In this episode, we delve into the enigmatic world of orbs, interdimensional communication, and the afterlife with Kim Carey who shares personal experiences and profound insights.

This fascinating conversation explores how orbs—spheres of concentrated spirit energy—serve as a bridge between our world and the next, offering comfort and guidance to those of us still navigating our earthly existence.

Orbs – a receiver of energy from diseased loved ones

Kim’s journey with orbs began after witnessing their presence in a video. Captivated by these mysterious lights, she started exploring their significance and realized they were much more than random flashes of light. For Kim, orbs became a medium through which deceased loved ones could send their energy and messages of reassurance.

The conversation takes a deeper turn into the realms of the afterlife and spiritual growth. Both Kim and Jannecke stress the importance of overcoming the fear of death, viewing it as a critical step towards spiritual evolution. They touch on the role of modern technology in enhancing our ability to perceive and interact with spirit energy, making the invisible more tangible.

Manifestation and the power of intention are also key themes. Kim highlights that while manifesting desires requires high vibrational energy and focused intent, it is not always straightforward. Yet, with the support of guides, angels, and orbs, individuals can navigate their spiritual journeys and achieve personal growth.

This interview is a testament to the enduring presence of our loved ones and the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of the spiritual, urging us to open our minds and hearts to the mysteries that transcend our physical reality.

Transcript of the interview

Kim Carey 0:00

It's a human thing to miss people. I was kind of locked in grief. And I sat down and asked the orbs to come in and, and heal my grief, help me. So I filmed. I set up my camera and I sat down. And I just asked them to come in and heal me. And what they were helping me do was release the grief.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:36

Hello, Kim, a warm welcome to the show.

Kim Carey 0:40

Thank you so much again, thank you so much for having me.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:44

I love that we're both in blue today. Like totally coincidental. Blue is my favorite color.

Kim Carey 0:52

It's my favorite. It's my favorite color to where my favorite colors being, but I do love wearing blue.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:58

There you go. Now you are an intuitive empath, and an orb communicator or an orb whisperer. And you also have a YouTube channel where you give predictions on politics. But I want to focus on orbs today. And I'm curious how did orbs get into your life? And how and why did you start to communicate with them?

Kim Carey 1:21

It kind of started for me, when well, I had seen orbs, you know, you see them on ghost shows and things like that. But like you I kind of didn't unders really understand what they were. And then I happen to come across a video. It's an old video, but it was of a woman who had lost her son. And at one end, the cameras are filming her. And at one point, she says, Okay, come in the room. And all of a sudden, this orb kind of floats into the room. And she says, Can you come in as a pink orb? And then here comes a pink orb and floats right to her comes right to her? And then she says can you come in and go to your guitar comes in and goes to the guitar. And I'm sitting here watching this thinking? It this is real. This is kind of astounding and groundbreaking. And why aren't we focusing more on this? What is this? And so that's kind of where I got very intrigued and very interested in orbs and realizing that there's it's not only something physical that we can see, but there's an intelligence behind us that behind it. That's provable. And I just loved that combination. And so I got in touch with I kind of started looking furiously around the web, trying to find out how I can, how I can do this, what do I need to do to do this. And I got in touch with a woman whose name is Teri Chapman. And she also has channel and she, she's a photographer, so she does orb work to photograph the orbs. And she gave me a few tips that kind of got me off and running. And it's taken years, but and working on it all the time. But now I have probably 1000s of videos, pictures of my interactions with orbs. And so that's how it started for me. And I knew that there was something about this, I didn't know how. But I felt like there was something about this that could be used as a tool for grief. To help people to not only just know, and not only hear about, but to see with their own eyes, that their loved one is fine. their loved one is okay. So that's kind of how it started and kind of why I stuck with it.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:55

Past fascinating, ah, and I find it also fascinating that you know, some people like yourself, discover something, and then you go all into it. And for me, you know orbs is interesting, but it's not my main thing. Like I don't know too much about it. But that's for you. And it seems like to me, I'm just always, always fascinated by how the universe is Spirit just gives us all these different passions, because I love that I can be here speaking to you and you like having so much passion and knowing so much about this. So this is clearly something that is part of your souls purpose, it seems like now for those of us who are a bit new to orbs, can you please explain what it is.

