In this enlightening episode, Gayle Thomas and Jannecke delve into their personal journeys of healing and awakening through practices such as meditation, prayer, and connecting with Jesus and Christ consciousness. Gayle started her awakening journey while being diagnosed with breast cancer and is now a channeler. Throughout the conversation, Jannecke listens attentively, asking insightful questions and balancing her own skepticism with empathy for Gail’s experiences.

The healing journey from breast cancer

In Gayle’s healing journey from breast cancer, she chose a holistic approach, avoiding standard treatments in favor of yoga, infrared saunas, meditation, and intravenous therapy. Meditation became a cornerstone of her healing process, where sje utilized mantras, prayers, and affirmations to promote internal balance. During one profound session, she invited Jesus to come near. To her amazement, she felt an overwhelming presence envelop her. Her hand, guided by this presence, moved to the area of her cancer, filling her with a comforting warmth. This humbling experience brought tears of joy, knowing she had witnessed something miraculous.

Eager to reconnect, she repeated the meditation the next day, feeling a similar comforting presence. Over the following days, other energies seemed to assist in her healing, guiding her movements and providing deep peace. This connection evolved into channeling sessions, where she communicated with these energies, receiving guidance and healing for herself, her family, and friends. This spiritual journey has profoundly enriched her life, offering deeper insights and a renewed sense of purpose.

bridging skepticism and belief

Together, Gyle and Jannecke explore the intriguing concepts of extraterrestrial consciousness, compartmentalized consciousness, and the elevation of awareness to a higher-frequency reality. They emphasize the critical role of self-care and inner work in maintaining a healthy frequency for effective channeling, highlighting the importance of self-love, unity, and living in the present moment.

Join us for a profound conversation that bridges skepticism and belief, offering a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions that shape our existence.

Transcript of the interview

Gayle Thomas 0:00

I would like to share with you that I did have breast cancer. So on this one particular day, I was sitting, meditating. And at the end of the meditation, I decided to add in a little prayer and ask for Jesus to come near. Now, I said that with a smile on my face, because I didn't used to do that. It was something that I thought of that day. And I just called him in. And to my amazement, I felt his presence and my hands were on my lap, and I felt my hand begin to twitch like it wanted to move it lifted up, and it placed itself onto the breast where I'd had the cancer. But then I felt the hand continue to go into my body, I felt this kind of warm hand go in, I knew I was well. After that day, I knew, I knew I had been healed, I knew I'd been healed. And also, I'd lost my fear of death.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02

Hello, Gayle, a warm welcome to the show.

Gayle Thomas 1:05

Thank you for having me. Sure. Pleased to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:08

It's lovely having you and I know that you are an intuitive Channeler of Tarr, who are extraterrestrial beings from the abdominus. And we might be meeting them today. You're also an author, you're helping people transform their lives in this huge awakening that we're experiencing. And you are a hypnotherapist you have been meditating for I think around 20 years. You've been here on this path for quite some time. Now, I'm curious to hear about your story, how you actually started to channel tarp these extraterrestrial beings, because I know you also had cancer, and that this is connected to you starting to channel. So please, could you share with us our story and everything that's relevant to that?

Gayle Thomas 1:59

So my story, yes. Okay. So I would like to share with you that I did have breast cancer, and it was on my healing journey, that I had a Christ experience. So I decided not to follow the normal allopathic way for healing. And I embarked on a full time projects of many different modalities and healing treatments I myself in including breathing, yoga, sleeping, intravenous therapy, many other things in infrared saunas, and things like that, and meditation. So I meditated for a couple of hours every day. And it's been a while since I've meditated for that longer period, I've done it before. And I know that it can change many things in life if you're not going through a good patch in life. So at this time, I decided to really focus on the meditation and try to change the biology going on inside me. And I decided to talk to the cancer cells, and try and will myself back to a state of balance. And this would include mantra, it would include prayer and affirmations. So on this one particular day, I was sitting, meditating, and at the end of the meditation, and I had my husband sitting next to me meditating to, I decided to add in a little prayer and ask for Jesus to come near. Now, I said that with a smile on my face, because I didn't used to do that. It was something that I thought of that day. And I just called him in. And to my amazement, I felt his presence coming in, I say his, it's more than energy. And it came all around me. And I was sitting on the floor cross legged, and my hands were on my lap, and I felt my hand begin to twitch like it wanted to move it lifted up, and it placed itself on to the breast where I'd had the cancer. But then I felt the hand continue to go into my body, I felt this kind of warm hand go in. And I felt this warm energy Envelop me all the way around. And it was a very beautiful, very humbling, very blissful experience. And I started to cry with happiness and feeling so humble, because I knew what was happening. And I knew that this was a very special thing I was witnessing, and it would only last a few seconds. So that's what happened. So my husband saw me cry. And he said, What what happened to you? And I said, I can't put it into words. I can't explain that. This is what I felt. I felt Jesus come to me, and I felt he put his hand into my breasts and I felt him all around me like Envelop me. So the next day, I couldn't wait to go back into the medicine question that I've done the previous day. And I thought, I'm going to do exactly the same things that I did to previous day, going to follow the same sequence of events. And then I'm going to ask if Jesus will be there and asked him to come in again. So I called him in said, if you're there, and I don't expect you to come back once is just the most amazing thing. But if you're there when you come in, now, I felt him come back. But I never felt him come into my body and around my body the way he did on the first day, I felt him close. And then I also felt something else that felt very blissful, I knew that there was something else there. And then it felt like I was speaking in a tunnel, I felt like all my thoughts were being echoed through a tunnel, and I could hear things back. So that was day two, day three, I called in Jesus again, he didn't come, but the others were there. So this is what ended up being top. And I started speaking to them and asking them questions, I was in a very blissful state. And then they started to move my body, they started to lift my hand up off my lap and move my arms back behind me. And I could hear kind of cracks going on the clicks and cracks on my spine, and then that move my neck. So my head and neck was going round all the way, one way and then to the other. And I could hear little kicks going up and down my spine and in my neck and the base of my skull. And this continued for a couple of days. And then I started to ask some questions, yes, and no. And my head started to not up for yes. And across from no. And then they started to use my mouth to talk and I started sort of going through these vows, sounds, sort of babbling. That happened over a few days. And then I would say over a period of about a couple of weeks, I then started to talk. So it happened quite quickly. And then it became fluent. And I first invited apart from my husband, my husband and being sitting there every day in order and amazement, I then asked my children did they want to come and see what was going on when I meditated and they, they weren't as shocked to actually as my husband, and they sort of got it. So then I started channeling for them every day when then friends here and there. And it just developed and the name is top. I mean, I can say that, you know, some channels have been channeling for decades, this has been a few years for me. And the feeling for me comes from a place of coherence, it comes from a state of bliss. And my communication with them can be very personal and intimate. There are many dialogues with my children, for example, but the teenagers, and my husband and of course, people that come for guidance, and groups, but they don't speak a lot about themselves. They say that they're here at this time to help those that are sensitive, and the young people so they're here to help ignite or awaken them activate within them, then knowing of themselves and their abilities. But they say they're here at this time, especially to help with the planet and to help with humanity.

