Allison Holley’s journey into channeling and awakening is a fascinating testament to the profound shifts in consciousness happening globally. In this episode, she is channeling dragons LIVE and she shares how her own awakening unfolded. What ensued was a surreal period where reality seemed to blur, and she found herself spontaneously channeling, receiving visions, and experiencing time differently. It was as though her perception of the world had been rewired, opening her up to multi-dimensional insights and confirming long-held intuitions about her cosmic origins.

Interaction with dragons

In a fascinating revelation, Allison Holley shares her recent journey into connecting with dragon energy, a realm previously unexplored in her spiritual experiences. Despite her comfort in communicating with extraterrestrial beings, the notion of interacting with dragons initially felt more akin to fairy tales than reality. However, as she attuned herself to the vibrational space of open communication, the dragons emerged with potent messages for humanity’s collective ascension process. Through Allison’s channeling, it becomes evident that these mythical beings hold profound wisdom and guidance for navigating the tumultuous shifts in consciousness unfolding on Earth.

As the world braces for unprecedented changes and challenges, many seek guidance on preparing for the transition to a new Earth and heightened states of awareness. Allison, acting as a conduit for the dragon consciousness, imparts invaluable insights on embracing these transformations with grace and ease.

What comes forward as a message from the dragons is that they have come to connect with us now, to support the shift in consciousness. They are timekeepers and share with us how we can best prepare for the shift in consciousness. They speak about being in higher frequencies and to be less attached to what’s going on around us. These changes are not about punishment. Zoom out, the dragons say. You incarnated in this time to witness the chance. 

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Transcript of the interview

Allison Holley 0:00

I'm seeing that individuals can actually based on our focus, witness more of the destruction and therefore experience that timeline. And so it is through our individual power of focus and choice that we can once again choose what we knew we were going to choose when we decided to incarnate, and that is infinite love. I am seeing lots of water now. The topography of the earth is going to change. Can we view that from the place of love knowing that just like the seasons changing, things are going to shift? And so here's the guidance.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:42

Hello, Allison, a warm welcome to the show.

Allison Holley 0:45

Hi, Jannecke, thank you so much for having me here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:50

I'm thrilled about having you here and speaking about your channeling abilities, and maybe tapping into the knowledge that can come through today about what's happening in the world that shift in consciousness and many questions that I have. And I know you are an awakening guides, you are a star seed, I read on your website that you have heard through your guides that you are from the drama Don's from what I understand, and you're helping people in their awakening process, and to me at least it seems like people are waking up all over the place and guides like who are really needed.

Allison Holley 1:30

I love that thank you, I adore what I came here to do. I adore every time I connect with people who are moving through their awakening process. So it's it just lights me up.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:45

You are on purpose for sure. And I would love to hear about your, your own awakening journey. And before we move into the channeling part, if this has always been a natural part of you, or if you all of a sudden woke up. And I think I saw a video with you where you mentioned 2012, which I find very interesting, because that was the year when I started my YouTube channel. And then many other spiritual teachers started to have a calling and started to follow their callings. I'm really curious about what happened to you.

Allison Holley 2:19

Yes, well, I love that powerful combination at 2012 are so many people were starting to really awaken to the truth of who we all are. For me, my awakening was not subtle. I was actually I was running a fitness studio at the time. And what ended up happening was, I went through a breakup, I went through, you know, the breakdown of a relationship. And because of the emotional turmoil that that that brought up, my everything just popped open. And for several months, it was as if I was moving through reality on a psychedelic experience. And I wasn't I was completely sober. But reality started to shift. And I was spontaneously channeling I was seeing visions, and was you know, time was moving in a different way. And this was all happening as I was just moving through life. It just all opened. And what I've discovered since then, the reason that that happened is when we're going about our regular daily life, we are have these sorts of programs running every day where things just happen as we expect them to happen. So when something out of the ordinary happens if we have a traumatic event, or you know something that can be deeply emotionally upsetting, or something that just doesn't go according to the program, what happens is an opening is created. And in that opening, that is were more multi dimensional information that always exists that can come through. So that's what happened with me I had a brief moment where things were not moving as planned as my mind was programmed to perceive things. And it just opened me up in all respects. And you know, I want to share this in case anybody's going through something similar. It took me several years to learn how to function. And I was very it just all of what I needed came in and took care of me. I wasn't really able to work a job. I wasn't really able to communicate without sharing very honestly about my awakening experience. And about the energies that I was experiencing and seeing. And speaking to those themes. With the people that I had previously been associating with it was, they were looking at me, like I had seven heads, it was a very, you know, so everything shifted, I left my old life, I just no longer fit vibrationally in that. And I, it took me a few years to really learn how to function on this planet again. So it was very intense. And at the same time, a lot of people asked me was that hard was that traumatic in and of itself was that unsettling? No, what happened was, it was very confirming. Throughout my life, there had always been this undercurrent of something is different. I always knew, even though I didn't have words for it, I always knew that this was my first time on Earth, that I didn't have previous experiences here. And there were a lot of other things like that. And when I went through this shift in consciousness, what really happened was, all of that was starting to be confirmed, I now not only sensed energy, but I was seeing it as well. I now not only felt that something was different, I was receiving information about it, and so much confirmation. That actually even though it was upsetting so much of my sort of external reality, internally, I was in an incredible place. And I was so grateful for the continuous confirmation of what always felt to be true to me.

