In a thought-provoking episode with Erin Lyons, we delve into the profound intersections of psychedelics, spirituality, and personal growth. Erin, known for her insightful perspectives on these subjects, shares her journey from innocent curiosity to profound spiritual awakening.

Erin’s spiritual quest began with a genuine desire to understand God and her purpose in life. Through psychedelic experiences, she discovered the transformative power of manifestation and universal laws, learning to shape her reality consciously. However, Erin emphasizes that while psychedelics can offer glimpses into higher realms, true spiritual growth requires ongoing learning and integration of lessons.

A Psychedelic Journey Meeting source

One of Erin’s pivotal experiences involved meeting “source” during a psychedelic journey, free from ego desires and attachments. This encounter left her feeling euphoric yet profoundly vulnerable, cracking open to a deeper understanding of herself and the universe.

Reflecting on her journey, Erin candidly discusses the challenges of balancing her spiritual insights with her career on Wall Street. She describes feeling split between two identities and timelines, ultimately realizing that every experience contributes to her spiritual evolution, regardless of how it fits into her larger life path.

The conversation also explores cosmic themes such as human origins influenced by extraterrestrial beings, parallel realities, and the energetic mysteries of ancient pyramids. Erin delves into the evolving collective consciousness and the role of self-realization in living joyfully and trusting inner guidance.

This interview is a fascinating exploration of how psychedelic experiences, spirituality, and cosmic awareness intersect to foster personal evolution and a deeper connection with the universe.

Transcript of the interview

Erin Lyons 0:00

I was like more of a good girl. So I'm thinking I am absolutely not doing drugs with you, right? Somehow he convinces me. And we do LSD, and I completely die. Complete ego death. I mean, it feels like an eternity. And I don't think I'm coming back, I actually did not want to come back. And then source showed me my path, my role, my mission, what I was here to do on Earth. And so I came back.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:37

Hello Erin, a warm welcome to the show.

Erin Lyons 0:41

Hello, I'm so excited to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:44

I've been looking very much forward to speak with you today. I mean, sort of binge watching your videos on Instagram. And I know you have quite an interesting story and a huge transformation, going from Wall Street, being now a psychic channel or a public channel or connecting directly to source. And I've seen a couple of videos, whether you were when you channel, you, or what your channels seem to have the ability, of course to answer really complex questions. And I found that so interesting. So I feel like a little child really excited to ask questions to you today. But before we do, I'd love to hear more about your story of how you ended up being a public channeler. From what I understand you were a very curious child like asking a lot of questions. And then there was this huge transformation happening during a psychedelic experience. So I'd love you to share the story.

Erin Lyons 1:46

Absolutely. So perfectly explain. I became a seeker, a spiritual seeker from a very young age because my father was Muslim. And my mother was Christian Baptists. So there was always this sort of tug of war between, you know, when I would go over my dad's house, I would go to the mosque with him and just be exposed to all of his religious practices, but also be immersed in Christianity from my mother's side. So the questioning, you know, I just wanted to know about existence, what is God who is God, it just fascinated me fast forward, you know, after years and years of ask you those questions. And as we all know, not many people being able to answer them, I started to just formulate my own understanding of God through studying so many schools of thought and philosophies and religions. And so it's like this energy, this intensity was building up, and I go off to college, and it gets really strong. I mean, I'm meeting different people, I'm coming into different information. And at this point, I'm pretty sold, I think I gotta figure it out, you know, I come to the conclusion that God is everything all the time, everywhere, within everyone, and I'm comfortable with that. But then I stumble into a psychedelic experience. And I always say this, because unlike today, so this was 2013 2014. Ish. There wasn't a lot of information. So I wasn't looking for this. I wasn't studying up on it. It really, it just happened. One of my close friends who was also deeply spiritual, we're kind of like the two crazy people in our friend group. He's like, you know, you really understand this from a conceptual standpoint, but you need an experience. And at the time, I'm thinking, I was like, more of a more of a good girl. So I'm thinking, I am absolutely not doing drugs with you, right? Somehow he convinces me and we do LSD, and I completely die. I mean, I get reabsorbed into source energy, completely, totally taken to the edge of time. Just lose myself complete ego death. I mean, it feels like an eternity. And I don't think I'm coming back, I actually did not want to come back. And then source showed me my path, my role, my mission, what I was here to do on Earth, and so I came back. So that was the that was the psychedelic experience that really took things to a new level, because coming out of that experience, source was always with me in terms of being being able to channel on the spot, just always having that presence. Always having that that frequency be accessible to me.