Jannecke Øinæs 8:28

That's so interesting. Now, I need to ask, are you well, now?

Gayle Thomas 8:34

I am. And thank you for asking. I knew I was well, after that day. After that first day, I knew, I knew I had been healed, I knew I'd been healed. And also, I'd lost my fear of death. Oh, to make two major things, because I think especially when you're a parent, no one wants to die before they're ready. But especially when you're a parent, my huge fear was having two daughters. And I was terrified about that. But after that experience, I lost my fear of dying because I felt like really it was a transdimensional experience. It was an experience beyond the physical, which was extremely comforting. It was even to say it was confirmation means that there was some doubt there was no doubt at that time when I had that experience with this Christ consciousness and then on top of what it was. And I would say that I'm not someone who had had many psychic experiences. I'd say I was very sensitive. I'd say I was an empath, but I am quite skeptical about these things. So there was some questioning in the beginning. You show that I haven't just convinced myself but the healing and the fear. There was no denying I was convinced that both had happened.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:54

And also the doctors say that you are have recovered a 100%. Yes, yes, yes, that's amazing. I have a few friends actually who have breast cancer now. And I had one that passed away. And I, I can imagine that there are many people out there who have different diseases who are wondering, can I be healed? And why were you healed? And I did all the right things as well. And I interviewed Anita Mariani, who said that she thought that it was her fear that made her develop cancer. And I've also again, spoken to others who said, you know, we did everything, but still, my son died or my husband died. So have you been communicating with these beings, tarp about why some are, are rescued in a way, and some are not even though they're doing the work and connecting, and using these alternative waves ways to heal?

Gayle Thomas 11:03

Another good question. And you know, younger I didn't, I haven't had that discussion with top. For me, I understood that it was a combination of fear, asking and belief. So I knew from previous difficulties in my life, that if I go inside, I can be the Alchemist of my biology. And I'd done that, and I had effected change with other traumatic experiences in my life. So it's funny, when I realized I had breast cancer, I really, I also knew that I knew that on a certain level of me, it didn't seem like a surprise. And it almost seemed like something I had to go through. And it all just made sense. When this experience happened to me, so I never had a particular dialogue with top as to why some people have an awakening experience and find the healing and others don't. But I think it's to do with a readiness and, and an intention, an intention, pre embodied in a sense, and carried through and held in your consciousness or in your fields that you know, or you have an awareness that this can be overcome. It's almost like a sort of a narrative that you have to live and have to go through in order to become more of who you think you should be or who you're supposed to be. So there were a lot of things that I had to address in my healing, that were uncomfortable about not just health factors, but personality character, you know, have I had a victim mentality the last few years? Possibly, yes, because I'd had a really hard few years with a really, really acrimonious divorce. And so I had to ask myself these uncomfortable questions. Maybe I've been wearing the victim hat a lot. And maybe I need to actually own my emotions. Maybe I need to sit with this with myself maybe I need to sit with this fear, confront these dark things, and see where we go but with the purest intention to try and overcome it and to just offer my body love offer the cancer love. I decided to frame it as cancer the gift you know, this kind of I called it the magic cauliflower in my breasts, like a tiny little cauliflower. But I decided to just reframe everything to affect that change. So it feels now i i know that i open to us a slightly wider bandwidth of consciousness. I say only slightly because it is what it is. I mean, it's there's still so much I know that I know nothing. Basically I've just become more sensitive to a certain kind of consciousness or, or bandwidth of energy. But it almost had to be that I had to go through that unique combination of struggle, adversity, fear, asking faith, because I've always been a spiritual person. And that work that practice and that work on my energetic body, which I have been doing with the chakras and my aura and the praying and the sending love and forgiveness. I think it's all of that in combination to be honest with you.

