Have you ever wondered what it’s like to communicate with the deceased? Nicky Alan, a psychic medium and former police detective, has lived a life that blends the earthly with the ethereal, sharing her profound experiences with those eager to understand the mysteries of the afterlife.

Nicky’s journey into the world of psychic abilities began in childhood, experiencing precognitive dreams and visions, especially after her father’s tragic death. These early encounters hinted at the extraordinary path her life would take. Despite her gifts, Nicky initially pursued a career as a police detective, a role demanding rationality and evidence. Even in the police force, her psychic abilities surfaced, offering readings to her colleagues and touching their lives with her accuracy and compassion.

The police detective who heard the murder victims’ messages…

Nicky’s dual life led to remarkable and challenging experiences, including dealing with murder victims’ messages. Her unique perspective, having a past life as a murder victim, gave her a deep understanding of trauma and the spiritual realm.

Transitioning to full-time mediumship was challenging. Nicky describes the fear and doubt before her first platform mediumship demonstration. With her grandmother’s support and her deep spirit world connection, she embraced her destiny as a conduit between worlds.

In her discussions with Jannecke Øinæs, they explore the afterlife, reincarnation, and the role of angels. Nicky emphasizes self-love’s importance in attracting positive experiences, while Jannecke highlights empathy and compassion in understanding oneself and others. Nicky reassures that we are never truly alone after death; our spirit guides and loved ones greet us, providing comfort and peace.

Nicky Alan’s journey is one of continuous growth, healing, and love. Her story encourages us to embrace our spiritual nature, nurture self-love, practice empathy, and stay open to spiritual guidance. Through this, we can navigate life’s challenges with grace and find profound meaning in our journey.

Transcript of the interview

Nicky Alan 0:00

And that started the birth of me being a psychic in the evening. And then I was a police officer during the day. But when I became a detective on major investigations, we then started getting into the realms of murder victims. And the problem with that is I used to see the murder victims. And I also got messages from them. And the problem with that is, is that as a professional police officer, how do you then say; He did it! He did it, when you've got no proof? You can't go to court of law and say; Oh, the murder victim told me.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:43

Hi, Nicky, a warm welcome to the show.

Nicky Alan 0:46

Thank you. It's lovely to be here. Absolutely. Wonderful.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:52

Thank you so much for coming to the show. I've been binge watching your videos. And I told you right before we started here, you're such an inspiration. I just love your energy and you making this so much fun. You know, it doesn't have to be so dark and mysterious even.

Nicky Alan 1:07

Yeah, with the current climate. Everybody's like, Oh, we're all going to die. Solar Eclipse is going to be dark. We're all going to get the dark web and I'm like, Oh, come on, just lighten it up a bit. There's so much going on in the world, that you've got to add some light energy to it and a bit of laughter. Otherwise, you know, there's some the greatest people in the world have got so much to say, but it's like a boring

Jannecke Øinæs 1:32

That's true. That's true. And I'm just so happy that I discovered you. And you've been actually called Britain's best psychic medium. You are a former police detective which I find fascinating. Author YouTuber, you're passionate about speaking about the afterlife. And you had a video that went viral on tick tock. I just joined tick tock so I saw that so inspiring. And a best selling author and Angel expert and so so much more. And I'm really curious to see where this episode will be going today. But what I'm curious about first, it's sort of how your abilities work, how long you've had them and how it has been like having these psychic abilities.