Jannecke Øinæs 4:45

What I find interesting or what you said, Now was that you were so curious, like in a positive way that it sort of felt like your spiritual search came from this. This yearn to to learn more about the universe and What I found is that a lot of people come to spirituality through difficulties and meeting the wall and not feeling at home. Now, was that not your case? Didn't you feel like, you know, you need an answer because you didn't feel at home here on Earth? Or was it sort of a different approach? Because that's a bit mean to me. Because I feel like a lot of people suffer. And then they find spirituality.

Erin Lyons 5:27

You know, that's a wonderful question. It was more so enthusiastic, innocent curiosity. But just blazing in my soul, very just an intense desire to know God, and intense desire to know the purpose and the reason for my existence, because I also tend to be very intellectual. So I would just sit and think about how nothing made sense in terms of religion, and just how the world works. It just didn't make sense to me. And so there was a deep intensity. However, as I began to open that door, and digest, kind of go down this rabbit hole and learned about manifestation and universal laws, it did create, create an interest in learning how to create my reality. So growing up in a home, you know, we're living paycheck to paycheck, and there's scarcity, and there's limitation. And there's all of these concepts, spirituality did become the thing that saved me. But it wasn't the traditional suffering and then finding looking for something it was I always had that inside of me. And then it was sort of like stumbling on gold. When I found out I could create my own reality on top of, you know, the, the Esoteric Buddhism of of it all.

Jannecke Øinæs 6:54

Makes sense. And what do you think about like coming into such an amazing experience through psychedelics, because there's sort of two sides of that, that it's a wonderful opportunity to connect with spirit. And in another sense, it could be really a big damage, and some, some people are not, you know, having good experiences. And I see that a lot of young people are attracted to that, because they want these experiences. And then there's, you know, the hard way of doing it like practicing, practicing, practicing, and maybe not ever having a mystical experience. So I understand that yearning to sort of having a quick path to that. And then again, we never know how spirit or source want to open this up within us. So we have four. Yeah, no sure way of opening up. So have you come across like people who are like, I want to do that too. And then you're like, okay, hey, but a warning here?

Erin Lyons 7:58

Absolutely. And I love this question so much, because I think we are in this psychedelic Renaissance, where it's so accessible, and people are craving those mystical experiences. But I really want to emphasize that me having a psychedelic experience did not, we can say, perhaps at fast track my awakening or sense of knowing what I was here to do, but it doesn't save you from lessons, obstacles and challenges, right? I've had is many lessons and challenges as anyone else. And if you're looking to psychedelics are plant medicine, to have a shortcut into enlightenment, or to, to bypass spiritually bypass, what your soul is here to learn and experience, that's just not going to happen, right? It's not going to happen. So we want to approach these tools, they're tools of I'm hearing source, call them tools, from a place of non attachment. So I think in my case, because I wasn't looking for it, I wasn't I didn't know anything about this, I really just blindly stumbled into something. That's probably why I was able to be so cracked open because there was no ego desire in the experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:19

Yeah, that makes sense. And I would love for you to share more about that actual experience. You said that you met source like, how did you know it was source and how did it here? Was it just like a pure knowing? And you said something about the times I'm trying to figure out like, yeah,

Erin Lyons 9:39

You know, it's it's very difficult to explain because it's really just shifting through frequencies within consciousness. And so what began to happen okay, it's sort of like an unraveling like I'm, I felt my identity, my ego, my character, right, my sense of self up into that time, I had no myself to be Aaron who's from this place, who's, you know, grew up in this type of family with these conditions and on this planet that, you know, that's your ego identity. And what began to happen was this sort of unraveling of layers peeling back like an onion, more and more layers. And as you're shifting through those layers, you're also going through pain, you're also going through trauma, you're also processing the whatever illusions you've been believing not just about other people, but about yourself, where you have not been loving yourself, where you have been attached, essentially, to things. And so you reach this point of having to let go of the character. And that is where many people on psychedelic journeys can have a mental breakdown. Because the human psyche, this can be very overwhelming to just your entire reality is shattered. And so I'm traveling through I mean, so many dimensions and unraveling and reaching a pure place of I am, so how I could describe meeting source is becoming the I am meaning I am everything, I am no longer this girl or this person with this job or getting this degree or I am just self I am just everything in so becoming everything. And being immersed in the oneness was my experience. And then there was still a sense of separation in terms of, so I feel like I was taken to the Godhead, meaning becoming source, knowing that I was the one infinite source, I am creator of everything taken beyond the beginning of time. I mean, it's, you really can't explain this, it's eternal, it's infinite, there is no time. And then, as I gradually started to decelerate back into, you know, some form of identity or separation, that's when more of the, the communication between the I M and myself began to take place.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:17

