In this episode, Jack Morrigan and Jannecke Øinæs embark on a profound exploration of reality, the cosmos, and the intricate web of interconnectedness that binds all things. Jack shares his remarkable journey from atheism to a transformative experience of communicating with dragons, which opened his eyes to a previously unseen realm of existence.

Together, they delve into the mystical concepts of cosmic chakras and deities, discussing how these elements intertwine with humanity and the universe at large. Jack highlights the vital importance of reconnecting with the cosmic Sacral Chakra to bring joy and comfort into our lives. Additionally, they address the presence of negative influences in the cosmos and the crucial role spiritual beings play in humanity’s awakening.

The first encounter communicating with dragons

I was living in London at the time. And I remember, I would go for these long walks, and I would just like ground and I’d be seeing energy. In my mind’s eye that kind of superimposed on reality, I could see this huge green dragon come down. And it flew over to me. And telepathically said to me like, I am your dragon. And my response was just to be like, No, I’ve gone mad. Like can just about handle the angels and the deities. I can’t handle the dragon. So that’s crazy. That’s fantasy books. So I blocked them out. And then…

In this episode Jack is channeling the dragons. So join us for an enlightening conversation that challenges conventional beliefs and offers a fresh perspective on the nature of our existence and the spiritual forces at play.

About Jack Morrigan

Jack Morrigan, founder of My Rising Rose, underwent profound spiritual experiences that reshaped his life from a state of debilitating anxiety and depression to one of profound fulfilment and joy. Formerly an atheist psychologist, Jack’s transformative journey led him to discover the healing power of spiritual realms. Formerly a published psychological researcher, he now speaks internationally, offering insights into spiritual healing, awakening and channelling. His YouTube interviews have inspired hundreds of thousands, guiding them towards their own paths of healing and self-discovery.

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Transcript of the interview

Jack Morrigan 0:00

But I was living in London at the time. And I remember, I would go for these long walks, and I would just like ground and I'd be seeing energy. In my mind's eye that kind of superimposed on reality, I could see this huge green dragon come down. And it flew over to me. And telepathically said to me like, I am your dragon. And my response was just to be like, No, I've gone mad. Like can just about handle the angels and the deities. I can't handle the dragon. So that's crazy. That's fantasy books. So I blocked them out. And then

Jannecke Øinæs 0:49

Hello, Jack, a warm welcome back to the show.

Jack Morrigan 0:53

Thank you so much. It's a real pleasure to be here. And thank you for having me again, Jannecke.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:58

I'm excited to have you again. And we have even collaborated since the last time we spoke and had I mean, an interview on my channel. That was very well received, I gotta say. And now you're also a masterclass teacher, in wisdom from North membership, which I'm really excited about. It seemed like many in the audience was appreciating, you speaking. So open Hartley, about dragons and connecting so deeply with dragons. And when you channeled, it just moved me and so many others and the messages that came through. And so I wanted to bring you back to explore this topic of dragons. And I have to be honest, because in the beginning, when I just heard of the concept of dragons, I was like, Okay, so is that also a thing that I should accept? You know, except, like, isn't that in the fairy tales? Like, are all fairy tale creatures actually real? Like, does it all exist? But now like, I've calmed down a bit, and have come to just accept that maybe that's part of the universe as well. But yeah, I would love to start with actually your sort of reaction to dragons coming into your life, because I know you were an atheist, writing these academic articles, doing it all correctly preparing, like we spoke before this interview, you're preparing for every conversation, like, like, I have tons of notes right now. Left brain, and now you have just shifted and transformed completely. So, dragons, how did they get into your life? What happened?

Jack Morrigan 2:56

Yeah, thank you so much. I'm like, I find it really funny. Because I was like, the last person who would believe in this stuff. Like I wanted to, like you were saying, I was atheists for most of my life, I had a scientific background, I studied medicine, as a medical student for a while, and I, I worked in psychological and psychiatric research, you know, so working in that field, to believe in dragons, and to start communicating with dragons, you know, that means something very specific about you, which means, you know, you're crazy. And, you know, I've read the manuals that describe that kind of craziness, you know, and it's like, oh, I would probably be diagnosed with some form of schizophrenia, or some kind of delusional, like, fantasy or whatever. So that was my, my mindset kind of coming into things. But then I have these spiritual awakening experiences that I talked about in our last interview. And that opened my mind to the realization that there was more to life than I formerly known. And then I had a kundalini awakening that I think I spoke about last time as well. And that really blew everything open. So I started having out of body experiences, meeting angels, communicating with deities, all of these things, which obviously, you know, from where had come from was a huge change. took a very long time to adjust to that. I was living in London at the time, and I remember I would go for these long walks, and I would just like round and I'd be seeing energy. You know, I'd be looking at people around me and I would see the light of their soul shining out of themselves, which isn't gonna see all the time like I've it's never stopped since that opened up. But I would just wander around and be interested in all this stuff that was happening. And I remember I was walking past Westminster Abbey. And in my mind's eye, but kind of superimposed on reality, I could see this huge green dragon come down. And it flew over to me. And telepathically said to me, like, I am your dragon. And my response was just to be like, No, I've gotten mad. Like, like, can just about handle the angels and the deities, I can handle the dragons. So that's crazy. That's fantasy books, you know. And I love that stuff growing up. But I just assumed that because I loved it growing up that something was happening in my mind. And, you know, I was having some kind of delusion, some sort of episode. So I blocked them out. And I didn't have any communication with them for probably about another eight years, I would say. And then I was going through this phase where I really felt called to move around Europe, just living nomadically and moving to different countries, one after the other. And I was planning one leg of my trip. And I thought going to Italy would be nice, you know, great foods, beautiful scenery and everything. And then I saw Sicily on the map, and realize that Mount Etna is on Sicily. And I was like, Wow, I've never been near a volcano before. So I thought I would go there. I felt this kind of intuition in this communication with Gaia with Mother Earth, that she wanted me to go there. And she wanted me to travel to the top of the mountain mount. And do a ritual up there. Didn't know what it was going to be or why I was doing. But I followed that suggestion. And I got there in October of 2022. And went up them I was planning on going the mountain straightaway. But then there were all these delays. And I ended up going up there on Halloween, which wasn't my initial plan. If you're into kind of paganism and spiritual realms and all of that kind of stuff, then you'll know that Halloween or Swain, as it's called, traditionally, is a time of the year when the veils between realms are the thinnest. So I went up there on Halloween, I had been speaking this language for about two, two years, maybe longer. But I didn't know what it was, I would just say these words, and it would feel good. So I kept on doing it. And when I was at the top of the mountain, it felt right to speak those words into the volcano, while I did this ritual for myself, and I filmed myself doing it. And on my way back, I sent the video to a friend of mine, and she was like, Oh, I know that language that you're speaking. And that blew me way. Because I was like, I'm just making this up. How can you know what I'm saying? She sent me a video to this guy on YouTube who was also speaking the same way. And his video was called Dragon light language. And then I realized that I had gone up an active volcano. On the day of the year when the veils of thinnest, and spoken the language of dragons into the volcano. And like the moment of the penny drops, and I realized what I'd done, this wall of energy just like, rushed toward me. And it was the first of the dragons of the raising Rose, who introduced himself to me. And then over the coming months, in total 10 of them, introduced themselves. And I became started becoming aware through talking to them that they are literal living beings. In the same way as deities, gods and goddesses or angels, or any of those other things are living beings, dragons are too. And there's a reason why all these different cultures all around the world, who didn't have contact with one another. We're all depicting the same beings, the same dragon beings in their mythologies, because they're actual living beings who have a connection to humanity and have been communicating with humanity for a long time.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:55

