinity sign, like a, like an hourglass. And I know that I was told some more things, heard some more things talked about something, I don't have perfect recall of this. And then eventually, they're like, Well, we're gonna go back home, which is heartbreaking. Again, it's not what I really want to do. And, you know, but I'm like, okay, because again, I'm very childlike. In this experience. I'm like, okay, yeah, whatever we're doing, let's go on. So they pointed way at the end of the hourglass half that we had just come through, almost at the very, very bottom of the bulb. They're like, that's where you live. That's the Milky Way. That's your home. And I was like, wow, that's really far out. Like it's almost as far as you can get from the center. And they're like, Yep, we're going back. And we just were back in an instant, we didn't take that whole trip, we didn't see everything. Again, it didn't take any time at all, which is how things go in that realm. You don't have to, you can either take it slow, or you can be instantly where you want to be. So I learned that and when we got back to Earth, I saw it and then it sort of after I saw it and recognized it as Earth, it sort of had an overlay over it of all of these little hurricanes, I call them or tornadoes, I call them and just the spinning like vortexes or portals. I didn't understand them. At first, they just looked like like tornadoes from the top down. Like I could see the spinning of them. And I could see that they kind of went in to the earth, and were wider at the top. And they met mouth to mouth like there was nothing but these tornadoes, but there was infinite of them. Like I couldn't have counted them if I tried. And I could kind of zoom in and zoom out and like see different ones. And I was like, Well, what is this? And they're like, Well, you, you have to go back through one of these. These are all timelines, these are all lives that you can live there your life. And I kind of like struggled to understand that concept. And I was I was kind of starting to understand it, like, oh, there's multiple paths, I can go down life or I can choose different things. And all of these are a different outcome or a different path along the way. And they said, so which one do you want to go back on? I was like, Well, how could I ever choose? How could you choose out of infinite possibilities, especially with I'm not seeing them all kind of like laid out in front of me what their outcomes or experiences along the way are? So I just said, I don't know, can you help me choose? And I'm like, Of course we can. And I said, Well can can you just show me which one is the best for me, and for everybody else. And they were like everybody else. And I was like everybody else. Like the whole every person. I didn't mean just my family or my friends. I meant like everyone, which they liked. They laughed at that. And they said, of course it's this one. And they pointed to one and I just jumped into it. And I just came out the other side. And then I experienced almost like a reverse life review as though I had died, which I've now talked to people who have had past or sorry, near death experiences who have seen those tornado portals the same exact experience and chosen a life to come back to which blew my mind because it took me 20 years to find anyone who had had even remotely a similar experience to me.

And so that's really, really cool to hear. And so I popped out it what I now recognize was the end of this life. But at the time, it just was a weird scene. It was not expected at all. It was a very futuristic, technologically advanced, but very positive, very utopian sort of society. It seemed like just from my impressions in the moment. And I was looking through the window of a high rise building at a person who was very old, sitting in a chair looking back out the window and they noticed me and they said, Oh, and then I said, Oh, and then I started moving backwards through the timeline in reverse. I actually didn't see anything else between that moment and 2021, I actually started seeing the timeline again at 1020 21. So there's a lot of things that that could mean about our collective path forward from here. But I started seeing that scenes, and they were just random scenes. And I knew I was in them on like that. That moment that I now know, is the end of this life. For me, I recognize myself and all the other scenes, I saw various things, none of them mattered, they weren't significant moments of life, they were just random moments of life where I think my consciousness would just drop in. And I came back and I'd seen the timeline going closer and closer to, you know, 9099, or whatever your this was. And as it gets closer and closer, I'm also physically seeing me get closer to my house in real life and reality, going through my hometown, going through my, you know, and then my driveway, and then I'm back in my bed, and I wake up and it's morning, and I have to go to school. And it's incredibly depressing to experience that and then just go talk to people as though life matters. And it's very confusing, because I'm like, Well, that was that. Just a really vivid dream, because that's what I thought it was for a while. You know, now obviously, I know better.

Jannecke Øinæs 36:32

Oh, my Oh, my What a.. Yeah, what an experience. I mean, you can't call that a dream. No one has dreams like that. We all know that dreams are all over the place. Flying on elephants and stuff like that is so real. Like I've had a few symbolic dreams are very real. But this was like way beyond anything I've had. Now I get curious about this timeline thing. So does that mean that if you hadn't had that experience you would have had and now their future?