Nicky Alan 2:18

Yeah, it's I'm very lucky because I didn't really have to develop them because I come from a bloodline of mediums, psychics and healers that go back hundreds of years and my granddad spoke of us being the bloodline of Rome, Magdalena, which is interesting. And so we've all been able to do it. So I was kind of in you know, born into a family that recognized it and didn't make a massive thing about it. We used to have like tarot cards on the table. And my mind I remember always remember Nan having tea leaves in the in the cups. If you do tea leaf readings, my auntie was an amazing tarot card reader. So it's very much the norm. Personally for me, from about, I don't know, three or four, as long as I can remember, I always used to see this big bright hub, just pulsating at the top of the landing top of the stairs. And I used to either dream it or be in a meditative state, or physically would be at the stairs, looking up at this big hub. And now I look back on it and I realized it was the entrance to the afterlife. It was a portal to heaven. And I just used to sit mesmerized by it. And the time of my mum used to tell me to get back to bed because it was just sitting there rule. So I kind of think it was telling me, we're here we're waiting for you to grow and we can connect with you. And then the you know, I used to see things predict things see colors around people, and I thought that was completely normal. But the absolute wow. Oh, my goodness, was when my dad passed in a road accident. I was only nine years old. And he it was it was catastrophic, because he was only 38. My mom was only 33. She was left with three children. I was the eldest one under nine. And two days after he had passed, I was walking. My auntie just wanted to get out. I said, I'll come with you. And when when we took our dog, they're out just walking around to the local park. And on our way there. A car pulled up next to me and it was my dad in the car. And he said, Don't worry, Nicky, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm okay. And I went I've screened the place down but I was so angry because everybody who was gathered at home, you know what it's like all the family, you know, turn up at the house. And I thought How dare they say he'd pass when I'm talking to him now? He goes, Okay, and then he just drove off. Don't ask me how he manifested the whole car that was just incredible. But he's an incredible person. He manifests all sorts of things. So I ran back home, you know, slam the door open and went, how dare you say daddy's dead. I've just seen him. I've just seen him. And so that's where my granddad my dad's dad, who was the last suddenlink from the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son of the seventh. Someone came to me and said, you know, Nicola, they used to call me Nico. Oh my goodness. Well, we'll get we'll move on from that. And he said, You are going to say really special things are very special girl. And you'll be able to see angels and people that have passed over and it just like kind of just spoke to me really naturally really normally to say, don't fear, it's okay. So the only people that you need to fear the living. He said, You're totally safe. You always well beige resume. And so that kind of broke open these gates have seen people that have passed over and just you know, hearing things, I can't hear a cat meow and feel there was a cat last and then there'll be a poster up the following day, saying, you know, cat last. However, during my adolescence, my mum, unfortunately, her soul broke after my dad passed, they were absolute soulmates, and she was devastated. And a few years later, she ended up picking a rather violent and abusive man. So I went through a really horrific traumatic time. And so that kind of essence bubbled away. The only thing that I remember during those years of abuse was is that after every session of whatever happened with him and our family, I'd be rocking somewhere not here. This, I can't say Angelics. I didn't acknowledge it isn't angelic at the time. But I used to hear this, like singing and chanting. And it was like a radio, but very fine, just next to my ear. And I would be sung to sleep, I will be somewhat to be comforted. And it wasn't until later on in my life that I realized it was a seraphim. So they were always there. My dad was always bringing signs and always in visitation. But it really kicked off again, I was obsessed with one. It's a police officer. I absolutely, it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. And I feel that part of that perhaps was what I wanted to do. Being an empath, you know, helping people and humankind. And that's what I wanted to do. And within three months of leaving school, I had enough qualifications. So took quite a few early don't ask me out when when the house was the nightmare. But I got qualifications. And I ended up getting into the Police Cadets three months after I got into a sixth place. And it was three months after school. And I feel so embarrassed saying this, but after a little while, we used to have this. So it's only seven thing. We used to have these sessions in the canteen secretly, we used to bring like bottles of beer down as you do as a naughty teenager, bottles of wine and stuff like that. And we used to go into the canteen at police headquarters. And I used to give people readings as a bit of a party piece. And I was like party time will come on Nikki's gonna do readings for us. And it was really disrespectful, because we're all pretty drunk. To be honest, I'm not gonna lie. It started from there again. And the problem is, though, when you're in a police informant is bad enough in those days in the 80s and 90s. It was It wasn't you had to really work hard as a female officer, you really did. It wasn't great for females. And so to then say you're also psychic as well was I felt I'd be open to ridicule, so kind of kept it under wraps. However, it got stronger and stronger. When you are psychic. And especially if you're naturally born psychic medium. It's like a drug. It's like an insistent thing that pulses within you, that tells you that you have to do readings, you have to reach people, you have to help them. And I was seeing spirit people everywhere or when I was getting mitad messages, whispers and all this sort of thing. So by the time I was 21, I was sitting again, again involved alcohol, my goodness, the naughty is and I was sitting in a what we call a working men's club, which is like you know, it's like just a community hall where lots of people get together and drink. And there's bands and all sorts of things that happen. And I was sitting there and we've been invited by our friends and we didn't know their friends that were there. And I just literally leaned across. Don't ask me Do not ask me what? I even possessed me to say it. I was 21 and I leaned across and I said to this girl I'd never met in my life. I said the man on the stairs who was murdered forgives you. And she lost the plot. She literally was going oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god, I can't believe you said this. And I thought oh, no. And I really you know, it was a really bad time thing to say. And it turned out that she had witnessed a man falling being pushed down some stairs, a camp and he was drunk. And they'd had a fight and a broker pushing down the stairs and the bloke who went down the stairs had died. And she was so scared that she told the place that he just fell down because some I said they'd seen her see it out of the window. And so anyway, I sorted it all out. And I sat with her for about an hour. And I just thought, this is not great. I can't just keep boasting out with statements to people randomly. And so incredibly when I got home, because we had gone away for the weekend with our friends, and then subsequently met this lady.