Very fascinating. I can't imagine how they will that would feel like reciting this words. And then like, Oh, I'm actually channeling like, what's happening with me? I mean, that's just amazing. And it seems like you have a special connection with dragons that sort that. That is sort of your part of your calling, I assume. Now, I get curious when you speak about that different cultures have depicted dragons, and that we've had a connection with them. Do you know what kind of connection we've had with them? Is it a psychic connection? Or do you think that dragons have actually existed on Earth, like, physically?

Jack Morrigan 10:42

So I'm learning more about that the more connection I have with them, the more I'm starting to understand that. And the answers that they give is that, yes, they have been physically embodied on the earth at certain times in the earth's history. And, you know, we have this, like the mainstream view of history, and what human history is. And then there are kind of alternative views of human history, you know, the ideas of Atlantis and Lemuria, and these previous civilizations that were very spiritually evolved, that existed at different phases of the Earth's development and humanity's spiritual evolution, in a time when we were more knowledgeable, and more aware. So in those times, the energetic frequencies of the earth were brighter, and they were lighter. So these beings could take physical form at present, if, if one of them did, you know, and was seen by humans, you know, and it would be quite a shock to our collective psyche, to to have that encounter. And I don't know if they even could physically embody at the moment because of the level of density that's here. Perhaps they could, I'm not sure. But to the dragons in particular, I've spoken to at length about this, and they they shared about their involvement in Lemuria. And Atlantis, generally, they, sometimes they would take human form, and they would take the role of high priests and priestesses within the spiritual culture. Other times, they would literally be in Dragon Form.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:31

Do they have any connections with the dinosaurs?

Jack Morrigan 12:35

I was wondering that as well. Like, as I was saying that, I don't know. I don't know, they haven't told me that.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:43

So right now, they then exist on another in another realm or in another dimension, but do they still have a connection to earth? Or are they sort of? I don't know. Do they have another home planet?

Jack Morrigan 13:00

Yeah, so the ones who work with me and just to say this, like, I know, there's a lot of people who are having connections with dragons in different ways. And everyone has their own like version of this, you know, they're all forming their own path. And I'm someone who doesn't really take in that much spiritual information from other places, like I just kind of I'm in my lane, and I'm just doing that. So the connections that I have are specific to me. And what's going on with me and this particular group of dragons who are called the dragons of the rising rose. And there are 10 of them. Each one connects to one of the first the seven colored chakras of the human body, and then a white shirt, sorry, a black chakra below white chakra above and then a rainbow chakra that kind of unifies all of those and that makes 10 different dragons. Each Dragon is part of the cosmic chakras. So our human body here has all these different energy centers, the chakras, but the earth also has those chakras and the cosmos also has those chakras. And just as those chakras are located like in the central line of our body, that's where they are also with the cosmos. So you can imagine these dragons as primarily dwelling like their body, you could say, dwells within the central aspect of the cosmos. So the Root Chakra dragon, the Red Dragon, is his body is located inside the center of the Root Chakra of the cosmos. But he moves out from there like a river like his head It extending out. And then he travels to specific places to flow the energies of that root chakra, to different parts of the cosmos. A good analogy for this is like the human heart. So our heart is located in the center. But it has arteries that move from him that deliver blood to different cells, like even sales in my fingertips. You can imagine that the Earth and humanity like at their fingertips, this place that's really far away from the heart. And it's more difficult to get blood to reach this place, because it's further away. And humanity has been in this kind of tightness for a long time. And when you tighten your fist, you cut off the blood supply to that place, and it goes numb. So you can't sense this place anymore. It's become numb. But when you open your hand and relax it, the blood starts flowing again. And then you start being able to feel what's happening inside your hand. So what's happening to the Earth at the moment is something similar to that. We've been in a tight state for a long time, which means the arteries bringing blood, which are like the dragons haven't been able to access what's inside here, our consciousness. As we're starting to open, they are bringing the blood back in. And with it comes the knowledge of our self as the cosmos.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:46

Hey, so beautifully put my goodness. And I feel that the dragons are very heart centered, like they have such deep, loving messages. And I know we're going to hear from them later today. And I think about constantly when you speak about dragons, the movie Avatar, these dragons, they're new that dragon Sunday, they felt so, so beautiful, and they connected with humans, and they felt so wise. Yeah, this is fascinating. Um, I want to move over to deities used spoke a little bit about that your channel deities too, like, from your perspective, what are deities actually and what kind of deities do you channel?