Jannecke Øinæs 6:56

That is very fascinating. And I was going to ask one question, and then I heard you said, This is my first time on Earth. And I was like, Oh, that is very interesting. So I'd love to hear about that. Because I get curious, like, how do you know that? And I can also assume that, then if that's so you must have felt very alienated here on earth this time. So I would love for you to talk about that. Like, how was that all of a sudden, like a truth for you? How did you get that knowledge? And where do you actually come from?

Allison Holley 7:36

Beautiful. It's interesting that I always knew this, even when I didn't have words for it. Because I actually grew up, you know, somewhat religious will very religious, actually, in the Mormon, LDS faith, and there wasn't the concept of past lives or reincarnation, or anything like that, according to that faith, you know, this is sort of everyone's first time. So for me to know that about myself was it is interesting to look back on. When it's just something that I knew and I did feel alien, there was sort of this feeling of, I always compare it to, you know, if you were adopted right after birth, and you lived in a different country than where you were actually born. There's, it felt like that it sort of felt like I'm growing up here, I know that this is what's, you know, everybody's experiencing, and there was just always a knowing that I've never experienced this earth, and that I wasn't from here. And it's interesting, too, because when that knowledge became conscious, this was actually before my awakening. So I was studying with a, an, an earth shaman and Neo shaman before my awakening. And I remember, you know, and this is getting into some interesting detail, but she gave me a past life regression. And in that past life regression, I did retrieve lifetimes, and it felt very real. And it was really interesting, because I was so surprised. I thought, Wow, I've never been here before. But here I am experiencing these lifetimes. So fast forward a little bit. When I started channeling when that ability opened for me. I asked my guidance team, you know, they told me, will you this is your first time here. And I said, I always felt that but, you know, what about these experiences that I've had where I've had past life regressions? And they said, Allison, you're very highly empathic. And what that means is you can actually experience a Other people's past life experiences, and it will feel very real. And this is something that you need to know about yourself, that you are so empathic, that you are going to leave your experience into other people's experience, even previous lifetimes, which, you know, we could go into that time is all concurrent from a certain dimensional space. And then within this dimensional space, we experienced the unfolding of time. So, that being said, I had some real clarity brought to me when I was able to channel this information for myself. But I remember, and this was back, oh, I don't know, maybe 20 years ago. And I heard the term star child it was before people started saying star seed. I heard the term Star Child, and everything within me said, That's me. That's me. What is that? That's me. And then I, you know, looked into it, and it was, you know, you're not from here, this is your first lifetime. And I thought there was just an inner recognition with that. And I think that, from what I've experienced with other people, in channeling for others, connecting with other people who know themselves to be Starseeds, there's just an internal knowing there's a, there's a light bulb that goes off. Much like when people discover that they've had past lives, they just, there's something internally that just knows it, that just feels it. So you know, trust our internal confirmations. We're more attuned to the truth of ourselves, than we might allow ourselves to believe at any given moment.

Jannecke Øinæs 11:54

So is it the Andromedas that you are channelin in fact?