Kim Carey 4:38

An orb is a sphere of concentrated spirit energy. And my view of what an orb is has changed over the work that I've done with orbs because it can be the actual person. It's a way to travel in this dimension that is It's accessible to the spirit realm. So it can be the person. But usually when you see an orb, it's pets. Its spirit guides, its angels Archangels. It's that kind of thing. What I have realized, and it was through an experience I had with my dad, my dad is on the other side, and he helps me all the time, in all my experiments and the things I want to do, and when he was here, he was an engineer. So he's fascinated by, you know, when he was here, he was fascinated by technology and new breakthroughs. And I, this is with the the invention of the iPhone, and with lighting and different kinds of security cameras and things, we're catching these things. And so he helps me with this all the time. And when I was having one interaction with him, in particular, orbs for coming in, I was asking him to send me orbs. And as I looked into the kitchen, where he was standing, I could all of a sudden, see his silhouette. Standing there, and as they kind of focused in, I could see his hands kind of go like this in front of him. And or move quickly in front of him, and then an orb would shoot out. And so what I realized, I still get chills when I tell a story, for some reason, when what I realized is that, when it's our loved ones, most of the time, they're standing there sending out the orbs, it's kind of like I think of it like blowing a kiss, they're sending out their energy. And, and that is how my view of it changed. And so now when I do the orb medium ship, a lot of times because of the way the lighting is, and because I do it on a white background, you can see the person standing there. And it's kind of a wavy, it's hard to explain, but it's kind of wavy, and in you can see the movement. And that's the the light, the light being standing there, and sending out the orbs. So that so my view has changed as far as what it actually is. I thought oh, it's that is the person it's you know, but but that is not the case, at least not in my personal experience. That's not what that's not what it is.

Jannecke Øinæs 7:43

All right. So this leaves me leaves me over to how you see them, actually, because you mentioned camera, and I was thinking in my head that you could also see orbs, like around you. But is it only on camera, they're juicy orbs.

Kim Carey 8:02

So the camera illuminates them and makes them bigger, so we can see them because they're just tiny. When you see them with your naked eye. There's one video in particular that I can share with you. And it is like an orb explosion happened to my room. It happened to be when I was when I was in prayer. And I share it on my channel because it's such a good example of the fact that when we pray, especially when we pray with intention, something happens, the energy changes. It does something it does something physical that we can't always see. But it does something and so I want I wanted to show that to people. But in the video, I'm kind of looking up and on the ceiling, I could see sparks all of these sparks on the ceiling. And at the time, I thought, Oh, I'm just tired, I need to go to bed. But then when I looked back at the security footage, it's like an explosion of orbs just goes up right in front of me. And so to the that's an again, that's how I learned that to the naked eye. A lot of times they're just tiny little things that float, or they're they look like little sparks. The camera just helps us to see them to illuminate them and to be able to see them more clearly with our naked eye.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:29

How do you know that because he says something about that is provable? How do you know that it's not dust or something in the eye? I mean, I feel like sometimes I've been seeing things and no that was just like my eye or something like that I had something on my eye like it and we could imagine that it could be Dustin something wrong with a camera or just to be a bit skeptical here.