When I got home, there was a psychic fair at our community hall, literally on my road. And so I thought, You know what, I'm going to pop along and get a reading. And so I walked in, there was this lady called Rose. And I said to her, I'd like to read and she goes, Oh, no, she said, You come and sit next to me. And so when I, I'd like read, and if you don't mind, she goes, No, you need to sit next to me. And you need to learn your gift. She said, Because obviously, it is completely wild at the moment, and you need to discipline it, understand how it works, and just sit with me and watch. And that lady just took me under a wing, just I literally used to go around her house. And she taught me all sorts of things, you know, sorts of divinity tools, crystal balls, sand, writing, water, scrying, sand reading, I made all sorts of things. And she taught me how to discipline it. And to close it down and open it up. She was amazing. And then I never saw from her or heard from her again, it was really weird. It was like this guardian angel to come in and show me what I needed to know and then disappeared off again. And then within a week of all of this happening, after I'd been to this lady a number of days, one of my friends from the police said, Oh, do you want to come and do some readings for us. So I sort of want to know about that. Because she had gone well, you know, we're a little off, I have some food, have some nibbles, have a bottle of wine, and you could come and do some readings. And that started the birth of me being a psychic in the evening, going to do readings and visiting houses because word of word, it just ended up massive lists of people wanting readings. And then I was a police officer during the day. But when I started dealing with when I became a detective or major investigations, we then started getting into the realms of murder victims. And I was dealing a lot a lot with murders. And my main role was a family liaison officer, which was I suppose, an extension of me looking after people, typical empath. And the problem with that is I used to see the murder victims. And I also got messages from them. And the problem with that is, is that as a professional police officer, how do you then say, he did it, he did it, when you got no proof just you haven't can't go to court of law and say, Oh, the murder victim told me. So it was very difficult to control both elements. You know, try and keep it in when I was when I was policing, and then letting it flow at night and then trying to close it down again. And it just felt like a compromise all the time. I adored my work as a police officer and I ended up getting medically retired, I got injured on duty quite severely. And at the time, it was horrific. It was my first breakdown in my life. But it was meant to be it was part of my soul contract that I would do that I suppose to learn about humanity to cover a wanton need for it. And I've just got an add another story on there seriously, when people interview me, they just have to ask one question. And that's it. I'm good. Work. But I remember when speaking to one of my guides, I've got three and a second one. When he came to me, he said Do you know why you are a police officer looked after rape and murder victims. And so I said no, he goes look back at our previous life together. And in our previous life, we were on a Navajo settlement in Arizona near Sedona. And I work that when the white men were taking the land, they rate and bow me by my wrists and ankles and then killed me. And in this life, I've broken both wrists and both ankles multiple times I've got a weakness, I can't use my wrists or ankles for anything. And so he said, That's why you've also you're working the karma of that lifetime said you had many lifetimes in between this is one you chose to look after murder and rape victims online. How impressive is that? And he said, That's why you've got witnesses on your wrists and your ankles because that's where you were bound with me. He was my dad's in that life. And he's my healing guide. He deals with healing and soul stuff and all the rest of it. It needs to get a slight bit of a run on bearing in mind I've got in May. But yeah, so he and I for how fascinating is that? So I needed to get that out of my soul system if you like doing this policing and looking after murder, rape victims. And then as soon as I got retired, my house became alive and this is the beginning of this book. Back, that book, The Rise and Fall, that's all that's later on that one. Oh, I can't do it look there. But this one rise and fall is really hard on camera. That one was how I transition from a police detective because what happened was my house became alive. Literally, I would walk past a light bulb, and it would either go, or it would explode, or they would just turn on on their own. I had voices everywhere at night, my partner at the time, even heard the voices. And he'd be like, for God's sake, Nicky pleased, can you just sort this out? What is going on? I said, I don't know what's going on. I don't know. There'll be like Nikki, Nikki. And there'll be there'll be strangers I've never had that before, and only had family visit me. That was my role. Nobody ever entered my resting space. Unless they were family or it wasn't you know, it was urgent. It was emergency. And when they hardly bothered me, they were just doing their things to let me know they're about but this was incessant. The doorbell ringing nobody there. And then the baby started crying. And at this point, I was applying to be a counselor. Because I thought, you know, perhaps it's a good step up to be a counselor from being a police officer. It was I got really severe back injury. So I thought that'd be fine. Because I'll be sitting you know, I won't have to do too much get when I can. And that's what I was planning on doing. And all they had different plans. So I just didn't know what to do. We were getting no sleep. And then the baby started and Brit you know that newborn baby sound that really high wailing. It was that and it was horrific. And every time I went into a room, it would go to another room. So it just and I was like oh my god, sidecar. You just leave me alone, and they would earn. And in the end, my friend a couple of months later, she she phoned me. So I'm going to see a medium. I'm really scared to want to come with me because I makes canceled when Yeah, cool. So we'll have something to be scared of. So I went with her went up the path and the medium, opened the door. She didn't look at my friend, she looked straight at me. And she said, the baby won't stop crying until you serve the spirit world full time. Hmm. How incredible is that? So she said you need to get in my circle. She was going to do this reading and then I'm coming back to you. So she said to me after she'd done a reading for my friend. She said to me, you need to dust yourself down, get over yourself. You are gonna be working for spirit world there's you're not going to do any other job. You are destined for the whole world to know what you do. You will be writing teaching everybody on if what you're doing online? I don't think so. And so she said come to my circle next week. And within a month, I was doing my first platform mediumship which means I was doing a demonstration of bringing spirit people from the afterlife to the audience. And there are about 100 people in that audience. I was absolutely terrified. I just was like, What am I doing it? I'm supposed to be nicking people. I was supposed to be arrested people. What am I doing here? And I just stood there. And the thing is, is that they're a bit harsh when you're no the public, you know, because they were like this, which looks a bit young wonder if she's any good. So I was like, 3334. And then like, so like this. And God, this is just a nightmare. So I did my first link which is bringing the spirit person everybody said no. And I'm like, and you could see him going on here. She's rubbish. It was all It was horrific. And then my nan comes stood next to me. She goes, Don't you back down. Come on, then. Let's get one in for you. And it was a lovely boy. Thank you, Robert. He, I'm gonna make the names up. He came through and said what his name was and he said, I took myself over. I drove my mountain bike off of a bridge. And my best friend went to see in the Oak pub. Gary, I need to say sorry to because he thinks he could deceive me and I went okay, so does anybody understand this? I can't believe it. What is wrong with some people? So that's that's good a bit information it I drove off a bridge on a motorbike. I went to the oak pub to meet Gary my best friend to tell him that I loved him had a drink with him. Then I killed myself afterwards. My name is Robert. I'm not there's certainly swim go. Oh, so So I'm with you. She goes Oh, you might be said okay. So. So do you understand who Robert is? Oh, yes. Because that's the name of the boy who rode off the bridge? I'm not. Okay, I'm gonna say it and who is March? I was. That's my gearing who's Gary. So she goes, No, that's my husband's name. All right. Yeah, I think I'm with you. And then that just boom opened up this floodgate of reality that I should always trust the spirit person and not the audience and that energy you know, because it's really hard. To reach audience members when you first start, and ..

Jannecke Øinæs 20:05

Nicky, could we jump over? I have so many questions. Yeah, I just loved hearing your story and what my biggest takeaway was your father that you saw in a car, and how physical that must have appeared. And it feels to me that spirits, they show themselves in different ways that is not like one way that we get signs from spirits. It's always sort of a new story that just baffles me. And I would just love to hear because I think there are a lot of people who, you know, connect with contact you because they need an answer to what happens with me when I die, what happens to the loved ones that have died? So I would love for you to share, because I know you know about this, and you're passionate about this, yes, what happens when we die? And if we see our loved ones again, and if you could also share a bit about soul families, because I have many people writing me asking, Oh, can you have some more details on, you know, our soul contracts, will I see my boyfriend, my lover, my you know, my twin soul again,