Hmm, very fascinating. Um, what was it hard to come back to yourself, then having had incredible experience, and then all of a sudden being in your parent and then go about like normal, like, shock

Erin Lyons 12:36

Completely. I mean, my reality was shattered. And at the time, I'm 19 years old, I'm in college, I'm pursuing a finance degree. So I have this idea, right, this plan, the strategy that we all have, and I'm coming out of this experience, and I have absolutely no idea to do with myself, it took me a good three weeks to even hold conversation with people, because that is how it's like opening Pandora's box. And then you come back into this little teeny tiny fractal of being a human. Which is why I don't have a need to do psychedelics to this day. Because it takes so much to get back in the body. And also, there was mind blowing love and euphoria. I mean, beyond. Like I'm hearing, it's like a million orgasms beyond anything you can imagine. And, naturally, you don't want to come back here because you realize how dense it is. And the interesting thing is, you realize how, how much love is missing here in this plane, but we are so desensitized to it, and it's so normal, it's normal to us to function this way. But when you see the truth of this unconditional love this joy beyond understanding and you experience it, you do not want to come back so I did not want to come back. I thought I was not going to because I just went so so far out into consciousness. But me and source were having this dialogue. And I understood that I why, why I was why I'm here.

Jannecke Øinæs 14:25

And then you sort of got or not sort of but you you were told your mission. So you remember your mission. However you started to walk or work on Wall Street? Yes. So was that like a denial like or resistance towards your higher mission? Or was it sort of the part of the path?

Erin Lyons 14:47

Great question. Cool, coming out of this experience and being really confused, especially at that age. You know, I wonder Do I just move to India build an ash For women, you know, I've just experienced oneness. Am I a guru now? Do I shave my head, you know, because that's the that's the package, right. And that's what we're used to seeing when it comes to awaken beings. And the guidance that I received from source was actually no, you only have one job, which is to create your reality, which is to create the highest reality and version of yourself that you can possibly imagine. And in the process of that, you will be a teacher. And so I never quite knew how the segue from finance and Wall Street and all of that was going to happen. But in the back of my head, always knowing okay, I'm here to be a teacher. But for a while, it didn't make sense. For years, it didn't make sense, because there was this split energy, I've always felt like I was living in two different timelines being two different people simultaneously. And so that was challenging. However, I understand looking back why source gave me that guidance to you know, pursue this dream that I had been working towards, because there were so many initiations and activations and real world experience that you see when you have a psychedelic experience or any type of mystical experience. It's, it's experiential. It's a knowingness that has always resided within your soul within your spirit. But you need to live this out, to truly embody the wisdom and so absolutely 100% A part of the path and I learned so much about just creating my reality abundance manifestation, a lot of divine feminine initiate initiatory thing. So it was definitely a part of the grand scheme.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:52

What would you say to those who are thinking now that I'm in the darkness, I don't know what my mission is. And I would love to know, why do I not get these answers? And I'm meditating, I'm doing the work. What would you say to those.

Erin Lyons 17:08

Listen to your feelings, your emotions, those are energetic translations of frequency. You see, most people are looking to hear or to see or to, they have this expectation on how spirits should communicate. But spirit actually primarily communicates with us in the form of our emotions and our feelings. And so if something excites you, it is a part of your path, you may not be able to see how it fits into the bigger picture. So relating this back to me going to Wall Street, I couldn't tell you why I was so obsessed and excited about that journey. Right? But source Infinite Intelligence already knew how it fit in, and why I needed to have that experience. So if you're excited, if you're enthusiastic, if it seems like it has nothing to do with spirituality, that is okay. Because everything, in essence is already spiritual. And something really cool happens when you sort of have these this this self realization experience, you realize there's really no point outside of experience itself. So the experience is the purpose, you don't have to have some grand mission that you think that you're on, you simply do what you love in the moment. In the second, because that is the download from the higher intelligence saying right now this is in harmonious resonance, then you follow it. And then it takes you to people places, things that continues to expand your soul. So if anyone's feeling lost, right, now, let's just simplify this. What excites me in this moment, and trust that that seed that source has implanted within your being will lead you in blossom into a journey that you cannot logically Fathom right now.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:02

Beautiful. I would love if we could meet. Is it source your channel?

