Meet Roger Burnley, an intuitive life purpose and vocal coach who possesses an extraordinary ability to channel wisdom from a collective consciousness known as Wilhelm. As a mystic, sage, and spiritual channel, Roger has dedicated his life to helping others unlock their true potential and live an extraordinary life. In this interview we delve into Roger’s fascinating journey, his insights on personal growth, finding purpose, and the transformative power of self-love.

Discovering Divine Guidance

Throughout his life, Roger has received guidance through various means, including automatic writing in the 1980s and spiritual encounters in 2012. Initially, he questioned the authenticity of these messages but later realized their profound significance. In 2021, he comprehended that the spirits had foretold the world’s restructuring in 2012, emphasizing the importance of individuals embracing change and moving through their old patterns. Roger acknowledges that doubts are an inherent part of being human, but we must overcome them to unlock our true potential.

Embracing the Age of Aquarius

According to Roger, we are currently transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, a time when every individual has a crucial role to play in the world by shedding their old baggage and embracing their authentic selves. Unfortunately, some people resist change, leading to resistance and struggle. Roger emphasizes that choosing to evolve and contribute to the world is an individual decision. Resisting this inner calling only perpetuates suffering and hinders personal growth.

Roger believes that our purpose is not something external to find; rather, it is already within us. Our purpose can evolve and change over time. Each of us enters this life with a divine plan and a blueprint. By recognizing and embracing our inherent purpose, we unlock our unlimited potential and find fulfillment.

Channeling a collective consciousness

Roger’s unique gift lies in channeling a collective consciousness called Wilhelm. He emphasizes that Wilhelm is not a single source but rather a representation of universal wisdom accessible to all. Through channeling, Roger encourages individuals to tap into their infinite intelligence, which has always existed. It is a choice we must make to utilize this wisdom in our lives.

As we transition into a new era, Roger highlights the significance of each person offering something unique to the world. This entails living without judgment toward others and ourselves, fostering equality and acceptance. Regarding the disclosure of our galactic history, Roger believes that not everyone will remember or tap into it, but those who do will help guide others on their journey.

In a poignant moment, Wilhelm addresses AI, self-love, and negative thoughts. Wilhelm distinguishes between judgment and preference and reminds us that we are collectively experiencing grief. Through self-love and acceptance, we can navigate this process with greater ease.

Roger’s journey as an intuitive life purpose coach and channeler of Wilhelm is both captivating and enlightening. His insights on personal growth, finding purpose, and embracing self-love offer a transformative perspective. As we navigate the changing world, Roger reminds us that we each have the power to unlock our true potential and contribute something extraordinary to the tapestry of life.

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Transcript of the interview

Roger Burnley 0:00

That Age of Aquarius means understanding the importance of every individual understand the every person comes to the world, to offer something, we all have the ability to leave something in the world. And it comes through our individual lives experiences, but we have to become willing to embrace it, understand it. And in that process, let go the old stuff. And my old stuff was limiting, because I couldn't accept to our last

Jannecke Øinæs 0:32

Hello, Roger, a warm welcome to the show.

Roger Burnley 0:35

Thank you so much. I'm just so happy to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:38

I'm excited to speak with you today. And I'm so honored that you came on here, because you have some special abilities, you are channeling Wilhelm, you're also helping people really step into their purpose and to step into their abilities to be ready for this new time that is going to happen that you are channeling is going to happen. And I'm I'm really curious about what this new time actually entails. You know, everybody is speaking about this big shift of consciousness. And I'm curious about how that actually looks like. And perhaps we also get to meet Willem today, if possible. However, I would love to hear a bit about your backstory, like how did you end up doing this amazing work that you're doing today? Have you always had these, these gifts and these abilities? Or was it something that all of a sudden opened up in your life, because I know you've had quite a tough life.