Lindsey Scharmyn 37:09

Probably yes. So you could call that a timeline jump. I'm sure.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:14

So in a way, you've changed your future. But you didn't change your past.

Lindsey Scharmyn 37:21

I have had other experiences that seem to indicate that when things shift your past then matches that. So what has happened in the past was actually always what happened, because you're on this timeline. That's what happened. So that's what you experienced. That's what you remember. And most of the time, they're so similar anyway, that I, the things that shift are so minor, often that I think that's how that can occur easily.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:50

But do you think these timelines are sort of quite similar in a way, because there is a destiny there, you've had your made some choices before you come down to this incarnation. So there are slight variations, perhaps this, I'm just speaking out loud, like throwing out ideas? Because there will be totally different versions of you. I would imagine that will be done in another life, like as another person with another personality? Like I wouldn't. Why would that make sense, but it would make sense to have slightly different variations, because you've sort of made that choice already, that you're going to be Lindsay you're going to live where you're living, right. So you made all these choices. So I find it interesting that they're asking again, what timeline Do you want? Yeah. Well, I plan

Lindsey Scharmyn 38:45

Yeah, we do have the plan. We do have the plan. And and maybe the plan for me was to come in in a certain timeline, and then choose a different timeline. But I, I really, you know, we do have free will, we have infinite choice, and it definitely impacts the future, but all of them exist. So I chose to experience this one. It's not like all those others collapsed and don't exist, there's they're still going to write that this version of consciousness is not experiencing that. So I also have had so many very close brushes with death since then, and every time often miraculously, I don't die. So that seems to me again, like no, I actually would have died in some of those timelines. And that would have been the experience I had chosen. And then my next life would would match that or make up for that or balance. Right balance that out so if I choose instead in this life to keep going to keep surviving these things to keep it all the way until it in that experience, I'm like 90 Something that's a long life. I never expected that long of a life. I've actually had a psychic since then tell me like, oh, you live to 97 and I'm kind of like I Guess that's good. It's just kind of rough, but we'll figure it out. You know. And so I didn't expect that, especially at that time, I'd had a lot of trauma, a lot of darkness, a lot of just, I just expected I would die young, a lot of people around me died young. I didn't expect to make it. So I really do feel like there are drastically different timelines. Also, there's a lot that are very similar that have very slight variations. And then there's a lot that are massively different. And I really think we get to choose which and apparently, although we choose for sure, before we come in, that can change us we go, if we choose, I mean, part of it is really, are you ready? Like do you want it because this life is not easy that I live I've just it is not easy. Even with all of this grace, I've been able to experience in these beautiful experiences. And that's hard to ego death is hard to write living in a world that isn't on the same sort of frequency as you is hard. I know, your audience knows that. I know, you know that. So it is sort of like, well, what do you want to step up into? Right? What do you want to do? Are you ready? You don't have to be there's no shame, there's no punishment, there's no judgement if you choose a much easier, slower route. Or if you jump onto the what was my friend calls it that shouldn't constant? I think the super trains in Japan, they're just like the bullet train lays out what you want to be on because you can, but you don't have to. So I think it's sort of like that.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:32

What do you say? Changing timelines can actually be that you are transforming yourself that you are moving out of patterns, for instance.

Lindsey Scharmyn 41:43

Yeah, I really, that's what it comes down to for me. And this is why I bring it back to, it's actually all very practical, it's insanely elegant and beautiful. And it's really practical, like you get to decide. And it really comes down to healing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. And those are much easier said than done to heal on those levels. And I think we all kind of know how to do it, right. And we can make better and better choices. And we can make clear intentions of where we want to go. And what we want to purify. And you know, this is also to go back to the sort of like the darkness and how you can eradicate it with just being in your heart of love. When your heart of love gets more and more pure, the more your body is free and flowing and healthy and well and vibrant. And it gets more and more purified as your mind is focused on brighter things. And you're listening to brighter music and you're talking to people who are of a higher mind and right and your heart is purifying along the way and now your love gets to come out even more. So all of this is healing. All of this is stepping more into that. And it never has to be anything but what works for you. And what is your what makes you feel loving. What makes you feel happy, right is the more genuine and authentic it is, the more effective it is. So it's very practical in the end.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:08

And that incredible light that you saw. I just like that painting you have in the back.

