In this riveting interview, we delve into the extraordinary life of Sharon Sananda Kumara, who shares her extraordinary experiences of near-death encounters and spiritual awakenings. Sharon recounts her time as a Pleiadian soldier in ancient galactic wars, offering a perspective that challenges conventional knowledge and expands our understanding of the universe.

It wasn’t my time to die

While living in San Antonio, Texas, Sharon Sananda Kumara had a life-changing near-death experience during a tubing trip down the Guadalupe River with friends. After a day of fun, they boarded a small shuttle bus, which was packed beyond capacity. As the bus jerked forward, Sharon was thrown against the emergency exit door, which popped open, causing her to fall out and be run over by the trailer it was towing. Instantly, she found herself out of her body, hovering above the scene without fear or attachment, realizing she had died. In this out-of-body state, Sharon encountered her deceased stepfather, who told her it wasn’t her time to die…

I experienced cosmic battles as a Pleiadian soldier

Sharon Sananda Kumara believes that many star beings have incarnated on Earth to assist in its transition to higher planes at the end of a 26,000-year cycle. She describes this mission as bringing light to the planet and helping humanity remember its true nature. Sharon explains that many humans have extraterrestrial origins, often fleeing from conflicts in star systems like Lyra, and have come to Earth as part of a larger cosmic plan.

Her experiences challenge conventional understandings of history and suggest a vast, interconnected reality involving interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings. Sharon recounts vivid memories of her life as a Pleiadian soldier, experiencing both sides of cosmic battles, and emphasizes the importance of healing and integrating these memories to understand our true heritage and purpose on Earth.

This episode promises to expand your understanding of reality and inspire a deeper connection with the universe.

Transcript of the interview

Sharon Sananda Kumara 0:00

I believe that there's a lot that's going to start happening in the next 20 years, a lot that we can't even imagine 20 years from now. Our future selves are watching us and helping us. Because we do exist in the future. I realized that the higher realms of the higher vibrational realms or the future. Lower vibrational realms are the past. We already exist in these peaceful states in the future. So we just have to move into those, those states.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:30

Hello, Sharon, a warm welcome to the show.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 0:33

Well, thank you, Jannecke, because it's my pleasure and honor to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:37

And I love our similar background. Shirts today, really aligned. I have seen a couple of interviews with you, where you've shared your two NDE's, you have had two near death experiences, and actually tons of out of body experiences. And I find that very intriguing, because I've had a couple of myself. And I also know that you practice this, you really want it to connect with your stepfather, you have this, you know, drive to really have a way to speak to the other side. And I find that story so interesting. And so your life is packed with sort of mystical experiences. And we'll see how much time we have today. Maybe I have to come back to the show. And also, yeah, I love that. I know also, you today are a psychic medium, a healing facilitator, you can help people with so many different things. When spirituality I looked at your website, it's like, seems like what can you not do? It seemed like you had these gifts from you were an early child, isn't that correct? That you you saw things that other people didn't see?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 1:53

Correct. Yes. And I believe that as children, we all have the ability to see through the veil, I guess you could say are sensitive and that way. It's just that because of the way I was raised, I shoved it down, I guess you could say because it was scary for me. And when I started seeing what we call dead people saw my grandfather when he passed, and I was seeing beings in my room, which scared me. So when I tried to talk to my parents about it, or my grant, we'll ended up living with my grandmother at the when my sister and I were kids as well, who was strict Catholic, my grandmother was true Catholic. We couldn't talk about it. I mean, it's like, I don't know what you're talking about. It's just your imagination. So let's not talk about this type of thing. So I wanted to and I was also kind of a strange kid, I guess you could say I didn't fit in. So I tried to fit in as much as I could. And in shut that down because I had a lot of I was seeing a lot of visions of prophecy and things like that, from what I do remember my childhood, which wasn't a lot. But I do remember having those types of strange experiences and not being able to talk to anyone about them.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:09

And sometimes when people have a near death experience, they are like crack open, and all of a sudden they have these spiritual gifts. And I know you've had to and you had one when you were young, but it was the second one that sort of opened up the first one. So this is all connected here. So I think I would just love to hear your second near death experience. And let's go from there and share everything you feel is relevant to that.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 3:39