Nicky Alan 21:13

That's gonna be I'm just finishing my third book, and then that's going to be my fourth book, it's basically finished, but gotta get it in order. What happens when we die? So this will be coming out for everybody to read. What happened was my uncle passed, and I wanted to know where he was, I just thought, I'm just gonna find out where it was. I've never done it before. And I thought I'm gonna find out where he is. So I'd I'd already been introduced to the Crystal Palace. Lots of people know it is Crystal Palace. It's a esoteric celestial structure, which holds all the layers of the angel realms. Heaven as we know it, you know, they call it the reality layer, it holds all the layers of the source of the universe. And unbelievably, I went there and got taken there. So I said, Can I please see where my uncle is? And so my guide, and an angel who I didn't even know didn't have a clue they work. So I didn't really know their names I didn't know anything about at that point, said, Yep, come with me. And we'll show you. So what happens is, as soon as we pass now, the most important thing to know is it doesn't matter. If you pass in a road accident really quickly, or you're laying in bed for weeks, it doesn't matter, you will never ever be alone, ever. Okay? So what I mean is spiritually, everybody knows your day that you're going to go up, Destiny date is set, okay? So when it's set, your spirit people like your loved ones up there, whoever they may be friends, family, and your guide will come down to get you with as rial Archangel Azrael. Okay, now he's the angel that presides over a soul passing but also brings comfort and peace and a coping mechanism to everybody around the person that's passing. Okay. This is where we get reports from hospice nurses about the death stare, and someone go mummy or there's an angel in the corner, because they actually are seeing what is what is real. Okay, and they've always got family members there. So their soul transitions from the physical body bit like ghosts. No, the film goes through Patrick Swayze. Love that film, funnily enough. So your soul comes out the physical body, and it is met with the frequency or the nature of Israel. This is the number one question I get asked, How can Israel be everywhere at the same time, because he's not a person. He's a frequency a layer of sentience. So his energy can be anywhere anytime throughout the world and millions of places. Okay, so what happens is, is that too, in the frequency of Angel realms, they show us an imagery that we recognize. So if we see an angel with wings, we recognize it to be an angel, right? I see angels and only about eight, nine foot blue, beautiful blue eyes, white blond hair, surfing got dark, dark hair, and they don't normally have wings, but hey, hi. So they will show that imagery to identify themselves just as your loved ones will remember their spirit beings, but they will show an image that you recognize right. So you'll have all your family around you plus your physical family around you. The soul from your perspective, if you're the person watching the person pass, hit that soul will acknowledge everything you say at the deathbed, everything you do, who's there, they also can choose what time to go and who is to be there and who isn't. So if you missed the passing, they didn't want you to see them take the last breath. If I had a penny for every single person that said to me only popped out for a coffee for five minutes and they passed. I'm like That's because I didn't want you to go through the trauma of seeing that final passing moment. Okay, so that's important for people to know as well. So whether it's a murder, suicide, whatever it is, they are never alone. Okay. The other thing that is important to know is because I was a murder investigation, Detective I get lots of murder victims come to me hundreds now. Watson's over the last 30 odd years. And basically, they say to me, come here, look what happened to my body. They are never in the physical body when the trauma happens. So if you are sorry to get so dark, if you talk about someone perhaps has been kicked for a few days and awful things have happened to them, they don't feel it, they're out of their body. They're watching it as a third person. Okay, so they don't go through it. So many murdered children. All of them say, that doesn't happen to us. We're out of it. We're taking away from the trauma that happens to our meat. So our overcoat whether you want to call it we then travel up with Archangel Azrael that takes us up. And he takes us to a frequency that is ruled connected with run by Archangel jeremial. Okay, Archangel jeremial can show again, whatever image you feel safe with. So for instance, just say if you are Christian, he might change his image to Jesus. If you are a Muslim, he might change his image to Mohammed, whatever your human belief system is, at this point, he will create that image for comfort purposes. But I will be absolutely clear now categorically clear that religion is a man made concept. Love connects us to everything in the universe, including your loved ones, religion doesn't. Okay, so you go Archangel jeremial. Then take this bundle. This is how I saw it. My uncle was like this bundle of light passed over from Archangel Azrael. And he's taken to this like spirit heart, which I eventually saw one built in Thailand, it's very similar to spirit hearts that they build. And his he was laid out on a plinth, it was like this, this ball of light, then it's this flat bit of light. And then slowly, slowly, his image started to create itself. So I recognized his features. Here, he then set up and he walked out of the hut with Jeremiah and I said, what's happening now. And Jeremiah said, in this beautiful purple haze of energy, I'm going to do his life review. So this is the time where you then have your review with Jeremiah. And it obviously, I'll talk about soul contracts in a minute. But basically, he will go through your life in milliseconds, right here, it could take years but you know, there's no time that up there, it's not relevant. So many seconds, you'll go through your whole life, what you adhere to, on your soul contract, what you've probably broached what you may leave need to work on a bit, if you want to come down again, in another life, what was really good, and everything was great. If you've got a baddie that is either killed mine, her anything, animals, Planet person, whatever it is, they are not taken for review, if the energy is that heavy and dark that they literally have created mayhem, they're taken to a place called the cherubim chamber. Now I have to make it clear at this point, that I've taken hundreds again, 1000s of students to the Crystal Palace, and they've walked into the turbine chamber in their own right, without me telling them anything and seen it. So this has been backed up by 1000s of people to places I'm talking about, which is great for me, because I thought it was my imagination. And then it started you know, people start saying, Oh, no, I've been there. And you know, lots of brilliant philosophers have written about it. So I know that it's all true. The Caribbean chamber. I'm going to get biblical is a white Paul, there's cherub in beautiful chubby Chair of him all around the room. In golden Gill, you walk into the pool, and they showed me a black soul. And they said, This is what happens if it's a black soul. So let's talk about someone perhaps like Hitler. Okay, so just so he walked into the pole, he lays down and I actually lay down next to this soul to go through it just there. Show me what happens. And then, as you're laying there, these little tadpole things, and I said, What are they? They said, they're sentient, and they were bright, luminescent colors. And they were going in and out the soul. And they were reading the soul. As this was happening. The cherub in manifest from the wolves come down to the pool. Now if you're a good Hume, man, and you're just having a little bit of a, just have a look at your soul, they stay really cheery, right? But this is a black soul that we're talking about the ones that have done very, very bad things down here on the planet, that their heads turned to lions and oxen.