Roger Burnley 1:42

Right? I resisted my abilities. And I didn't know what they were, and they've been with me probably all of my life. And but they seem very strange to me. I think a lot of people might go through that when they have an awakening of a spiritual sense. And, you know, I just had a very different life moving through it. So I didn't understand why I was experiencing some of the things that I that I was some of the difficulties, some of the challenges, and also not knowing who I wanted to be that I never had this sense, even as a child of who I wanted to become, and I just had to look at my parents, what did they do, maybe I'll do that. And I just kept trying to find something. And even when I would go into work, when I started started in my professional life, going into adult life, you know, career, I kept switching around, I had this joke where I said I would take a job and stay there for about four years, then I'd have to leave because something else seemed better or different, never understood while I was doing that. And then at the same time I was having all these other issues that were happening, as I call them, illnesses, diseases, all kinds of things. And it wasn't until 1988 that I started to see something else something different. And that's when I started doing automatic writing, which is when Willhelm first started began to come through.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:01

Right. And I just have to mention also you are or I don't know if you're doing it still but you're a vocal coach or right. Yeah, yeah. I find that fascinating because I'm a singer. Yes. I never had so much troubles with my voice like nodules and everything. And I had surgery. So I should have come to you.

Roger Burnley 3:22

Yes, because that's my specialty. I said, Listen, none of my clients ever get nodules, my whole, my, my entire thing is about using the voice in the correct way. So you don't get though, have those problems come up. And we find that it's always something, these little habits that we might have in the way that we produce sound that we learn or develop over time, that lead to the nodules. However, the good news is, even when we figure that out, you can also change it and that's about changing the habits and the way you produce sound so they never come back again. That's the thing that I always like to get people to understand so that I for you though there's something else because you the music for you was a connected to your spiritual sense to your spiritual side. And so the problems in the voice are typically a little bit of a resistance or not accepting that at a certain time or not moving in that direction, because that's what I would find so many times with my voice and then with a lot of people that I would work with, I would start to notice that and it really came upon me when it was probably 30 years ago, I don't even remember but about that line, where a client came to me because she was referred to me by her therapist, because they said we believe that you have some some blockages in your expression of who you are, and maybe doing some trauma or something that's there. We don't know but maybe if you took some vocal lessons and get in touch with your voice that would make a difference. It did. And I thought, Oh, I said, there's something else there, us being willing to own our voices, being willing to understand that we have the ability to own our own voice. That's really what it is. And that Oh, that's so funny. There's, I just thought of this, there was a video that I did. And never understood this was many, many years ago. And it was called How to own your own voice. It was about vocal it was about singing and all of that. And then another one how to sing with your own voice. And it just took off that that video had like over a million views on it. And I got How did that happen? In which told me that again, that's the thing that most people are attempting to do is to own their voice.

Jannecke Øinæs 5:46

You are so spot on, because I feel that's what's the message for me, I was not owning my own voice. And today, I have a deeper voice, like, a message to share. And I'm doing this and I think I'm sort of made to do that. So I know that 2012 was significant for you, and so many others, like I started my show in 2012. What happened from your perspective and 2012 and lean your life?