Erin Lyons 19:09

Yes. Source likes to go by all that is? So yes, let's we can go ahead and bring through all that is

Jannecke Øinæs 19:19

Wonderful. So does it take some time? Or how does this work?

Erin Lyons 19:22

No, not really, my channel is pretty integrated. So that energy is already coming through and some of the language and they're just going to step up their frequency a little bit more.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:34

All right, yes.

Erin Lyons 19:42

We're here. We've been here the whole time.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:45

Wonderful to meet you, and to have the opportunity to ask questions. And I'm curious about our human origin. There's so many different stories. In the history of books about who we are and where we come from, and many are not resonating with those stories from the history books, and then we have other perspectives and other channelers speaking about that, we were created by extraterrestrials. So I'm curious about how did humans come to be?

Erin Lyons 20:30

There are many different timelines of your evolutionary story. This is why there is much information that may seem contradictory in nature, you have individuals who are picking up on information from various points in time you see, time is infinite. parallel realities are existing simultaneously. What we can tell you is that your galactic brothers and sisters have had significant influence on the development of your human species over time, integrating genetics, integrating different DNA sequence different libraries of of genetics into your evolutionary gene pool. And so you get the modern human.

Jannecke Øinæs 21:30

And I've always been fascinated by the pyramids. Now, maybe there are several perspectives on that as well, or several timelines that several realities can exist. Now, I don't understand how that is possible. But I have a limited mine as humans have. So could you say something about how old they actually are and we'll build them.

Erin Lyons 21:57

The pyramids were built by many of you who are now incarnated different groups such as the Anunnaki, Syrian beings, etc. And they were built as a landing pads for UFOs. We talk about this in a book that we wrote through trans Channeler of ours, Eliot, Eli Jackson, but they were built mainly as landing pads, and were built through various forms of telekinesis, sacred geometry and sound waves, moving objects into structure. The timing is irrelevant for you at the moment, because there's much information that will be revealed at the right time. And we do not wish to spoil that for you.

Jannecke Øinæs 22:53

All right, are they sort of still active in a way these pyramids?

Erin Lyons 23:00

Well, they are energetic. So there is a frequency coming from the earth that activates them at different points in time. And so they are being used by various beings who assist your planet in different ways. On a frequency level,

Jannecke Øinæs 23:19

All right. So I know it might be difficult to speak about time, but I think a lot of us are interested in if there will be more knowledge coming out about this in our lifetime, we who are living now.

Erin Lyons 23:37

Yes, the information is already coming out in bits and streams. You see, humans are very eager to remember their history to remember who they truly are. However, we do not wish to overwhelm the human psyche. So the information has to be dripped out in a corner in accordance to where the collective vibration is where the collective consciousness is. So as each of you do your individual work and raising your personal frequency, it provides higher access to information, but what's actually happening is you just shift to a parallel version of Earth where that information becomes available to you. So, this is why some of you have access to certain information and some of you do not meaning some of you are not in a vibrational frequency to where you can receive, receive information or meet someone or have some book come into your field of residence or have a certain aspect of your consciousness open up that would reveal that information to you. So some of you are already remembering or coming into information. While some of you are on other timelines where it is not yet available, but the collective frequency as the collective vibration expands that for Frequency allows a mass joint experience of history and information to be revealed to you. So that is already taking place both individually and collectively.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:17

Now, I believe we're in a shift of consciousness and a huge awakening, are there forces that are resisting this and sort of working against this happening?