Allison Holley 12:00

Well, what I would say when we talk about channeling, I have a unique perspective that's been delivered to me around what channeling is, our experience here is sort of like existing within an egg. A lot of times I compare this to Russian nesting dolls, where our human experience is sort of the innermost Russian nesting doll, and we're going about our existence. And we're thinking that we're just this one small restaurant nesting doll, this inner experience. But when we start to look at multi dimensional existence, the there are many, many, many different frequencies that we exist in, whether consciously or not. So when we move out through those larger and larger rest, Russian nesting dolls, all of who we are, is contained within the fullness of that. But we tend to have the focus on the inner most experience, which we interpret as this physical experience, meaning, when we are in this human body, we get the chance to have a very myopic, a very closed, focus. And it is an opportunity because we came here to have the experience of separation. In part now, there's many reasons that were existing as humans, and I don't want to just narrow it down to that one. There are some very strong, purposeful things running through many of us. But we could sort of say that one of the experiences of being human is that we are in that innermost experience. And we are under the illusion that that's all that there is when we awaken our consciousness starts to allow in more of our multi dimensional self, we move out out out into the broadest sort of Russian nesting doll, which could be our oversoul or some people even connect with themselves as full source, which then there's no separation and we are all one and I mean, it's beyond that truly, it goes into you know, the realms of sacred geometry color, really experiencing everything beyond you know, it's it doesn't have the delineation that our human mind see it as it becomes more like walking in a twisting kaleidoscope. And that's often how I see reality now is, you know, the shifting geometric colors of my multi dimensional self. That's sort of what I walk through on a daily basis and particularly when I go into those out realms during channeling. So I'm gonna bring this all the way back around, because I know it seems like I took a real detour here. But I wanted to give a broader understanding of what channeling is channeling is tuning into a more expanded perception of ourselves or of reality. So instead of simply having a physical perception, I expand my awareness into my multi dimensional self, my multi dimensional capacity for witnessing all that is, depending on what realm depends on the information that comes through. And it also depends on you know, so if I really expand into these very, very outer dimensional spaces, what I'm perceiving is pure oneness. And it's bringing our light through from the void, which is the all that is. But in order to channel information that can be more applicable to the human experience. A lot of times, I expand my awareness and my consciousness, just a few dimensional layers out to be able to perceive that. So to answer your question, I often channel what I would say is from a different frequency dimension, and it's still always me. But when we expand out, the singular version of me becomes part of the all that is, and if we could kind of think of it as a room with a light shining through it. If I've got the light really, really illuminated, I can see everything in the room. In fact, more than everything in the room, I can see within everything in the room, it's a very multi dimensional experience. And if I just have one singular light, then that's more like the human experience, and I'm moving through a certain pathway. So I'm hopeful that that, you know, I'd love to hear any questions about all that that I shared in case I skipped anything but suffice it to say, when I channel I've often channeling more from a frequency dimension than a particular being. And I often connect to collectives, or beings who have a particular frequency message, depending on what I'm looking at. So for example, recently, I've been connecting a lot with the dragon realm, the dragon dementia, excuse me, the dragon dimensional space and the beings of you know, the dragon beings. And because they have a really powerful message, for this particular time, specifically around the Eclipse, we're going through a really powerful shattering of illusions, let's say and understanding time and a new way and the dragons work with those things. They're portal holders and openers, and time levers. So depending on what information I'm looking at, different collectives or beings will come through and communicate with me but it is always through the lens of my consciousness.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:48

It does make really a lot of sense to me. Most I interview they channel a being but I've come across people like yourself that are saying that they're channeling their higher selves and different consciousnesses or Yeah, like you said, like, whatever is needed there. And then that has a specific message. And who are so many things I wanted to ask about your like the limitations of time in my interviews. But however, you mentioned dragons, and I've had another channel or Jack Morgan channel Dragon, so I felt like going there. I've heard of dragons from the fairytales and the first time I've heard that, you know, we can channel dragons and they are real. I was like, No, I don't believe that. And then more and more people started to speak about it. And I still started to open my mind to maybe dragons also exist, you know, the more you expand, the more you sort of include as more truths and more truth and keeps blowing my mind this universe, but I'm still very curious like my 3d mind is like, okay, what are they? Where are they reciting? Are they do they look like how they look like in the fairy tales. I'm just curious about dragons in general, if you could speak to that.

Allison Holley 20:06

Yes. And you're gonna love this because up until about a year ago, even though it's so wild, even though I'm communicating what what with what we call ETs are aliens. And I've, I mean, I have plenty of things that I that feel very comfortable for me to believe, that are very odd for other people, right. And yet when I started connecting with Dragon energy, which was really only about a year ago, truly and then I would say, in the past seven months, I don't know where seven months came from. So that's apparently, uh, they're telling me that I really did not, I felt the same way. Okay, aliens that's comfortable, right? Like, et were from other planets. This makes sense. This is comfortable for me to say, for whatever reason, I was the same Oh, dragons, okay, that's more like, you know, a fairytale land. But when they started coming through, you know, part of my purpose is my guides immediately when I went through my awaking, awakening, they said, you're an open channel. So you'll communicate with whomever, whatever is most important at that moment. So I just put myself into the vibrational space where I'm allowing a conversation to happen, wherever it's needed to fulfill that purpose of assisting the collective of humans in our ascension process, this planet, you know, going through the ascension process. And right now, the dragons have powerful messages for us. So I came from the same. I mean, it is kind of odd with everything that I channeled that that's also that was my perspective as well. When I tuned into dragon consciousness, they are. Let me just tune in actually, why are you okay with that?

Jannecke Øinæs 22:11

Yes, sure.

