In this enlightening conversation with Lori Spagna, she talks about fascinating topics such as DNA near-death experiences, telepathy, channeling animals and star seeds, teleportation, how she was abducted and implanted by alien races, and the profound role of benevolent beings in our collective evolution.

First contact with extraterrestrial beings

Lori speaks about her first contact experience with extraterrestrial beings and how deeply transformative it was. Her encounter involved being taken aboard a ship where she interacted with various beings, received downloads of information, and even had an implant placed in her. Lori now identifies as a “braided star seed” because of her connection to both her human identity and her star family.

Throughout the conversation, Laurie emphasizes the interconnectedness of all beings and the importance of aligning with the universal laws of oneness and free will. She shares some of her practices and experiences, including DNA activation, channeling animals and star beings, abduction experiences, and heart-centered breathing, empowering listeners to tap into their latent potentials and connect with their higher selves and star families.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your consciousness, awaken your inner truth, and embrace the infinite possibilities of existence.

Transcript of the interview


Every Thursday night, I would go to this this group where we would play with energy. And we were playing with all kinds of things. We were learning how to tell the transport ourselves, like across a room. We were learning how to use our minds to like flip tables. We were just learning how to work with energy, bending spoons. That's a fun one, right? And we were using energy to move it through the body. Right? Because that's, that's the biggest, that's the biggest most important thing.


Actually bend spoons like Uri Geller?


Yeah, you can bend spoons with your mind. Yeah.


Hello, Lori, a warm welcome to the show.


Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I'm really looking forward to our time.


Me too. Me too, because I've watched a couple of videos with you. And I know you have vast spiritual knowledge, you're helping 1000s of people transform their lives. And you've had a tremendous transformation yourself, which I'm curious to hear about. There are some nd ease in there. Also some a lot of connection with extraterrestrial, you are an intuitive, Best Selling Author, you have tons of workshops, facilitate so many group coaching programs, and you are a multi dimensional channeler. So maybe we will experience some channeling today as well. So I know we can go many ways and paths today. But I'm curious to learn a bit about your transformational story. Because you haven't always been where you are today being this lightworker being so passionate about helping people wake up and align with this new paradigm that we're moving into maybe are in I don't know, let's, let's dive into that later. So could you share a bit about your transformational story from where you started out? And how you became this amazing channeler? And everything that's relevant to that?


Yeah, well, I'll start with this. I you know, after college, I went through corporate America for 20 years, I was miserable. And during those 20 years, I developed all kinds of coping mechanisms that humans deal with excessive drinking, smoking, shopping, spent, you know, spending the whole thing, it was just, you know, excessive pharmaceutical drugs, from doctors, well, meaning doctors, and all kinds of physical body issues like thyroid issues, hair falling out overweight, like extreme issues in that direction, as well. And what happened was, my brother died of an unexpected drug overdose, and I started getting messages from him. That was my divine wake up call, like he was my divine messenger. He was, that was part of his role in God's plan of light creation. That's what I call it. And that wasn't his only role. But that was part of it. So when I started getting messages, it took me about a year of just like working with that voice. It was initially it was auditory, but it very soon became visual too. And then there were just so much so many signs that were developing over time as well, that were revealing, in a sense, that was not just me, me making it up. And very soon after that, I started getting messages from all kinds of so called dead people, right? Mostly, initially loved ones and famous people. Which is really funny. Like, I would get messages from famous people. And I'd be like, What am I supposed to do with this, you know, so that's where it started. And but within like, what then what happened was my my then husband divorced me, because he wasn't like, into any of this. And I moved to Maui. And I lived there for two years. And that's where the really big transformation happened. By the way, in that time, I took the guidance, the big message from my brother, which was like, you're on the same trajectory as me, like you're on the same road as me, like, if you think you're not doing the same stuff, just because you're not drugging hard drugs, like, you need to change your ways. And so I, in that year, became a dog trainer, I quit my six figure corporate job and started working with dogs. And I started getting messages from the dogs, and the dogs would say, you listen to us, we'll teach you. So they became my teachers, right? But I moved to Maui and I started working as a dog trainer, animal communicator. And then I got into all the esoteric practices, I was doing energy healing, and I was learning about how to use energy, how to use it to help people and animals. My psychic gifts were starting to come online. But what the big game changers were, which, you know, I know we'll talk about was that in that experience of working with energy, I was learning how to leave the body. I was learning astral travel. I was learning how to who have what's called a, a willed near death, like what we call a near death, even though it wasn't traditional in the sense of the word of a near death. And then I had after immediately after that there was a first contact experience, where it was like a tele transport on ship. So all those things happened in the span of like, two plus years. By the end of the two years, it was so radical, that I just was a new person, like I was just someone else. And I'll just say, to wrap that up, like all of those issues were gone. The six figure credit card debt, the smoking, the drinking, the excessive spending, all of that excessive caffeine, excessive weight, I healed my thyroid, my hair started to grow back, normally, I got my body back in health, I started going, you know, all natural organic health food. So everything shifted. And that's kind of when I started. As an entrepreneur, like my very early stages of business, even though I was still doing like, overlapping with a lot of volunteer work, because I, I was developing these gifts, right. So that's kind of where it started. And I just just to add one other piece on to this is that it took a lot more years, even after that, of constant, what I call trauma healing. And there were years that went by even after that, and I had moved back to the mainland, where I was working through issues of a complete lack of self worth, not being heard not being seen not being recognized, not being understood, core wounds and traumas that I think humanity is working through right now. And that really are part of our journey as a collective, like, recognizing the value and worth of my life of my existence of my voice of my message. All of those things took years. And I think that's part of what we're doing now. But we'll get into that. So that's kind of my my story.