Jannecke Øinæs 14:35

I'm going to jump over to Jesus and extraterrestrials because you talked about that they came sort of at the same time in a way one day with Jesus the other day was these extraterrestrials. Then I got a question in my mind that I've always been wondering about whether Jesus is an alien, so that's about it, because maybe he's, he's coming from another star system from a higher plane of consciousness that makes sense to me that he is an Andromeda and or a Palladian. So they sort of came together, which I thought was interesting. Maybe there's a connection there. So do you have any thoughts about that?

Gayle Thomas 15:24

I think the, the connection in that particular instance, was me. But I feel that the man Jesus that walked the earth was an embodied consciousness, but as same as all of us, but I feel that Jesus is more than an embodied extraterrestrial, or an embodied human, I feel it is a level of very high level of consciousness, that has been manifested and can be embodied in a, a form that can be seen to us as physical. So I think it's an experience of bliss. Actually, I think it's an experience of bliss that you can feel within your biology that you can feel there almost ignites something in your DNA that puts an enlightenment into your DNA, which changes the consciousness of you. So if you look at people that feel they have been so touched by Jesus, their whole outlook changes, it's almost overnight, it's this really obvious or, or they have about them. And I think that's what it does it. It is something that embodies a bliss within your DNA that embodies bliss within your energetic body, it enables you to reach for this much higher frequency and it represents a very high, say God frequency, but I don't want to sound vague, a very, let's just call it a very high blissful frequency, a very pure, principled feeling of love. So, is he an extraterrestrial? Ultimately, no. And I think what what I, what I've come to understand is that even if I'm in communication with Andromeda and consciousness, there is always higher consciousness and whatever other entity or extraterrestrial, you may be interacting with. So there's contacts. And I know we all get excited about tech with the T's. But there's always the higher that the highest, or the higher, the kind of love, light, or God principle, whatever word you're comfortable with, then that oneness, and everything is under that umbrella, including all the bad ideas of entities and the bad ideas of extraterrestrials, it all comes from the one. So the embodiment or the appearance of a Christ consciousness. If I look back on my experience, it indicates to me there was a certain opening, there was a kind of certain bliss experience with my contact that happened, which left me open to a frequency which was benevolence, and blissful, which ended up being top. So it kind of opened the door, if you like, for, for that contact.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:34

Yes, makes a lot sense. At the same time, a part of me wants to understand who he is, what sort of category we can put the different beings and energies in. And I find myself not getting answers to that, because it's my left mind trying to understand and I don't think we can really understand that. It's interesting, and it fascinates me. But I think you're right, I think like Jesus and Jesus and Buddha, and these masters, they are of a very high frequency and sort of very close to the source in general. And then we're split in different parts in a way and maybe we feel more familiarize with extraterrestrials, because they sort of seem like they're on their own evolutionary path. In a way I'm sort of walking the same path as we have in a different way. So or in the similar way that but they're ahead of us a bit ahead of us many of them who are benevolent, yeah, many of them. Yeah. So I'd love to hear if you could share a bit about Futhark is where they from you said and dominance and why they're here now and how they live their lives. I'm curious about does it look like um, where they are reciting.

Gayle Thomas 19:59

Yeah, so here's the thing, I don't really want to disappoint too much, but they're not embodied. So the well, at least, the consciousness that I have contact in connection with, because I think it's really important to remember when we talk about aliens such as Pleiadians, or, or Andromeda islands, or the greys, or the reptilians. There's such broad labels. And within them, there are so many different bloodlines and so many different species, and we're talking about ancient history to us. Over many different locations, even, you know, one lot of extraterrestrials, they may not be from the same galaxy, they may have moved and hopped around or have several different bloodlines in several different locations. So I understand that when we say and dominance is a very broad term, and the ones that I have contact with top, they have had a, an experience of being embodied, they have had an experience of being individualized. But top are a more collective consciousness, there's the idea that I am speaking to a group or a mass. But I don't get any one individual name, I don't get that there they are sex they have male and female, there is a strong, the way they come to me at times, is a very strong blue, almost Indigo, sometimes magenta glow. And I have images of Blue Mountains and blue landscapes on a sort of quite barren planet. And I have also had a flashes of sort of insectoid. beings, as in seeing legions of them. Now, I think sometimes it's easy to get cross wired cross cross wires with things like this. And I don't like to say that this is the case, and this is who they are. Because I think that what a consciousness represents is a summarized version, sometimes of their whole consciousness, and they will present things to you that your imagination can perceive as a way of expressing it. So while I've had flashes of insect toy type, et looking beings, the majority of the time 99% of the time, I'm seeing this glowing blue, this ethereal, the Indigo, blue light, and this idea of a a floating consciousness, a collective in a sense, I don't get much about the particulars of their identity, because identity in a sense isn't so important for them. And the name top again, I when I started to channel them, and when I asked their name, I really wanted it to be a fun name. When when they said top and I wrote it down, I said top disappointed, like, can it be something really, you know, full of gravity? And you know, yeah, I'm exhausted or, you know, so. Yeah, it they are top but it seems so natural and normal. And right. Now, I've had them in my life for a few years.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:50

Right? I get curious, whether channelers like yourself are looking at other channelers and noticing, oh, I'm channeling the same being because a lot of the times I feel like you're not like all the channels, I come across channel, different beings. And I find that interesting. Why are you guys not channeling like a lot of the same meat? Because then it seems like there are so many beings who want to communicate with us.