Of course, yes. The second one was in 2001. And I was lived in San Antonio, Texas, in the States and I was with some girlfriends, we were going in or tubing down the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, Texas. There was five of us for a friend's birthday. We had a really great day we went down the river had a lot had lots of fun. And then at the end of the day, we went to get onto the bus. It was a little school buses, the shuttle bus that would take us to back to our car that was parked cars that were parked at the outrigger, who's who shuttled us down up the river and then we would float down the river and then they'd pick us up and take us back to our cars. This bus was pulling a trailer where we piled in our inner tubes and ice chest. And so as I go, I was the first one in our group to get on to climb on the bus. At the end of the day, and I start to get on I see that the bus is forward in this a small bus. I think it holds 13 If I remember correctly, including the driver. And all the seats were full. And I went to turn around to get back off. And everyone's saying Go ahead, go ahead and they're calling us There were some people sitting in the back seat Come on, you can, you guys can stand in the doorway. So and there was people behind me that wanted to get on to is along with my friends. So I went ahead and got on the bus. And we packed the bus people standing in the Iowa aisle way, it was only a couple of miles or so two or three miles, I believe in to the outrigger. So I was up against, or I was the one that was closest to the emergency exit door that opens at the back of the bus. And the driver. He was it was a old bus that was for on the floor manual, manual shift gear shifts. And as he's driving, he's jerking us around as he shifting gears, and there wasn't really anything to hold on to the seats were really there were not a good way, there was no handles, let's just say that. So as he's pulling away from a light, they stop, like in moved into second gear and into third gear as he's moving into third gear, the bus jerks really hard and I am thrown up against the back door, the emergency exit and the door pops open. And I fall out of the bus. And I remember thinking, as I'm falling, I can't believe I'm falling out of this bus. And I fall and I my back hits the trailer hitch. And I bounce off onto the pavement and on my back and then in there recall bouncing on onto my side. And I'm underneath the trailer at that point as he's slowly moving down the road. And at that point, I realize that I'm under the trailer, and this is not good. And I scream in, in my mind as loud as I can stop. You're killing me. And as soon as I said that split second later, the tire of the trailer ran over my neck in my head. And that is when I popped out of my body through my head. Yeah. And the next thing i i recall, and I will say that I remembered this later, I remember bits and pieces, I remembered the physical part. But I remember bits and pieces and had to piece it together. But I remember what I was recalling, as I was remembering these, this experience looking down over my body and seeing my body I was maybe 50 feet up something like that 20 3050 feet, hard to judge, but I'm looking down at my body and I see my body in the middle of the road. And I didn't have any any fear or shock. I mean, I pretty much knew that's what was gonna happen. I believe that's probably what happened when I when I yelled out stop, you're killing me is when I knew that this was going to happen. So I'm looking down and I see a commuter bus moving toward my body. And I think I think oh, well, I hope that bus doesn't run over my body because that would make a big mess. But I had no attachment. I didn't feel any attachment to my body whatsoever. I knew that I had died. And I was thinking, Oh, okay, I've done this, or just this unknowing that I've done this before. This is not anything to be afraid of, I had a sense of peace and acceptance. I just knew that this was what we that we've done many times that I've done this before. And I've done it again. And I started thinking about my friends and that how this is going to be a real quick way to ruin their day. Here I go. And I remember thinking here I go and die on them. While we had a really good day had celebrated my friend's birthday and had a really good day. And here you know, that happens that's gonna ruin her birthday is blah, blah, blah. And, and then I thought about my we didn't get it didn't make me want to go come back. And then I started thinking about my partner, my boyfriend at the time I partner. And I thought he'll be sad and I just had these no ways that he'll be sad for a while but then he'll get he'll get on with his life. And then I thought about my sister who I was really close to she has a family. And I thought about her and that this would be really hard on her but she'll, she'll be all right because she has her family to support her. And then I thought about my mom, who I was really close to and I kind of took care of and my stepfather had already passed three years earlier, yeah, and 98. And I thought about my mom. And when I thought about my mom, I felt the presence to my right in behind me. And so I turned to my attention off the earth plane that I was looking at. And I and I turned and saw that my stepfather was standing there, not that far from me. And he looked really good. He died in his 70s. And he had lung disease. And so he looked very healthy. And it was wearing certain signature glasses that he wore that I recognized him. And I had already seen him in my out of body experiences by them. And I was really happy to see him in this scenario. And he tells me, first thing he tells me is, it's not your time. And I am a little confused, and I'm, I'm thinking, or we're speaking telepathically, but I want to stay, I want to stay here with you, I'm really happy to see you. And as we're having a conversation, well, he, he intuits to me that my mother needs me there's some things I still need to do with my mother and help her move across. Find her way, these types of things, and we're having that conversation. And she did pass not that much longer afterwards than I helped her, but I feel that I feel movement, I get a sense of movement to my right again, and we both look. And I see the portal opening up a tunnel. There are still my ancestors within the tunnel, somehow, I call it the ancestor portal and are eternal. And they when I looked at them, I recognize some of them that I knew in this lifetime, but didn't, wouldn't have recognized in my physical state, but recognize there that they were my ancestors, what we could call soul group, I guess. And I started to move forward toward it. I was like, drawn to it, basically. And but I noticed that they didn't, they weren't happy to see me there wasn't a celebration or anything like that, which I kind of expected. And, and as I'm drawn toward it, I see another portal beyond that one. And it's, it's like an opening up and it's like the sun is huge. And it's bright, just like the sun, but didn't hurt my