Yeah. hyphenating very fascinating. And it seems like you have a lot of spiritual experiences and mystical experiences that it just opened up a whole new world for view. And I mean, I can just imagine when it happens so fast, going from one sort of way of looking at reality, and then boom, no, it's totally different. Yes, it's reality, and not this. And I'm a bit curious if you could share a little bit about your NDA II, like you said, it was not the traditional NDA that you died in hospital or something like that. It was sort of like something you willed. And from what I understand, this is something you've learned. So I'd love for you to share how we what you did, how you did it and your experience.


Well, what was going on was I was in this group, I was my favorite thing. While living in Maui was like an energy workers group and energy healers group. And every Thursday night, I would go to this group where we would play with energy, and we were playing with all kinds of things. We were learning how to tell the transport ourselves, like across a room, we were learning how to use our minds to like flip tables. We were just learning how to work with energy bending spoons. That's a fun one. Right? And we were using energy to move it through the body. Right? Because that's, that's the biggest, that's the biggest, most important thing.


And it's really bend spoons like Uri Geller.


Yeah, you can bend spoons with your mind. Yeah. I mean, you can do all of that. Right? And we all we have, we have so much potential within us. But it is about us understanding how to utilize the energy because it's its energy and consciousness. It's all about energy and consciousness. So I was going to this group and it was a social thing for me and I was having such a great time I was having what I now refer to as popcorn moments or like, I used to call them floppy fish moments about my body was always like jerking because I couldn't handle the energy, right. So what happened was, while I was living in Maui, my dog who I loved so much, she was like my soulmate dog. Her name was Kenya. she transitioned towards like, somewhere after the first year, and I was in so much, I was so heartbroken. I was in so much pain over her, you know, her death. And I was driving one night to the class on a Thursday night and I could hear her Mommy, I love you so much. It's okay. Please go and have fun. Please go have fun. Ask them. I heard her like ask them. Let's meet up in your room and your class. So when I got to the class, I'm like, you know, so in tears, and I'm just like, heartbroken. And I asked the teacher in the class, can you please help me to meet her where she is? So I didn't know this. At the time. I didn't understand what like I was just learning about energy. But I what I understand now what I understand now that he did was he put me in the middle of the room. And he activated through through the use of energy DMT in his in my brain now DMT in the brain will trigger a death experience. But let me just say one other thing, this guy, he has like, seven stories of dying and being, you know, one story cut documented case of waking up in a morgue, like banging on a freezer. So he had already mastered this, and he was teaching us he was teaching us meditate through the night, don't go to sleep, he was teaching us how to steal our bodies, how to steal our thoughts, how to steal our emotions, how to be just completely neutral. So I was already practicing this kind of thing. And that was part of what was going on in that window of of transformation, because, you know, I was attempting to to become one with the Divine, like, I really didn't know any other way. In my mind, I still had this belief system, that you had to die in order to do that. So that was part of my motivating factor. But in any case, in the room that night, he blew on the DMT. And all I knew was I was dead, like I was adamant everything in the physical known world, from what I could tell was gone. And everything, except my consciousness was there. And in that moment, I was able to meet up with my dog. And that was, of course, the first connection and she was reassuring me, she was fine. Everything was fine. And my loved ones then came in and then there were more beings, all kinds of like infinite beings around who, some of whom I knew some of whom I didn't know. And yet there was a knowing that I knew them all. And there was just like that, that reconnection of being in that state of all knowing, in a sense from my perspective, and knowing everyone and everything, and being at one with it. And while there was individuation, there was also there was individuation, there was also this, I met one with all that is now what happened in that window while I was experiencing that was, I really did, I was just so blissed out. It's beyond love. It's beyond. It's beyond euphoria. It's beyond measurable experience of what we have in this physical world because it's so beyond the density of our physical reality. So I'm all I know is I'm euphorically blissed out, like, beyond that, and I'm hearing being saying, like, you're gonna have to go back. And I'm like, I don't want to. And I'm being told, like, Well, what about your other dogs? They need to be fed? And I'm like, oh, they'll be okay. This is the answer to everything. It'll be okay. Everything will be okay. Because in that scene, I'm so blissed out, everything will be okay, everything's just going to be fine. So in any case, after what I believe to be a period of about two, almost two hours, because the class was two hours long, so maybe it's less than that. But the I heard at some point, the teacher say my teacher say it's time snapped, counted to 3d snapped his fingers. And there I was, I popped back in like I was in my body. And there was a whole room full of people around me now that same group, and then all they had to do was take their, their fingers. And what they were doing was just touching my wrists or my anywhere. And for another easily half an hour. We were all all of us curled up in fetal positions. Hysterical laughing, like, joy, like beyond laughter. Because that energy is it's electromagnetic, it's contagious. And it just, all they had to do was just get the pop the popcorn, and they were laughing blissed out. Because that energy is what is who we are. Really, it's what we're made up of.