Kim Carey 9:54

Absolutely. And I and I I consider myself a skeptic even though I work in this, and I do this all the time, and all the different weird experiences I've had, I'm still very clear headed about it. And when I do this work, I treat it like a science experiment. So I'll have them repeat things over and over again. A lot of times I'm apologizing to them saying I'm so sorry. But can you do that one more time? Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke? Or an accident? That to the orbs? Yes, yes. So if they come in, and I if I say like, you know, can you send in a pink orb and a pink or comes in, I'll have them repeat it. So I won't make sure it's just an accident or something that just happened to float in or whatever. So it's a it's an it's I treat it like a science experiment to make sure. But the other things that I do are I never some people do film outside, I never do. I always film in this room. Because I the there's no, the windows are sounds weird, but the windows are kind of sealed. So nothing can really get in, like no flies are a little bugs or anything like that. And then with dust, dust has a very it has a look to it. And it has a way that it moves. That's different than orbs, usually dust, if you sit down and you turn on the camera, you'll see dust kind of fly up and then fall. And that's usually what dust does. Does also doesn't, doesn't react, it doesn't have intelligence, right. And when you have a conversation, or you have an interaction with an orb, there's intelligence behind it. There's a particular video that I can share also where I play high five with the orbs. And we were sitting there in our living room, and all of a sudden, we noticed on the security camera, all these orbs. And so just as just a fun thing to do, I put up my hand and I said, Ken, do you want to play high five, can you play high five, and all of a sudden, they start kind of just flying right over my hand. It's almost as if they were they started to line up on the other side of the room. And they were all taking their shot at trying to fly through my hand or come to my hand. And it was it was just a really funny and interesting reaction or interaction. And they also have a, there's a real playfulness, and a a real fun kind of feeling that comes along with this work. Just like it's exciting for us to have these interactions. It's exciting for them, because they're not in hiding. They want us to know we're okay. They're okay. They're fine. They're still here, they're still around. One interaction that was very interesting. And again, another thing that kind of lends validity to this is that sometimes their face will be in the orb. And a lot of times they'll use a photograph. And I'm not sure why that is. My mother. There's one of my mothers that I have where I took a still picture. And it looks like her as a young woman. And there's a particular photograph that it looks like, I know that sometimes they'll the orbs will have the face of them as a child like a photograph that exists of them as a child. But one that I had was very interesting, was a woman's cat. And she asked me I bring in a lot of pets. She asked me to bring in her cat. She was just heartsick that her cat had passed away. And so I say, you know, come you know, come in fluffy and let your mom know you're okay. And out of the dark, complete darkness comes this little orange or just kind of floats up and come straight to the camera, which is a very orb thing to do that comes straight towards me because I asked them to do that because it differentiates maybe other orbs in the room. And it came straight up and it was this little orange orb and it came right up to me and I sent it to her and just a text and said here you go. And you know, fluffy is okay. And she said, That's fluffy. She sends me back that message this that's fluffy. And I said yeah, no. And she said no, that's fluffy. And she sent me a picture. And her cat is this orange cat. And right in the center of that orb is that cat's face. So it's it's it's incredible sometimes what how they use this method to, to not only just the act of of sending the orb out, but how they relate other messages. Um, recently, I've started getting a lot of orbs that are kind of stuck together in different forms. And what I realized through another orb reader was that that is sacred geometry. And they're they're starting to use sacred geometry to get more messages through using orbs. So yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 15:24

I have to ask the question, because I feel that someone in the audience will want me to ask this question now. Could you bring in orbs right now, like, it would be amazing, if we

Kim Carey 15:40

I'm always open to orbs coming in, I'm always open to orbs. And I, I bet with something like this, I a, I don't feel like the lighting is correct. Like if I if I hooked up my camera, and it was a darkened room, and I had the the lighting the way that it, it needs to be to illuminate them. Absolutely. But in this kind of lighting, sometimes they will, you can kind of see them, I've had videos where I've been doing mediumship or a reading or something, and you'll see them float by or float in. But usually it's because of the way the lighting is that you can't always see them. It definitely when I've done readings on my channel, I have a security camera in here just for that just to see the orbs that come in. And they're they're kind of here all the time there. Especially when I'm doing something like this, or when I'm reading, they come in all the time, it's just the way that the the light is. Because that's what that's what helps us to be able to see them impossible. And you know, I would they can come in there, I can feel them here. That's why I'm like they're here, but you just can't. It's because of the way the lighting is. But that's why it's, it's so important. They make my earrings. So I know that they're here, they're just letting me know, but but the reason that that how we've powered technology has developed and grown is part of its kind of technology kind of meeting the paranormal or technology kind of meeting spirit to make these things possible. It's all kind of to me it even now, especially with our things, so many people with ndS come forward, we're seeing so many people with pre birth memories come forward, and then we're able to share it in this format, with this technology where it can go all over the world. In my opinion, and what I've, I've had these conversations with my guides before, that there is something about our fear of death, here on the planet that is impeding or holding up our spiritual evolution. And that's why we're seeing again, there gonna be a why there. There's just a little thing that happened to me all the time. But there's something about that that's impeding our growth, and our evolution as as spirits. And so we're getting all of these tools, and we're having all of these people come forward to share their experiences, even medical science, being able to bring people back after they've been dead for 15 minutes, you know, things like that. It's all part of this effort to get us to stop focusing on that, because when you're not afraid to die, you live differently. You take more risks, you you're you're more open, you're more you're you're more willing to to have fun, and just have fun here, you know, when you don't have that dark cloud hanging over you all the time. And it's, in my opinion, this is all an effort to get us to stop being afraid of that and stop focusing on it in a way that's hurting the way we live.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:12

I just wish sometimes they could just show up on camera like angels and ETs and everything and we're here.

Kim Carey 19:20

You know what I am telling you that day is coming that day is coming because there will be a point I think in that we will be have had technology and availability to pick up some kind of device that's like a phone and call grandma on the other side and say how you doing? Are you doing okay? Honestly, it's getting to that point because we even even now we do have spirit boxes and things where we can pick up spirit voices and things like that. So we're getting there. We're getting there.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:49

I'm curious about the different orbs because you mentioned that a lot of the times are pets. They can be Archangels I think you said there can be spirits like have people who have passed on? And you call yourself an orb whisperer. And I'm wondering, so who are showing up the most for you? And what are their messages to us? Like is, is it like sort of your channeling? So they have sort of, you know, a special teaching or a message? Yeah, I'm curious about that if you can share, like, if they have like, a message for you or humanity.