eyes. And I my attention is drawn to that. And as I, as I gaze it that I see this figure coming out, this is all happening. At the same time. I see this figure moving out of this portal. It's like the sun. And, and, and he's in a white robe. This figures in a white robe, type dress, or the way he's dressed and are recognized as he comes closer. I recognize him right away as Jesus who I call YESHUA. And as soon as I saw him and recognize them, I flew to him. I didn't realize how much I really missed him. I was raised I believe I mentioned I was raised Catholic, but I wasn't a good Catholic, I didn't resonate with the the judginess of it and the the law a lot of the of the Catholic fundamental teachings. And my grandmother was pretty staunch. So it wasn't anything that I that I lived by that type of those types of teachings. Anyway, I recognized him or I flew to him. And he embraced me. We embraced. And he said the first thing he said was, it's not your time. Nice, I want to stay with you and I and I, and this is all happening telepathically. And in this state that is hard to describe here. And he's I hear him laugh, chuckle and laugh as as I tell him but I want to I want to be with you. I want to stay with you. And that was just an amazing sound. And then I look into any he he takes his hand and lifts my chin up and I see and I look into his eyes. And I described his eyes they were blue, very bright blue, the black, brightest blue you can imagine and I realized that I'm looking at the universe in his eyes. He holds the universe or in his eyes. And as he's gazing at me, I've failed as a are merging with him into the light where I was filled with His love and light, I was filled with love, I was filled with light I am, I am the light, I am part of the light. It was a something that was a night instantaneous, but it was a gradual merging with him. And then I realized that I'm mirroring back. We are merging as his one universal light in love. We're merging that way. And it's the most incredible feeling ever, which I'm sure on your show, you've heard people describe it much better than I can. But it's where it's tangible. And it's, it's so loving and amazing. Because that's who we are. There was I realized, and there was anything that I could have been worried about, or felt bad about, or anything like that any pain I might have had anything was gone, or felt guilty about it was completely gone. In this merging, I did not feel anything but love peace, tranquility, support, full support. So I can't say how long I was in that state. And we ended up he and I hear His voice. And he asked me as I come back to who I am a share. And he asked me he asked me would you like to go on a journey with me. And of course, I say yes. And he puts out his hand beside his hand for me to take his hand. And I take his hand can that right there as well was just an amazing feeling. I mean, he felt very physical, I mean, more than we feel physical here it was. I can feel every line every crevice in his hand. And I equate it to us wearing a glove over our senses here compared to the higher plane senses that we have. Because we can feel and we do feel very, very physical, more more physical than here. Because our senses are just so heightened. So he took I took his hand and as soon as I took his hand a lot, simultaneously, we're flying through the cosmos light stars, planets are whizzing by and I say you know, I don't know if we're flying through the cosmos of the cosmos is fine or moving through us. Who knows, right? Because as I've learned more about our reality, that might be what was what was going on. We come to and as we're doing that we come to a looks like another sun. And often the distance and but it's, it's more of a blue color. And we grow near that. And we move through this portal and we move through it, and I see a planet or planetoid another orb floating in space in this beautiful film at space. And it's a turquoise blue. And I recognize the planetoid the orb as a Homeworld for me. I recognize it almost immediately. as we as we become as we move closer to the planet. I start to, to memories start to come with me and I'm Marie come to me and I merge I start to merge with the consciousness of this planet which is a water planet. And I'd be in I'm aware of myself as the body of the planet the consciousness of this water planet. And I feel so much love and caring for all the beings on the planet that are on my body of this planetoid. And I and I also feel so much love and caring from the beings that are living and existing using my utilizing my body as their home. I'm in this state of of love and pure joy again with with as this planetoid. Is planet water planet. And after a while doing that alone, no, you know, time doesn't exist there. While I'm in that state, in that knowingness, I realized that my matrix is connected to the matrix of the planet. We, we become, I become the personality, Sharon, again. And Yeshua, he still has up my hand and we know we dive down into the planet, and then I under under the water. And then I realized that I am a water being on this planet, what we'd like would might call a MER. And I become, in contact, I am in contact with my greeted by my family, I become one of the murderers. They're one of the water beings, I recognize my family. I recognize my mate, my children, I have children. I am reunited with my, my parents, my ancestors, in my community there. And, and I don't kind of lose and I lose the sense of who I am as Sharon, and I become. My awareness is the water beam. After again, I don't know how long I was in that in that space, I hear yes, whose voice again in and he's guiding me back to, to earth, to my awareness, my mission on earth. And I have the conversation with him at that point that all right, I will go back. But I need to know that you're with me all the time, consciously that you are with me all the time, and I know that you're there. And he didn't. And he agreed. And as soon as he agreed. That was to say he didn't break that promise. But as soon as he agreed, I'm back in my body, on the on the pavement in New Braunfels, Texas, and I jump up get on the road, I see the bus coming. And I jump up and run to the side of the road. And, and at that point, the bus was still moving down the bus that I was in was still moving down the road. Any stops a couple blocks up buck and a half something like that. And, and my friends get off and run to me and they call an ambulance and I'm taken to the hospital. Nothing. Nothing is broken. I have road rash and I have muscle damage. I have a little bit of a neck thing with that type of that running over my neck. But yeah, how wasn't they kept me in the hospital for five hours x rayed everything and my hair was falling out from the tire tracks and in the pavement. The they were joking with me at the hospital that I had tire tracks across my head. And I it took me a couple of months to recuperate. My body. Yeah, it hurt. It hurt. There's a lot of pain. Yeah, so that was about that one.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:48