Lindsey Scharmyn 43:16

Yeah, this was an accident. But now that I've noticed it, I just want to keep it forever. It's very cool.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:21

Yeah, I love it. Yeah, you said that you also felt in a way that it was heavy. And then I get curious, like, is having a place like? Because some are saying it's a state of mind? Is it a realm? Is it a place where we are reciting? Like, could you speak more to how you felt it was heaven? Because you saw said said it was a lot of light. But what other things was it then light?

Lindsey Scharmyn 43:55

Yes, it was definitely heaven. And it's so fascinating that our physical reality is absolutely a reflection of both our consciousness where we're at, in this life and this moment as a soul as a consciousness, but also that it's a reflection of God's light and God's love. And so it looks to us physical, we experience it as physical, we experience it as linear time. In that experience, I went out slowly. And I experienced that as as that sort of time. But then we came back and it was an instant, right? So it really is both at once as both physical and spiritual at once. And in that experience. And for many years afterwards. I just thought, well, that's the universe. And heaven is a physical place and it's out at the center of the universe. And it's fast light, and it's amazing, and it's physically there. And that's true. But I also recently was in an experience with my spiritual guides and allies and I said can you just take me back? I just need a dose of it. I've just I was struggling with some health stuff and some other things. I was like, Please, just help me. Feel this again and be in that light, if it's if it's cool if it's okay, right, if it serves the highest good. And they are like, yeah, and they're so sneaky sometimes. And so I expected to go again and have almost the exact same experience again. And instead, I'm going to try not to cry because it's so beautiful. They just dropped me into my own heart. And I just felt that exact same presence, and I understood, it's not far away. It's literally within us all the time. And all we have to do is feel love and think of love, and think of brightness. And it's right here. And it's literally there. I was like, you're just showing me a symbolic representation, because this is a mirror of that love, right? It's a version of that love. They're like, No, that's literally where we went. And I just blew my mind. Because I understood all all along, I've been saying it all along. I've been receiving that message all along. But I but I still thought of it as separate. All along, I've been saying we carry the light, this is the light, we are the love, where we're the light in a dark time for people were in what can rise up. It's right here in our heart, our heart is the center, our heart is where it all comes through. So our healing comes through blessing comes through, the messages come through. And all along are saying it and I really didn't understand it until that moment that no literally, this is the center of all things. And it's also up there. This is a fractal a hollow fractal representation, where that love that is the center of all things is in all things. I started calling it instead of the center of the universe, the center of all things because it is the center of the universe as in the center of all physical things. And it is the center of every person. And every consciousness and every atom. And every molecule that exists. It is the center of all things. That's what it is.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:01

That was really, really beautiful. Thank you for sharing that I got the chills.

Lindsey Scharmyn 47:06

Good. I'm trying to get through it myself.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:10

Yeah, it's just doing these interviews are more and more pieces coming together for me. And that is so I get so thankful for that. Um, there are some questions that I asked many of my guests and the first one is what is self love to you.

Lindsey Scharmyn 47:29

I really feel like the self love that we need most is a radical self love that accepts ourself exactly as we are. So there's so much judgment. And I think unfortunately, there's a lot of judgment in spiritual communities, where people just know for sure you have to do it this way. Or it has to be called this thing or you can't talk like that, or you can't act like that, or, and it's like whatever you are, you're God's creation, wherever you are, it's your and it's not to say that we excuse all our bad behaviors, or we ignore our bad choices. You know, we all are growing too. We have some self discernment, self criticism is not a horrible thing. That's a version of self love as well. But to recognize that, yeah, what you love is what you love, and the way you're moving through it is what you're doing and what works for you works for you. And also what works for you might end up being what works for a bunch of other people. But no one ever said it until you experienced it and felt it in that way. And so there isn't just one way to God, right, there's infinite ways to God. And so that's the self love, I think we really need is to recognize that we're, we're beautiful as we are, and we're all different, we're going to go whatever way is best for us. And that's perfect, it's beautiful. Let everyone be that let go of how it looks for others, or how it is for them, and just be what it is for you.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:47

They're inspiring. And I think you're onto something when it comes to those spiritual blind spots and spiritual ego. And that even that is put into all these categories and must and must antenna, I think it's important to move away from that. And there is not a should and shouldn't and like you said, Of course you want to behave properly and from the heart and all that but there is no such as such a thing as a spiritual person or this is how you are and you who are a spiritual person wouldn't do no better. Why did you attract this? Like, it's so easy to attack ourselves in that way? And I don't think that's helpful at all.