Kim Carey 20:27

For, for me, and for the work that I do, I feel like, this is, for me, this is all about helping people will move past grief, to be able to kind of move on and know their loved ones. Okay. So that's, that's, that's the big thing. And also, to know that we go on with this is not it, this is not, you know, and, and maybe every single thing is an answered for us or such curious beings. We want to know it all. And that's, that's great. That's how we find out right as being curious. But as far as, as messages, you know, it, it depends. There's one particular video that I can share. That is, it, it's a video where my mom has just passed away, I think it's about a month after my mom passed away. And I was in this, I was kind of locked in grief. And ice, I sat down and asked the orbs to come in, and, and heal my grief helped me because I couldn't, I couldn't move out of this stage of grief that I was in, even with the work that I do. And even it's, it's a human thing to miss people. We know them as this person. And when that person is not there in their physical body, being that person for us, we miss them, we miss that physicalness of them being there. So I filmed I set up my camera and I sat down. And I just asked them to come in and heal me. And you see, the orbs come in and dip down right through me, over me. Around me, they just start flick coming in one at a time. And they kind of dip down through my mind. And through my body. What was happening to me in that moment was I could feel their love. But also I could feel that that feeling building in me where you want to just burst into tears. And I just started to sob. And what they were helping me do was release the grief. They were helping me to let it out I needed to cry. I needed for it to come out. And so in that interaction, because what I would say is that the message, or the what they're there for changes with each interaction. In that instance, it was to help me heal. It was to help me move past this grief. And I was asking for the help, and they were there to help. Sometimes it's just to show that they're there. That's what their family wants to know, in the orb mediumship that I do I ask yes or no questions are there to answer the questions for people. And when most of the time you'd ask the Who is it most of the time, for me most of the time, it's guides, angels Archangels coming in to help me with readings, I have a big team around me that that helps me with readings. And they also come in as what I do the or mediumship they come in as support for for the person that I'm about to be speaking with the spirit I'm about to be speaking with, they come in as support, because this takes energy to have this interaction. And so when they come in, and they're supporting the spirit that they're they're holding the energy so that we can have this conversation we can have this interaction. Usually the interaction less seconds, and with the or mediumship it lasts minutes. And so there's a lot of support there. And there's a particular video that I can share that I usually share before my Before I begin my session with the person so they can see with their own eyes. How much support there is and how much help there is in this interaction happening. I'm not doing it by myself. There's a lot and lots of support and help to make this interaction possible. And what you see is, as I'm sitting on the plop down and sit on the bed and I've got, I'm kind of talking, and the orbs start to flow in, and they're all kind of flowing towards me. And they come in and come in and flow towards me. And as soon as I flip the camera over to film, or I'm going to be filming the Spirit, they all turn around and start going the other direction to be in support of that spirit. And it's, it's astounding to see it, when you see it with their own eyes. It's like, oh, my gosh, what is going on, but that that is what is happening, they're coming in, they're entering in to support me and what I'm doing and help me to build my energy and, and keep my focus. And then they're there to help and support the spirit that's come in to have this interaction.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:49

Now, is this a skill that you have an a gift that you are born with, to see this and communicate with orbs? Or can we all communicate with them? And if so, how?

Kim Carey 26:03

Okay, so that's the Yes, so you can learn to do this. And I and I do believe just like, we all have abilities to different degrees, like you said, my intro, I really intrigued and interested in this. And like you said, I think it's part of my path. That's part of what what I'm here kind of to do facilitate or help. But I did a class that is it's on my website. And it's it's just a little class that kind of gives you all kinds of tips and help and ways to communicate through cards and through the dowsing rods, there's all kinds of different ways to help the communication. So you do get the bigger messages or things they want to get across. But I would say the two most important things, because you can use any camera, any any iPhone to do this. The main thing though, and I would say the two, the two pieces of advice I would I would give or the two pieces that are most important when you want to do this and start to have these interactions is to one, be clear on your intention, kind of what are you? Why are you doing this? Are you just pure and it's okay, it's just but it's just getting clear on your intention of what you're what you're wanting and why you're doing this. And also to to make sure you're not afraid. Because I'm telling you that when my husband I because he was kind of like oh, or absorbs. He's very he's not acidic. But he's he's very, very skeptical. And he, he, he picked up the camera and I said look at all these orbs. And he's like, Are you sure that's not just death? And I said, Well, I talk to talk to him and tell him to come towards you. And he did. And they all start, they started coming towards them. And he's like, Oh my gosh, it can be startling when you have these interactions. And you realize, oh, this is really spirit energy. And I'm having this experience. And some people, they, they may feel they want it or they they are they do want it but there is that little bit of fear. And so make sure that you've cleared that and that you're you're not afraid because they're, it's they they don't want you to be afraid because when you're afraid it stops the progress, it stops you from reaching out. Fear can be a real inhibitor it can it can really kind of make you back back down or back away. And they don't want that they want you to stay engaged and keep keep reaching out.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:45