What an interesting and fascinating and near death experience. Thank you so much for sharing. Many questions here. Okay, so let's dive into you saw this other civilization what I become fascinated by and curious about is why Jeshua wanted to show you this. It seems like this existence. Being a water being must been a must be very important. For some reason. And it seems like that is more I don't know like your true self Are you have you reflected about so have I been more there than here? Because why did he show you that? Why was that important? Have you reflected about that?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 24:34

Yes. And I I forgot to share that. Yes, he did tell me that after this earth life that I can. I will be able to if I choose to focus a lot of my soul consciousness in that water in that life. Because that is a home world for me. When we have lots of home worlds, right where we come from All kinds of star systems in. And so but this one is one that that is really near and dear to my heart as a water being. Yeah, so he That's what he told me that's why he why I'm starting to feel the energy already. That's why he showed it to me. So I would remember it because he knew that that was my sorry, interrupt. He knew that that was my he knows that that is a special, special world for me.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:34

Right. Is that the case for all of us? Did you get any insights of that we're actually coming like earth people, you and I, and everybody else, we're coming from other places around the universe, and then we're sort of being visitors here on planet Earth? Or do you think some people are more Earth Bound? Sort of in that reincarnation cycle, perhaps reincarnating? Again, and again, on Earth? Only? Do you have any reflections about that?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 26:05

Yes, I do believe that there are a lot of star beings here who have come to agree to be in a reincarnation cycle to help Earth move into the higher planes, it's shifting that the end of this age because it's what I've learned is that we are in a, you know, we move in cycles. And so that we're coming to the end of a 26,000 year cycle. And so moving into that space was something that a lot of a lot of people have beens have come to the planet to help shift and which means we have to bring light to the planet and and understand who we are, remember who we are. And so we do when we agreed to be in the reincarnation cycle, the, you know, boots on the ground kind of thing. And I remember that during my, what the actual call my quickening after, after my near death experience when I was remembering all these these experiences my nd E. And he helped me with that.

Jannecke Øinæs 27:13

So it seems like actually few humans have just been on Earth.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 27:18

Right. You mean the earth is their, their home planet? You know, there might be in, but I haven't come across any. You know, so there might be I don't know, I mean, I saw where I, I had a soul clarity where I felt from, from leading sources, a spark of God's spark of source all the way back where I was, you know, an amoeba up to a you know, and I mean, I as the consciousness that we are amoeba, you know, up to, is to a very to an elemental, to those types of and then moving into the human experience. I also saw the galactic wars and coming into this part of the galaxy, from, from the star system from other other galaxies during during the Galactic wars, if, if you have any information on that people are, I think talking about that as well. So I have those memories of doing that. And I think there's a lot of people here that come from other star systems to escape the wars. And in came together planets to do that.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:40

I have to ask about this, because I've heard of some wars, and I've heard bits and pieces, but it seems like you have some knowledge about this. And you say that you remember this? Could you share what these wars are about? What kind of wars who are in the wars? And how do you remember that and yeah, tons of questions there. But would love for you to just talk about that.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 29:04