Roger Burnley 6:15

I didn't know, this is what this is the thing that I'm going to tell you. Yes, 2012 that I came to understand later was a really pivotal time in the evolution of our world. We were moving because which we all move through this evolution. But I didn't know anything about that. And until later, when I started understanding that I was given, I had this information, I knew the world was changing, I knew that I was receiving different information in 2020. Let me go back a little bit. And 2020 My messages that I would receive, because I you know write them every morning, I would channel do automatic writing and write the messages every single morning. But in 2020, I started receiving different information if it said, we were moving through a restructuring in our world, and it was just didn't make any sense to me. I really didn't understand it. And then but I knew I needed to change. So I started talking about things in a different way. I started saying, oh, we need to pull together groups, and we need to come together and all of that many people thought I was talking about just the pandemic or something because we were moving through that. But I knew it was more than that. But it was challenging to really explain that. And so then in 2021, this is the craziest thing ever. I'm I'm walking, I go out for a walk. And I hear my guidance very clearly saying we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012. I know what I don't understand that. I have heard other people mention 2012, I heard another channel, I think Lee Carroll was probably the one of the first people that I heard speak about 2012, I had no clue as to what that was about. And then when I was on this walk, and we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012 for this restructure and to help people move through this restructure. That didn't make sense. I come back into my home, I go to my computer I look at and I just arbitrarily looked at a folder that was there that said Wilhelm, which I have not paid attention to. And I opened it and the messages there were from 2012. And that just was crazy to me. And then I started looking and then the I said this doesn't make sense. I kept going through this doubt. Then one morning, I had a meeting that I had to do very early, and I was late getting up. So I didn't do my normal meditation. And I didn't have time and writing. And so my guide said doesn't matter. Put one of the message in 2012. It'll work for today. What I did it, and I put it out there and I felt like this is terrible. I've never repeated a message like that. And then what happened later that day, my associates read that message. He says, Wow, that is exactly what I needed today. What How did that happen? And so then it just kept going crazy. From there, more things started coming up. They started saying to me, if you meet someone who was a birthday on this on, if we gave you a message in 2012 on their birthday, it'll probably resonate with them. I started doing that. And that was coming up. All of these things were happening. I still doubted it. Then I I went to a Facebook group. And I was talking about this and I'm just being funny about it. And this one person said Roger, don't you know that's when the Mayan calendar ended in 2012. And we all thought the world was going to end is that oh, okay. I started to remember that. I remember. That was a big deal. And a lot of people really thought the world was ending and they were getting rid of things because we wouldn't be here anymore. And then I went to look and see what Wilhelmi given me on that date. And it says in the message the title of that message on December 21 Because that's when the world was supposed to in December. 21st 2012 said, Wait, what the message was like using the energy of Wait, there's an energy behind the that word. And it was saying, and I put later on, I came to understand this, that we were building something new, wait for it to show up and world wasn't ending, we were moving into a new world, we were creating a new world. And the way that we were going to do that is what more people decide to let go of the old ways of being let go. They're limited and restricted ways of being and thinking and all of that, and come to love themselves, because everything is about energy. And each person alive is bringing something to the world. Now, that could help if they decide to move through all of the old stuff. But then they said you're gonna have conflict. Because when you move through changes, and you have a lot of people doing it, a lot of people don't want to change. And when you don't want to change, then you create resistance, and resistance can lead to conflict. They even told me we might have a war. And then the most challenging thing that came through and one of the messages that you might even bring back a leader like a Hitler talking about the evolutionary changes that will always move through. And we can see this when we go back and look at history. We just happen to be living through a time now. That's transformational. And we're attempting to move into the fifth dimension, which everyone hears about or the Age of Aquarius, which is our youth thought that was happening a while ago. No, it's happening now. That's what's going on in that age of Aquarius means understanding the importance of every individual understand the every person comes to the world to offer something, but the way they have to offer it is moving through all the old stuff. And the world has to do the same thing. Move through all the old stuff.

Jannecke Øinæs 11:56

Wow, I'm amazed how we hear about this so many different places, like I'm not in doubt anymore, that we're in a huge shift, mentioned this leader like a Hitler, does it really have to get worse? Like? are we facing now some dark times? Or are we through that already.