And isn't that also because fear has a low vibration and then will not matching their vibration? Perhaps? Absolutely,

Kim Carey 28:53

absolutely fear Oh, but we know that fear is our big it's our it's our big thing to overcome here and everything you know, so it's the and, and they are so the the opposite of that, like you said, it's completely different vibrations that do not go together. So they don't want to it's the last thing they want to do is instill fear or or help us or make us have more fear about something that already we're kind of like so make sure that you're because I'm telling you they're they're loving. I've never ever had a bad bad interaction or reaction or something that was was scary or evil or bad or nothing like that. They you can feel the love and the joy as soon as they come into the room. You can feel it because just how it makes you feel where you get that excitement and that oh my gosh and it's just so fun and and it it really is a confirmation that not only do we go on, but we're very much ourselves, they have personality, they reflect the personality of the person when they come in. So it's very, after life affirming, it really, really is.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:19

You might have been saying this, and then I've forgotten it. But in a way, I'm wondering, so why come as an orb, when you just can come as a spirits? Like, like in a bigger version? For instance, if my grandmother is here? Why would she come as an orb and send these orbs out? Why couldn't she just you know, I feel her energy. She is here on that set in a way. Like, why go through the middle way of an orb?

Kim Carey 30:53

I love that question. I love that question. Because I'm, so I'm, if you, if you don't mind, can I can I give a story to illustrate? Probably why. After my, my father passed away, in 2000. And this was way before I was raised in the Mormon church. So I was still in the church at that time. So this is way before any of this, for me started. It didn't really start until after I left the church, but But anyway, at this point, I was still in the church. So it was long before I even really understood abilities or anything like that. And that that whole month. My my sisters, I have four sisters, and my mom and I were taking care of my dad. And it was round the clock care. And during that time, I was getting calls in the middle of the night all the time. And so it was just this constant, just a roller coaster. And when he passed away, the night before his funeral, I had gone to sleep. And about an hour or two after I went to bed, I kind of woke up and opened my eyes and I could see my husband standing in the room and it looked like he had the phone it was back we had big cell phones has had the phone up to his ear. And he was kind of just pacing around the room and kind of like he didn't seem alarmed or anything like that. He was just kind of walking around the room on the phone. And I sat there and I thought oh my gosh, what's happened now what's going on? And you know if something happened for the funeral tomorrow or So I'm sitting there watching him for a minute, two minutes, three minutes, and he's not saying anything. And I'm like, is he just listening on the phone? What is going on? So finally, his name's Adam. And I finally I just said, Adam, and he, my husband sat up next to me. So I had been watching this person walk around the room paced around the room, and he jumped out of bed. I thought it was my husband. And because it was so clear. It was just like a person walking around the room that I'm watching. He jumped out of bed, flipped on the light. Because all the only thing I could muster when I realized my husband was next to me was Who's that? Who's that? So he leaped out of bed thinking there's an intruder in the room, turn on the light. And as I looked as I stared at the the person in my room, it as I lost my focus it it like it kind of like faded out. And it turned out as I thought about it, it was my dad. But why I didn't recognize him as my dad was because he looked my husband's age, he looked about 30 years old. And so it was I just thought it was him because I could see him it was just like a person in my room. And the reason he had his hand up again, this isn't like afterwards when I thought about it was because when he passed, he had a huge he died of lung cancer, he had a large growth on the side of his neck that was like a golf ball. And I feel that he was he was feeling his his face because it wasn't there. And so and, and I think he was just kind of checking in on us and just just being bad, you know? But so the answer to your question, it's kind of in that story, to be able to see spirit with our own eyes. You know, because when it mediums the spirit it's with their third eye, it's with their their seeing with their third eye and in their third eye become so open that it's like they can see them with their eyes, but they're really not they're seeing it inside their head. So to see it with our own eyes, it's not impossible. But it is a type of focus that we just, we just have a really hard time with. When a spirit leaves the body, they're in a spirit form, that they can perceive us just fine, they're there, and they're fine. But we have are limited by five senses, we can't perceive them anymore. So it's incumbent upon us to open up and work on those other senses that we have. And that is why and usually it is easier in the physical form, to sense to feel that kind of thing usually comes first, being able to focus on a spirit, with our physical eyes, is just very, very difficult, because we're in a limited position. But that I feel like that's a good story to kind of illustrate why that is, we can we can see them if we if we work on it. And we really try but it's very, very, very difficult. Even the most gifted psychics usually don't see it with their eyes, they're seeing it in their in their third eye. So but and then, with with the orbs, again, we're using the camera, right, where it's being illuminated by a by a device. So we're able to look through that device. And that gives us a better picture. We do have devices now that there is a video on my, on my channel where I'm doing psychometry in a cemetery. And there is a device that like the Kinect, and it shows kind of a almost like a stick figure that can make out that spirit energy, you can see it. We're getting there. Like I said, I think we'll get there, I think we'll have devices that we can see people and we can we can do all of this and it will be very, you know, and then we can all do it. But right now, it takes a lot of skill and time and effort to be able to see with your eyes. So does that answer your question?