Gayle Thomas 24:22

But yeah, I mean, there's that there's obviously as many different species races of ET that wants to communicate as there are people but that's a really good question. I have actually seen a couple of channels claimed to be channeling Bashar. So I don't come across it very often but usually you're so right. Yeah. Nikka people are usually channeling someone different or something different. And you can tune in, you can attune yourself if you if you really want to and you in you have the ability I you can Do that. And if if all parties are, you know, willing and have the intention to do the same that is possible because everything is just a resonance. But I have, as far as I'm concerned with top, I have people that have approached me that said your name or tarps name have come to me in a dream or in a meditation, and they found me online. And I'm always amazed at that. Or they say that I feel that I'm more connected to top after the energy or healing treatments. So I think there's, I think what you get is resonance when you are resonating with something that someone is saying, or what a channel is saying you're resonating with the energy and the consciousness of, of what they're channeling. And I really like to kind of deconstruct the word channeling because it doesn't necessarily mean an entity or, or being or an ET it could be an energy. Like we were talking about Christ consciousness, for example. And it's, I think the ultimate question to ask is, are you resonating with something that is, well being for you is making you feel happy is making you feel? Well, you know, rather than unwell and discombobulated? So So, yes, I don't know if that really answers your question. But I think it's possible. But you're right. Most channels don't channel the same.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:32

Yeah. And always, also get curious about whether you listen to other channelers. And you feel like, Oh, this is the same message? Or if you feel like, oh, we have a slight different message, or is there? Are there some contradictions sometimes?

Gayle Thomas 26:47

No, I think, by and by, it's all pretty much the same message, really, I mean, it's just said through different voice boxes, there's just said through different word processes. I mean, if you look at me as as one point of interpretation, I'm just an interpreter. But they're using my language, my experience, my understanding some my language to express, which may be different to the way another channel uses the language. But I think ultimately, they it's usually the same message, you know, you see it written in different ways. And it's true of the book that I've written that I've channeled that type of channeled through me, I would say that it is presented in a unique way. But it is the same message that you hear echoed through the centuries through the millennia. It's, it's kind of the same truth that resonates. You know, when you pick up a book that's channeled, if it feels like the truth, you know, the truth when you when you read it, when you hear it when you see it,

Jannecke Øinæs 27:52

Just that in a way mean that truths will always be truths, that truth is not something that is evolving, but it's actually constant in a way,

Gayle Thomas 28:04

I think, can be both because the truth, to us earthlings, definitely the truth can evolve as we find things out. And as times change, everything, energies, our energies, energies of everyone around, he's always moving. So truths can change, things can feel right on one day or in one era, and then suddenly not feel so good anymore. You know, nothing stays the same. But it's always about finding that point where you're in alignment with the two versions of yourself, your ego, self and your non physical, I am self and feeling what that truth is, but it's not a bad thing, you know, to develop that sensitivity to your intuition or to your higher self to just tap in and feel when things feel right. And when they don't feel right when things feel like it's a truth, or when it's not the truth. Because, after all, that will make us much more sovereign and much more in control of our health and happiness, I think, and our success, rather than listening to what, you know, mainstream or governments institutions are saying about what is good for us. Really great if we could just dial in to ourselves more often, and see what resonates with the truth for us.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:19

Before we move into channeling I would love to speak about spiritual hygiene we touch upon it before we started recording, that if we don't have a spiritual hygiene or go go about the spiritual work in the right way we can have breaks or we can have what did you say like broken aura and in our energy bodies, and I thought that was very interesting. And there's so much out there. You know, I remember in my beginning of my spiritual journey, I came across some spiritual teachers who were very disempowering, and that was not nice to experience and That's why it's so important to me that everybody I'm interviewing is the heart. And now I feel like I can earn that, but love to hear your perspectives on what you mean with spiritual hygiene and actually going about the spiritual work and sort of that, not that there's a wrong and right way, but in the practical way, practical and healthy way.