What I understand and what I remember. And what I've learned is that what most of humans have come from the lions star system. Okay, humans have come from that star system. The reptilian type of a Draco reptilian type have been ended up hijacking a stargate in that system. And they are a conquering brace so that they could conquer planets and in we as the Lyran humans ended up losing the wars and had to escape our star system or our galaxy to to avoid being annihilated basically. And so we ended up moving a I'm finding this galaxy in different star systems around here and made homes here. The reptilian, the Draco Reptilian beings did follow. Some of us, the Anunnaki was here at the time, I believe, too. And so there was a lot that I mean, it's just so 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years that we are not taught where our true history is. And I remember being a soldier in the, in the Pleiadian wars as a Pleiadian soldier, that type of a female actually, in one life, I remember being a another rebel, a rebel Pleiadian, where I was not. So I was on the bad side at one point, because we have many, many lifetimes over 1000s and 1000s of years on other planets. And so I had lots of memories of that. And I was in pure terror at the time and going through, I guess we call it kundalini awakening, we were, I was moving through a lots of my memory banks, and didn't, didn't understand at the time until I was able to heal a lot. And Yeshua taught me that to heal a lot of these memories, so that I could put things into context and understand.

Jannecke Øinæs 31:19

Wow, it seems so complex and vast in a way. And it's so incredible, in many ways that we're so far off on our history books. But we have so many signs, nevertheless, you know, especially from Egypt, and in the Bible, and many other places and in our culture, that things have been going on that are not in the history books that I get curious about, you know, funny things like, okay, being played, and how does that feel like? In one way, I've heard that they are light beings that they have other types of bodies, but perhaps they also have their own evolution. So maybe they some of them have light bodies, others have not. So how did you experience this up? How did you look like?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 32:10

Oh, yeah, so they they have bodies like us, they're, they're, how I experienced they're light bodies are in the much higher realms densities. And we are, we're still physical beings in in the higher dimensions. And so I saw myself as a very tall blonde as a Palladian and I'm tall now, but I was taller than I'm five, eight now, but I was taller than as I saw myself and, and strong is all get out. You know, when I actually when I saw myself as a murderer, I was just seeing myself in some everybody experiences, I was just amazed at how strong my body is. I mean, just so strong. It was amazing. So I saw myself is that and still do I see lots of memories of space programs that a lot of us work in, but we don't remember. I mean, that's a whole other topic that's going down another rabbit hole. But there's just so many we're so multi dimensional, in that we have no idea. This is just a small part of who we are in our multi dimensional, you know, existence here and in human form our this earth human form, as I see myself as many different types of extraterrestrials is not just human.

Jannecke Øinæs 33:38

Hmm. I mean, I'm starting to realize that from other interviews, I've heard that right. Most of us or all of us are not from here. This is a grunt project and I've heard it again and again. But it's sort of like I understand it now on a deep level. Fascinating. I want to go back to being a murderer. Is that the same as a mermaid now? My English is a bit limited being in the witch and so that's a mermaid?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 34:11

Yes, you could call it a mermaid Yes. Then it made sense to me why I was so attracted to mermaids and dolphins and in beings like that in because I was also reunited with a dolphin, a dolphin that was a guide for me they're an elder dolphin and and so yes, what we would call mer who is basically kind of you know, a human type of upper body and then the, the this fish scaly type with a tail. I mean, I don't know how else to describe it. I've also seen myself as other aquatic beings where it's more of a reptile type I've seen like that but but in the world that that I was taken to I was more I was human and and very elegant and stuff. wrong and gorgeous and beautiful I, I've shared before in a in a really profound by experience where it you know, I know sometimes I don't know the difference when these experiences and memories of my time home right? Where it's the same. I'm in the eye, sometimes that will come out in my out of body, I just call it shift reality, and I'm underwater. Then I was having these memories these experiences a lot, then. And I Okay, it took me a little while to realize, okay, I can breathe, I don't have to panic. I had to teach myself to note remember how to breathe underwater. And so at this point, I am underwater. I know I'm in an ocean environment. And I see there's a dolphin in front of me, my dolphin guide and he's nodding his head to look down. Now I look down and I'm and I see that I'm a murderer. And I'm nursing a brand, a little newborn baby. I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is my baby. And then I started having this. Knowing that this is my child, this is my baby. And I was having memories of how that how we have children in my family and everything like that. So that was that was pretty profound.