Allison Holley 22:13

Okay. They laugh. They laugh there, there's almost this silliness of the way that humans perceive things, how limited our perception is, and there's a good natured laugh around it. And I'm being reminded that about a week ago, even though I have been saying, Wow, I've never been connected to dragons up until this point. They're reminding me of one of my favorite movies when I was a child, which is the Neverending Story. And there's a love dragon in there who's always laughing. They're saying, there are so many powerful forms. And the way that humans perceive power, is we have kind of a fearful perception of power. And really what power is, is large amounts of light energy coming through, that's true power, when there is a large amount of light streaming through any being, that is power, the dragons are showing me power is not something to be afraid of. And yet humans perceive it as something to be afraid of. And, and that's where the laughter is coming through. That's where there's this sort of good natured laugh, like, yes, the image of dragons. And by the way they do in the, in their body template, what they're showing me is, their body template is what we perceive as it is, with scales, it is long with, you know, these beautiful, almost, Oh, they're so beautiful. When I really look at them. There's, and there's so many different physical characteristics, depending on the dragon and the energy consciousness that they're streaming through. But they do look the way that we have perceived them that is true in their more body template, is what they're showing me that is what they look like. And they're so so, so beautiful. And I'm also seeing that our perception of them breathing fire, is because of the power that they allow to stream through their body template. It is, if we were to look at it purely energetically, and the reminding me of the sun. When I've looked at The sun when I've connected with the sun energy in a different dimensional frequency, the sun isn't hot. That's our human perception. So when I have connected with the sun, I've actually gone into the sun. And it's simply energy, it's simply frequency. So they're showing me the same thing with this fire breathing that it is because they are a pure channel of light. And there is a lot of power in the light codes in the vocalization that come through they're being and they're even showing me the shape of the Dragon how it's long, and sort of wavy like that, how that allows them to channel so much beautiful light frequency through their voice through, it's not their voice, that the the air it the transmission that comes through their entire body and then exits through that mouth. So I'm doing my best to interpret what they're showing me because it's not voice, it's not voice, which would make sense with it being fire. And in the dimension that they exist in. It's a frequency that we would perceive of as just very powerful coming through, I can see the light codes that are encoded in the breath that they emit. And the message that wants to come through for this particular moment with with your audience, is that they're timekeepers. They're telling me, we're timekeepers. That's how we serve you on this planet. We're timekeepers. And so and what I'm being shown is this sort of, it almost looks like a sundial, but it's got many, many layers to it. And they're showing me actually this is okay, it, I've seen this image before. It's almost like multiple layers of dials stacked. And what they're showing me is we bring all of those layers into alignment. And what that does is it sort of clicks open the portal, and then they hold that portal. So that's really beautiful. Thank you for showing me that. I'm letting them know, thank you for showing me that. What it does is they sort of create because they've got such a powerful frequency. And I'm seeing again, the light codes emitted from their bodies. They say okay, now is the time in human history, human consciousness along the the unfolding of human time, now now is the juncture point now is the choice point and the portal is ready to be open. So what they do is they click all of that into alignment. And we in our physical human bodies, we may feel that alignment happening with certain solar events, or, you know, different planetary body alignments. But they're really showing me there's something about the Earth frequency, it has more to do with the frequency of the planet, and all of us doing our individual work of alignment. But what they do is they bring all of those almost looks like, you know dials, and they just click, click, click, click, click, and they put, bring it all into alignment. And as that happens, what I'm hearing is almost an own sound that moves through that channel. And they're holding that open. They're holding that portal open. This is for the potential of rapid advancement in our consciousness. So right now we are in a stargate is what they call it, which is another name for this particular type of Portal. The reason it's called a stargate is because we are connecting to those frequencies of our home have we're refreshed of the knowledge of ourselves on a more expanded level. And they're just saying we're holding this for you. We're holding the frequency for you sort of circling and because we experience time and space, in this layer of the of our dimensionality portals are necessary. Now if we're in these higher consciousness fields, there is no time and space. So they operate there in those fields there in the fields where they recognize there is no time and space and they see that we are in the dimension of time and space, so they hold the portals for us. It's a very loving work that they do. And just one more thing, for those of us who are really feeling some sort of interdimensional shift right now that, oh, you know, like, whoa, am I going through a portal, that sort of experience where things look very multi dimensional, what they're saying is, as you go through the portal, pay less attention to the shifting, meaning don't get attached to what's shifting, because it's all going to look really interesting. As you move through the portal, so don't get attached to the images that you're seeing are the things like that stay within, stay within the heart and ask for the golden grid of light to attune your particular body to move through this portal. Okay, I want to thank them for communicating that with me feel so good to tune into their energy, it's just love and laughter and a lot of power. It's a very powerful frequency.

Jannecke Øinæs 31:15

Is it possible for me to ask them direct questions?

Allison Holley 31:18

Absolutely. Let me let me go in, just helps me to close my eyes so that I can attune.