Gayle Thomas 30:24

Okay, so I can tell you that before I channeled, I've always been sensitive, I wouldn't have said, psychic. However, now I'm here, I would say, Well, you probably were getting some bleed through, you just didn't probably believe it. But I was a very sensitive, young lady. And if I interacted with people that were mean, or envious, or just messed up themselves didn't have good stuff going on in their life, or they actually had ill intention towards me, for one reason or another, I would feel it, and there'd been a couple of times in my life, where, you know, I became sick from hanging around with someone just painting an example that it is possible if you're very sensitive. And if you have, if you're a sensitive person, like me, like many people are that I have around me, then you pick up on other people's emotions, other people's consciousness, if they haven't got things going on, that's too good for them. Or if they're not, well, you can pick up on it, and it can affect you, and it can affect your well being and your health. Now, that is when you're always quite large. And it doesn't necessarily mean that it's good thing, it can mean that it's, you know, quite dissipated and weak and things can easily get in there and stick in there. And you can have sort of thought forms and emotion sticking to you. And it can bring you down. So that used to happen to me a lot. I'm very aware now that I work with the energy of top now that I work with other people of what type bring and how easy it is you can make yourself quite wide open and vulnerable to other energies, including from people, and how if they're not ready, or if they're not integrated enough or their aura is not ready, they can have the wrong kind of thoughts and feelings and emotions and energies attached to them, which keep them resonating at a lower frequency. So having dollar heavier emotions, difficult to move through, or reoccurrences or pattern things in life, things that keep happening over and over again, you mentioned things like that earlier. And it's really important. I mean, equally, I come across lots of people that are going through awakening experiences, and they really want to channel or they're starting to channel they're starting to have transdimensional engagement or experience or more lucid dreams. And they're very keen to move forward. Because it is exciting to make contacts. And while it's good to, to wish for those things and to wish that we all have contacts. You got to look after yourself and your hygiene. So in much the same way that you take care of your body and your health and your diet and you know, you take care of your skin and you you maintain that it's just as important to I would say maybe even slightly more important to take care of the energetic body because everything comes through the energetic body, including sickness, health, happiness, success. If you just look at things like law of attraction that comes from energy, and it comes from resonance and everything comes into your aura, this kind of field of consciousness around you a sort of plasma field around you. And if you have holes in your aura are weak and dissipated or something to spaced out and doesn't have a nice healthy border. You can be penetrated easily from not so favorable energies of things around you including Wi Fi, including toxic materials, toxic thoughts, toxic actions, fear, fear is a great one because you know, it's very difficult to to go through a day where you don't see people or you come across something that's fear inducing. It's difficult to not have a day where you're exposed to things that are trying to trigger fear in you. So these things can affect your aura, they can impact your aura and when your aura is not nice and healthy and symmetrical, then you're resonance are your spin, I say spin because you have chakras. It's your energy body, your energy anatomy, they're all supposed to be spinning around a steel point. And there's all supposed to have a healthy spin. But if you've got an aura that's slightly more open or weak or leaking on one side, then you're going to be slightly off kilter. And it's going to set this kind of sequence of chakras of vortex points up and down your body slightly off kilter. And when one is spinning slowly, slightly off time, or slower or faster, you have the imbalances in your energy body, which will manifest ultimately if they're left unchecked, in your emotional life, your, your spiritual, your physical life. So these things are really important. And I see that obviously, right now, there is so much going on. In this world, there is so much that one can feel overwhelmed, just like that from just looking at something on YouTube. And it can set everything off balance. If you're someone like me that sensitive you can take something in it goes straight into your heart, you might see a child somewhere that suffering, or you might see something that's very scary about, you know, some fear inducing talk about AI. By the way, not that you need to feel scared, I don't feel about AI. But the fear, the fear, the agony, the pain, the sadness can be so instant with this, you know, content that we see around us we're bombarded with every day. And we need to take care of that because it goes straight in and it goes into a way that you almost feel it as deeply as the person that's actually suffering it because it's a resonance. It's like a tuning fork. We are all one, you know, but when you see fearful things tend to make you feel isolated or separated. And you lose that central focus, you lose that heart based focus, you lose that sense of unity and collective and awareness. You know, what are speaking so long? I forgot what the question was.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:15

No. I asked about spiritual hygiene. Yeah. What I think we can do is actually to bring Tarp in and to elaborate more on this very issue, because I would love to hear more about how we can actually have as a great spiritual hygiene.

Gayle Thomas 37:34

Okay, all right. See you on the other side. So the next you hear is from Tarp and you can ask them questions directly. Okay.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:48


Gayle Thomas 37:54

Good afternoon, we are Tarp. We are pleased to be here with you blending our consciousness with this now of your now time, how may we be of assistance to you?

Jannecke Øinæs 38:04

Hello, thank you so much for showing up today to communicate to us and our audience listening and watching. Now we have been speaking about spiritual hygiene. And I feel and assume that this is especially important now in the times we're living in, in the big, great shift of consciousness, and also the times we're moving into. So could you speak a little bit about how we can prevent creating holes in our aura and have broken auras and taking negative energy and how we can empower ourselves and have a spiritual hygiene.

Gayle Thomas 38:42

Yes, we are here to help at this time. This is something that we would like to speak to you a little bit more about. In essence, we would say to you, that it is best to keep yourself as integrated as possible. By this we mean aware of the present moment and acknowledging and accepting, accepting of your Divine Mind Your divine soul, you are not a mere thought form. You are a powerful divine being that has the ability to feel bliss. This feeling of bliss and this idea of being able to carry your bliss beyond death and your awareness beyond death makes you quite distinct from other such thought forms, energies or entities that can cause fill your auric space with fear. Things that will help you keep in a healthy aura field around you are being spending time in nature and spending time with other beings of light and divinity, including the animals in your animal kingdom. So nature animals of the animal kingdom, and other beings of like humans, such as yourself, where you are working with loving action, where what you are doing is not only actively loving, but passively loving. So doing everything you do in your day with an intention of love and well being this may seem easier to say than to do. But these are the things that keep a healthy energetic body and a healthy energetic system for everything resonates correctly when one is feeling the feeling of love. When one is feeling the feeling of bliss, you are able to exalt yourself higher than maybe what you would understand is your 3d consciousness on this planet Earth. But ultimately, having a healthy energetic body is induced and kept intact by feeling the feelings of love or loving action, we do not just mean romantic love of course, and we do mean that even if you are feeling sad, or unhappy in any way, that you engage actively in the verb of loving action, and this will help you reach recalibrate your energetic body. There are of course energetic actions that you can do to create a healthy auric field. Essentially, if you bring your mind energy and your physical energy back into the fold of your own body or your own plasma plasmic auric field around you, you are inhabiting the space, leaving it impossible for another kind of energy to inhabit it is this making sense to you for when you scatter your mind when you disperse your mind when you disperse your actions. When you disperse your activities across many things, you apply yourself thinly to many things at once you become dispersed, you become you become scattered, thereby leaving space within your auric field to be weakened, lessened and put off. Central Does that make sense to you?