Jack Morrigan 17:37

Yeah, it's great questions. So right, so generally, our view of who we are, and what the universe is, is kind of out of sync with reality. We see ourselves as a separate being kind of, almost outside of the universe kind of interacting with the universe. But what is actually happening is the cosmos as a single mind. And a human being is like a thought inside of that mind, which has the specific qualities of a human just like, you know, certain thoughts have a certain flavor. So we are like a human flavored cosmic thought. And the deities are just a deity flavored cosmic thought. So they are not separate from us. They are not different to who we are. They are just another version of us. They are us as a deity. And they they're almost like a force of nature. They're a part of the universe and they serve a specific function within the universe. So I connect with my primary goddess who is the Morrigan. Obviously, I have taken my name from her. And she is a Celtic devotee of the underworld. So deity. up to like the lower part of the mind, almost like the unconscious. And a big part of her role is to make sure that all of the energies so the moving through the unconscious, do so correctly, or like in alignment. So you can imagine her in a similar way to an earthworm that is tilling the soil, just by moving through it just by being what it is. That's what she's like. So she is eating through the dempery that exists inside of the collective unconscious, so that it remains open and the energy This can flow correctly. Sometimes people get afraid when they hear about the underworld or like beings of the underworld. The underworld is just a part of who we are, it's just a part of our mind. And being in good relationship with deities and beings of that realm is a great way of us to remain clear and open. In that place, I hope that answered your question. I kind of got off on tangents when I started speaking.

Jannecke Øinæs 20:33

Now that's okay. But the underworld that fascinated me, you said something around that we needed to be in touch with it or connect with it or understand it? Or something else? I don't remember. But the underworld is, is that more like a metaphor? Or is it actually another realm? And is it a lower frequency? Or is it not lower frequency is just Yeah, another part of us.

Jack Morrigan 21:02

It's just another part of us as a part of our mind that is here all the time. So the idea of kind of, sometimes people would start thinking about kind of negative things when they start thinking about this, because there's a lot of fear connected to the underworld, because it's, it's where we store our unconscious fears. And generally, people don't want to go there. We're talking before about kind of the idea of love and light and maintaining that positivity all the time isn't always feasible. And sometimes we do actually need to go into that darker place, and grow accustomed to that, and be at peace with it, in order to create a kind of wholeness and a balance between everything. And for me, like to be authentic, like I have to go into that place, I have to go into my own underworld, my own darkness and find out what's really there. Because otherwise, there's all these kind of inner resistances that come up in me, that I may not even be very conscious of, but I can kind of feel like, you know, I know that I'm not fully being myself, and I'm kind of presenting a view of myself that I think others want, rather than who I truly am. And I feel like life is pretty gritty. And when we go into that grit and really own it, we don't have to keep up the mask anymore. And that's like a really like a huge weight off, right? It's like, Oh, my God, I don't have to have to do that anymore. So, so with the underworld and, and the darkness and all that kind of stuff. Like that's how I see it. And I don't see that as low vibrational. Because I think there's a kind of enlightened darkness. If we take the light that we found in other places, and bring it down into the soil, of our mind, then we can plant the seed of our light in that soil. And then, in that kind of honesty, our life can bear good fruit.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:31

Yeah, to me, my perspective is that when it's not acknowledge, then it has often a lower vibration. Because it's something you're resisting with shame and guilt, but for instance, but if you acknowledge it, then you accept those feelings. At least on David Hawkins scale, you are raising your vibration, because you're giving space to them, you're owning them, like you said, and accepting them. I'm still not sure if you meet me in that the underworld is an actual place, or that it is more of a metaphor, but or maybe like a state or an energy or like mental sort of dimension. But it really doesn't matter. Like you said it is our subconsciousness and that needs to sort of have yeah, I've always been wondering what is the subconsciousness and where does that reside in a way?

Jack Morrigan 24:40

Yeah. I'm kind of so I'm someone who is very in tune with that place, you know, whatever it is, whether it's a kind of a metaphor or something just within our mind or literal, physical reality, or however you want to refer to the underworld. And I'm in it right now. Like, I can feel it very strongly. And it's like, there's this openness to it. And I think a few of my friends have, like pointed out that I'm someone who kind of lives in that place. And when people need to come down there for a little while, like I can guide them, because I know that territory. And most people go back up again. But I think for me, I just kind of stay here most of the time. So I've, you know, I feel it now. And there's like, a certain energetic quality to that, like, especially when it really opens up. And I think I mentioned in our last interview, that when I first started having these awakening experiences, it had this quality of going up, like, this presence opening up above me that felt like, you know, a piece up here in the serenity. And I think oftentimes spirituality is looked at, in this way, like this kind of the monk who's sat on the mountaintop and is above the clouds, you know, and has escaped the intensity of ordinary human life. I was like that for a while, but then I got pulled right down. Didn't want to, but I was dragged kicking and screaming. And I don't want to scare anyone, because it was wonderful. In the end, it's been wonderful, because what I found was that that same divine presence that was above me, is actually also below me, too. It's located for me, in the center of the earth. And through coming in contact with that, I realize the sacredness of all of our forms, you know, that we are, we have bodies, like our body is sacred, it's the Goddess. And for me, at times, I can't tell the difference really, between spirit and matter.