Roger Burnley 12:20

And it's up to us. Now, first of all, this is what I was just talking about this earlier, because the planets are going to keep moving, we are affected energetically in our world by what's going on in the universe. We've seen this, we've seen the moon phases and different aspects where it's everything is energy. And we've scientists and have told us for ever, you know, we can go back to Einstein or Tesla and all these people understood creation in terms of energy, but that energy we are affected by what's happening on on all the planets of the galaxy of the universe. And so this particular energy is causing us all to act in come two different ways we're trying to evolve, let's say and put it to put it a different way. But it's an individual choice that we each make. And we begin to understand through the quantum sciences, that we all contribute to creation of our lives and our world in exactly the same way. The energy that we choose to emit. And that energy is going to be of light and love or it's going to be of darkness. That's just, that's just the way that it is. And we can look at the sciences and understand that. But it's just a momentum, let's say that we will develop we will. So the where's it gonna go, it's going to university is going to keep changing. But we will suffer more if we individually refuse to move into who we're meant to become. I was refusing for a long time. And I'll tell you that I can I can answer that because it was challenging to understand and accept that these new parts of me were coming about, and ones that I tried to ignore for so long. Because when I felt like again, when I first started receiving this information in 1988, I didn't want to tell anyone, because it was so bizarre. And even though it was transforming my life and taking me through everything, it still was difficult to talk about it to a lot of people, I just didn't want to do it. And but when the information became so clear, especially in 2021, I said I have to do something. So I then i i had to test this and figure if this information I was receiving was correct. So I put people in a course I called it four weeks to your best life and I took the messages from 2012 Let me see what happens with them. And and as I did that, and I put these folks in there. They were transforming, and this is crazy how this was happening so quickly. And then I was explained it makes sense because we all have the ability to Which and this is about that legacy. As you mentioned, we all have the ability to leave something in the world. And it comes through our individual lived experiences, our eat every person, but we have to become willing to embrace it, understand it. And in that process, let go the old stuff. And my old stuff was limiting, because I couldn't accept who I was. And for 20 years, I from 19, probably at a i o few people knew that I was doing the automatic writing, and close friends and some family. But even my family thought it was a little strange and weird. And so I didn't talk about it much. And in 2012 2007, I believe was 2007 2008. I was exposed, because someone came into my office at the time, and found a writing one of my messages on the desk and read it and said, wow, this really helps me who wrote this. And I had to say what it came through me. And I, it was embarrassing. For me, it was crazy. But it said, please send me the messages. So I started doing that. Then a while later, I never wanted to put it out there. I never want I never thought of this as a venture or a career or anything. It was just something that I was doing for me. And then it became No, you're doing this for everyone. That's what the awareness that started to come. But I still wasn't accepting it. So after this in 2007, or eight, or whenever that was, I said, Okay, I need to like not hide this anymore. And one person said, we're going to put, we're going to create a website for you. I didn't even do the website myself. Someone said, we'll create a website, these need to be published. And then there was an off during that. And then it's interesting. Now I didn't understand it till later. But in around 2011 12, that 2012 I was working with I met someone and she introduced me to her off her her agent, a publishing agent, because she was an author. She's done to so many different things. I'm Kathy Eldon is her name, she's created big organization. And she began to tell me that as they were creating this organization called creative visions that the entire staff would read my messages in the morning. And that's what helped was helping them get through and I go, that made no sense to me at that time. And then she wanted me to meet her agent, because they felt that should be a book or something. And so I started talking to him, and I met him when he came to Los Angeles. And we were and I didn't understand at all then. And then when I go back now and listen and look at it, because the thing fell apart. We never got the book. deal done, or any of that wasn't the time then. And then I go back now and I list I look. And when he was responding to me, and he was rescinding sending me these messages saying, Wow, Roger, this is a really good one. This is really great. They were all from 2012. But I had no idea that was happening. I only understood it when I got to 2021. And I still it still was challenging them. And the way that kept me into was always a step. I went and had during that year, I was so challenged by all of this. And I had two Akashic records, reading stuff. I had never done those things before. I didn't even know what they were actually before that. And the first person that I had the reading done with she said to me afterwards, she hadn't been doing it very long. But she was really great at what she was doing. But she said, I think I'm supposed to be following you. And I had no idea what she was talking about. And then I still was not comfortable. So I found someone else. And I went back and had another reading done in December of that year. And then she blew me away because she she said everything that I had been feeling. See my guides told me that we gave you everything we needed to know and and it was a philosophy. And they said the name of it is called your life operating instructions. I go that's crazy. Get your you're going to need to operate differently to move into the new world. And so when I saw this lady when she was doing this reading, she stopped for a bit she started telling me about my ancient history, my ancient past that I had this memory that I was connected to Egypt and the things that I would do there. I would crazy stuff. And I said this doesn't make any sense. But she said yes, you had a hive job, you would cover the eyes of those people who are going to be mummified and it was a really powerful position. She goes but now you're supposed to do something else in this lifetime. You're here to open the eyes of the others. Okay, and then she she paused for a bit and she sent in you were given an operating and she started to say the word I freaked out. Oh no. I broke down in tears at that moment because the wreck ignition could not be any more apparent, evident clear, it was just, it was just all there is that oh, okay. I guess I gotta do this. But I'm saying this because we will all take steps moving into our authentic selves, because that's why we were born.

Jannecke Øinæs 20:18

Wow, I'm really glad you're addressing this, because I can recognize this in myself. I mean, even having done this show for since 2012, I go through my doubts and hearing, you know, yes, like you going through so many doubts when we're receiving messages, and I'm not receiving messages in that way. And it's amazing how I'm discovering new and new layers and levels within myself. limited consciousness I had in my depression 20 years ago, and where I am today, and it's now I'm like, in this new process, where I'm really starting to understand that we're creating our reality, and that we can create so much with our minds. And because there's something about knowing this on an intellectual level, which I put myself in that category, Gary, like, I know a lot of things like intellectually, but now I'm starting to have that wisdom of it like, oh, it's really true. It's really true. And as I'm really understanding this on a deeper level, I'm seeing my world changing around me now. It's, it's crazy, and it's beautiful. And I would love to hear more about these guides. You were saying Willem and you saying they so are they the same? And who are