Jannecke Øinæs 31:27

Okay, all right. Well, thank you for the possibility to ask questions today. And I'm curious about the time to come. There are a lot of channelers for speaking about that, it will be challenging. There will be conflicts, there will be natural disasters, and that as part of this big transition and shift in consciousness, and that some will experience it other won't experience it as much. But I feel that a lot of people are wondering, well, how can I best prepare for this new Earth or shifting consciousness that we're in? And especially people who are experienced spiritually oriented and are very aware, a lot of us are curious, like, what can I do to have more an easy transition in these times?

Allison Holley 32:25

Okay, interesting, I'm just, I'm going to very much attuned to what they're sharing right now. So that I can get their perspective to share, I get so emotional tuning into this, there's so much love. And really, when I tuned into the dragon frequencies, there is a lot of laughter. And they're also saying that's because your physical being they're speaking to me, your physical being is full of joy. So we can attune to that frequency to communicate with you. Which I love. Thank you. So see how gentle it is, when the seasons change. And sometimes there's a big storm that comes through, we don't judge it as bad. Well, sometimes we do if we're very cold or too hot, or whatever it is. That's that right there. That's how we prepare ourselves. That's how we move into this with gentleness, it's teachings that we've had throughout time, non attachment, being at peace, witnessing, all that is witnessing all of the different dimensions of shifting. Right, because we're going to experience this on multiple dimensions. Here's another way to look at it. If our consciousness is in higher frequencies, it's not that that means that we're better it simply means that our experience can be less attached and therefore more full of the all that is attachment is diving deep into denser dimensions. That's what attachment is we're focusing on one thing, and believing that that's the only thing. Attachment is focusing too. Too much on one thing, and sort of holding it as if it's the only thing but when we can zoom out, there's so much that's happening, that we no longer view that one thing as bad or wrong. We can see the fullness of the picture. We can see from our higher frequency state that it's simply the they're showing me that dial again. And a lot is coming through about my personal mission with the Mayans, which I'm I'm on my inland right now. And so they're showing me i I'm gonna ask you to just tune back into the collective message. And I do need to spend time there like, you need to spend time on your personal purpose here. So I will do that after this interview thank you this. So collectively, when we can be in our higher consciousness, field, and witness, without attachment, we see it all as beautiful. We see it all, as simply a part of the shifting. This is why so often I'm giving the example. And it looks like this, of the shifting kaleidoscope. And they're reminding me the poles are shifting, this is a real thing, the poles are shifting. And so often humanity views these changes from the place of punishment, because we have been deeply ingrained through our inability to perceive all of it. In this concept of something like original sin or believing that somehow we are flawed, and if something doesn't go according to what our mind has attached to, we believe that something's wrong. They're saying, you know, zoom out, zoom out, you came here, for this change, you would almost be disappointed if nothing was changing, because you incarnated in this point in time to witness this change. So of course, it's going to have lots of breaking down the leaves, bringing it back to that example of falling leaves, the leaves are going to disintegrate, because new leaves are coming in. There is a cycle that is divinely orchestrated that we are all a part of. And it's simply our human perception that leads us to believe that it's scary and bad, and that it means that we've done something wrong. Now, that being said, it doesn't have to mean that we've done something wrong for it to mean that it is time, it is time for certain denser realities to break down. It is time. That is what we signed up for. Once again, we are here at this time, no mistakes, no accidents. Now there are beings and people who are operating with a more condensed consciousness, meaning they're only seeing the denser dimensions, and they are unconsciously causing the breakdown, they are causing the contention they are causing the strife and what looks to be like something suffered or unwanted or scary. Even people who are causing destruction from an egoic place which we from the you know, the dragon consciousness, we are the collective, we would perceive that as bad. When we are zoomed out, it's simply a mission that they have taken on to be unconscious in order to break these processes down. And I there's a lot coming through, I could really go into that more. But suffice it to say, now, let me let me go into how can each individual tune into really feeling safe through this process. Let me ask them that heart, heart, tune into the heart, the heart is the portal to our fifth dimensional consciousness, which the reason that we want to tune into fifth dimensional consciousness as a human is because it is our ONENESS consciousness. Our ONENESS consciousness takes us out of the realms of duality, where we believe that things are scary, and brings us into the fuller picture. while still having what we can experience as love coming through. There are outer dimensional experiences of expanded frequency experiences, which from our human perception, we almost wouldn't recognize and we wouldn't recognize it as love. So, even though everything is love, so the fifth dimension, having our consciousness streaming from that place, tuning into all as one tuning into our sacred individual heart center is going to tune us into those frequencies. And when we do that, we will find a lot of peace we will see situations that we were previously densely focused on with so much more peace, from our higher capacity and the love that what we can enter herper does love will be, it will just fill us. The Golden Light Grid is also very, very important right now, if you are ever feeling unstable, imagine yourself within the divine golden light grid. And really what it is, is it streams of light that are graded, it is a dimensional experience that part of our human reality sort of weaves within. Activate that within yourself, which means become conscious of it, witness it and know that you are a part of a beautiful, massive unfolding on the planet. And it is exactly what you came here for.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:44

I am curious if you could say something about how our future governments will look like and what kind of systems we will have? Will it be more democracy around the world? Or will it be a new new systems arising.