Jannecke Øinæs 37:29

Yes, I think that was very clarifying. And I love the story. And it reminded me of my mother's story. And I'm allowed to share it. It was very similar. And she woke up it from a dream. So he started out as a dream she was sleeping. And then all of a sudden she sees this monk in front of her in the dream that has this hood. And in the dream, he slowly turns around. And then as he does, she's waking up, and she's waking up and then she sees his her father standing at the foot of the bed. And he's around 30 years old as well. I know and she's like stretching towards him like father and father's you It's you. And then he dissipates like in in the Yes, exactly. Calling me like do you know what happened? And you know, she's no woowoo and has never experienced anything similar? And wow, yeah, that's amazing.

Kim Carey 38:32

Yeah, it's kind of a, I would, I guess I've gone back to that story a million times and tried to pull more and more out of it. And it really is like that. It's like a relaxed gaze. That's kind of the and we're most in that. As you said, kind of as we're waking up as we're going to sleep. We know a lot of out of body experiences and things like that happen just before you go to sleep. Just that moment, that tiny moment before you go to sleep. Yeah, so there's there's something in that, that that that teaches us it's kind of a relaxed state, a meditative state, we quiet the mind. And there's a way of gazing or focusing that is is attainable. It's you can't do it. It's just you know, we have lives to live and we gotta go to bed and get up and you know, it's not always the priority.

Jannecke Øinæs 39:25

Right. We usually don't spend much time in that in between state is like oh waking up and sleep and and it is right there in between sleep and awake state where you can pop that window, and obviously weird stuff to like beings in the corner. Standing there. Did I just hear that and then forever wondering what that was. But yeah, also very, like serene and quite serious and it was in a difficult time in our life. So that was incredible that that happened. But I wanted to circle back to your abilities because it seemed like you had you know, before you started seeing orbs that you had psychic abilities, is that so?

Kim Carey 40:10

Yeah, I mean, I consider myself an intuitive Empath, like you said, I use intuitive because I think it's just a much more relatable word sometimes. I think a lot of people know that they've had intuitive experiences, but not necessarily psychic experience. So I think people can just relate to it better. But yes, and I, you know, I, I, like I said, I grew up in the Mormon church. So I've always had a very, I've always been a prayer, I've always been like, is the one that with that really felt like they had a connection, to just source to God, to Jesus, you know, I had these kind of little, these, it's just the verbiage has kind of changed as I've kind of moved into psychic abilities or, you know, and, and understanding more about spirit guides in the spirit realm and how things are. So I use different words now. But even back when I was in the church, I remember being very aware that or picking up on the fact that if I prayed about something during the week that I had a question about, or I was having a problem that I knew that on Sunday, during church at some point, I would get the answer. And I just knew that I just, I picked it up once and I just knew it, and it it never failed to happen. It would come in a song, it would come in a conversation with someone, it would come in a talk, it would come in some way. And and that was my first real kind of give and take from the other side. It was kind of that that communication.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:00

Jump in. I'm curious about the prayer part. And I found that interesting when you mentioned that there's an energy around prayer, because a lot of people like myself as well have been thinking about prayer, and the same context as Christianity. And then I've never seen myself as religious. So I wouldn't pray like that wouldn't feel natural. But somehow I've come back to the prayer part. And it feels good to pray again. And I don't know if it's part of my childhood upbringing that I pray I prayed when I was little. But now it has become more spiritual to me to pray. And I've also learned through my interviews, that it is something that happens, could you share because I know that you are into prayer, like what actually happens from your perspective? What do you think about it?