Erin Lyons 25:29

There will always be forces working against this happening. We will not go into the fallen angel origin story however, what we will tell you is when you accept and even embrace lower vibrations as being a part of the expansion of creation and existence itself, you will vibrate out of the frequency range, where you share joint timelines with these beings who have negative intentions, you see, most of you are influenced by implanted information that creates fear that gets you to focus more on who they are and what they are doing. And thus plugs you into a matrix grid where you co create with them that is their agenda. That is their plan to manipulate you into co-creating reality with them. You see all reality is a co creation. And you as the creator, you get to revoke the invitation you get to revoke the agreement, you get to say I no longer wish to co create with you by shifting your vibration and your focus, integrating the separation the idea of them being separate from you back into oneness, meaning back into realization that you are all you are everything sources all they're just different roles and polarities for the purpose of expansion. And now you are out of vibrational range for them.

Jannecke Øinæs 27:09

That was very helpful. Um, I'm wondering about what a soul is, I saw a question from one in my audience. And she was asking, are the names the same on the other side? Like are our names the same? And I find that an interesting question because who am I on the other side when I leave this planet? Who am I then I've learned that we have all these different incarnations, I don't remember them. So who is having all these different lives? Maybe on Earth and many other places? Well, I guess that is a soul but will I recognize myself and will we recognize ourselves, having a personality and a name as this soul who have all these incarnations?

Erin Lyons 28:04

A soul resonates at a certain vibrational frequency, a unique, energetic tone. You could even hear the sound tone of your soul and it will be quite unique. You could see the sacred geometrical blueprint of your soul and it will be quite unique in its shape and its structure in its form. So each of you are a unique fractal of energy, a unique fractal of source a unique combination of energy materialized into an individual unit, while simultaneously always being interconnected with us, the I Am. The soul is a temporary experience and who you are is spirit with us spirit is all spirit is everything spirit is in the air you breathe, even objects breathe in spirit. plants breathe in spirit. Animals breathe in spirit, the spirit is the animation of all within creation. The soul is the individualized personification of energy given an intention. However, that intention is always changing. The soul is always coming to new conclusions and ideas until it is complete and knowing itself experientially and then the soul sheds and returns back to spirit. In terms of the name, what you call it, it all is the I am you see we are the spirit we are the soul we are the source we are the everything simultaneously. at every single level we are experiencing ourselves in every dimension of consciousness we are experiencing So, the name is just the sound frequency tone that resonates to your collective field at this time. So in other planes and dimensions, it will be called something different based on the geometrics of sound in that plane.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:18

Could you say something about soul agreements and soul contracts? Like that makes sense to me sort of in a few lives, but then I'm thinking So, how many lives? Do we actually collaborate with these different souls like For how long have we connected to them? And yeah, what what is the soul group like how does it work?

Erin Lyons 30:48

A soul group vibrates at the same speed of frequency is soul group, we can say that a soul group is evolving through consciousness at the same rate. And so, there are similar lessons and experiences that are relevant to their expansion and evolution. And so, the souls may decide to operate as a collective consciousness or as a soul family playing different roles and taking different terms, but humans are very attached, we do not want you to even be attached to the concept of soul contracts and soul families because you are quite infinite in nature in an instant and intention can shift the soul can desire to experience itself in a new way. So, the souls that you continue to harmonize with is based on frequency however, there is no there are no chains, so to speak, all fractals of light and energy are free to expand at their own evolutionary track that is relevant to their journey back to the oneness you see all of you really have the same joint intention which is to return to the oneness after you have experienced what your soul would know to be understanding who and what it is. And for each of you that happens that point of satisfaction or fulfillment happens at a different time in a different way. So all journeys, all soul connections, all intentions of soul families, lead home, they are just vehicles for transformation.

Jannecke Øinæs 32:48

All right. Um, is nothing a coincidence or are there coincidences?

Erin Lyons 33:00

There are no coincidences, there are only resonant frequencies. If there was anything you could take away from this conversation with us today. It would be that everything is a vibration you yourself are a unique vibration. You yourself are vibrating at a unique speed. And that speed of light, intertwines and intersects with resonant speeds of light. And creates an intersection point in what you experience as reality. You can sort of see these as matrix grid points, coordinates on a map, intersecting based on vibration. And that creates the experience of something being a coincidence or feeling miraculous. Really it is just a timeline shift a quantum shift into a parallel version of reality, where this harmonious moment can present itself all happening based on frequency, meeting another point of frequency.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:19

And speaking of that manifestation, to what degree are we manifesting our own lives and to what degree is there a destiny there that is planned out before we incarnated?