Very fascinating. Didn't feel like you really changed. That experience changed you forever. Because when you've seen something like that, I can assume in one way that you are changed forever, but in another way, you are still yourself dealing with your human stuff.


Yeah. Well, the thing is, every time we have those experiences were changing. Like, yes. But at that time, I didn't know what was going on. I it was happening at such an accelerated pace for me, that there wasn't even enough time to unpack it. I wasn't breathing my way through it. I wasn't lodging my way through it. I was having these experiences. And I'll never forget. By the way, there were other ones too, because I was going to bed every night like meditating. And there were times where I was consciously leaving my body. And I would become aware like, the times it was so called like a failed attempt I would become aware. I'm leaving my body for you. It feels like death, right? You know, oh my god, I'm dying, the moment you have the thought, now there's an electromagnetic pulse that runs through the brain that runs through the body, you have a physiological response, it stops you. It's a blockage in the sense, because you, in order to have that experience, you cannot have a thought, right? You cannot have an emotional response. Because that keeps you anchored in the physical, right? You just have pure awareness, because the divine at a certain level beyond it, we are within it. And it is within us, like the boat. That's the Yin Yang, in a sense, we are both it is within us, and we are within it. And we are so much more than this personality identity. So that Divine is pure awareness. And more it is consciousness of us, in us through us around us. So the moment you have a thought, now you're in the physical body, because the consciousness doesn't have to think it knows it all. Huh. Does that make sense?


Yeah, it does. And part of your sort of awakening also then included this first contact experience. And I've always been interested and curious about extraterrestrials ever since I was a young girl. Could you share how that was like? Yeah, and how we really felt?


Yeah, definitely do resonate as a star seed or a star being?