This is great, right? And then what happens is is that they said the sentience mirror the actions, behavior, words done by the soul and deliver it into the water. So nobody judges a soul. You judge yourself and you bathe in your own karma. So I watched as it was like nothing perhaps it is a depiction of how I watched this so it was bubbling like blacked Ha the pool turns like it's black town it was bubbling like a big furnace like a volcano about to erupt. And this soul was getting ripped to pieces. And basically it was going through what he'd given out to other people a million fold it I can't even begin to quantify explain how horrific it is for a soul to face what their evil doing. So then what happens was is that the pool then went silent and the solar disappeared. And I said, you can't disperse energy. And they said, Yes, we can. When it's this heavy and it's this dense, it can literally dissipate in its own evil I went right. Okay, so that can never come back down to the pen. Again. No sunlight, right. Okay. So then I'm like, they then turn their heads back to the nice choppy, nice faces, white loving, I'm going to go to a loony bin, and then float off back to the wall. And then I hear a voice so you can come back to Jeremiah now and I'm like, how can they devalue him after this? Right. So then I go back, I take out the turban when a minute. So go back. And Jeremiah was done life with you with monka ROM. And he said, you know, oh, my God, it was magnificent. I just saw things remember things right from when I was a child. It was wonderful. I could hear this, but he wasn't actually addressing me. He then walked him back to the this, this big concrete slab in this spirit heart. And then all of these blobs of energy started to manifest around him. And I said, Well, what's that now? So Jeremiah said, that's his spirit. He's so cluster, his soul family coming to welcome him to the spirit world. So so he said, and this was great, right? Because she said, it's his Nan. And he gave all the names, all the people were monks. And I didn't know those names. Because they were too old for me to remember. You know, like his grandmother. I didn't know his mother's name. And it wasn't until I went back to my auntie and said, there was this lady was, Oh, my God, that he's known the literature and yet she doesn't know all those names. So I'm like, yes. So it was all proven. And then I know, then he said, he's just going to stay here. And this is perhaps where people might talk about the tunnel. You know, where they say they get white healing and they feel healed. He said, he'll get healing. So I said, what happens to murder victims or victims that need a lot of healing? So he said, so again, he said, Come with me. And so I found myself standing in the most magnificent garden. And it was there were roses to my right there was a pathway that I recognize led to the foyer of the it's like a man made map they create so I can describe it for you that's corroborated by the people. Which is the out the exit that you can go out to the outside of the Crystal Palace. To the left, I know that there's a frequency portal to the archangel chain. There's right in front of me This is most magnificent, beautiful waterfall with this big lotus flower for Lion faces at the top of that drops into the lotus flower the water and it's like iridescent Turquoise is greens and blues and silvers goes down. And then I saw these ladies cupping this water I've been putting over a soldier's hates. So I said, What is that we would know it as the fountain of youth, you know, the fountain of life, whatever you want to call it. So she looked at me said welcome. And then that is when I heard the song. And that was the song that I heard when I was a child during coming out of abusive environments. That was the song they used to sing to me. And they said we work on song. We travel on song. And they're in these white robes, long black hair. We are the seraphim. Oh wow. So to come, come have some of this. And I can't explain to you the feeling. It was like fizzy lemonade, going over my whole body. And by this time, I wasn't aware of my physical body. But I could feel this like buzzing and this pulsating of this stuff. They were poring over me. And the soldier next to me was smiling. Because they were taking all of the trauma that he'd received, obviously being killed in warfare. And they said we we bring people up on mastering disasters with Archangel Ariel, and we heal the deepest wounds that are held within a soul. We also fight for the world. We don't plan it. And we are the fearsome warriors that are assisted by Archangel Michael to protect God if you liked the omnipresence and then they showed their face. Some full warrior faces faces of four. So they can face east, north, south and west. And I'm like, wow, it's scary. It's scary. And then it came back to this most again, beyond anything I could even describe this face. For I have so much love and compassion. It makes me cry sometimes. And she just said everybody heals apart from the dark as you just saw. So now get whipped back to the heart. And Ron is sitting up my uncle and he's got his favorite red Ferrari T shirt on and his red shorts lift used to live in Spain and we always used to go down to the bar and have a beer and it's a lot of drink involved in this interview and and then we used to sit there and restrict us to photo and go it's generator yet love like mucking about right we're ready to go back now. And she used to love it and so it goes I'm gonna go for a pipe Now Nick, and everybody around him who is family so come on. So then all walk out of this space and I follow them. And Jeremiah said they're never gonna go to the reality layer under the strength of the elements of fire, earth, water, air, and I'm like, okay, come on. Y'all remember this, Scott, remember this. And then they walked through this gateway, which I suppose is the Mind Map gates of heaven, whatever you want to call it, so that I know that that imagery represented the reality layer because if you start talking about color, frequency light,