Erin Lyons 34:38

You're always manifesting you yourself are a manifestation of your own intention to experience creation at the moment that you split off from us. You're always connected to us but when you decided to experience yourself to know yourself and you split off into a more individualized fractal of light. That was you manifesting yourself that was the beginning of you manifesting yourself and through experience, you continue to decide how else you would like to manifest yourself. You see, you're just energy, your energy showing up in different forms in different ways, some of which you enjoy some of what you don't enjoy. And when you don't enjoy these manifestations of self, in the form of your reality, it's always because you have forgotten who you are on some level, and you are creating yourself from unconsciousness, as opposed to manifesting yourself into new forms, variations and formats consciously.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:45

To start thinking about the ego mind and the narrator in our heads, what is that really like? Why is it constantly commenting on everything, like, sometimes I feel like there's a woman in my head, and I'm wondering who she is.

Erin Lyons 36:04

Or your ego helps you experience and navigate this time, space reality, it's relevant to this time, space reality and other dimensions, it's not relevant, it's not needed, it doesn't have the same purpose or function. Your ego in this format allows you to experience separation allows you to experience a particular character that your soul want it to manifest itself into. And thus allow us to also experience that potentiality within infinity. So the ego itself is a beautiful tool, a beautiful vehicle to experience individualized potential. However, the goal is to not be attached to the identity, which then creates the suffering. So the voice that you're hearing, that judges everything, and everyone, including yourself or doesn't like this and doesn't like that, and has an opinion about that. That would be the negative ego that has been created out of illusion. The ego can evolve. And once the ego evolves, you use it to your benefit. Erin always loves to say she loves her personality, that's something that we taught her, to love her personality to love her character in the game to love the possibilities that this character could experience but at any point in time to never be attached to the character. So, you are all evolving into a consciousness where you can experience separation through joy, while also remembering that truly you were never separate to begin with that you are really the I Am, this is what clears the attachment to needing to be a specific thing or condition this is why the ego develops a negative voice, it believes that it needs a particular a specific outcome or thing or person to be complete. When you operate from your I Am, you are connected to the presence within you that is everywhere all the time simultaneously, so you never feel like you lack anything. That is how you silence the ego.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:35

Beautiful. A lot of people are struggling with money. Now how can we get peace with money and attract more abundance in our lives?

Erin Lyons 38:49

Well, we love money. We love the game of money. We love the energy of money, the spirit of money, the purpose of money, the role that money serves, in your collective dream, that you all are co creating together. When you merge your love for money with our love for money and you become one with us. And the higher perspective you no longer see money as something outside of yourself. You see, we just told you that you are the I am You are everywhere all the time, in all places in all spaces in all dimensions in all parallel versions of yourself and of earth. And so if you are all of those things then you are also money, the energy of money. You want to begin to appreciate the experience of money itself. And some tools that we give for this is focus on positive things that people are doing what If their money, focus on positive experience that you can create for yourself when you have more money, focus on the positive polarity of money. What is money help you accomplish? What does money help you even learn? You see money. May many SIP mini galactic civilizations have evolved beyond the need for money. But in your world, money serves a tremendous opportunity for ascension. Because you can collapse the idea of lack and limitation, if you begin appreciating that opportunity. If you begin noticing how money does serve you not just in a material sense, but in a in an esoteric sense on a soul level, then you harmonize with the frequency of money and you allow into your world. So we recommend pointing out positive things about money. Every time you spend money, acknowledge what you are receiving in return, every time you receive money, acknowledge the energy, the time that has gone into you being able to have that moment of increasing your abundance.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:27

All right. Speaking of galactic societies, how can we identify whether we are a star seed? And how can we connect with our galactic families?

Erin Lyons 41:45

This is prevalent in your collective experience at this time, because they are here your galactic brothers and sisters are here. They've been here and they're also coming to assist you with reintegrating back into the Galactic landscape. You see, humanity has been sort of cut off from the galactic landscape for many different reasons. And so this is why many of you are feeling the remembrance or the connection in your soul. It's not really relevant to know the specifics is what we will tell you because ultimately, we just told you that your purpose is to create the reality that you love. That's what they're coming here to teach you. So you can start doing that. Now. If you feel a strong resonance with a particular group, if you can identify this through curiosity, if there's a curiosity, if there's an interest, if this information keeps showing up in your field, if you keep having thoughts about galactic beings, if you keep thinking about outer space and things of the sort, which many star seeds do that is a sure sign that it is relevant for you to have an experiential relationship. You see, not everyone on the planet needs to have an experiential relationship at this time, it's not immediately relevant to their journey for the star seeds. However, this is a tremendous part of who you are. So, if this is lighting you up inside right now the thought of connecting to other beings. That is the signal we are sending you so that you know if a particular group or race of beings needs to connect or communicate with you. They will the name the sound frequency of their name will appear in your reality. So you want to watch for the patterns, the signs and the synchronicities.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:53

Do we all have a guardian angel or several guides that are constantly here to support us that we can always reach out to as humans in this human experience?