For sure, yeah. So yeah. So what happened was, I think what happens for for people at least did for me, and I know that this happens is that when you have some sort of near death, or some sort of experience where you're light, the light that you are, as an individuated being become so bright, through a near death experience can make that happen, right, or working with real pure frequency energy will certainly illuminate the light that we are, when that happens, beings in the not in the higher in the so called Higher Realms, or in other what we love dimensions or planes of existence, they see that light, they become more aware of you. Now, that first contact experience happened almost very quickly after the near death. So there was an evening where I was sitting on my porch, I was living in Maui, I was I lived in Pukalani. And I was on the golf course. And I was meditating, but I was very conscious, very aware. And at a certain point, I hope I remember opening my eyes and there was like a very low ship, and I knew it was a ship. Because it was something like two o'clock in the morning. You know, the airports were closed at that time, and it was doing circular motions, I mean, noticeable circular motions. And at that time, I was so you know, like, I would say clueless about Star Beings, I did not understand any of this stuff. And it was all pre 2012. So I had this idea that they were going to come help us and 2012 I didn't understand dark light, none of it. But I just remember I was already very telepathic. And I remember saying telepathically like, oh my god, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. Like, I was just so amazed and I was watching your ship. And all of a sudden, the next thing I knew, I mean, I was in an awake state. I was on that ship and the only word I can use is that I was teleprinter tense transported on that ship. And that the experience was now no longer physical, but like physical but not physical. The way I would describe it is like plasma, another dimension of physicality, but non physical in the sense of what we call third dimensional physicality in this reality. So on that ship, it was as if it first of all, I had free rein to move I wasn't what it was not what I call abduction experiences that people have had where it's, it's brutal, they're being experimented that's like, lower realms stuff. That's like what we would call negative aliens. We could call them that. This was Star families. So there was free movement to a certain degree. I was able to walk about you know, certain places, there was a point where I walked into a room and I could see this man who now I would identify as Palladian but back then I wouldn't have known that. Uh, who was there were cameras, a lot of cameras, like they knew everything going on on the ship. I was able to walk down a corridor. There was like the doors were just kind of open like a Star Trek. He kind of the doors would just open when you'd stand in front of that when I stood in front of them. I remember going into this big stadium, there was a woman there. Who I I recognized but didn't recognize, I now would identify her as some form of maybe, you know, hybrid hybridized reptilian? In any case, she asked me, Do you want to go back into this into this area? I said, What is it? She said, it's where we keep our children? And I said, No, I just want to go home. She said, that's good. I'm glad to hear that. I remember that so vividly. Because what like, that was so weird, right? And she asked me, Can I put an implant and you can, she didn't call it an implant, can I put this so we can stay connected with you. There was an implant. And then I started to walk back, there was time in there. But in any case, as soon as I said, I wanted to go home, they showed me the way to the door, like, the door opened. And then I was back in, like on the porch. And I remember being like, are back in my house, at least, I was inside the house at that point, actually. But I remember the next day, I was so angry, because I felt that it was like, What is this? For weeks? I was angry about it. I did not understand what was going on. I kept asking like, what was that what was going on? And every night I kept the meditating up, I would get these downloads, I call them downloads. They were like signs and symbols and patterns of geometry, and numbers, things I couldn't make sense of, and I asked every day, like, what is this? What is this? What is this? And all I ever got was you'll know when the time comes, you'll know when the time comes. And that is what happened. Like it took me time to integrate all that. Yeah, that was that's the first contact experience.


Alright, so that was the first so we've had several others,


Others but not on ship like that not on ship more like in dream space or in. Because I'm always interacting with Star Family races now. Because what I know about that experience now that I didn't understand then that took me years to unpack was that that was my star family. That is I'm connected to those beings. And there's they weren't just one. They weren't just Palladian they weren't just up turian they weren't just, they were from multiple family, families of light, who serve the light, which I can define that a better define that for people who are in service to humanity and the evolution of humanity. And that I identify as a braided star seed, just in the human world, because we're so much more than that. Those are just identifications in the physical reality, right. But I identify as a braided starseeds. So from what I understand is that star version of me which in a sense, is from the we could say future time, or from some we can also say from other dimension of time and space, braided in with my human identity. So I'm not like I don't consider myself a walk in. I'm the same soul, the same soul that I was, as a human who knew nothing about any of this stuff, who had no idea, that same soul, braided in with another aspect of my same soul, future self or progressed, self, different frequency, and unified more fully into oneness so that I could be of service and, and play my role in God's plan of Lady creation in service to the light. So that's now how I identify. But it's not my only only identification, because the truth is we're we're, we're so all multi dimensional. We're so we're so much more than our personality selves, right?


And this implant, why would they need that is that something physical?


It was something physical. But I understood that I could over time I learned it could be removed, I had it removed. It just It took me a long time because I felt it. It was so intrusive. And I understand now that part of that intensity, that I felt was important and important part. Because it helped me to know the realness of that experience, right? This is what happens to so many of us who are really on the journey and here to be of services, we have these mind blowing experiences that through direct experience, no one can take it away. No one can tell us it didn't happen. It's not just in the memory because it's not just one blip of a day like did I have that dream or didn't I? It's like, no, that went on for a series a period of time where I was just like Celtic, it was so real for me and it was so like aggravating and annoying and because I felt like I gave permission for it to be put there without being fully aware of how that would impact the anger of it. And I had to heal all that. And I understand now that part of the healing was trauma healing for other humans who had been this is my teammate saying these words, but it is true trauma healing for other beings who had been utilized against their will, in other situations and scenarios. So it makes sense.


Yeah. I have to always ask, I just get so curious. How does it these are this this particular play Aiden? How did he look like he was a heap, right?