Jannecke Øinæs 36:24

What I find fascinating is that we have mermaids in our fairy tales. We all know the little mermaids, mermaid and I even know that there are some people who say that they have seen mermaids I've never seen a mermaid and I'm not sure if I believe there is a there are mermaids on our planet, maybe in another dimension. But still, like why do we know about mermaids? Because they clearly exist on other in other civilizations out there in the galaxy. So to me that means that we're tapping into this knowledge in a way. So would you say that what you saw is like the mermaids we see in the fairytales. And do we also? Maybe you don't know. But do you think we also have mermaids here?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 37:18

The the mermaid beings that I had seen on the planet and have memories of the wild planet that I'm a part of? Yes, I they are very similar to what we see what we have seen. However, their their skin was more pale. I remember that the skin was more pale, almost like a dolphin color as far as when they're gorgeous, is just gorgeous beings. Gorgeous beings. Yeah. As far as having MERS on the planet, I do believe that they're that they're wormers on the planet during the time of Atlantis. And they might be I don't know if they're the same. Merce from, from the, from the planet that I'm from. But I do believe that there was experimentation. I have memories of Atlantis as well. And experimentation. And then there could be a Mersenne originated here. You know, I? I don't doubt it. I don't doubt it. I know I have also memory of seeing this planet. I believe I believe it was earth a long time ago. I don't. And to be honest with you, I don't know if it's a past memory or a future memory.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:42

And a feeling of your purpose here as a human in this incarnation. Because you're so open, you're having these gifts, and you're sharing it on shows like these, it seems like you have the purpose. Did the Jeshua tell you about that?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 39:00

He didn't tell me my my life plan. I believe that actually everyone has pretty much the same purpose. And that is to remember who we are and that we are loving that we are like, that's our purpose is to remember to eat and to heal what gets in the way of that. That that's everyone's purpose for being here on the planet. Still, I do believe that we have a life plan that helps us live our purpose, be our power be who we are. And he didn't tell me my life plan. He helped me remember it. He helped me uncover it. It's very rare I found with working you know, with people and myself that guidance usually doesn't tell give us answers like that. That the reason we're here is to help us uncover and to heal what gets in the way of us remembering who we are. And, and that we really have never left home with CES. This is some you know, I guess you could call it dream or projection or however you want to look at it. You know? And we just forgot that we that we feel we believe this is too real. And it seems real while we're here, of course. But when you start having other experiences out of body experiences and other realities, that's just as real as here, if not more. So it's like, Okay, what's real? And was it what is it right? But the only real thing is that we are love and that we never left home, that we are here having an experience, and we're here to heal and help others along the way. And so as far as my life plan, it was to heal a lot. Remembering my childhood, I didn't have any memory of my childhood, I shouldn't say any, I didn't have a lot of memory in my childhood. I didn't have memory of, of the violence in my childhood from extended family members. So I had to come back to heal that. So I didn't reincarnate again. I can, because like, we talked about, we're at the end of the cycle. And so I don't have to be here for another 26,000 years.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:14

So that is interesting. Because I wanted to ask you about those 26,000 a year cycle. I've heard that before, and not so much lately. But I'm glad you reminded me of it. Because that makes sense to me. So is that a thing that every 26 years Earth goes through a cycle where there's like, you know, a high civilization, and then everything goes bad, and then we start wakening up again, and then it starts starts all over, again, with perhaps new souls wanting to do that same evolution, or do you know how it works?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 41:54

But no, I don't. I wish I did. I wish I knew more about that. But I know that I studied the Law of One and loved one explains it a lot better. And I'm still studying it, because it's, it's very deep stuff. But I do understand that we and I know this from the bottom of my heart, and yet she was taught me this also that we move in cycles, all of all civilizations move in cycles, we time is not linear, it's cyclical. And so we don't really, we're repeating many cycles within the 26,000 year cycle so we can move inward. And if you look at source as the sun, and the the rings, that the light that comes out, we are on this spectrums that our souls move down the spectrums into the outer rings. And the the cycles, the rings around the sun would be would be the cycles that we move through, if that makes sense. And so we have like taught 2000 year cycles 2000 years ago is when Christ walked the planet, and he was crucified, and we are repeating that cycle in some way. Which makes sense with a lot. That's what's happening. We are, then we have a 5200 year cycle, and moving out from there. Meaning what we haven't cleared what we haven't healed during the cycles we repeat. And also in our own personal cycles, our own personal reincarnation cycle, what we haven't healed we repeat. And that's the work I do with with people as well, to help us because he taught me that. And that's another part of my life plan is to help others remember how we can heal. So we don't repeat, repeat our mistakes. I mean, it's not only in our current life, but in other lifetimes we, we forget or we might be traumatized so badly that we don't bring it into bring the experience into the whole lot of that happens to. So as far as why, as I understand it, we we come to experience. And the idea is to bring that experience into the hole. We are God we are expressing and experiencing through these, these bodies, these virtual reality devices, I guess you could say, and then what we don't what becomes fragmented parts of us through our soul. It becomes fragmented and we don't bring into the whole which is forgive, I guess you could say. Then we repeat it.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:58