Erin Lyons 44:06

Of course, in fact, all of you have millions of angels assigned to each of you, each with different roles and different functionality and different tasks. Some angels watch over your physical systems and wellbeing. Some angels help you make decisions in times of chaos. There are many many different roles and tasks that are assigned to angels to assist you in navigating this reality. You have angels that assign you a certain new miracle code or sequence that allows you to even incarnate into this atomic structure into this reality. The angels are always available and around and the higher your frequency, the maintenance of your fourfold being which would be your mind, your body, your soul, and your spirit, all four of these must be maintained. And it allows you to have deeper connectivity with your angels, meaning when you lower your vibration, you can have less angels who are able to help you with certain things just because your frequency is will say, too low. So you would want to connect with your angels through sitting in the seat of your heart. Asking and knowing that you are worthy of the help many of you asked from a place of lack, being unworthy, not feeling good enough, not feeling beautiful enough, not feeling special enough. And this delays the time as you would experience it in which they're able to help and facilitate the shifting of reality, meaning assisting you with shifting your own reality. When you ask angels for help, you're simply asking them to help you raise your vibration to shift your own reality, or to help you to see something that would allow you to experience an alternative version of reality, they are not giving you anything, we are not giving you anything you see, it all emerges from knowing oneself as a part of the I Am. And simply ask, we know many of you will say well, how you simply say I'm calling on my high vibrational angels to assist me at this time? What do I need to see what do I need to know what do I need to remember and the information will present itself that will then allow you to shift into the frequency that you need to experience the reality that you desire?

Jannecke Øinæs 47:03

Now, some are saying that the years to come are going to be hard because of the transformational shift where I am. And that can create some fear. So how could we best prepare for this new Earth or new reality or, or new dimension we're moving into?

Erin Lyons 47:25

It depends on your personal vibration. For some people, it will be hard. For other people, it will feel quite easy, quite harmonious. For many of you, you are already living in a higher dimensional version of Earth, where you experience peace, even while knowing that many others are still experiencing distortion. Our recommendation here would be that you make peace with the fact that you're others you're many others that you are sharing and CO creating moments of time with may create realities and experiences that they don't understand. Make peace with that because you cannot save them and it is a part of their journey. The only thing that you can do is be an example the degree to which you will experience peace and harmony and abundance and expansion. Regardless of what other people are experiencing is based on your own personal vibration.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:32

Do you have a message for everybody who is listening and watching today specifically for this episode.

Erin Lyons 48:42

Begin loving yourself as soon as this moment exactly as you are at the exact weight that you are at the exact height that you are in the exact job that you have. Whatever is going on with you begin to see it as a gift that is expanding you into higher consciousness and you will transform it there's nothing that you need outside of yourself that will make you more lovable and beautiful to us then you already are. This is the illusion and the biggest attack that has been made on your consciousness is to get you believe that you don't have something that you need to be something else that you need to get something else and when you get that then you will become something else. You are already the I am you just forgot when you love yourself exactly where you are with how much ever money is in your bank. That is when you will experience the love that we have for you which is unconditional me saying, we don't allow conditions to get in the way of how we feel about you. And so you cannot allow conditions and illusory experiences to get in the way of how you feel about your self. So we will call this self celebration, begin practicing self celebration every single day. I'm so proud of what I've created. I'm so proud of who I am. I'm so proud of who I'm becoming. I'm so proud of what I'm learning. If you have a business, I'm so proud of the energy that's gone into this business and exactly where it stands. Now, if you're working on a project, celebrate yourself in every moment, because that is what we do. We love you. And that is all.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:53

Thank you so much.

Wow, thank you

Erin Lyons 51:08

just readjusting to the light in the room right now. But great, great.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:17

So it doesn't drain you you're not exhausted?