Oh, yes, that was a male to my memory. I was how you its own Well, definitely blonde hair, what you imagine play what you've heard Pleiadians to look like blond hair, blue eyes, very tall, very beautiful. Very effort, like radiating. This was a really cool experience. So you'll love to hear this. This happened in that same window of time. This was angelic in nature. But it's a little bit of a story jump. But one of the nights I came home from that Thursday night class, and this was after the after my dog died. And after I was struggling, you know what the heck happened on that ship experience like working through all that. I came home one night and I pulled into the driveway of my house and eyes wide open, fully awake. I had these angelic beings now they were like rainbow, the brightest lights. And the fluttering looked like the fluttering of the light looked like the way you could imagine, like a butterfly fluttering. But it got out of both periphery Eyes, eyes open, I could literally I could see the magnificence of these rainbow lights. They were so big. They were beyond met, like Empire State building so big. Like they got so big. I couldn't handle it. It was so magnificent. And I understood like they were angelic beings with me to that it wasn't like they have left me through this experience that even though this experience was traumatizing for me in some way it was of the light. It was part of how I understood that. And I was like, in all of these things. And they were basically without saying any words, there were no words spoken. It was just knowing that that they were saying that this was in service somehow to the light that this was about my transformation. And they were so huge. I couldn't even handle it. I remember being like, I can't handle this, like this is too much for me. And very quickly, it just started to like shrink, you know, like, they're the light. And then I was like, Oh no, like, Why did I tell you to go away? It was so fabulous. It was just Yeah, of all the experiences that might have been one of I mean, that was like probably the best I don't know, it's just, I've had that happen a few times since I wish I could do that. I wish I could call that forward deliberately like I have attempted to. But you see these Angelics they also have freewill. We are you know, we're functioning in a multi dimensional reality based that still is governed by freewill. So it's not like they just do it just because you call them there was a real reason and a purpose for them to reveal themselves in that way. Right? Amazing.


It seems like there's a deeper meaning with you having these gifts because I can sometimes just feel what my audience is wondering about and I think some of us are wondering, you know, why not me? Why can't I see angels and have these amazing experiences to me I interpret it as that we have different soul contracts and and much more than that, because who knows what we've done in other lives you know, who knows that if we like myself are supposed to be the curious one are supposed to not see angels and ETs and all that but be enough be curious enough to make this show right for a deeper purpose. And over to you channeling you are a channeler and also assist people in their awakening. So who are okay to start with that? Who are you channeling?


Oh, yeah. So Well, first, I just want to if I could just briefly address what you said earlier. And I'm going to say that we all have this potential. It's not that anyone doesn't have it. But what I will say is that it does require certain things like it requires a steadfast willingness, a dedication, a discipleship, a discipline. It requires us to be willing to break through all kinds of our own. I mean, fears, fears that we don't even know that we're carrying or that we have fear of death for one, fear of like fear of the things we feel and experience. You know, I don't even need to go all the way down into that hole. But we have to, we are all capable of it. I think that's the most important message I want to say. But it is not typically just handed out on a silver platter because it's power. It is power and the light, what we're really talking about the light is all about expansion and evolution. So one must be consciously deliberately choosing and actively participating in their own expansion and evolution. And that must be to some degree, coupled with a true desire to somehow serve and contribute at least that's my perspective. Because that was that was ever since I was a child. I didn't say this. But I always wanted to be of service to animals on a global scale. That was like my lifetime mantra. And I understand that that's part of it. Like I, you could say, it's soul contracts. And that's true. That is part of my contract. But anyone can write their contract, as well, in this new paradigm, you can start making a contract right now. All right, I'm intending to be of service to animals on a global scale, or whatever your heart's calling is, and the divine will start equipping, equipping you equipping, equipping you, whatever that right wonders, with the tools that you need, so that you can fulfill that mission and contract. So I didn't fully understand or know that that's what that was, as it was all happening. It did not make sense. Again, it's taken me years of unpacking all of this, but that's why now.


Yeah, and I mean, some of us are some of you guys are ahead of us, who can guide the way right, you know, that I feel is happening that all these channels are popping up, saying you can channel to, you know, there are different waves that you might think about as well. So, yeah, back to the channeling. Why are you channeling Are you channeling your star family?