Roger Burnley 21:39

they are the same? Yeah. Because in the beginning, when I first started receiving it, it felt like, my there was a person or something speaking directly to me. But then I started to understand it's more than that. Because it felt like a collective of energies. And then people would ask me, because a lot of people channel and they like, talk about Archangel Michael, I'm bringing in this person and bring in that one. And my guides say you're not doing that you're bringing in a collective. And so that's why and they said, you can access universal wisdom, cosmic wisdom, and I got that didn't. And that's why I said, we don't want you to try to think think that it's one particular source, because this is the thing that keeps people separated. This is the thing that keeps people from understanding that they have this internal connection, and they can make they have a higher self everyone does. But when we keep thinking that it's only certain people who can do this, and it has to be this particular entity, or that particular one that we're connected to, then we don't find that authenticity within us. And what I was given is that we're each meant to bring in something new. We can we get all there was one message that they said they wanted to wanted me to understand this one. And when they gave it to me on January 1, of 2012, and it was called Infinite Intelligence. And they said Infinite Intelligence, you all have it, it always exists. And you just decide when you're going to accept it. And when you're going to utilize it in your life. And they go. And then they said, Well, how can I access all of this information that's coming through? I don't know this stuff. I didn't study anything. I didn't even go to school to study this stuff. But I'm channeling things that I don't understand. I'm writing words, this is the weirdest thing that when, when I, when I first began, I would write words that I had, didn't know what they meant, I could kind of figure out how to spell it. But then I would hear my guide, say, look it up, they would do that so much, I would say look it up, go to the dictionary and look it up. But if I was receiving the word, I just didn't understand what what it meant. Or I didn't understand why they were using it in that particular instance. And that, and then when I would go and look it up, go, Oh, now it makes sense. And it was like this is to talk about we all develop in our consciousness that way. And I'm just demonstrating in my my life, how that happens. But we all do the same thing, which is what you're saying about we have the doubt. And they said you're never going to get rid of that. You're never going to get rid of and they said because if you understand you have different dimensions, different levels that you can always move to, and you're going to doubt whether or not you can do it until you do it. That's what happens. And then as we do it and we embody what you were talking about, yes, that intellectual because I had the intellectual knowledge was coming in, but the embodiment owning it in my being was different and totally different thing. We have to give ourselves this period of integration is what they sell, where we get the information and convert this into an intellectual logical sense. It kind of makes sense, but then to embody it in our Physical practical life is a different process.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:04

So this new time that you're speaking of how does that look like? Yeah. And you also say that some will not open up for it. So I guess it is a conscious choice, then and what do we need to do sort of to open up to it? I know there's several questions there.

Roger Burnley 25:25

It is really about what the main thing that keeps coming up for me is about letting go of judgment, judgment of ourselves and judgment of others, that's the only way we're gonna get there. Because we all come in to offer something. And so and but we also carry in old energies, we carry in old ideologies, beliefs, and all of that. And so they're in each person individually. But when we remove those, when we can move beyond that, then we understand who we are. And then we start seeing others in in a different way as well. So the the, to answer your other question about what is this new world look like? It looks like one where we see everyone is being equal, where we see everyone is being making an important contribution, every person that comes in has something within them to offer. And when we can see that we stop judging each other, we let go of prejudices, they also said, we start seeing women as being equal, because we haven't done that for centuries as well. It's all about a continual expansion into becoming more in terms of ourselves and our world, we can have a much better world if we all understand it and accepted the importance that we bring to the world individually, then we start to see it, and everyone else and this is what they tell me it's fifth dimensional thinking basically, or awareness or consciousness.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:42

Will it also will it also be known our galactic history that I hear so much about the truth about the pyramids, the truth about our extraterrestrial connection? Will that sort of come? Also, in this new world?