All right. So So how can we prevent that we're coming back again, if that was a wish. For some souls that I don't want to come back here again, I want to go back to my star other star systems where my home planet is, I feel trapped in this reincarnation cycle. How can we Yeah, how can we get out of it if that's what we prefer.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 45:27

To remember that first of all, because we forget when we go to the other side a lot. So the more we know here, and the more we remember here, the more we know, when we when we leave our bodies, is what I've remembered. And so we're just to remember that we have a choice. However, when we're in when we're planning out our life experiences, wherever we decide to go, we see things a lot differently. This planet is like, I guess you could call it, or this realm on this planet is like college degrees. stuff because it's so tough here. As humans, we like to choose challenging experiences. But when we're here, we're like, what was I thinking? Why did I ever choose that? But when we're sitting there with our guidance, and we're out of the experience, we see it through a different lens, we see it as Wow, I did that I'm really proud of myself, Hey, give me more kind of thing. You know what I mean? So it's a choice. We just have to remember that. And then I do believe that after these few years, and that's why there's so many of us here waking up is because this is what Yeshua, Jesus and lots of masters teachers told us that been prophesized that we are coming to the end of an age and so that's what we're, that's where we're at now. So as far as reincarnation on this planet, I love this planet. I don't see anything wrong with this planet is just depends on how we heal. It's all about forgiveness, basically, just forgiving. What what is what is keeping us in pain?

Jannecke Øinæs 47:20

When you see or know that we're coming to an end of a cycle. How fast are we coming to that end? Like is it another 1000 years? Or is it like another 100? And do you think we will see change soon? Like you said something about that we won't experience like horrible wars or or that kind of behavior? How fast will we sort of become more advanced and highly evolved beings?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 47:51

Yeah. Good question, right. I believe that there's a lot that's going to start happening in the next 20 years, a lot that we can't even imagine 20 years from now, we won't even recognize ourselves that where we are now just like 20 years ago. I believe that we I totally believe I've been shown that we are moving toward a more loving way of living together and it has to start within us always has to start in our space first and then that radiates out and in yes was teachings are loving your enemy, I Gandhi's teachings are Be the change you wish to see in the world. There's just so much there that we can live by and not be in fear. Of course, you know, if you're in the in the middle of a war is different. However, remembering our mastery and who we are, helps, helps with everything, everything because this is just this lifetime right here is just a tiny moment in what we call time in the eternal the eternal existence of our soul because we all all are all eternal. Every one of us this lifetime is is fleeting, basically. And I also understand is the the people who have the more challenging experiences do rise the highest on the other side. So that you know, I believe that that's a that's a could be a fast track to stepping off the karmic wheel there is the more challenging your experiences, the sooner you get step off the wheel.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:59

I just had a fun it thought that a lot of those I interview have been channeling that ETs are coming or that they're already here in a way but that they will be more visible in the upcoming years very, very soon, like in a few years, like four years or something like that. And then I was thinking you speaking about how multi dimensional we are? Like, wouldn't we actually just meet ourselves in many ways?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 50:26

Yeah, yeah. Well, we're all one anyway. But every single person is a part of us. So yeah, we are. And you're right. I mean, I have these epiphanies, all the time that we are our visions awarenesses all the time that we, our future selves are watching us and helping us because we do exist in the future. And I realized that the higher realms of the higher vibrational realms are the future, the lower vibrational realms are the past. Okay? So that's where we say I'm going back, right? Going out to the past going back, yeah, I'm gonna go back to that, because we're going into the past and our higher vibrations or the future, our future selves, because we already we already exist in these peaceful stays in the future, which is in the higher realms. So we just have to move into those, those states. But yeah, I've gotten many, many, many messages that ETS will be aware of our extraterrestrial cells and in our higher parts of ourselves, selves, even though they're different personalities. They are still part of us. And so we have to be accepting of something someone different than us, just because we don't understand it not fair. You know, I've told my my extraterrestrial peeps, my star beings to show themselves, Okay, I'm ready. I tell them, I'm ready. I'm ready to see you consciously, in real time. Without, you know, feigning straightaway, because it's so fearful for me, because I do have memories of of extraterrestrials as a kid. And which is terrifying for a child in a lot of ways. So they've been doing that they've been granting that wish for me where I'm seeing more and more extraterrestrials in real time.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:31

Do you think that they will come to our planet now become more visible? Because they are here to help us like they want to help us in this shift of consciousness? Is that why they are coming and becoming more visible to us?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 52:47