Yeah. So let me say I love channeling so much. Let me say back when I was living in Maui, I had a lot of beings who would come to me and ask, can we come through your body and channel? And I'd be like, No way like, No, you're not taking possession of my body. I am because I old school channeling that is what it is someone is a someone or some being or some consciousness is taking possession of another person's body and speaking through them and to a certain degree, old school channeling. That person who's channeling is giving up some degree of their freewill saying, Okay, I let you speak through me. And so it is a freewill agreement. But I'm was never okay with that. I was like, I don't even know who you are. So it took like a lot of years of being invited by a lot of beings over the years, to let them channeled through me. And I was like, No, I'm not doing it that way. And eventually, what I started to learn through my own journey and process was that I can maintain my individuality, I can maintain my unique sovereignty in my body. And I can blend or merge with the frequency of consciousness, where any other being is, and when I say being, I'm including hurricanes, tornadoes, like weather systems, there's consciousness there. I'm including planetary bodies, there's consciousness, those, all the planets have consciousness, they have mission, they have purpose, they have reason for being here. They're serving in some way. I'm including universal laws. There are universal laws that uphold the fabric of this reality or so those laws have intelligence and consciousness I'm including Lords of Karma, who are helping humans to resolve once and for all free and liberate ourselves from old karmic patterns, looping patterns that we're no longer meant to bring forward into our future. We don't need that anymore. I'm including angels. Angelics. And there's all kinds of different dimensions planes of existence, where different angelic forces reside, and they all have different purposes. The angels are their own, sort of, we could call them category, right? The I'm including the plants, the minerals, the animals, the animal, collective individual and I can channel them all. Ascended Masters. Why? Because I'm just human. fIying at the frequency of bandwidth, the bandwidth of consciousness where their consciousness exists, because those Ascended Masters, whether they're, you know, mother, Mary, Jesus, Yeshua, like, you know them, all right, like any of them, they have leveled up into such a degree of mastery, where they continue to maintain their unique individuality in the non physical and still be able to represent as physical like you can still see them and perceive them at that plane of existence. Only their their individuated with non physical, right, so they're available, it's infinite. It's infinite, how we can channel what but we can't just it doesn't happen through the brain, I just want to say that is the thing that really, for me differentiates the channeling that I do because it's not going it's not through the brain. It's so far beyond the brain. Right? I what I teach to my in my mentorship programs is a core pillar practice. And a specific protocol for accessing the heart is a portal, you see. So the heart by the way, most people don't necessarily realize this, but the heart has is the chakra center that has is the only one that has two colors, right green, and then magenta or pink, right? Is the pink is the portal to love. The divine. The green is the side of the portal to the earthly realm. Most people haven't learned how to really fully open this heart chakra, activate and awaken that portal and be able to move through it. So that's part of what I've learned through my process of you know, going through this over the past 20 plus years. And so when I'm doing that, I'm able to access those other realms, this makes sense. So it's not like I'm channeling through a brain. I'm not just getting information from the brain, it's way beyond the brain, although I am using different frequencies, and I am utilizing brainwave capacity to receive and exchange information. But it's it's, it's a unification at those planes of existence. Does that make sense?


Yes. And I'm curious, then, who would you like to channel today?


Oh, I want to tell you too, we could shadow your own Higher Self, because for sure your higher self is available.


I've only experienced that one other time. And that was highly interesting. Yes, yes. If that came through now, why not.