Jannecke Øinæs 27:13

Well, I can relate to it, and the way that I can feel sometimes that I get really heavy and not knowing why. And I've been speaking with some guests about it, like off camera, to be honest, whether they feel it too, and I've heard that, that resonates with several guests that they can feel this heaviness. And some of they are saying that when we have opened our energy, and we are have expanded our awareness, we can also take in much more of this, this energy and the collective energy. So if there's nothing collective going on, we can easily be affected by that. And also that it's hard to be human that if if, for instance, you have a lot of star seed in you that you haven't been here so much incarnated on this earth, perhaps it can feel very constricting to be in this body. And that it can just feel like a challenge sometimes. And I find myself like some days just feeling very low and very heavy without knowing why. Like, I'm not having my period, everything around me is great. Everything is going well. And it's just these clouds over me. And I get curious about that. Yeah, so that is sort of my underworld. And the spiritual work has helped me so much with that. accepting it, and not resisting it, and not trying to change it. Like it shouldn't be like this. I should feel differently. And also, not lingering there, like not feeding it would then negative thoughts, but just trying to stay neutral. That's where I am. Right now in my work. I don't know if you want to comment on that.

Jack Morrigan 29:14

Yeah, that's fantastic. I'm really glad that you're talking about it. Because I think sometimes I felt like this way that there's, there's a temptation to not talk about these things. Like I think there's almost like some unwritten rules in spirituality. Where, like, the goal is to get to a place where you don't experience any of that stuff. And if you do experience that stuff, that's because you aren't kind of pure enough what you haven't done enough work or whatever it is, right. And I think there's a kind of almost a shaming that we we do to each other. When we're not voicing the truth of what we're at really experiencing? You know, like I was telling you when we first connected like I've had a really rough few weeks, you know, it's been, it's been really intense and it's continuing today. And I'm not some kind of perfect human being who were, if perfect even means, like the absence of negative feeling. But I'm certainly not. That's not my reality. But I remember when I was first kind of coming into spirituality, and I saw some teachers, and they would talk as if they had gone beyond that place. And, and then fortunately for me, my my spiritual teacher, she wasn't like that she was very grounded and down to earth, and we don't when she was having difficulties, and she knew quite a few people who were well known teachers who were saying this kind of stuff, or at least presenting themselves as if they were beyond suffering. And then she would tell me like, no, they're not like, you know, there's there's other stuff going on. Like they're not. They're not like that all the time you know.

Jannecke Øinæs 31:05

Right. Oh, it's just an act.

Jack Morrigan 31:08

Yeah, and I think there's like this, you know, I don't want to kind of be really critical about people, because I think there's like, it goes both ways, right? There's an audience there who want to look up to someone as if they're perfect. They want to put them on a pedestal and go, you're the one who's got it because they desperately want that to be true, so that they can escape from their pain. And then that puts that teacher under pressure to act like that's who they are. Like, especially if like the livelihood depends on it. Even if they're not conscious of it, it's going to affect them in some way. There's things they're not going to say. And there's things that are going to say, which will slightly shift in that bias direction. And I think it becomes like this feedback loop, where the audience wants someone who's perfect, and the teacher knows that that's what they want to present that to them. And it's toxic. Because the reality is, we're all human, and we all suffer. And it doesn't, in my opinion, it doesn't matter how spiritually evolved, you get. And I remember taking that hand talking about this, and I loved him for saying it. He was like, when I was a novice monk, I believed people when they told me that the Buddha didn't suffer. And then I became older. And I realized that the Buddha did suffer. It's just that he suffered well. That's it, I think that's the best we can hope for honestly. And I think that's a great place to be.

Jannecke Øinæs 32:46

I'm happy that you're bringing this up. I think also, it is an important topic. And I felt the pressure myself, and I've even heard it from close people. And that was actually difficult to hear, will yawn, Kay, you've been studying spirituality and personal development? Why is it that you have experienced this and this and this that is so called negative? Wouldn't you know better? Why did you make this choice? Why did you attract this? Not so good boyfriend, for instance, back in the days, and I didn't have an answer. But later I've, I've seen, that's my truth that all my experiences have gotten me where I am today. All those x's have brought me to my beautiful boyfriend today, I see that red thread, but it doesn't like we are not in a position of saying that someone has practice the Law of Attraction wrong or manifest is in a wrong way or are not mature enough. Like I think we have so individual experiences. And I also want to mention, I met the guy many years ago, and we spoke about a huge coach in America. I won't mention a name, but he's very well known. And this guy was like a fan of him. But then he said, Well, this man, this coach, he got divorced. And after he got divorced, I stopped following him. I got so disappointed because obviously he's not perfect. And I was like, but he's a human. Like, why would it be wrong to be divorced? And there are so many perspectives on this because what if that X was a soulmate or a twin soul that were was going to propel his growth forward? Like we don't know that there is no such thing as a failed relationship. To me, it's all about growth. So I think like it depends on you know where we are in our development. Not that anything is bad. at or higher, but to me, the more I've expanded my consciousness, the more I to me there is nothing right. And there's nothing wrong. But I do resonate the most with spiritual teachers who speak from the heart, who are authentic, who speak about their ups and downs and are and can or have had a transformation in their lives, like they have really felt the darkness. And now they have another perspective. So there's been a journey there. And that they can still they still are humans and speaking from human needs and acknowledge that, Oh, I'm so human, with so many mistakes. And I'm doing my best. And I wanted to mention an interview that made such an impression with me on these lines, and it was with Neale Donald Walsch. And I asked him, so do you practice all these things that God has taught you, because he speaks with God, he's the author of conversations with God. And then he said something along the lines that this is my greatest grief or regrets that I have not been able to walk the talk. And he also said, remember that you teach to others what you need to learn. And that changed my life. That made me think that maybe I can one day, do my own online course, write my own book, because I'm what I need to learn myself.