Yes, I do believe that. And I believe that most people have experience have these experiences, we just don't remember them. That, that we're already interacting with them, they're interacting with us, you know, during our nighttime travels, or maybe we just don't remember during the day. But yeah, that we're already interacting with them. We just, it's just, it's a slow process to get us to be aware of our interactions in in real time and not in not click out or not faint right away because that's what I was doing. I realized I was doing when, when someone so different than me or something that's beyond what our what our mind can process or psyche can process was happening in our head to retrieve those you know, and I'm still retrieving memories of my experiences.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:48

Hmm. So they are here to help us wake up to our multi dimensionality in a way.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 53:54

Yes. Yes. Because what we're what they're doing is helping us to remove the veil The veil is thinning as we speak and they're helping us to remove the veil because they've been here all along.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:08

Right. Fascinating. Um, did you get any answer to why we are here on earth.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 54:20

Well, lots of reasons. We are experiencers that's what we do we plan it hop and experience and we loved that's work art experiencing we're source experiencing and he in physical form physicality that type of thing and to have experience Earth was a planet that that we a lot a lot of beings said hey, that's an awesome planet is a beautiful planet. Let's go see what what we can you know how we can help or just experienced the good and the bad whatever we want to call it and drop down in frequency. Get down in the trenches and see what you know what, what kind of trouble we get into down there. Alright, or something or, yeah, just to experience basically is, is what we do. And Earth is a really beautiful planet and needed she needed help I understand that she called out she put out a call that she needed help to. She was ready to move up in frequency, the consciousness of the planet Gaia. It was ready to move up in frequency it was time. And, and so a lot of us also, you know, came here to help her. So it's a process it's a project like you said it's a it's part of just being expressions of God.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:46


Sharon Sananda Kumara 55:48

Explorers, there you go. Yeah. Like Star Trek. I mean, those are basically our future or decayed. They're documentaries, matrix Star Trek, Star Wars or documentaries, those types of shows the Stargate.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:05

That is incredible. And I think that you know, those who made them these movies, they are channeling, I think even Spielberg has been channeling. A lot of directors and producers have been channeling this information. There was so many things that clicked into place today, just what you said about our future, like higher dimensions being our future selves. Like I've never heard that before. And it makes so much sense. So this was really interesting. Thank you for sharing this. Curious question? Have it been hard to come out this information? I'm thinking about not everybody is like, oh, yeah, I believe you too. Like there are a lot of?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 56:51

Well, let's just say it took me two over 20 years to actually talk publicly about my nd E. Okay, I just finished my book, 10 years in the making, about the aftermath, my end the both in the ease and the aftermath. And it's you've probably talked to a number of Andy years, people who might share that it's not easy afterwards. It's things Yeah, who get very crazy afterwards. And it's not easy. So yeah, it's taken a long time for me to talk about what I experienced and what I have experienced in now, there wasn't anybody I could talk to, I did talk to my sister, but she couldn't. She couldn't relate. She was a support for me. So I just was in my room talking, talking to Jesus talking to Christ org in two years, when my guides in my room, that was my classroom, basically, my meditation room, I made it, I made a commitment with him there be in my room every night at 9pm with him and meditate and be in listen to his teachings. And he helped me tremendously. I have so many stories about that. And I mean, he's my everything.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:06

And you're not religious, but still, no, right. And there's a difference there. Yeah. This has been so fascinating. Final question. From your perspective, what is the deeper meaning of life?

Sharon Sananda Kumara 58:26

Well, I don't, it's not I don't believe it's how complicated is complicated at all. It's just to deeper meaning of life is to love each other and be there for each other. And, and especially love ourselves. Yeah. And remember who we are. And not to take maybe life so seriously, this thing? Yes. What taught me is laugh at yourself. Don't take yourself so seriously. Okay. Yeah, and just in kind of realize that we are so much more than, than what we've been led to believe we are very, very powerful beings.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:10

We just forgot. Right? Oh, my goodness, thank you so much for sharing all this. If people want to connect with you, how can they get into contact? I assume that you get a lot of response, because I've seen so many shows that you've been on and tons of views. So I assume that your mailbox is pretty full.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 59:32

So I'm so blessed. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. You know, I just love sharing and any, if I can help anyone, I'm here. I do have a practice and also have my own YouTube channel as well. And I love to share and talk to other people too. And my website is S H A R O N S A N A N D And people can reach me there. They want to know more about me.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:59

Beautiful. Oh, thank you so much, Sharon for coming to the show. And I hope it was.

Sharon Sananda Kumara 1:00:05

Oh, I would I would love to. It's been my honor. My pleasure. Thank you so much Jannecke

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