And there's so much more. So I'm just letting myself get into the space. Because there's infinite beings with us. So I'm going to allow but we'll go we'll definitely connect with your own Higher Self. There's just they're just revealing who's available at this time. So we'll begin here. Blessings Beloved's and it is our great pleasure and great honor to share with you on this day, we would identify ourselves here as a collective, a collective of beings who works with the one who is utilizing her voice to communicate here now. And we consist of many beings who serve the light. What we would first like to offer at this time, is our definition for humanity of what the light is, for many people confuse the light with a concept of good versus bad, or right versus wrong. And we would say this is not necessarily the case, although it oftentimes is. What we would suggest instead is that the light is about the trajectory for humanity, the path that humanity is choosing, and all beings have the option to choose this path. This is a path of expansion, the path of the light is where all is revealed to all those choosing this path, where the light will reveal what has been previously hidden. And this path of the light is a path. Generally that aligns all beings more fully, wholly and completely with truth, with integrity, and with other frequencies, virtues, qualities that one associates with as good. In other words, the past of the lightest, one of expansion that serves the most benevolent, in the words of the one who speaks the most benevolent best, these are not necessarily our words, our words would be that serve the light. So the light therefore, is in service to God's plan for humanity, which is that humanity will continue to expand, to evolve to grow, and to choose more and more consciousness and more and more unification with their own source more and more truth, more and more of the virtues. See, that you associate with as good love, peace, joy, the greater good of all, et cetera, this is the path of the light. And the path of the light always involves truth. For it reveals, it reveals that which is true that which is accurate that which is real. You see, by contrast, the path of the dark is a path that humanity has been on for eons of time. And that path is wreaked with various forms of shadow aspects pain and suffering as you will know, Discord, disagreement, friction, disharmony, and all the experiences that have been associated with the dark and so, it is oftentimes associated with things that are evil and certainly evil does and can exist in the dark, but evil will be revealed in the light it does not mean it is not there you see. So, evil is the attempt to usurp free will let us define that here. Now, when one attempts to usurp free will for this is God's law in this reality. And if one attempts to usurp free will and this has been going on for eons of time, in your reality, that is a path of dark, a path of dark by using various forms of shadow conspiracy, Discord disagreement, various forms of secrecy, coercion, manipulation, these are passive, the dark, false agreements on the lack of desire to know truth, you see, there are many who simply want to feel good, and wanting to feel good, may be a choice to to not know true, for example, feeling good in the path of a dark might be a choice to use some form of drugs, that does not mean that cannot be in the path of the light to use drugs. There can be various forms of plant medicine, for example, in the path of the light that could be described as a choice to use drugs, but that choice might be a choice to know truth. To know more truth, you see the difference, there are both in both realms, this is the game of what is described as polarity. So, the path of the dark involves secrecy, conspiracy, lies, manipulation, deceit, and there is by definition, more pain and suffering there, because there is more friction there. And so, we as a team here coming through here, beings who are we identify as the collective, we are in service to the light to help beings make choices in conscious ways to choose light versus dark, which path will you choose, both are available to you, both are always available, both will continue to be available for quite some time, let us say this, the path of the dark, by definition, will have much more friction, much more pain, much more discord, much more disharmony, much more sickness, much more illness, for it is not a path of the light, the path of the light will include and does include much more Absolute Truth, much more enjoyment, much more true pleasure, much more fulfillment, much more health, much more abundance, much more prosperity. Now, does it mean that each path always includes only those things? No, it does not. Please know that. But what is most important and what we wanted to bring through during this time together is that all of humanity has this choice. And this choice is becoming more and more obvious to all beings on earth. And this is part of what is known as the evolution. The ascension, which is only part of the journey. For even as one chooses the light one must continuously choose the light, one must decide with every thought with every emotion with all of their choices continuously, for there will be many, many opportunities to traverse both either or to cross back and forth between the two. You see, this is what humanity is choosing at this time. And all beings have choice whether they recognize it or not. Now, we will pause here for this moment for we have stated much.


Yeah, thank you so much for that interesting that you're bringing up light and darkness and the choice. So the way I interpret this is that we have a choice to go down a negative path and that and a positive path which means that some will go down the negative path most likely. So will we say that not all humans will make it in a way will will ascend will experience this new paradigm.


You Just let us respond to this this valuable question this inquiry. It is not to say that not all humans will make it what is more appropriate to say perhaps is that all humans will progress according to their free will choices. So, in your what we would call old paradigm, and that is also the language of the one who is utilizing her voice. Beings who transitioned would be immediately trapped and captured within what is known to be or identified to be a certain could be called the matrix or a paradigm, fourth dimensional realm, there are many words to describe this, but a frequency fence an energetic entrapment, which did not allow them to progress further. And so to some degree or another, they would reincarnate without any progressive capacity. So they reincarnated onto the earthly plane to recreate the same types of experiences much like that which is identified in your languaging, as Groundhog Day, a looping pattern of perpetually repeating the same patterns over and over and over again. Now at this time of choice, and when we say this time, we mean many years that are happening now. Humans are being given a choice to progress or not progress, as we have just described and explained, for those who choose not to progress as you have just clearly asked, they will instead of being encapsulated in this frequency fence, to repeat the patterns over and over again, they will in and of themselves have various choices, one of which will be to continue to progress, although at a slower degree for your physical earthly realm provides the most opportunity for the most progression because of the duality and the friction contained here in. So they will be given opportunity to further progress at a slower pace and rate in the non physical world. In other words, they will not just be recenter back into this physical encapsulated reset back into the same perpetuating reality, that will be one option. Another option for those souls choosing not to progress is that they will be vie by vibration matched in an alternate time space reality where they continue to stay the same, more or less, until some part of their consciousness chooses something else for that is what they are choosing to not progress. You see, there is a third option for these people who are choosing as you say the negative or not to progress, although this will be a more challenging option for them for they have not chosen to progress and they're clearly not choosing to progress. And that option. And the one who is using her voice can speak of this more for you as well, for she's well aware of this with her own brother who transitioned they may progress in the interdimensional planes to some degree by being of service and contribution in some way as guides or helpers in some way, somehow making some progress if they choose it. And then from there, they may come back into a future time space reality where the bulk of humanity has progressed, you see those choosing the light, although that choice is somewhat limited, because by their very nature, as we have stated they are generally not choosing to progress.