Jack Morrigan 36:38

Exactly. I love that so much like, you don't have to be perfect before you start doing those things. Like I knew you do learn it best from teaching it like I am learning all the time. Like, every every client student that I have, like, I'm learning so much, because we're all mirrored reflections of one another. Yeah, I see myself in them. And then I'm supporting myself when I'm supporting them, you know, like wounded last little parts of me that they'll like, voice it to me, and I'm be like armor and like, I feel that part of myself. Like, I feel that in me, and now, in a way like I, in a sense, I'm taking on a kind of, there's a paternal flavor to what I'm doing. You know, I'm giving a lot of support and holding space in these ways that often parents do to children. And it's like, well, I didn't really receive that very much in my own life. So by giving it to them, I'm also giving it to myself, so I'm like re parenting through the process. I really like Neale Donald Walsch was saying that and I remember seeing an interview with him and I can't Talay and he was saying something similar. He was like, Pete, like, the people close to me, like you need to read your own books.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:05

I love that. I love that. That's such a relief. You know, take him down from that pedestal. He he doesn't want to be on a pedestal is us doing that? And they said also didn't say that everything I'm doing you can do as well.

Jack Morrigan 38:21

Jesus did you say was that? Yeah. Yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah. So I don't realize that you're not special. It's really an important part of spiritual awakening. Or not more special than someone else. You know, we are special, but

Jannecke Øinæs 38:36

Right. Right. And we are one. Now. I think it's about time maybe to bring the dragons forward. Are you do you want to do that? Yeah,

Jack Morrigan 38:44

yeah, I forgot that we were doing that.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:48

I'm looking at the time. So like, I want to bring some of them.

Jack Morrigan 38:52

Yeah, sure. So I don't know which one is going to come through. Okay. But what I can do is just I go into a trance like I did last time, see which one's most present and then they'll come through. I think it's good for people because one of the things that that is very ingrained in the western psyche. It's the idea that dragons have negative majors. If you look at all the stories, even in modern stories, slaying modern movies and things. Oftentimes, dragons are depicted as these like wild beasts that are very kind of unintelligent, and almost just completely lost in this feral part of themselves. That is not what these dragons are like. Like they are very wise and kind and very intelligent, like far more intelligent than we are. So just want to put that out there. I feel like I'm a kind of like an ambassador between the realm and the human realm. And I want to clear their name

Jannecke Øinæs 40:02

someone has to be

Jack Morrigan 40:06

so I'll go into my trans now it will just take a few minutes and when they come through they'll say their name three times and they'll introduce themselves a little bit and then you'll be able to talk to them I am gonna show you the key I'm not I wish I have done I shouldn't I, okay. So Jack can actually pronounce many of our names correctly, there's always comes with this little caveat. So imagine this name said with more rolling sounds, Irfan LAN, fan, fan land. But don't worry if you cannot pronounce or remember my name, because I am the sacral dragon of the rising roads, the orange or terracotta dragon. I like terra cotta, because it captures the essence of me. So I'm part of the sacral chakra of the cosmos. Part of the sacral chakra of the cosmos, this tuning myself in. Now, the Root Chakra in your body descends its roots directly down, directly down right into the center of the frightened to the heart of the earth. It's like the tap root in a plant or a tree. Straight down. I'm different. What I represent is different. And what your sacral chakra is, is different. Because those are more than roots that spread outwards like this. Horizontally, just beneath the surface, got the grass up here. And then you've got the topsoil. And you've got these roots going through it right. So that's what I'm representing, what I'm coming through, for. And the reason that I'm here and the reason why I'm helping with this is because I'm wanting to reconnect human beings with the cosmic Sacral Chakra. Because for many of you, your chakras are out of alignment, because they aren't in tune with the greater part of themselves. So the cosmic chakra is like a parent. It's like the mother and father, to your body's chakras. And when your sacral chakra isn't in touch with the sacral chakra of the cosmos, it's like an orphaned child. And it will feel lost and alone. And that will create various problems connected to that chakra depending on what that chakra is supposed to do. So, for the sacral chakra, you know, that's going to create a lack of joy and pleasure and enjoyment in life, a lack of a deep sense of groundedness and ease, like a sense of comfort and holiness. That when Matt chakra starts to come in alignment with its cosmic parent that can go on I can lean back, and there's something there to hold it and support it rested, peaceful. And then it starts to alchemize itself. It's like it looks at its parent and goes, Wow, you're so amazing. You're so in alignment with yourself, you have all these qualities. I didn't realize that that's what I could be. And it starts to mirror just like a child mirroring that parent. So generally, your chakras haven't been given the opportunity to mirror what they are from their cosmic parent chakra. Hope that all makes sense. I know that some of this stuff can get a little bit out there. But it's a pleasure to be here. Thank you.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:35

Thank you so much for being here. Yes, I would love for you to clarify a bit because to me, it can get a bit complex and I don't really understand what to do with it as a human being. So how, why balance the sacred sacral chakra and Maya Maya I don't want It's to be not aligned and I want. So where do I start?