..., I'm going to lose everybody. So they give me a light, you know, depiction that humans will understand. Right? And then they went look what we've done for you darling, what we've done for you look, we've made you a little home. We've made you a little home ready? And then when Pat comes up, she can come in with you and all the family and friends is that our cards you guys I don't know if I like this or not. If so because loads of women around them loads of women and they said that we've made this little home for you. You can stay with aren't the IV first of all, so since Okay, then. So it's been an easy literally given the state and kidney pie. We don't eat or drink. It's just the intention and the thought process that we can then send down to humans to let them know it's a reality that it's like 24/7 Dreaming, right? So I come back down and when I say to Pat she's crying her eyes as she goes, I don't believe it that it was the only boy. Yet it was all girls all through the generations he was surrounded by Auntie's are spoiled, rotten. And she goes in aren't the IV always would make him steak and kidney pie. So it was all backed up. It was beautiful. And so I described the house and she goes, Oh, my goodness, that's a house aren't the IV had she has recreated it in heaven. And I'm like, Wow, just said, Well, you've got a lovely house set. And I said, it's got this beautiful woodland with Bluebell. She goes, it's all I've ever said to Ron, when we're up there. I just want a meadow full of bluebells. I can look out on and have all the dogs with me. And so I'm like, wow, this is incredible. Since that time, obviously, some Holy Spirit, people have backed up the reality layer. So we're then in the reality layout. So if you were a sailor, you could go and do sailing you can create anything you want to do up there. Alright. Now this is where the sticky bit comes. Because people with a human ego system and a thought process of just this one knife. Absolutely better me with questions to do what I'm gonna say now, what if I'm with an ex? And what if the ex turns up? And what if I'm with someone I don't want to be with just take that out of the equation and just have a look at the broader picture of an immortal soul. Your soul cluster family, this was another instance. So I found out what happens when we die. And so I was craving it after that. I was meditating every single day sometimes for up to five hours where they were showing me stuff because I said I'm a copper at the end of the day. I need to prove to the jury that what you're saying is right. So the jury can say yeah, okay, I understand it and the jury being the public, so So you better tell me everything. Okay, then. So the soul cluster family is when you wait when Don't ask me how the curated I've kept keep asking and asking, asking, and they say it comes from sources all I ever gets, and perhaps I don't know everything. I don't know what I don't know, everything, but you know what I mean? So what happens is, is that, uh, so it's a bit they show me a bit like a molecular structure when a baby's being formed, right, you know, all the different cells in mass into each other and then create the form. So we are a big celestial body. Okay, and within that celestial body, just say like a cloud, okay, in now are all of our soul family and soul cluster, including animals, right? So we've got the soul cluster family, so all of the people, it doesn't have to be blood. So if you're adopted, it's who you connected with love because that will be your soul cluster family. Okay. People mix up DNA and bloodlines with soul connection, it's completely different aspect. So what happens is as you go through your life with your soul cluster, and before you come down, you're gonna see Metatron I thought is a made up name. I've said this before. I was like estimate at nine it sounds like transformer. That's not real name until I Googled it. And by the way, I googled the cherubim chamber and it's in the Old Testament, and now shall be judged by the right hand of God, the cherubim who will sit upon you with faces of lion and oxen. kind of believe it is in the Old Testament. So I'm not well this is a bit heavy. So anyway, you saw cluster, you just say you're in heaven and you're a bit boy Oh, it's like three generations have gone on in those generations, right? That you've been up there, you can go to other planets and have a life if you want. You can sit around and help other spirit people if you want, you can become a guardian angel for one of your family members down here already, okay, you can do whatever you want in those three generations of human time, then it comes to a layer of energy where you have the choice to then incarnate back down to earth. Okay. So what happens is you go to Metatron, who's like the scribe of God, he writes the Akashic records. I've met him, he told me about the case records, I didn't have a clue until I Googled it. And Mike told me about it like, everyone, that's what I love. I don't read anything. I don't google it unless they tell me to to corroborate what they've already shown me. Every single thing I get is from source and then it's corroborated by the philosophers or other people. So Metatron is there with his half moon. So come in, come in, come in. So is there. And he says, okay, so you want I'm going to do it very, very human like, okay, so you guys, right? So you'll want to come down this layer, because it's all different layers of your soul families, remember, because you don't want to be reincarnating while your mama, you don't want to deal with it, because you don't want to come up and not see your mum. So three generations along, and then all together in that family, you've got no connection to who's down there on that planet. Okay, but there is one. And this has just been explained to me, the last couple of weeks have just gone out my YouTube channel, I've just just went out yesterday, which I don't know when this is gonna go out, actually. So that's a silly thing to say. So anyway, Juliana's is there as well. Here's my soul guide. And I found him he told me, we were from for infant tissue trust to very Rome. So I got a ticket to go and see if I could find him. And he was there. So that's all proved our previous life. That's another story. So going into Metatron it goes, What do you want to do? So for instance, I've got odd you know what, I didn't have any babies this time. And I'm gonna go through like being a mum this time i Free children. Okay. And just like obviously did for this life, I said, I want to obviously deal with the karma of what happened to me and I want to eradicate the, you know, the wrists, ankles, right murder thing. So I'm going to become that that liaison officer. So then you think, Well, that's good. So when I end up, I know, how about, do you want to stay down here for a long time, and perhaps one of the children says, I'm going to come back early. I'm going to come back at 30. I'm like, Oh my god. Okay. So by this time, because you're up there, you don't feel the human ego of how of what how that's gonna implode when it happens, right? But up there because you're an immortal soul. And you know that this incarnation is a speck of soul and an ocean of time. And, you know, immortality you got Okay, then. So when you go up, I'm going to need help then. So how about you come in as my mate, and she could be your mum before, so you change roles, for what experiences you want to gather from the human experience. Earth is the most basic planet out of all of them. It is the hardest one to go down. But for some reason, don't ask me what it's all about. All they keep saying it's soul ascension, we are a sentient layer of energy, we connect with the universe and omnipresence, we're all connected as one. And we just like going through different experiences. It's like a knot. And eventually, once we go through these experiences, we then perhaps go to a different Cosmos perhaps will become a spirit guide, whatever. But for this time being we all arrange who's going to do what roles okay, then we come back down to the earth. And we go through that experience. What happens is, is there's a there is a blueprint of our plan that's held with Metatron and with our soul guides, right, so he just watches our blueprint for the landmarks to make sure we're in the right place at the right time. So that we can honor who we meet and who we see and how we interact. If we go off of that because of freewill and we're so off our path he will have to create something to bring us back. So if for instance with me, I was going off on the wrong path so I had a catastrophic road accident and put me in bed for five years best thing that ever happened to me it rebirth the whole of myself. And so he told me Jr said I had to bring you back because you were so far off your destined path we had to bring you back the only way to do it was to stop you bring you back and re educate you and like okay, no problem, which is in Oh, that one no, that one that one and that book. Me myself and I so okay then so that's why psychics can see the future. Because if they have got a high enough or mediums I should say if they've got a high enough level of acknowledgment with that cut type of esoteric layer, then they can basically say you're gonna have a baby next year if it's needed to be said If the woman, for instance, is trying for a baby, and she's like, I can't bear it anymore, I just I'm going to leave my husband, I'm going to change her life. And they think, Oh no, you can't do that, because we need you here, then they might give that information through the Akashic records to the medium and say, teller, she will get pregnant next year. And so they know that because it's already written on the plan. That's how we can tell the future because we are given access to your plan, if it's relevant, okay. So that's how that works. So then you come down, you do you do experience and then you go back up. Now, this is the clincher, right? Because there are so many Yeah, but what ifs what ifs? The clincher is is that you go back into the same soul cluster bubble at the beginning of the cloud. So what happens is, is that you could be so you're just trying to work this out because it was hard for me to begin with. So when you go back up right you're going to meet all the people you know from your life right? You're now in your granddad your mom, your dad, brother, sister, whoever's up there, okay. And animals are two separate animals inmates you go along and then you come back down. Now when you come back down, you are in the same circle of soul clusters. So potentially you could be the granddaughter great granddaughter of your great granddaughter