Kim Carey 42:52

When will prayer is just it's all it is, is a way of reaching out. It's a way of wanting the connection. It's that intention, right? I want to connect and it's just a form of showing that showing that I want to connect meditation can be that where you're opening up you want to connect to something higher, something bigger. Prayer to me is just more direct is like the direct line. You know, I want to you know, I want to ask my guides a question I want to talk to Jesus, I want to talk to God I want to talk it's just kind of that direct. Really saying out loud, your intention what you would like from the interaction, what you what you're wanting, what you're hoping to gain or what you're hoping to get from it. Whether it's an answer to a question, or just you know, I want to ask, you know, God, why am I here or whatever, it's just a way of of like I said, it's more of a direct to me that's more of a direct line to get what you want out of it. But also to declare what you're what you're doing, what your intention is.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:08

I think that many people including myself have been afraid that then I'll go into lack mode like god please I long for this please make it happen and thus putting you know the universe on a pedestal and me little here is something to happen because I'm powerless. So that has I've been afraid I think and like I'm analyzing myself that Howard state and I'm not manifesting in the right way because I'm asking please Can this happen? I'm not saying it like that, but that that could be the energy you know, please God I want to meet the love of my life please you know that lack energy. So instead of in like manifesting, focusing, stepping into my power, my raising my frequency See and stuff like that. Because then it's sort of that that separation, you know that God is there, and God is either giving it to you or not, because you've been a bad boy or bad girl. So I've been like, not wanting to go into that. And I'm now I'm bit personal, but I think many perhaps can relate to this.

Kim Carey 45:21

Yeah. And I think, you know, I think it's where you are in your development, you know, I think, you know, my prayers have changed, as I've grown into a different way of my different developing differently in my spirituality, when I was little or younger, you know, I would, you know, say, you know, please God, can I have some rollerskates, you know, things like that. But as I've gotten older, usually, a lot of times I'm expressing gratitude, or I'm praying that I will have, I will be an open channel for the person I'm about to read for the, you know, and it's unusually, it's more about asking for assistance, like, I know that I can do this, but I need that extra little bit of support. And I so I think that, you know, you can and if you do say, you know, I really want to meet the man of my dreams, please help me, God's not going to, or source or your guides aren't going to judge you for that. They're gonna just think you know, that this is what you want. And you're kind of saying, This is what I would like, and they're in support of that. It doesn't mean they're gonna hand you Mr. Right? It just means that they're, they, they know that you've kind of you do something, even then you kind of put things in motion. But it's just declaring, this is what my heart desires, and your guides. Source. The other side, your family, on the other side, your loved ones, want you to have what you want. They want you to be able to fully express yourself as this spirit as this person that you are right now they want you to have the fullest experience that you can possibly have. And when you when you pinpointed this is something that would make my experience more expansive, having a partner that I can grow with and learn with, that I can share with and I can grow, they want you to have that they don't want to keep that from you or say no, it's not time or who do you think you are. And so really what you're, whether you know it or not, what you're really doing is a you're putting, like you said you're putting things in motion, you're you're you're you're declaring something and that has power in it just because you're you and you're in this universe, and you're having this experience. But it's also calling in love and support from the other side for what you're what you're wanting what your what your, what you've determined, it could really help you expand, or what you think might be able to help you expand. And they want that for you. So there's no like, How dare you ask or don't you know, you can do this or it's none of that. It's allowing you to have that. The it's allowing you just to kind of grow as you grow, you know, and like I said, your prayers tend to change as you you change spiritually, your your prayers tend to be different. But you still sometimes, you know, please let me have a good day tomorrow, please, today was so hard.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:37

But it's not about the bicycle anymore.

So if I work on my vibration, especially one day, and I'm in high frequency, and I turned off all the lights and set the intention maybe lights on candlelight, and I put up cameras and invites or obsession, is it likely that they will show up? Or do would I need to do it again? And again? Is it sort of this relationship that needs to be cultivated? Is it about patience? Is it about maybe that I don't have or whether my field is expanded enough? Or maybe some other mystical reasons that we don't know of? So my question is, is it likely that they will show up if I do all these things?