Roger Burnley 26:59

Yes, they tell me what happens when they all these questions. So funny, you're asking these because these came up in a channeling session. And I remember some of them, but it was saying that we will each access what is appropriate for our individual journey, not everyone's going to understand different galaxies, they're not going to have those memories there. But certain people will. But we all help one another by what we remember in our individual journey. And when we bring that in, then more people have memories. And the memory that they're talking about, is our connection to Source our connection to God, our connection, you know, who do you think that God actually said, some, some of you are going to come to the earth and not have a purpose, some of you are going to come to the earth and not have something to offer that never happened. It's just what you thought you thought before. And so what we're attempting to understand now is to change that. And to come into an understanding we all want to be we all want to be accepted. One thing that I didn't understand this either, and they said, if you can, if you can get this, everyone is looking for the same thing. And go What's that? Everyone's everyone wants acceptance, acknowledgement, and approval. Everyone wants the same thing, acceptance, acknowledgement and approval. But the fact is, we can only give it to ourselves, and we keep looking for it for everywhere else. But we can only give it to ourselves and the more of us who do that, then we start creating a better world. And this is the they said this is the information that they gave me and then I had to live it to make it valid.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:41

Right. So is it possible to bring William Ford forward?

Roger Burnley 28:47

Yes, it's easier if you you have a particular question. Let me let me do that. First. You have a question?

Jannecke Øinæs 28:54

I have a question about AI self love negative thinking. It's just not that easy to really believe in this and believe in ourselves and self love. I think a lot of people are struggling.

Roger Burnley 29:08

Perfect. Okay, great. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. Hmm. Thank you so much for these questions that you've brought in, you've given us so much to work with. First we talked about we spoke about AI, your artificial intelligence A while ago, and we even had Roger have a wonderful experience with it. Because he he attempted to take some of our words and put it into the documents that you have now where you can take something and change it around to make it seem with particular way. And so he did that. He tried it several times. And he put in that information. And then he looked at the input came back the interpretation and he read it and he says, Wait a minute. That's not exactly what I meant. That's not exactly what I said. This is artificial. And so you can use technology for certain aspects, but that technology will never override your individual connection, knowledge and wisdom that was meant to be coming in only through you, artificial intelligence will not do that. Now, you will have to understand that it can get out of control, however, because you have humans who are using this information, and what they can do is if they have not let go of their old, lower vibrational energies, ideas, thoughts, and all of that they can kind of corrupt things, but you have more ability to rise to a higher level of understanding what's that negative thoughts and creations that you've called negative beliefs, those are things that you inherited, those are things that you brought in, everyone does it. And that's the way that the world your planet evolves over time, if you could look back over centuries, you will see that your world is known, nothing like it was 1000 years ago, that was because beings decided to come onto the physical plane on the earth during a particular time to access more information. As we've said, you always have infinite wisdom and knowledge and in it and all of that intelligence, it's always there, you just decide in each lifetime, how much you're going to access, how much you want to bring in. But now you're doing it in a really great way, which is why we've said, you're having a restructuring your world has been off balance, as we've said for quite a while meaning that you started losing the identities of each person, you started losing the importance of each race of each gender of each difference, because you can only create something new when you have contrast, when you have differences. That is the power of creation, you have to use your physical elements in your world on your planet, to accomplish that. But you're understanding more of that now. Because all you have to do is look at quantum sciences, they've given you much more information about how you create your lives and how you create your world and you do them all the same way. You do them energetically. And that energy is of what you're putting out. Now the negative energy that you might be feeling might not be your fault, but it is your duty to recognize it, which means that you're just believing some idea about yourself that is false, something that was implanted within you something that was told to you that you accept it as reality, you are all beautiful, wonderful beings. And so all you do is come into the world to live lives move through, they have restrictions and limitations, as we said. But once you do that, your life becomes what you wanted it to become. And then you make a contribution to your world, which all of you can do. Now, we said that not everyone will do this. And you must understand this. Because you come into the world with different times, and different ideologies you're supposed to live. Now you're going to see others as we've spoken, often that you're going to start to judge because you think they should be acting differently. They should be understanding this. No, they won't necessarily, but they are showing up for you to understand yourself. When you judge, when you see another that is exhibiting something that you find distasteful, it's to cause you to understand what you could bring to counteract any lower vibrational energy that you might be witnessing in your world, we gave you something in 2012. And we want you to all to understand it now. Because as your world moves through these coming changes, there will be some turbulence and you're going to start to make judgments about one another and about your world. But we gave you something to understand you each have the ability to make to choose Preferences, we want you to understand, see, because you can look at something or someone and judge it in a particular way. And that's, that's okay, but that's not for you. So then you have a preference you see. And the preference is what you're choosing to do what your life has brought into this world at this time. And you will know when you're doing that because you feel good, because you love yourself. That's all. But we want you to understand you're moving through dramatic energies at this time. So everything old is going to come up. And it might be uncomfortable for you when you examine the things about yourself that you didn't know that you didn't understand that are just coming about now. But as you examine them in their painful and cry, let them go moves through the grief, you're moving through a collective grief now in your world, which is why you're here. So the more that you allow yourself to move through that and become happy and abundant and love yourself, then you're helping you're doing your job actually, because that's why you were all born was to bring something of value and worth into the world and it's within you. There's not a single being who was born who doesn't possess that, but you might just take some time to access that and we give you the perfect example in in our being our messenger Roger because he held back for so long, which is why we keep having him speak on that front, be transparent to say that you all do that. But it's okay. Because you then eventually move. You'll eventually come into acceptance of who you are, because that's the best feeling ever then you'll love yourself. That's how you get to love you just start noticing how you've been judging yourself and decide to change it In that moment, you can only do anything in the moment of now. So in that moment, give yourself a new idea. Give yourself a new thought that says, Yes, I'm worthy. I know this is old stuff. And I'm just going to let go of it. And as you do that, and if you get the bigger picture, you will see that your world will accomplish the same thing. This is what we wanted to bring to all of you today. And thank you so much for allowing us giving us this opportunity to give you this information because all we care about is you loving who you are. Thank you.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:30