Jack Morrigan 45:07

So it, I understand, but I understand that perspective and that desire to create that change. And first of all, I really want to emphasize that you have done absolutely nothing wrong for this situation to be the way that it is. Because you could take what I've said, and create the idea that you are somehow wrong in some way. And that you need to repair some kind of error in yourself in order to do the right thing, you know, to be right. And that's not what I'm saying, I actually have an incredibly deep respect for each and every one of you for having stepped out of alignment, because you're stepping out of alignment was actually something that you did on your soul level, for the benefit of the entire cosmos, so that we all can learn and grow together. Now, how do you come back into alignment? Well, the most simple way is actually already taking place. So I am bringing the energies of the cosmic chakra to you. In this moment, it is radiating out of Jack's form. And your chakra, without you having to do anything will be picking it up. It will be picking it up. It's just like watering seeds. So there's this element to it that just happens naturally.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:36

Like mine or all of us listening or a globe.

Jack Morrigan 46:41

You and everyone listening. So Jackson, it's funny to be saying this, because I'm, I'm explaining it to him as well, while I'm saying this, so Jack's voice was specifically designed to carry these frequencies. If you listen to His voice, you can hear the quality of it has this kind of depth in it. So that it's it was specifically designed to carry these frequencies to people. So as you hear them, your body will naturally be responding. And what I really want to do is like convey the sense of ease with it all. It doesn't have to be something very difficult and arduous and painful. You know, we, all of us, you and I and everyone listening to this are part of the cosmos, all of us are part of the same cosmic being. And that Bing is made of many different parts that all have their own unique place. My place is to bring this to you. That's my place. It's my role to offer this healing to you. So that you do not have to do it yourself. This is a really big part of what myself and the other dragons and the rising heroes bring through and really want to emphasize is that you do not have to do it all alone, that there are beings within this living cosmos that we all are, that are specifically designed to do certain things for you. So that you can relax. It is a kind of strange thing that actually our greatest challenge in working with human beings, isn't creating this alignment. It's actually helping you understand that the universe is here to help you. In that I am here to help you in that you don't actually have to do it all yourself. And this is just as true for Jack who will constantly act like he has to do everything himself. And then we'll come in and be like, you know, we could do that for you. And he's like, no, no, no, no, I need to do this due to the psych. Now. So it's very similar to riding a horse. Right? You are like the rider. When you ride a horse, you don't have to travel anywhere. You sit, and you steer. That's your role. It's the role of the horse to take you the distance. Now we are very similar. And we're encouraging people to become dragon riders, so that they can sit on us and we will take care. And then really all your job is is to just keep your balance and see where you're going. We'll take you there.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:57

Thank you for that. So, I want to ask Yeah, in my own like, very human mind words. Um, okay, so are you speaking about that? Okay, let me rephrase this. So it seems like you're saying that we're receiving a lot of help from then dragons. And also, I've heard in my other interviews with other guests who are channeling extraterrestrials, that they are also here helping us and that this is all part of this shift of consciousness. So are you really saying that that we are receiving all this help from higher evolved beings? And that basically, we don't need to do anything that is just happening by itself? Or is there an element of co creation here, where there's something we can do or contribute when to sort of have this shift come faster? Or help the shift to happen? Because I know we always have a choice, there's always this free will. Right? So my question is, can we just sit and relax? Or should we co create somehow, and then how should we co-create

Jack Morrigan 51:21

A very, very, very good point, very, very good point. Because I'm not saying do absolutely nothing. So you will be called to do specific things, you know, there'll be certain things that will come to you, and will be right for you to do. And usually those things will be known because they will flow quite well. Though, it'll be easy, you'll feel joy or feel very in alignment for you, it's like, you just know, this was your calling, and all of this kind of thing. But generally speaking, consciously or subconsciously, human beings take on far, far more than their calling. So there's an unconscious perception, the the you need to be the one who single handedly creates the whole evolution of human consciousness or the you need to solve all the problems in the world. And that isn't the case. And letting go of those things. And, and being aware that there are beings like myself and many other beings out there that do most of that, you know, that's our territory, that's our round, we'll sort that out. You don't have to worry about that. And what you do need to worry about, we will help to bring to you know, your specific roles. So then you're saying kind of what what can you do to help and there are many different things, but it will be specific to different people. In general terms, things like letting go of negativity and worry, allowing yourself to feel positivity and joy, but then not forcing that and allowing the darkness to come and go as it needs to is a general good rule to follow. But there's a kind of there's a specificity for everybody's specific situation. What I'm doing at the moment to try and support with this is to create a general field of peaceful groundedness within the Root Chakra. So what I'm doing is I'm bringing the energies of the sorry, at the sacrum. So what I'm doing is I'm bringing the energies of the sacral chakra through from the cosmos. So that if, if your sacral chakra feels comfortable, it can rest in these energies. And now what this alignment does, which fits in with what you were asking, is that when you feel nice and grounded and peaceful like that, there's a lot less kind of mental activity and confusion in your mind. Which means that when a situation comes to you, you have more clarity with which to decide whether or not this is yours to take on, whether it's your calling, whether to let it go. Maybe just let it pass through you. Maybe this one wasn't for you. But if it was, if you feel that that kind of pleasure rising in your sacral chakra, then you can be like, Oh, maybe this is for me. You can engage in it in a joyful way that brings good to you and brings good to the collective.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:42

Do you know anything about or if you could seem to the future, I assume you have like a higher perspective of things, how our governments will look like now in a few years, maybe not just just a few years. There's a head. But like, in this shift of consciousness, if we really go into the heart and we raise our frequency, like, how will our governments look like?