Does that make sense? So it's like a recycle a recycle of your soul family, but it's not instant is takes hundreds of years. Okay, so you're, you're all connected into time and time again. That is why sometimes you know, people go through their trees and look look at their ancestry. And they'll find someone from 300 years ago, that's a spitting image of them because again, we choose the same sort of I don't know why I chose this body I should be size 10 I swear, but it's like they you know we have the same looks done or what that's about done or less about why we have the same looks from generations before us. But the soul is parted into each individual human included in that is animals so and they right okay, so that is included in animals. Now when you are down here, just say you are sad unfortunate to lose a baby right or Assam alright. I've had so many mediums say, Oh, there's one that says they don't go to heaven, which is rubbish. Yes, they do. Even if your baby's just been conceived for three hours it still has a silver cord that connects it back up to spirit world back to your soul family, okay? You are soul is connected to matter straight after conception. Okay. So if you lose a son, right, there is no way on this earth that and that the same soul will come back and come into another body of a different son. And I it really angers me because you know, mediums are Oh, yeah, your sons come back in your oldest son? Absolutely not. You can't it goes against the laws of the universe. You can't you can't reincarnate into a family of the same generation. It's just it creates all sorts of problems. It doesn't happen, that soul remains up there. And the next soul is due to come down as your son will come down. Okay. Now, there have been Blips. Juliana says there's two types of blips, he said one is we don't know how it happens. There's a loophole in a parallel type vortex, where sometimes Sons Daughters, people come down too quick. And they remember their previous lives and they remember their family history on the earth plane. So if you watch the probe, I don't know if you've ever seen it that goes to my child. It's I absolutely loved it to pieces because it was children remembering their previous lives, remembering when their family was needing to go back to them because they've been incarnated too soon. And so you know, we had we saw things of people being on the Titanic being in the war. And another story of a beautiful boy who was in New York who said his family were in Ireland, and they live by an airstrip, and he named all his brothers and sisters, and they in the end, the you know, the psychiatrist because that's what they do with them poor poor mites that, you know, they take him to psychiatrist instead of a medium. And they said, Look, you're gonna have to honor this, just go over there and see, and the family was there. They live next semester up in Calc, and the family and the brother recognized that he recognized them all this talk, can you imagine implications of that? So there's the blips, he said, but sometimes we do if If a soul volunteers it, we get them to incarnate early just to remind people that reincarnation exists and to try and keep people awake to that fact is, excuse me, the crisis on the planet of losing someone is bad enough, but to not have any faith or proof that we do keep coming back and Not to worry, you will see them again, needs to be at him, especially in the last few years. So they have these blips, sometimes to say, see, this really does exist, it really is reincarnation, he really did have that previous life with that person. And that's how it goes. And then literally, you go through that lifetime backup in that layer, and you just Bob along, come back down. And it's just a forever eternal bubble until perhaps you want to go even higher to a level of understanding, which is a bit deep, I kind of lots of Britain branded it me years ago, keeping it real. And I'd like to keep it that humans can understand what I'm saying. But if I start pushing into Cosmos energy, and going beyond the astral planes, I'm going to lose people. So I let someone else explain that. But that's essentially what we do. So if we're adopted, whatever, that's what we do, the only energy that can come back in your same life that you're in is an animal. So you could have a cat when you're 1520, or whatever. And then you could have a dog come back, think that dog is just like that cat, you can have animals come back, because they are Earth Angels. And because it's such a pure, pure essence of energy. They don't have to stay down long for the lesson. So they come down, and we ask them to come down. They're part of our soul. They're part of our soul. They're splintered. They're like a twin flame, our animals, our pets, right. And they come down when we need them. And so can you stay with me for this? I need you for this. I go, Yep, no problem. And then they go back up. And sometimes they will come back down to remind you that they are Earth Angels in another animal. So lots of people asked me the livestock question makes me feel sick, but I'm gonna have to talk about it. Because people will ask livestock don't have a visceral memory of them being here. It's a very elusive type and what were they like? Sorry, lifestyle, and user use for me? Oh, okay. You know, that cattle and all that, oh, my god, at least feel so. So basically, they have a very vague memory of that they haven't got full sentience, they've got

reactive energy. So know if something's dangerous, or something scary. But normally, I don't know if they're old or new souls are still don't know that I still keep asking still go and get get the answer. And then they go up. And that's done. However, if, for instance, there is a livestock animal, like you know, that's meant for foods. And if they decide that they want to upgrade to understand love and sentience between a human and an animal, they will then choose a journey to be rescued, say, from a person. And then they experience it loves you see all this stuff on, you know, tick, tock, and online and people having a pet deer or a pet cow in their house. So they've learned that sentient connection, so they're part of your soul family, and then they can come down as a cat, a dog. But humans can't come in as an animal and animals can't come as a human, completely separate ethereal layer. That's what they've told me. I'm neither right or wrong. I can just share with you what I've been shown since I was a baby basically, and what my family from up there and down here have shown me and what I get organically from going up there. And that's kind of how it works. It's very difficult because then someone says, What if my grandma left my husband I lifted my grandpa then remarried? And what about this? What about that? There is intrinsically a soulmate, okay, there's there's twin flames, which are people that are split from your soul, these include animals, but they could be male, female, whatever, okay, and they can come down and you can have a twin flame connection with them. Soulmates are someone that always plays an intrinsic part of your incarnation every single time. Most people choose that to be a romantic involvement lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, some jazzy upper bit so well, this time you cheat on me and go off, and I'll see how I get on with dealing with that. Or Let's just be friends this time around. So the times that I've had students counters, I think I'm gay. So I'm like, What do you mean, there's nothing wrong with that? And they said, Well, I just I just can't stop thinking about this girl. And it's another girl and she's saying, you know, I don't I don't think I have gay tendencies. I'm really happy with my husband, but I just love her and I want to know what she's doing. I want to know where she is. I want to keep us safe. And I said, that's your soulmate. That is your soulmate. That is your soulmate. So you're not gay, but by all means, if you want to, you know, experience that please do because it could be that you obviously want to be of a woman. However, what you're telling me is what I've heard hundreds of times, it's your soulmate, and they say you're not really sexually attracted to her but I just adore her love. I want to be with her all the time. Okay, yeah, that's a soulmate connection. So should you've chosen this time round to be your best friends? Or you've had it this time round to be whoever, your mom, whatever. And just again to cover this question, what happens if you have multiple marriages? Again, I found this out this beautiful lady came in, bless her heart she had, I think it was for husband three past one a divorce. And I'm like, so you're gonna have to give me some time here because I said, I want to know which one you end up with. And I said, I think I said his name, just say his name was Arthur, Arthur. So that's your first love, wasn't it? You only with him for a couple of years, she goes off, I knew you're gonna say that. He's my soulmate. So even if you don't know who it is, you will find out when you get up there. So then people say, Oh, I hope I don't end up with him because I hated him that you may you might have chosen that passed down into hate him, you may have asked for that experience. But when you get up there, you're like, cool, you did your job well done. So I always say to people, anybody that hurts you, anybody that upsets you, or mucks up your life in any way, thank them. One because forgiveness is the most strongest element and energy to being over someone that's done something to you, and to you, they're honoring their soul contract most of the time, so to say thank you for honoring your soul contract because now I know I'm gonna go to better things. You'll study cesspit, but now you've, you've honored me with going on to better things by doing that. Because you know, when you have a negative situation, when you have something happened to you, if you then look, everybody, everybody says Oh, hindsight is a good thing. But it is. Because you always learn something from that experience, whether it's negative or positive, you think I'm never gonna do that again. So it wasn't great at the time. But everything is a lesson everything is something that helps you get to where you need to go, whether it's positive or negative. And if you keep that mindset there, when you're going through dark night of the soul, you know, real dark abyss of love, like I did for five years suicidal every single day, you keep that going and eventually come out the other side, you think that's what it was for? If that hadn't have happened, I wouldn't be here now. So for instance, my road accident where I lost my home, I was I had no money. I had my two dustbin bags, my two dogs it was it's, you know, prognosis of never walking again, never talking again, their revenue life. Again, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if it wasn't for that. So you have to look at Wow, look at where I am now. And wow, that was so good. That happened rather than I'm so bitter. Why didn't that happen? Because that's not gonna move forwards. And being bitter against the people. You know, there's someone I know, an acquaintance. And she's staying in this same level of just attracting the same men, she doesn't expect anything better. So they're all cheaters. Basically, this one, she's put his 80 days. And now, like five weeks, three days and four hours since he left and I'm like let it go find out why it happened. Look at yourself as to why you're attracting that and work on it. Because it's a gift. It's happened again, it's reminding you that you need to change your life at these people that want to stay stuck in their past and they're the people that I desperately try and enlighten. You know, I'm not a teacher, I'm not a listen to me. I'm a this is how I did it. This is what I know if it helps you take it if it doesn't, that's fine. You know, that's how it all works.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:36