Thank you, Alex. How does it feel?

Roger Burnley 35:39

I don't know. I never remember I get sometimes they started going. I

Jannecke Øinæs 35:46

was so aware. Yeah. You hear what they're saying?

Roger Burnley 35:50

Not completely, no. Okay. That would I become? That was that was really challenging in the beginning, which is why I didn't even want to do it. But not I'd become comfortable with. There was one session that was just so shocking to me, it was probably, I don't know, a year and a half ago. And I Oh, no, it was more than that. Because it was right after I'd had the Akashic Records readings done. And the lady said, she started, she brought up Horus, and I didn't know what that was. This I went to find later was like, a God, a Greek god, or something. I can't remember now, but Horus. And it's, and I studied a little bit about it, but I didn't know this. And so but during a channeling session, Wilhelm said it, it came out. And so I came on to the channeling session, and there were some people in you know, in the room, and one person who said, Wow, we just found out about horse. I go, what, how, when? Or how did you know that? I go, What do you who's he goes, Oh, Wilhelm just told us. I got a really. It had been two minutes before. I didn't remember that. It was I didn't hear it. And I looked at it later. And this is what I always have to do. I will go back and listened to the recordings. And then I hear what came through. And that was something that I had to become comfortable with. But but they also I talked about that. Because we all have that we all have, you know, this consciousness that within us, that comes out at times, and it's kind of surprising. But it's there.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:23

I have an important question. I feel like for a lot of people, because we hear that we have a purpose. And I do webinars about this, and I have sort of my take on it. But people are asking, Okay, please tell me what is my purpose? So how do we go about finding our purpose? Is it like vocational is like a profession is can it be? I'm going to have five kids, I'm going to be a mother.

Roger Burnley 37:48

The answer that would always come through what's my life purpose, they would say you're walking in it. And what that means is we were each given something to bring to the world that's within us, we move through it a bit at a time it shape change, it comes up at different times in our life, depending on what we're live, but it's always there. And it changes and someone's we were playing we're doing a little watch party of one of the challenging one of the channeling sessions. I'm just yesterday, and one person had in the comments that does your purpose change over time? Yeah, it does. Because I've done it many, many times. I thought I was supposed to be this person. I thought it was supposed to be that person. And then not why am I shifting here? It's because there's something within our individual journeys, they say you each have a divine plan, you each have a blueprint. And it shows up at different times. And all of the things that I all these messages that I received years ago, that only making sense now, about you know, that one was about your story. This is when they gave me in 2012 as well. And it says your story is unique and valuable. And said it it is it has the utmost importance for you. And and it holds that importance because no other soul shares precisely your story. So oh, okay, that makes sense. And then then at the end of that, and it said, this is the thing that we want you to get everyone to understand during this time of transition in your world. Because the last paragraph of this says, any aspect of your story that you choose to ignore, Judge dismiss, not paying attention will cause you to have some difficulty because you are refusing to receive the information and wisdom and knowledge that your story holds. So what that means is whatever we move through whatever it is, it's valuable if we understand that it was a way for us to move through our own individual restrictions or limitations, and then our world gets to do the same thing.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:02