Jack Morrigan 55:13

So, Jack, every channel has different skills. So it's like they're designed to fulfill certain functions, which fits in nicely with what I was just talking about. And Jack isn't a particularly good divination channel, so he's not very good at seeing the future, making predictions and that kind of thing. So even if I know that, I can't pass it through him, it's similar to like a workman using tools, you know, you can't use a hammer, when you need to use a screwdriver. Well, that said, there are a few things that I can say in that there's. So for some governments, things are gonna get really tight, and constricted and controlling. Because they represent a part of the collective consciousness, that is at the moment going through a process of spiritual evolution and ego death, and reunites with the cosmos, some of these governments it's going to become very tight and restrictive, others are going to start opening and things will become much more fluid. And that is a general trend that is going to be happening all over the world. Some places becoming more constricted, others more open. And what's really important for each of you is relaxing into this energy that I'm bringing forward now. And getting a sense of where you are meant to be. Because you will have your calling to enact different things in different places in this world. Some of you will be meant to be in very constricted government places, others of you will meant to be in very open ones. But there's a huge part of your own development and maturing, as a human being will be learning the difference between where you're supposed to be and where you're not supposed to be. And unfortunately, there's only so much I can give and say related to that, because it's a personal journey that you will need to go on for yourself.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:34

I would like to jump over to something completely different. Something I've been curious about my whole life, and that is the dream world. I've always been very interested in dreams and our dreams so much and feel so real. And I have my own, like thoughts and ideas about what that is, again, I'm still puzzled by it. Could you say anything about the dream world? Like what it actually is, from your perspective? Is it actually a realm that we go to? And it seems like it is a realm where I'm connected to me yawn again, not my soul, at least that's my perception. But I'm just surprised all the time of all the strange and weird dreams that goes on in my head, and I hear other people are dreaming about their everyday lives. I'm not I'm dreaming about creatures and people I don't know, like, very seldom about people I actually know. So maybe you can just say something general about what happens when we go to sleep every night.

Jack Morrigan 58:46

Yeah, so you do enter a different realm, you're going into your astral body at those times, and there are different layers of that dream route. So depending on how kind of close they are to your body, in a way, so some of them are closer, and then they will be very kind of very similar to your everyday reality, you know, kind of the closer they are, the more similar they are to that. But as what can happen is because what's happening is your mind is moving from your physical body into your astral body. And with it your sense of self. So while your mind is here, your sense of self is here to and you're like Okay, I am Yanaka I am Jack, but then it can move out into another layer connected to this form. And then you are whatever you are in that dream, you know, it might be something different. I assume that you have dreams where you are not Jannecke.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:54

Maybe maybe where I'm just, were I just am. yeah, I don't know what I am.

Jack Morrigan 1:00:04

You know that you're yourself. But then you're something you're not this true. We're going deep now down the rabbit hole. And so that's an interesting thing, you know, in and of itself, that your sense of self can move forward. Your sense of self can move for.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:29

Am I experienced part of my soul then? Other parts of my soul?

Jack Morrigan 1:00:35

In a sense, yes. And, and also remember that your soul is part of the cosmos is soul. So, everything you're experiencing is, is the same cosmic beings still. So even even when you're not in physical reality, even when you shift into the astral into these dream worlds, you're still in the cosmos, you're still in this one being, it's like, you've just moved into a different layer of it. And everything that exists here, will contain that sense of self that you feel that's moving. And it's actually a really potent spiritual lesson to be aware of shifting because generally, as many of the spiritual teachings of humanity points to this over identification with this specific form, as if this is all that I am. But if you've experienced that same sense of being you, when you're in a different form, then how can you only be this?

Jannecke Øinæs 1:01:48

It's true. Now, there wouldn't be anything outside that cosmic mind would there?

Jack Morrigan 1:01:56

Well, that's an interesting question.

In a sense, yes. In a sense, no, I'm sorry to say that. But that's the truth. Putting it in this way. So in the way that you normally experience things, through your senses, then no, there's nothing outside of that cosmic mind. But in the true essence of who you are, your spiritual self. Yes, you exist beyond the mind.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:35

All right. I don't think I have to go. Like, I'm just a human, I cannot understand. But what I was thinking about was maybe in the dream world, if someone in our audience our, you know, feel very connected to dragons, and they're like, How can I connect with dragons? I cannot channel at least I cannot channel and maybe others are feeling like, you know, how do I connect with dragons if I cannot channel like you or like Jack can maybe meeting them in the dream world can be a possibility? Because at least for me, when I asked to experience certain things, in my dreams, I often actually do. I'm giving some messages. And I'm asking, Could I experience this and I have some some intentions, then very often, I actually do dream about these different things that I want to dream about. So is that something you would suggest that we could do if we want to connect with you?

Jack Morrigan 1:03:38

Absolutely, you can absolutely do that. And for some of you, this will be how you found this video, which will be this will be an amusing point in the video for you. Because you will have been visited by dragons in your dream. You're here and then you'll see this and then we'll say these words, and you'll be like, Whoa. And that happened last time. Last time. When you interviewed check, there was feedback from people who had had that exact same experience. And that's because we we are using every tool available to help support the awakening of humanity and bring humanity back into the cosmic consciousness. So we are flowing our essence into your dreams in order to help you to go through these shifts.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:40

I have a question that might be a bit personal, but I want to bring it on. So the other day I was laying in my bed with my boyfriend speaking about funny videos on YouTube. And I thought about this funny video on Saturday Night Live with these two flight attendants. And I spoke about it to him and I explained it and I said you You want to watch it and he said, let's watch it tomorrow. So the next day comes, and I forget all about it. And I go to bed and I just click on the YouTube app. The first video that shows up is that very video. And I hadn't searched it. I had been thinking about it. I had been speaking about it, but I hadn't clicked anything with my fingers on that phone searching for that video. And I was just shocked. And then I was thinking, okay, is this spiritual? Like not a coincidence? Or that? Or is it actually AI and Big Brother listening to what I'm saying?