Jannecke Øinæs 42:39

Yes, that was very helpful, thank you so much.

Gayle Thomas 42:42

If you do not bring your divine self into your biological avatar body, you do not inhabit this biological body enough with presence, you will leave space inside which is open to be off balance, which will be factionalized. The more you feel centered and in union with others, including with loving action, the more you will inhabit your biological avatar, body and your auric field.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:20

That makes sense so that the more we are embodied actually, the more we connect with our bodies. This is what how I understand it. Not to sort of escape from the body, which I felt a lot of us were doing in the beginning of our spiritual awakening that we sort of wanted to ascend and move away from the bodies but you're actually saying, embody ourselves more to be more present as a human being in that way, evolving as a consciousness on the planet.

Gayle Thomas 43:54

Yes, we would say own your presence. There are many layers to what you would understand His presence but own it, including owning what happens in the present, including thoughts, emotions, actions, we would like to encourage you to own your emotions rather than quickly throw them away when they are painful. Owning your emotions allows you to integrate your emotions which allows you to integrate all parts of your consciousness including the subconscious mind where much of the things that you do not want to own are varied. The more you integrate, and the more you own. The things that you have encountered in your life including the thoughts, emotions and the actions the more you can hold them in your space, integrate them, work through them shine a light on them, the more you'll feel integrated, the more you are able to own your presence, presence being the physical and the non physical.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:56

A lot of those I interview they channel and many are saying that life is an illusion. Even Einstein said that, albeit a very persistent one, and I'm curious in our lifetime, whether we will see that humanity if this is an illusion, we'll wake up from that illusion and actually start to acknowledge that this is a game we're playing that we will actually have that awareness in our lifetime or is that 1000s of years from now on.

Gayle Thomas 45:32

It is definitely possible for you to have this awareness in your current experience body of this lifetime. And believe it or not, everything is happening and moving very fast as you perceive it, but it will help you understand that you are an embodied compartmentalized consciousness this is in fact what you are right now, you are compartmentalized within your mind and you are compartmentalized within your physicality, as in you are housed in a particular fractionalize very streamline particular unique human being, which gives you the physical illusion of separation, when in fact, we are all one. So you are a sort of box in a box, in a box, in a box, in a box in a box in a box, there is a continual factorizing down to what you find is even within your mind, there are things that you are compartmentalizing, putting in boxes, categorizing, separating out which only works to support the idea of separation rather than Union. But, of course, there is a oneness. In fact, we would like to share with you that even the technologies of your world can be extremely serving for you as humanity to understand that you are a compartmentalised consciousness, it will help you to understand in fact, what you are and what you are not that you are, in fact, a consciousness, which is almost in a set up reality so that you can experience and so that you can grow. And so you can understand the feeling of love and the idea of returning to that unity feeling. Is this making sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 47:33

Yes, it is. And at the same time, I get curious about five d, we speak about five d and some are saying we're in five d we're moving into five d. And part of me is like yeah, I get what that is. And another part is like, what is really five d? So what are your perspectives on what is really five d and is that where we're heading? So are we now in 3D moving into 5D?

Gayle Thomas 48:03

Well, we would say that five d is more a frequency. So the more you are experienced higher frequencies, the more you are laser liaising in what you would categorize as five d. So, of course, what you will find with most things in creation is that there is a a movement and oscillation in and out in and out in and out. What you keenly experience on your planet Earth is sort of binary pairs of opposites, so on off Sun Moon light dark, this one or that one, whereas you are in fact oscillating in and out of different frequencies. However, you are upgrading as a whole, generally, not so gently in some cases, but you are generally in clusters on your planet. Upgrading and spending much of your present moments, oscillating at higher frequencies, the higher frequencies, the more time you spend in those higher frequencies will indicate which direction you are moving in, which is in that upper away towards what you understand as a five D reality. The 3d You might see what you would call an after effect or an after shadow of remnants of 3d phenomenon around you in your world. However, with lots of we would say you are experiencing a lot of multi dimensional phenomena in your world, even in the tangible world that you see represented in your media. There are things that are there than they are not there. There are things that are happening and they're not happening. There are still beings that are visible, there are things that are hidden, there are people that have certain understanding of a certain kind of awareness. There are other people that don't understand and are resonating with another kind of awareness, we would call this much more already a sort of for the consciousness, we would say that a lot of the experiences of awakening that people are thinking and feeling and experiencing can represent or match closely with what you might understand as a 4d resonance. However, there are many of you also frequenting more higher frequencies than what would constitute a for the reality. And they're experiencing more and more five d phenomena and experience in their life. So it is more a blending rather than a stepping up, which happens overnight or over a few seconds. However, there are times when there have been sudden, up jumps in frequency and up jumps in resonance of a species or race in order for them to remain active as a species. But it doesn't happen across the whole of our species, it happens to those that are willing, and are ready. This is making sense.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:27

Yes, I would love to clarify. But if I understand this correctly, so you're saying that some people, some humans are now in 3D, many are most are four in 4D, and some are experiencing 5D.