Allison Holley 41:01

And this is interesting, because this is largely what I'm hearing is this is up to you to decide. Still, this is still up to you to decide. There are a vast amount of possibilities. Now, in some field of consciousness in some dimensional experience, it has been decided. And we have chosen essentially the easiest, highest path. But the reason that it's important for each person to hear that it is up to us to decide is because part of entering that state of the earth being heaven. Returning to the templates of the Garden of Eden is each of us walking into the knowledge that the power is not external to us. It's not up to something else to decide. We came here because we knew that we would have the conscious ability to decide for ourselves our own individual consciousness, that we would have that internal awareness that we would want to choose from that highest reality, that highest manifestation of our love. And so how this looks is not for me to channel for you. It's really not, I can show you many possibilities, I can show you that it is very possible that we could go the fear route, we could absolutely go the fear route and really revel in all of the destruction and really spend a lot of human years within the destruction. That's absolutely possible. And it's not also something that we need to worry about. Because worry is actually what perpetuates those denser dimensional realities. What is also possible let me let me help you remember the picture that is that is painted in this highest Dimensional Reality of love. And this is where there's just so much energy and emotion moving through my body. It is the templates of the safe, holistic return to the Garden of Eden. And what I'm seeing is that collectively, we have already chosen this path. Collectively, we are all vibrating so strongly that this is the one that we've chosen. And I'm seeing that individuals can actually based on our focus, witness more of the destruction and therefore experience that timeline can therefore experience that. And so it is through our individual power of focus and choice, that we can once again choose what we knew we were going to choose when we decided to incarnate and that is infinite love, and that is holding each other's hand in this process. Oh, always witnessing the highest light in every individual, whether we perceive them to be one of the destruction makers or not. When we other when we other each other. We tune into the denser realities where there's a lot of fear, and that is absolutely available to each one of us to participate in and witness but the way that it works viewed from these higher frequency perspectives, I'm seeing a rainbow. I'm seeing I am seeing lots of water now the topography of the earth is going to change. Can we view that from the place of love knowing that just like If the seasons changing, things are going to shift, things are going to shift. And it is going to, from our human perception perspective, look very rapid. The unfolding, however, can be very, very gentle and very full of love. When we move into that higher consciousness, we perceive things very differently. And so here's the guidance. The Dragons very clearly are, are sharing this with me, tune into the gold frequency. That is, it's a guiding light is what they're sharing with me. Remember that you came here to experience the joy, not the suffering? And how can we it is your your focus that tunes you into that vibrational field? What are you allowing yourself to focus on? You've heard it before our attention is our currency, what are we paying it to? What are we paying our attention to? When we unify when we connect in that unified field, things shift so rapidly, and they shift in a way that if we can just breathe our human consciousness through will, you will feel that even these changes that from our mind, seem very scary, yes, lots of Earth changes a lot. And that being said, it can feel so good. When we view it from this place of knowing who we are internalizing, we're not here to be told by someone else, how it's going to look, that's our choice. That's our choice. And in effect, we have already made that choice from the highest field of light. Remember, your ability to choose, and your ability to focus on what you prefer, and what you desire. And that is what creates it. It's odd from the human perception, to have this understanding that we are both choosing and that it has already occurred. And this is where we come into our multi dimensional selves, because it is true, it has already been chosen. And we are needed essentially. And of course, there is no need, everything is fine. But as Masters on this planet, we're here to choose. So choose the highest light. And that's the that is the waving that you will experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:45

I just want to understand, so I'm not misunderstanding from what you said. Now, do you mean that if I focus on lower vibrational frequencies and destruction and fear and negative thinking, that is what I will experience. And if I raise my vibration, and I focus differently, I focus on the love and the expanded awareness, I will experience the new earth and the Garden of Eden.

Allison Holley 48:19

Correct. And in some, in some regards, you will experience all of it from the higher frequency perspective, we become the witness. So we may witness what many would call destruction. But we will view it very differently. This is important, because many people would take something like this one of these teachings and use that as judgment either against themselves or against others. Or if you're having a hard experience, that must mean you're in the denser dimensions. That's not true. Difficulty in our experience is simply attachment. So being the witness to an expanded field, means that we're going to witness a broad spectrum, but without our attachment to the fear, we will witness it from the realms of love. And we will then be more attuned to the experiences that are joyful and that feel more easeful for our human selves. If that if that makes sense.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:34

Yeah, that is helpful. And I think the last question I want to ask is, you mentioned water and I've heard that before and the typology of the the earth will change and I'm wondering, do you know why that happens and need to happen? Is it Gaia that is cleansing herself?