Lindsey Scharmyn 49:28

I know. And, you know, we've said that they're measuring the vibrations of our thoughts and our feelings you know, and that love we said that was the highest, it's the highest you can feel which makes so much sense. But they then found out actually what's higher than love is just authenticity. You're just being honest. Meaning you write and sometimes, I mean, I've been in really dark places before this all happened to me again, trauma and darkness and drug abuse and all sorts of stuff and that didn't just instantly stop either. So just Because I had these incredible callings and awakenings, I still dabbled through the dark for a while, and I needed people who would just love me and say, Yeah, you're lovable. It's okay. It's okay that you made these mistakes. And it's okay that you're imperfect. And you're just growing and moving through it. And if we can't do that for each other, then we're not going to make it very far.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:22

Right? And we're all growing, and we're all developing and we're human. It's so important that we're human right? To be human. Now, what do you think, from your perspective, is the deeper meaning of life?

Lindsey Scharmyn 50:37

I really feel like it's just to experience you know, anything and everything and really to know, love, and God, what heaven, whatever you want to call it SOURCE LIGHT. Because when you're just in it, you don't know it. You can know it, you can say, yeah, that's light. That's love. Here I am. But when you really have to choose it, and differentiate it from what it's not, and be in that by by choice, because you're going to reject everything that's not that or rather let it fall away, because it isn't that now you know, it, right? We talked about knowing and Gnosis is experiential. And so unless you've experienced what isn't that and chosen very specifically, what is that? What would you know about it? So that's, you know, a huge chunk of it, at least is that choosing to know and the knowing of the light that which we are

Jannecke Øinæs 51:32

So inspiring having you on. If people want to connect with you or work with you, can you share a little bit about how you work?

Lindsey Scharmyn 51:39

Well, yes, I do spiritual teaching, guidance and healing with people. And again, I'm very practical and very down to earth, I'm very much a human. And I love doing this and profound energies can come through and transform people's lives, heal physically, mentally, emotionally, remove blockages, remove attachments, really beautiful things come forward, I don't actually offer specific, like soul retrieval, or demonic removal or any of these things. I just offer what I call a spiritual guidance session. And whatever comes through from God for you is what comes through and it's what was perfect for you. And it was what was needed for you. And I don't want to control it, because I don't know as much as God does. So I just let it be what it is. And that turns out to be what's most profound for people. So really beautiful sessions that I get to do. I also do tarot readings, I do it now of the light. I went back to it. Yeah, I was guided to you know, I all of this, I've done because I was guided to or like I say, almost forced to, and a lot of it somewhat unwilling. For me at the time, at least I was like, that's not what I want to do. And it was like, Well, that's what you're gonna do. So it's what you're good at. And they're not wrong. So I do tarot readings, too. I do past life, tarot readings as well, which is a pretty unique offering that I was guided to create for people. And those have been really powerful, because some of our trauma is from consciousness that is sort of stuck in past life trauma. And so some of those things, when they come up to get healed just, again, shift people's lives pretty significantly, because there was like, well, we didn't even know that that's what it was. That's right, until it came up to be healed. So there's a lot of healing that can come through that. I also teach. And currently, I'm teaching dream walking to people because it is the most accessible and practical, of the spiritual skills that I've been given by source. And so I love to give that to people. And I say I guarantee success for people, as long as they're willing. And they choose to actually follow the instruction, which everyone so far has chosen. And everyone so far has had incredible success. It's really cool to help people receive messages from their spiritual guides and allies connect with consciousnesses that they choose to connect to people who have passed on to the other side, get answers to questions, help them manifest, like there's so much we can do with that dream state. And so I love to work with people on that as well.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:14

Well, you clearly on purpose. And thank you so much for coming to the show and sharing your incredible, incredible, Yeah, amazing experiences and a bit frightening experiences, but also, you know, daring to do so and daring to be so vulnerable and sharing this. I really appreciate that. And also, you know, the inspiring story about more about the universe, we can get more deep insights about it, though. So again, thank you so much.

Lindsey Scharmyn 54:42

Oh, thank you so much for having me. It's really beautiful. You've created this community and your audience and you've drawn all these minds together and like I said it, it brings more full understanding for me every time I get to share it too. So thank you for that.

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