Gayle Thomas 51:42

Yes, we are saying that. But we're also saying that this is a moving Canvas. So you may take one human being and in the course of one day, they can experience frequencies that are belonging to those categories, all three of those categories that we state, third, fourth, fifth,

Jannecke Øinæs 51:59

All right,

Gayle Thomas 52:00

There are more dense things that you can be exposed to that lead to more dense, slower oscillating frequency, which is more 30, which keeps you more aligned with the idea of fear and separation and binary understandings of the reality around you. And then you can have an experience that makes you feel more whole, more loving, more unified more in connection with people around you, or things around you, or higher spiritual experiences, such as what the channel has had for this can happen in a single day. But it all depends on where you are, most of the time or more of the time, which brings you up or down on a frequency scale. And then of course, there are multiple beings on your planet. And there are waves and there are trends, and there will be an overall trend upwards. This is in a sense unavoidable as species of your planet that you consider to be of a lower consciousness a new they also move up to there is a continuing continual moving upwards of a evolutionary perspective of consciousness and awareness. This never stops.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:21

Yeah, that makes sense that we're moving through different dimensions. In a day, it certainly feels like that. Now, is six D available for some of us. Are there some humans that experience that or even higher

Gayle Thomas 53:35

when men replace?Yes, of course. And yes, of course, there is higher phenomena that is available, depending on where the individual humans consciousness is at that time. However, understanding higher frequency consciousness does not necessarily mean that they have become it, it means that they have liaised or attune to it for a certain period of time, know that the physical avatar body that you are in can only cope with a certain amount of energy coming through it, it would start to feel out of balance or out of alignment with such higher frequencies coming to it consistently. If we're really talking about longer term sustenance in the higher frequency. There you would find that this is going to happen as a gradual easing out of physical need of a body.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:47

Now, I understand that you are higher evolved beings and you've been going through your own evolution that you am that you are a bit ahead of us in evolution. I've always been curious about That's what happened before the Big Bang, it seems like the universe has always existed yet science is speaking about once when it started. Now, there had to be something that happened before the big bang in order for the Big Bang to happen. So do you know anything about this?

Gayle Thomas 55:20

One moment please. The Big Bang didn't happen really in the way that you are describing it. Here, we hit some slight barriers in communication, for we're quite limited with the language however it wasn't so much as a huge big bang or explosion, it was more like idea or pure principle of love, wanting to understand itself, almost to see them reflection of itself. So, the one becoming the two, this was the original impulse or the original impetus to expand so that could create some distance so that it could gaze back upon itself and experience itself from a different vantage point. This in a sense is the same process which happened happens infinitesimally so that one can take the distance and feel and return to and understand the union of itself in the exploration of itself from different perspectives. So, ultimately, rather than calling it a big bang, there are continuous impulses to move away from and come back towards which is the general movement if you would like of the whole universe, it is the general buzzing frequency vibration of the whole universe. So, it is an infinitesimal separation, down and down and down and down and down and on and on and on and on, until you find yourselves in the reality experience that you are living, the one where you are experience many different facades of the same thing, under the names and labels of many different races, species, animals, beings, entities, such so in a sense, there was no one big bang, it is a continuous unfolding and expansion of knowing oneself through many different perspectives.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:50

I wonder when that will be common knowledge. Now,

Gayle Thomas 57:56

When one learns to frequent their higher self and understand the non physical nature, the more they are less attached to their binary existence, thinking of themselves in a physical body, where they are given choices. The more you realize that there is a unity of awareness, the more you will understand the nature of all that is around you.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:21

Now, can you see what is in our future timeline as humanity, like, some are afraid that we will not evolve in the right direction in the right direction. And some are saying we have made it already and others are saying, well, there are multiple futures. And it all depends on what we collect, collectively, are choosing in the moment. What are your perspectives on how our future looks like and if it's possible to predict the future? After all,

Gayle Thomas 58:59

We would say to you that is not possible to predict future it is possible to read the waves shall we say? We were going to say read the tea leaves. we mean by that. Look at the energy and the momentum and the vibration collectively, as you have mentioned around your thoughts and what you are transmitting as a human race and in different locations around the earth because there are different realities that can be brought in from the active residence which is happening. We can give you an idea from how it is looking right now. Well, your future is progressive. Your future is positive as we are reading it now however, it is How do we explain this there will be some false starts there will be progress made and then there will be pull backs to regressed states of being in reality along the journey however, it is was almost what you would call one step forward two steps back for a while for the time being this is how it is looking at the moment one moment please.

There is a grand opening a breaking in the cloud so, to speak it is not easily earned, but it is there and it is very possible and it is very likely to happen with how we see it right now, there is much positive momentum in fact, the more positive momentum there is, the sharper there will be the pull backs, where it seems as if there is some regression happening, we hope you understand what we mean here. However, there will be a point where there is a huge change, a huge opening and a huge, almost collective understanding it will be something that sweeps across the Earth One moment please. Which brings a much more open mindset of who you are and where you are placed contextually. And it will give you an idea of freedom and ownership. What we mean by that is a sovereign hood to you as human beings. And in a sense, we understand that this sounds like it is two things that are all said. But while you understand your sovereignty and autonomy as human beings, you will not be inclined to act selfishly. And you will not be identifying fully with separateness, you will understand your sovereignty as having more of a intuitive, almost embodied divine presence in the body. Not quite in the near future, this is further down the line, but you will have a greater sense of sovereignty and a greater empowerment as such. And when this is happening, you will also begin to have much more reverence for each other, each other's value and each other's worth. And there will be much more abundance in your societies. So what we can say to you is, there are some rough patches along the way, nothing that you probably haven't heard already. But this is an indication that you are moving in the right direction, there will be some sharp pull backs, but ultimately there will be a very quick opening. There will be some revelatory happenings or circumstances on your planet. And the consciousness will spread or sweep across the planet, which will enable you to feel much more empowered, much more free and lead to much more personal wealth, meaning health. empathy, understanding, respect and abandons there will be an idea of who you are in terms of context, in terms of you as a human race and a human species. There will be new ways of governing and there will be new ways of living, there will be some unification through things that come to light that will allow you to see what it is that you are as human beings that will allow you to feel and understand your specialness as a race. And it will help you to feel more cohesive. When you start to identify with yourself as a human race versus other we know that sounds like a dichotomy, because ultimately everything and everyone is all one. But it will be cohesive for you as a human race, which will mean there'll be less fracturing on your surface on your planet Earth. Ultimately, in understanding your sovereignhood. You're going to feel Union.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:30

