From a young age, Margot McKinnon experienced mystical encounters and as a four year old, she heard a voice saying: You are to be a teacher!

Her journey and her theories on the five dimensions of self have led her to become a renowned inspirational speaker and author, transforming the lives of countless individuals. In this interview, we delve into Margot’s extraordinary experiences and discover how she helps others unlock their full potential.

Margot’s early encounters with the spiritual realm left a profound impact on her life. She encourages individuals to track and explore their own mystical experiences, recognizing the importance of piecing together these moments. By acknowledging and validating the spiritual aspects of our existence, we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Unconventional Teaching Methods

As a high school English teacher, Margot discovered the power of her unconventional teaching methods. By embracing her intuition and innovative approaches, she uplifted struggling students to levels they never thought possible. These transformative experiences laid the foundation for her acclaimed book, “The Exquisiteness of Being Human”, and propelled her into the realm of inspirational speaking.

The Bold Vision

One of Margot’s spiritual experiences made a deep impact on her work. In the interview she explains that a huge “being” appeared in her room explaining to her the concept of the 5 dimensions of self. She also pursued her long-time ambition of earning a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where her thesis explored integrating spirituality into public education. Her efforts culminated in her second book, “The Dominance Theory: A Guide to elevating your 5 Dimensions of self”, which helps individuals recognize their dominant dimension while nurturing others for a balanced and fulfilling life.

the five dimensions of self

Margot’s Dominance Theory conceptualizes five dimensions of self: Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, and Oneness. Each dimension represents a facet of our being, with one dimension typically dominating our personality. Margot empowers individuals to identify their dominant type, fostering self-awareness and guiding them towards growth and balance. By sharing this knowledge with her students, Margot witnessed deep transformations as they found peace and understanding in their dominant dimension.

Margot highlights the importance of validating and embracing the spiritual experiences of young children. Many three to four-year-olds have extraordinary encounters with the divine, and Margot emphasizes the significance of parents affirming these experiences without doubt. By nurturing and acknowledging these moments, parents can foster a child’s spiritual development and help them retain a profound connection with the mystical throughout their lives.

NDE: Met her late mother

Margot recounts her own near-death experience (NDE) where her spirit left her body, meeting her late mother and experiencing a deep sense of joy. This encounter reinforces Margot’s belief in the integration of spiritual experiences into everyday life. She emphasizes the importance of creating spaces filled with unconditional love and beauty, allowing the spiritual to permeate our existence and guide us toward a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Discovering Purpose

Exploring our purpose becomes a transformative journey toward creating meaning and direction in life. Margot explains that when we discover our purpose, the yearning to return home diminishes, and we find ourselves fully engaged in the present moment. By aligning our actions with our purpose, we unlock our true potential and create a life that is deeply meaningful and fulfilling.

Dr. Margot McKinnon’s interview offers a glimpse into a world beyond the physical, reminding us of the profound spiritual dimensions that exist within ourselves.

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