Allison Holley 49:57

It's Gaia that is full of joy. tires is not. It's a shift in the way that we perceive it. When I see these mountains forming nearly overnight, right, I see, I'm seeing visions of what happens when our human bodies become more in the frequency of our light body, we experience physical shifts, it's just like that with the Earth, she is joyfully moving into a new physical form. It's joyful, it's joyful. It's not, oh, I've got to cleanse this, because look at all these horrible people. It's, ah, what's this pen? Here we go. It is simply our perception that judges that, you know, massive amounts of flooding would be, because we're all that's the lens that we've used before. But it's not that it is simply a shift. And it's actually coming from higher amounts of light. It's almost a celebration in the shift of physical form. And one another thing to remember, in higher frequency spaces or perceptions, Time moves very differently. So just as when we in our individual form, are witnessing from a higher frequency, we can make shifts that are nearly or absolutely instantaneous, is because time does not rule over us when we're in those higher frequency states. So what we're experiencing is a condensing of time. And therefore, these shifts are happening rapidly. And we're only experiencing a condensing of time because collectively, we are existing in higher consciousness fields, where things can happen in a moment. It's not because we need to cleanse the earth of all of the evilness, it's a natural thing is a very natural thing, when we reach higher frequencies of light, for things that don't resonate with that light to transmute in form, because physical form is the denser layer of these frequencies that we're experiencing. So there's massive amounts of shifts happening in those denser layers of reality, because we're actually our consciousness is within those higher frequency states, where physical is, hey, you know, we're existing in it, but it's not the reality. It's simply an outburst of the frequency that we're existing in.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:47

All right, I just got another question. Last one. So dragons, have you ever been humans? Have I been a dragon before? Or is it sort of like dragons, you are on another frequency. And we are on another stage of the evolution like humans than dragons, and a know from a higher perspective that we're all one. But from sort of a separated point of view? Where are you in comparison with us?

Allison Holley 53:17

You know, it's interesting, I keep hearing 14. 14, 15 dimensional layer of consciousness. multi dimensional viewpoint is sort of what they're telling me. And as an open channel, I'm just I'm personally not fully aware of what that means. But that's what they're sharing with me. Now much like humans to have perhaps reincarnated as other humans in other lifetimes, or, as humans have been Star Beings before. That can happen with Dragon frequencies. So some humans, it's very rare, though, is what I'm hearing. It's very rare. At this point, in our collective shift, that there are humans who have been dragons. Many humans have worked with dragons. And in fact, they're coming in very strongly to work with many, many, many of us right now. But what they're saying is they sort of inhabit their own their own experience. And it exists within the dimensional layering. You know, and so, it's interesting because when we look at different dimensional when we look at things through different dimensional lenses, on our physical human experience, viewpoint, they sort of look like they're flying in there. moving between spaces, and jumping through portals. When I look at it from an expanded frequency space, there is one place that they exist and it's, but it's everywhere. So it's a bit difficult for me to sort of portray, but they can weave through. Okay, and now I'm even getting up to 17 dimensional consciousness now. Again, human me this is I'm not fully sure what all of this means. So I'm just listening. And they're showing me something with their tail with their tails. Breaking through some of those dimensional spaces. Yeah, I'm sure we could kind of go on about this. But and I don't remember what your question is, because I'm pretty deep in. So let me know if I answered the question or not.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:04

Yes, it was more whether we humans have been dragons. Dragons have been you humans, and they're part of our reincarnation cycle in a way or are they something completely different from another galaxy or universe? Or?

Allison Holley 56:18

Okay, okay, good.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:25

Are they asked in the future, for instance.

Allison Holley 56:31

And potentially, because we have different from our oversoul perspective, or even from source perspective, we can choose to incarnate. So for some people who are Starseeds, they are actually communicating with themselves in the future to what we would call the future. But it's all it's really all dimensional spaces. Because you know, time it, it's not what we see it as in our human form. But again, it feels quite rare that there are humans incarnated at this point, who will be or have been a dragon. And I'm also being shown that there's a lot of weaving. So in the higher frequency fields, it becomes more like colors, or, you know, just different bandwidths of color, different frequencies, which is color, and that there is a weaving each time we communicate with these beings, there's a weaving of that field of color. So in essence, when we're working with dragons, we become a bit more of a dragon ourselves, if that makes sense. We weave that consciousness with our own. Interesting.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:58

Well, thank you so much for coming through today.