Kim Carey 49:32

Yeah, it is it actually is. And like I said, making sure that what what your intention is why you're doing it just to have it straight in your own mind and heart and then you know, making sure there isn't any fear in the background for you making sure that you really want this experience and it can be really fun and, and having that sense of, of joy and fun and excitement about it. That is a high vibration, those are high vibration things that that will help it to happen. But if it doesn't the first time or the second time or the third, don't get discouraged, and don't feel like you're being shunned or something, because they want to come in. But there are, you know, even now, there are times where all I'll sit down to have a, an org mediumship session where I'm trying to record and trying to get, and nothing will happen. And I don't have all of the answers as to why that happens. Sometimes, I think maybe they're busy, it could also have something to do with the actual atmosphere. Because I've noticed that when, again, why this is but it is all energy. So, but sometimes when it's really rainy outside, it won't happen as much. And I don't know why that is, but it doesn't seem to. Sometimes when you're if you have the I always say to turn off the heater turn off fans, things like that to make everything still. But like I said, there's a lot of tips and little things that can really help. But there are reasons that I don't even know why, why they just don't show up sometimes. And, and it's okay, I kind of just have accepted that sometimes it's quiet. And I just say it's just a quiet night. And I'll try again tomorrow. But that's why the org medium should takes about a week to do because there there are days and times where there's just nothing. And I just think it's just until we know, we we don't know and it's okay, but it's not personal. And it's not to because you're not ready for it or something like that. If you say you're ready for it, and you're excited about it, and you want to do it, you can do it.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:57

That's inspirational. And there's always that mystical part of it, that I think we will never understand why certain things happen, why we do everything right. And still something else happens and all that always that mystical aspect that will be mystical for us. As long as it is. Yeah, who knows, maybe when we we will know it all. This has been such an inspiration. And there are a couple of questions I asked many of my guests and the first one is what is self love to you?

Kim Carey 52:32

Great question. Self love. For me, I believe that it's allowing yourself to be your, your true and most authentic self. And I think that, you know, in this world where of instant feedback from, from all corners, it can be a difficult thing to do, but I think it is, you know, being able to be to to be your fullest expression and most authentic self. And to me, that's it's the most profound act of self love that there is beautiful

Jannecke Øinæs 53:17

And what is happiness to you?

Kim Carey 53:20

Oh, well, happiness to me is when I am. For me again. For me. It's when I am in the absolute present moment. And I'm able to recognize and appreciate the little things you know, we're we're constantly taking stuff for granted you know, we get it go out and get into our car and don't even look at the, the beautiful, you know, roses that have sprouted up or the beautiful tree or this or that. So anytime I can I can quiet down and quiet my life down and and be focused in the present moment and really take in those little tiny things might you know being with my pet, or noticing you know that the plant has bloomed or those little things it and really have full appreciation for them that to me that is happiness is contentment, it's peace.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:20

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective

Kim Carey 54:26

The deeper meaning of life well, you know, I kind of feel like that we here that cup come to Earth. We're kind of the, the wild ones. We like to come to the Wild West here and have these very, very unique, dense, limited, weird experiences and we like to it's it's really really fun for us and and such an opportunity for you for growth and to understand who we are as spirits, you know, we come to experience what we are not, we come to experience the opposite of, if you're a rich person born rich, surrounded by rich people you don't normally know or understand what Rich is until you meet someone who's poor. And then you you realize, oh, I'm, I'm rich, this is I have all this stuff, or I have, it doesn't become clear, until you know what the what the opposite end of it is. So I believe that that's what this is all about is, is understanding ourselves and fully appreciating ourselves as, as spirits. That love, freedom, freewill, joy, all those things that we that we have, that we we can't fully understand until we know what the opposite of that is.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:07

I love that conversation. This was so much fun. Now, if other people are truly inspired to delve into or send this kind of topic, where can they connect with you?

Kim Carey 56:20

So I have a, my, my website? Well, first of all, the YouTube channel is Intuitiview. And that is kind of that has videos and all the stuff that we've been talking about. But my website is And you can go there and my classes are there, my cards, I have power of intention cards are there. And then to make an orb mediumship appointment, you can go there to do that as well. And we and read about it and understand what it is and how it takes place and what you can expect from that. And then, you know, I'm very accessible, If you have a question about this or your or you're curious or, or you're in the need of, of having a connection right away as a lot of times you will get in touch with me. If something has happened or something is especially if something is like an untimely death or a something like that, I I'll have people reach out to me and say can you just send me an orb and let me know they're okay. And and that is that's absolutely doable.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:35

Wonderful that that is available and possible. There's so much help out there. You're one of those angels. Thank you so much for coming to the show today.

Kim Carey 57:45

Well, thank you so much for having me. It was so much fun.

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