We had some some technical issues, all of a sudden we can hear each other which is always strange why that happens. Right? So my question was after you've been sharing some predictions about the future. Now will that happen in our lifetime the things you've been referring to now?

Gayle Thomas 1:04:50

We will just look for you.

Yes, one moment please.

Yes, it is looking very most likely and use lifetime this current channels lifetime. This is a reference point for you, it is extremely likely to happen in this current life ban.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:05:22

All right. Now do you have a last message for our audience today?

Gayle Thomas 1:05:31

We would say remember what we have spoken about in terms of understanding the integration of the two sides of self learning to integrate and hold your feelings. Hold your emotions, hold the experiences hold the perceptions. Hold your presence in your energetic sphere, hold your presence in your physical body. The more you can acknowledge who you are the real you of who you are, which is the integrated ego, physical avatar body with the I am self, the more you will be in a position to feel unit of awareness. The more you feel unit of awareness, the more you will have an experience of a happy and healthy reality. This is an experience that will bring the real metamorphosis to humanity in your experience of planet Earth. Do not feel fear, there is nothing to feel fear with. And the more you identify and resonate with the feeling of fear, the more separation you will feel, even such things as AI, there must not be any fear for you are a being which has a soul and an understanding of love and the feeling of bliss. You are able to carry your consciousness out of your body and you are able to place your consciousness in other such big, huge beneficial matters of energy. You have immense power, do not underestimate yourselves. Know that your power lies in your unity of awareness and in taking care of your integrated selves. We offer you our unconditional love. Thank you and goodbye.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:07:27

Thank you. Thank you. All right, and you are back. All right. Yeah. Yes, that was quite a ride. And it was interesting that all of a sudden, we couldn't hear each other. And I'm always wondering what happens, you know, is there some interference? Some somewhere? That was powerful the messages that came through? Were you present? Could you notice what was happening and what they said?

Gayle Thomas 1:07:55

To a degree? Yes. I hear the questions being asked and I have an opinion about them. I always think like, well, not so difficult question. That so I'm like just they're like sitting on the back seat. And as you know, I think I made you aware that it's a hazy for me so I don't always carry the memory of what I've just channeled for long after the channeling. I have a recollection right now. Like waking up from asleep, but it will fade. I do however seem to remember sort of the meta meanings. I get the gist. I'm able to carry the gist rather than the details. So yeah, so a bit yeah. A bit. In other words,

Jannecke Øinæs 1:08:39

Right. Well, I think we need to wrap this up. It has been so inspirational speaking to you. And I would love to ask you some general questions that I asked my guests and the first one is what is self love to you?

Gayle Thomas 1:08:53

Oh, I like these questions self love being present, I have to say that now because top have said that being present. Having healthy boundaries, which would also include the energetic boundaries that we're talking about. Actually what I meant is being knowing that you can say no, you can say your truth, and you don't have to give reasons for it. You can just hold the space for yourself that self love knowing who you are. Having the confidence to hold that space in your body without having to try too hard or offer explanations or your your presence and your self love are reflected in the way you treat other people. I'd say also

Jannecke Øinæs 1:09:45

Beautiful and what is happiness to you? Happiness.

Gayle Thomas 1:09:51

I have heard someone say recently happiness is life minus expectation. I thought that one was quite good. and happiness really for me, the older I get is the simple things, spending time with things that bring me joy, and love and wonder the kind of or you know, just seeing really pretty things in nature. Spending time with my husband, my cats, my kids. It's not not that order, but it just didn't really the simple thing. Sunshine, fresh air, peace and quiet good sleep. Nice food that feels like it's healing the simple things really.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:10:36

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Gayle Thomas 1:10:41

It's not get too hung up on your purpose to actually enjoy the moment to not stress. Now I've experienced disease, it's really important that I stay well. And I decided to just put all that stress stuff down. Really? It's not worth it. Yeah. Be more playful.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:11:00

Yes. Beautiful. So where can people find you if they want to connect with you or work with you? A little bit? Yeah.

Gayle Thomas 1:11:10

Thanks for asking. They can find me on Gayle Gayle dash Thomas t h o m And they can follow me on x and on Instagram top channeling. And they can I have my books? Top? Yep, there is that's available on Amazon. But if anyone wants to write to me, I love hearing from people or they want to book a discovery call. I love chatting to people. They don't have to book a session. But I have group events and I have personal offerings. You can find all of that online.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:11:47

Beautiful. And somewhere here. Thank you so much for being a guest and for you one.

Gayle Thomas 1:11:52

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thanks. Really nice to connect with you. Thank you. Thanks for listening.

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