Allison Holley 58:07

And I wish it was easy for me to just flip my camera around because I am looking at one of these. And I feel a little lightheaded. So let me center again, I'm looking at just the most beautiful mountain peak here in Guatemala, like Atlanta, and the the dragon energy is very present here. So I'll just transmit that to all of you anyone who's been here before. Or even if you haven't, it's it's such beautiful. It's such a beautiful physical location to channel these energies.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:45

Because the interesting what came through, and it's part of the same that I've heard before. And I loved how they talked about especially how we can prepare. Because we have been hearing you know about the storms and the floods and make us fearful like it makes me a bit fearful. Yeah, the message about how preparing for this is still, you know, going into the heart and raise your awareness and not focusing on the fear. But try to see the greater purpose here. Which is sometimes hard when we're human. I gotta say.

Allison Holley 59:25

We're human, part of the way that we're built is to focus on the physical layer of reality. Yeah. Yeah, we're built for it. So it is very masterful for us to be able to focus on those higher layers of reality.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:43

It is, and it's sort of the something I think we need to hear again and again, because it does not come naturally. Yeah, like I said, we focus on the first goal, we focus on survival and fear. That's how we're built. That's our brain, the oldest part of our brain. So hearing this again, and again, I feel like I'm I'm reminded of it and that does do something to my frequency. Yes. Where I hear it, the more I feel like something is actually shifting in me. Seems like we need to hear it again and again, because it does not come naturally.

Allison Holley 1:00:15

Yes, yes. And in essence, it is the most natural thing that we can do. Right? You know, and it's so funny. And all it takes is just that stillness, you know, to bring it back around. That's how I tune into channeled frequencies. It's through stillness. Yeah, it's inner stillness.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:45

That's true. Well, this was really beautiful. I have tons more questions, but time is just running. And since we're in this physical dimension, time. So there are a couple of questions that I usually ask my guests. First one is what is self love to you.

Allison Holley 1:01:08

It's witnessing all aspects of myself. And being in that really present place. With that. And, and therefore seeing it all as love, you know, and the way that we the way that I traveled to that place of presence, in terms of self love, a lot of times also includes forgiveness, self forgiveness, anything that I have done that I perceive as unconscious or out of alignment, or somehow not perfect. When I bring myself into that present place, I witnessed that there isn't such a thing as imperfect. It's all it is, it simply is. And that brings me to, I almost don't need to forgive myself for anything, because nothing's ever been wrong. But sometimes in the human capacity, self forgiveness is a tool that I work with.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:12

And what is happening to

Allison Holley 1:02:16

Living in my purpose, connecting with people, reminding all of us, including myself of who we really are, that is ecstatic happiness to me.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:31

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Allison Holley 1:02:38

I'm going to say something that a lot of people might receive, as flippant or, or something like that. But it really is play. It really is play. Because from a higher frequency perspective. Everything is play, everything is joy. And when I can become conscious of that, then I am consciously playing, no matter what's in existence, no matter what I'm experiencing. I can witness it. And I can have that laughter come through that's, you know, the multi-dimensional laughter of what a fun game. This is, what a fun experience this is. And how beautiful I mean, it's it's profound, the level of play that I can tap into from that.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:03:35

Oh, that's really uplifting us. Beautiful. Thank you so much, Alison. If people want to connect with you or work with you learn more about you, where can they go? Absolutely.

Allison Holley 1:03:46

So my website is And I am also if any of you live in the US, I am going on a book tour this whole year, so I will be physically in many locations. I'll be covering most of the west coast for the spring. And then a lot of the East Coast in the fall. That's the plan. So check out on my website if I have in person events in your area. And regardless, wherever you are in the world, I would love to join you in a session and help you understand more of your soul journey, your sole purpose and mission and all of the information on how to work with me as on my website, and

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:38

You also have a channeling course, don't you learning how to channel?

Allison Holley 1:04:43

I do I do. So much of my purpose is to remind everyone that we are already so masterful that we're already the ones receiving the guidance. And so I teach people how to consciously channel I'm in my course called Learn to channel. And in this course, I go all the way through the process of right from, you know, learning how to meditate, how to get into that connection with ourselves on a higher frequency, what channeling is how to feel the sense of protection because a lot of people feel, you know, how do I get into those fields and protect myself from what could be coming in. So we go a lot into that. And then I guide you into how to connect, and then also how to channel for other people. So that's all part of this course. And then in my private community, which is you get a month for free in my private community, where you can practice channeling with myself where I guide you into it, and the beautiful community called the true Creator Community. Sounds

Jannecke Øinæs 1:05:55

Amazing. I'll drop some links below. Thank you so much, Alison, for coming to the show today and for everything you shared and also for bringing the dragons to us today with their powerful message.

Allison Holley 1:06:07

Thank you so much. I have loved being here and I love speaking with you and you asked such beautiful questions. So me this and all of the messages that I've brought through, be of highest service to all who hear them.

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