Erin Lyons 51:20

Well, at the moment, because I'm pregnant. They're really gentle. Hmm. So my consciousness is still you know, it's really blended with there. So it wasn't too too hard of a, of a trance channel on me. So I feel fine. But over the years, my light body has had to expand to be able to hold that frequency even a year ago, being in a channel that long. I would be exhausted right now.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:49

Hmm. That makes sense. Yeah. I got a question. Like, I was wondering, do you get answers to all your personal questions?

Erin Lyons 52:02

Um, for the most part, yes. However, because I'm also human, you know, my own self can get in the way of receipt, like fully receiving the message. And sometimes it's, it's just timing, there are things that were not meant to know. So I can't just ask about anything, if I'm not ready to know it. If the collective is not ready to know it. It's, it's not like this, this infinite access to everything all the time. Source is very aware of what's relevant for us in the moment, source will oftentimes tell me you're not ready to know that right now. You don't need to know that right? Now. We we will not share that with you right now. And so that's where I've learned to surrender to the divine intelligence that can see where I am in my consciousness and not want to either overwhelm me or spoil a surprise. Right.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:02

Yeah, they said something of those lines in the channeling about the pyramids, that we wouldn't get that only once and then I feel actually that gives me a feeling of oh, we're taking care of you know, they're, they know what they're doing. About what is like the deepest spiritual insight that you have received in your whole journey that just amazed you.

Erin Lyons 53:32

Well, what I can tell you is, when you truly know that you are source, it creates a invincibility. That is the highest wisdom that you can obtain. And hopefully it becomes experiential for you. But truly knowing that you are source allows you to no longer entertain all of the conditions and illusions and circumstances of reality that will create suffering. Because suffering always stems from believing that you lack something, if I know that I am everything, I can never be in a state of lack. And so there's just continuous joy, that and then the second thing I will say is I'm just hearing this as joy, I'm trying to find the right way to break it down. The fact that we can create joy at will joy to create that you as a creator is the highest joy source loves creating through us this is just like an infinite playground playground of possibility. So when you stop yearning for just like I need to be something or do something and you just fall in love with what Do I want to create because I know my soul is channeling infinite intelligence into something that is also the ultimate freedom those two together that you are the I Am, and you can never lack anything, and that you are a creator. And your only job is to create things that you love and things that that excite you and expand you ultimate liberation.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:25

And now we had some balloons kinda

Erin Lyons 55:30

like celebration, right on time.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:34

That's so inspiring. Oh, this has been super inspiring. I want to ask you a couple of questions that I asked many of my guests. And the first one is what is self love to you, Eirin.

Erin Lyons 55:45

Self love is self acceptance under any and all conditions and circumstances. You have a good day. Love yourself, you have a bad day love yourself, you make a mistake. Love yourself. It's entering a an unconditional relationship with self. So I have something that I always tell my audience and clients which is I learned that or I learned how to become my own biggest fan. And I can do no wrong in my eyes is something that I say? Not for most, this assumes that you already operate in spiritual integrity. But what that really means is, I am okay with being an imperfect being that is my perfection.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:30

That is beautiful, very helpful. What is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Erin Lyons 56:41

It just is. It just is. I know that's very vague and simple. And not the sexiest thing to say. But it just is just beingness itself. If you can start becoming interested like a child in beingness again, the curiosity of just being the amazement of just being you know, when you're observing a baby and they're like watching their hand and they're like, you know, everything is new if you can become that again become childlike, again become like a baby, everything will renew itself right in front of your eyes, everything will be reborn into a new possibility. So what happens is we go through life, and we have all these different experiences. So we start relating to reality in different ways. And then we have assumptions and expectations, the more we can start stripping down those assumptions and expectations that were made, everything will become new because we will be accessing the quantum. So what you thought was one thing can now present itself in a different way it can become something totally different. And that is infinity.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:03

That is so exciting. I love that

Erin Lyons 58:07

they're very expensive, very expensive.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:11

So as barring. Where can people connect with you? If they really want to work with you or follow you where where would they go?

Erin Lyons 58:18

Sure. You can also follow me on instagram erinlyonsofficial And you can also check out my YouTube erinlyonsTV.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:30

Nice. Thank you so much, Erin, for coming to the show.

Erin Lyons 58:34

This was amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you beautiful

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