This has been incredible. I felt we just delivered and shared a full masterclass here on what happens in the afterlife. And it was highly valuable and inspirational. And so interesting. And I really would love to have you back to ask you more questions because I'd love to. Well, that's beautiful. Because there's so many things I know we can speak about. But we need to wrap this up time is running and there are a few questions that I asked my guests and the first one is what is self love to you.

Nicky Alan 59:14

Self Love is the ultimate in your human experience. If you don't have self love, there is nothing going to work for you. everything emanates for the for your own love concept. Archangel Chamuel will assist you with this if you've got problems with it. I had a real lack of self love for very many years so I totally get it with self love when you work it. You will do mirror work to say how beautiful wonderful you are. And as soon as you're in love with yourself, you will attract a completely different breed of person. Situation opportunity. Just as I was saying about that poor girl. You know, once you start thinking I really deserve this. You're a beautiful person you do such good, good will come. It is the ultimate thing in the universe for you human experience without self love, you're going to have half a huge human experience, I guarantee it.


It is! This is what they were taught me when I was in bed for five years. And this and this is what I was taught, I hated myself. Abusive years, you learn to hate yourself, because why would anybody want to do that to you? So we expect his abuse. And so when this breakthrough came that if you love yourself, you won't ever have that again and you will attract nothing but beauty. I might. Okay, I'll give it a go. Didn't want it to begin with. And like God, does it work? It really does work.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:33

I know I can identify with that. I've always also say..

Nicky Alan 1:00:38

You can say you just five bright love. You're just such a beautiful Empath even got pink on for goodness sake, there are so many pink.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:48

So the biggest question of all? What is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Nicky Alan 1:00:56

The deeper meaning of life is soul ascension, we are part of one core sentient source. We are free to experience other planets. But we tend to come down here for some reason. And the whole meaning of life is on I don't get it. I think we'd get it when we're up there. But it's soul ascension. And it's like, do you not very quickly, it's like, do you know when people just go to go guides or the Boy Scouts and you get your badges? Oh, I've got this now. And I've got that dude, I don't know if you've ever been, you know, you get your badges of accomplishment. That is what a soul craves for badges of accomplishment to then raise their vibration so much higher that they've got more freedom in another realm to go and investigate and then another realm, but it appear is that you can only get soul ascension from human interaction human lessons, the reality of human experiences, behaviors, networks, egos, puts a badge on our soul sleeve that helps us to ascend to other levels of consciousness. That's how I see it.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:07

Thank you. That was so so inspirational. And my dog was just barking so I had to mute myself. When he spoke about the animals, you know, and he was like, around here.

Nicky Alan 1:02:19

It breaks my heart because I wish you know, I lost my last I lost two in the last six months and my teddy I lost three months ago. And it seems this is the first time I've ever sat with another beautiful soul like you, I'm not worried about the barking or snoring. So I don't if I'm relieved or sad. I think I'm sad. I want you to interrupt it. It just seems really weird. First time I've ever you know connected with someone without my babys here. It's a bit weird.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:47

You Oh yeah. I was not a dog person until I met my boyfriend. He had a dog and now I am a dog person. I'm in love with this dog. He and he's always in my office and going back and forth. And it's just so great company.

Nicky Alan 1:03:01

Og bless. This little earthing splinter of your soul. You're forever together now. It's wonderful.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:03:07

Beautiful. Well, thank you so much, Nicky. I would love to have you back. Because I have so many questions. Where can people find you?

Nicky Alan 1:03:20

YouTube is my prime place to be to be honest with you. That's where I put all my efforts in on my channel. Nicky Alan Come and join the tribe is growing every day. It's a beautiful community. There's no ego there. And that's my main stream of communication. Now I do lots of meditations, Angel channeling news of what's happening to humankind. I give you little tarot card readings of course pop across to my website akiane.co.uk that gives you all of my plethora of guided meditations I've produced online course. Basically I'm on all the other sites but the main one that I concentrate on enriching people is YouTube so pop along they're all please you know pop along to the website if you want to have a look at the guided meditations and stuff I have to offer.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:03

Beautiful. Thank you so much, Nicky for coming to the show.

Nicky Alan 1:04:08


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