Right? I just thought about a girlfriend of mine who is just meeting so many challenges like her, her house burned down, then her mother get cancer and dies. And then she gets fatigue, and hasn't had sick leave. And then her boyfriend breaks up with her. And then like, everything happens at the same time. And she's like, I'm shouting out to the universe, like, what is going on? I'm collapsing. And my heart is breaking for her. And I'm like, I feel sometimes that it's a bit cliche coming with, there's a deeper meaning with this, you know, just hanging in hacking there. Do you have any thoughts about

Roger Burnley 40:41

I just yourself, I You should say, This is crazy. I just had a consultation with someone yesterday, who had a similar life, dear friend, and she's going through all of these crazy things that have happened and happening all at the same time and why? And she's fillings I must say, I have this terrible karma. I'm being punished. I'm doing all of that. I got Oh, no, that's not what's happening at all. I said, If you could change your perspective about that, and see it in a new way would feel different. Because what I'm seeing is that you agreed to accept a whole bunch of stuff, you agree to accept a whole bunch of challenges that you can move through in your life, and because when you do that, you're never going to have to repeat them ever again, you're going to also understand and uncover something that is so wonderful and beautiful about who you are. And then you can give that back to the world. Yeah, it might take you some while to do that, when you understand it. But that's why you have, there's no way that you could have had all been given. And I tell him to change that to being given. And then the other thing that started happening, talking about this, because karma, my guides had me stopped saying we want you to start talking about dharma. And we're going to change it around a bit because because as humans, we think we take the idea of karma, and think that it's something these horrible things that we have done, that we're being punished for now. And then said, that's never what's going on. It's that you accepted certain things. When you came into this life, you agreed to move through these things. And if you do it, then you live this wonderful life. And you give that back to everyone else as well. So it's not about you're never been punished, you're just coming to understand the challenges that you accept it that you agreed to move through. And when you change your perspective about that, it'll be easier to move through it

Jannecke Øinæs 42:29

makes sense? I have some questions I ask all my guests and you did sort of address the self love someone take that. But what does a happy life mean to you? What is a happy life for you?

Roger Burnley 42:42

It means it means a journey, then the journey is the destination is my friend whose book, bro. And it's about becoming willing to take a step each day into understanding and loving who you are. That's and it's a step each day. We've tried to get there really quickly. I think that's what people get really frustrated and want it to be over. I want everything to be better right now. We can't do that we have to work with our physical brains, which have implanted certain things. We know how the science of new we know neuroscience now we don't change things overnight, we have to understand that it's a process. And they gave me something else a long time ago, say practice patience and persistence. That's all the three things you need. You can you can do anything. If you're experiencing something you don't like, it's been terrible, then you're practicing something wrong. You got to practice new thoughts now. And then you're going to have to be patient because you're going to uncover things about yourself that you didn't understand, then you got to you might be tempted to judge yourself, I mean, go into regret or something like that. Waste of time. Don't do that. Then they said and then persistence, because you have to understand that it's a continual process. And as long as you stay in it, you'll get to the destination.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:52

Make sense? And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective? Happiness? I think so to have come to that. I saw a guru one day said said online on the YouTube video. All or what everybody yearns for is happiness. That's a big thing. And I was like, Yeah, that makes sense. I want to be happy.

Roger Burnley 44:20

I'll end with this. Because this was again, years ago, I was listening to a video and someone was talking and then she yelled, she, it seemed to me I couldn't have been might not have been that at all. But she said Your purpose is happiness. Cool watch. And everyone can kind of take that when

Jannecke Øinæs 44:42

I say that in my webinars as well. Oh, great. Thank you so much. Roger, where can people find you

Roger Burnley 44:50

at my website? Roger That's the best place.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:54

Thank you so much for doing this amazing work and for coming on to the show today.

Roger Burnley 44:58

Thank you. I can't I I love it so much. Thank you for having me. Great.

Jannecke Øinæs 45:03

Thank you for watching guys much light from the US. I'm Norway. Bye bye

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