Jack Morrigan 1:05:43

Right now? Yeah, we understand. And this is I don't like giving these answers where because it feels like a compound. But it could be either. It could be either. So yes, there are kind of these negative influences, and you are being listened to and tracked and that kind of thing. And I don't like being the bearer of bad news, in that respect.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:06:14

Is that people or spirits?

Jack Morrigan 1:06:18

That's a good question that it's both again. So yes, people are doing it, primarily, it's people. So it's governments, primarily, and private organizations. But the spiritual part of it does come in. So because there are, you know, where do these governments get their ideas from? Where's their inspiration coming from? Well, you know, it's not all of them laid out in the cosmos that are negative spiritual beings, some of whom, who have a lot of influence in the earth at the moment. They're kind of almost like parasites that prey on when people are in a weak state. So humanity having been like this, for so long, like I was mentioning, kind of creates a kind of energetic weakness. And then it's hard for them to be protected. Now, that might be a really scary idea for people. So I just really want to add on to the end of that, that nothing happens, that doesn't have the consent of the universe, or God or your soul, or however you want to put it. So even though there are negative forces in the universe, that doesn't make them bad. That means that they're there for a reason. They fulfill a purpose. And we don't need to look at them as something negative and separate from ourselves, we can instead say, Hang on, that's a reflection of me, these beings are a part of me, we're all one thing. You know, it's all all well, and good saying, Oh, well, I'm, I am one with all these good things. But then to say I am one with these really negative things is harder, but they serve a purpose. And they're serving the awakening of humanity. They're serving the awakening of the cosmos. So and you know, you all ultimately, you all are protected. Even if you go through suffering and difficult periods in your life. Ultimately, at the end of the day, you're as protected as is possible to be.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:08:36

So that means that we do not need to protect ourselves from these negative beings, or is there an action taking here as well, some cocreation that we actually need to protect ourselves?

Jack Morrigan 1:08:49

Yes. So you can be involved in the process. It depends on the person, they'll be different things for different people. Now, what I really want to transmit at this moment, because you know, the whole time that I've been talking, and I'm using all these different words, and sometimes getting quite complicated, really, I want to be as simple as possible. And I want to emphasize that the whole time that I've been speaking, I've been transmitting energy. And that's the main purpose of me being here to transmit this energy. And what I'm doing is I'm transmitting an energy of peace and relaxation to your sacrum, to unite your sacrum, your sacral chakra with the sacral chakra of the cosmos, which is a very safe place. When your sacrum starts to unite like that, it kind of cleans itself out. So if there's any negative influence coming in from these beings, it can start to be filtered out. That's protection that's being protected. You know, so I'm just emphasizing that I'm already offering that to you It's already happening. If you're in a state where you're feeling very vulnerable, and under assault from these forces, you're very welcome to come back to this video, and this message and you saying these words, to help to soothe you enter, feel calm. Because I'm here to help to soothe you and feel calm and protected. So you can come back and feel this energy and let that ground you. Because you're safe, what's arising in you now are just their emotions, and they may be intense ones that you can just allow them to pass through, you can just allow them to pass through you and know that you're supported. To know that you have friends here in the cosmos, can very powerful ones, who have you back can be a great help.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:11:00

Do you have any last messages for today? For Humanity and everybody listening?

Jack Morrigan 1:11:15

Just taking a moment to fill into that, because that's an important and important question that I take seriously. Here we are. So Jack tends to take things too seriously. And one of the main things I've been teaching him over the last few days, is just to relax and enjoy and play. And that's really, really important to have that. That sense of relaxation, enjoy in play. So there will be times over the coming days, weeks, months and years, when you get very serious, very tight, very constricted. And I encourage you, when you enter those times to take a step back and be like, what would it be like? If I didn't have to create an outcome? What would it be like if the world didn't have to be the way I think it needs to be? What would it be like if I just played and enjoyed instead of trying to force life to be the way that I wanted? And allow yourself to relax into that and just see. To see how it goes. Just play? Just experiment. You don't have to know all the answers. Sometimes all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:13:07

Thank you so much for being here today.

Jack Morrigan 1:13:11

So welcome. Thank you so much for hosting us. We're so grateful. We are very aware that you know, it's a bit out there. The Dragons, you know. So it's wonderful to have a platform where we can speak to people, and we're very grateful to you for providing that.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:13:30

Thank you. Could we bring Jack back?

Jack Morrigan 1:13:36

Yes. I'll just take a moment because it's a little sorry for him to switch. Yes. You know what, I think it would be better if I closed things off than bringing him back. Because it's a little disorienting for his mind.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:13:55

All right, of course. Okay. So say hi to Jack, and give him my love. Thank you for coming as a guest today. Thank you so much. Well, then I can ask you know my one of my favorite questions. My last question today for you. What is the deeper meaning of life?

Jack Morrigan 1:14:23

Asking a big one. I don't know.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:14:29

You don't know? Maybe God, either. Exactly.

Jack Morrigan 1:14:34

You don't need to know. You don't need to know. You don't need to know I'm you know I was I'm joking but at the same time I am giving you that the deep answer that you're asked for. You don't need to know. You don't need to know that doesn't need to be a reason. And if you can relax into that state that there doesn't need to be a reason. Then you can really enjoy and be playful

Jannecke Øinæs 1:14:59

All right. All right. Well, thank you so much again. And give my love to Jack and maybe I'll see you and connect again. So thank you and thank you for watching everybody.

Jack Morrigan 1:15:15

Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure to be here. Keep on going. I'm rooting for you.

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