All right, interesting. So I come extremely curious about us who wants to make that choice of being going into the lights, making that choice of living or stepping into this new paradigm? I could feel like a small fear wondering, Am I doing it right? Like I am human, I have mistakes I have shadow sides and sides of myself that I don't always like it's not always easy to love myself fully. I see my patterns. So how can we in the best way and maybe the fastest way align with that higher version of ourselves and choosing the positive path as Raw calls it in The Law Of One.


Okay, I can answer this but I'm gonna go into that state. I just want to say of course like this is coming through and I'm in a way of realizing relaying it. Of course you do. Of course, you have shadow aspects. Of course you have aspects of self that are in fear, of course, but those are not the truth of who you are. This is almost like the stream is of this subgroup coming through as the divine feminine collective of the sacred sisterhood, sometimes referred to as the rose mother, Mary Kuan Yin, many other divine feminine energies expressing here. Of course you do, beloved, of course. Of course, you have the shadow aspects. For that has been part of your experience, however, no this no this absolute truth, that is not the truth of who you are. Those are the parts of you that you are learning to reclaim, remember, and love for You are the love, that those parts of you have been searching for those parts of you are simply fragmented aspects of the self, with whom you have been identifying, believing them to be true, and yet they are not. They are aspects of consciousness, that experience themselves through you, that you identified for, that you identified with. But they are not the truth of who you are. The truth of who you are is that you are consciousness, that you are energy, that you are frequency and your consciousness and your energy and your frequency has the capacity to transform those denser aspects of the self that you have been identifying with, to love them home, into who you are, to bring them home, you see, you must know you must learn. But within you, you know how to incorporate those parts back home into you for they are simply aspects of self. And more than that they are inertia itself. They are energy and consciousness itself, the self of you can love them home, welcome them home, invite them in knowing that they are lesser than the truth of who you are, knowing that they are looking for the truth of who you are. And that as you elevate yourself into knowing the truth of who you are, that you have the capacity within you and that you are the love, the frequency, the consciousness that can welcome those parts home into you, they will immediately evaporate, and at the same time transmute and transcend into the fullness of who you are, which is the light, which is the consciousness, which is the love and beyond


So from what I understand, if I accept these parts of me and love them, love them home, that is the path or what one path to ascension, if we're going to call it that.


It's part of the path. And it's even beyond ascension because ascension a lot of people get confused. They think ascension is the journey. No, it's so much more. Ascension is only part of the journey. Because after ascension is integration. So because you go through ascension DISAPPEA I know so many people, amazing people who are on an ascension journey. But what happens to people on the ascension journey is they get trapped in so much like resistance to the physical, that they have an integrated with their highly sensitive beings, highly empathic beings, developing their psychic gifts, and yet they're in complete polarity and friction with this physical world. They can't be around certain I'm even I've been one of them myself. They can't be around, you know, certain smells, noises, the intensity, the discord of this physical reality. So the phase after ascension is integration. And through integration, that's when we really can be of service and contribution to our brothers and sisters going through this journey. But that said, it is about learning to not just through the brain, allow, accept, integrate, and not it's moving through not it's getting into that sacred neutral, that is no longer in resistance, because everything and everyone, everything and everyone that we see or perceive, and every experience as a friction experience, in other words, something we don't like judge condemn, see as wrong. Whether it's within ourselves or another person, place thing, experience is a part of ourselves where we're in still playing the game of duality. And we're not we have an integrated that.


I am I see time is always running so fast that maybe we could just stretch time today, which is possible. One level? I'm not sure if I believe you. Yeah, I believe it. And then part of me does not. So that means that I'm not able to


Grab part. The part that believes and doesn't believe is the part let me say One of the things is one of the things I do with my groups is, humans have been over utilizing our left brain. And through the reptilian lineage of our ancestors, we have, we were out of balance, right? And there is this corpus callosum through the middle of the brain. So the left brain and the right brain are operating in a sense, not in harmony together. And part of the practice is to learn how to reunify left brain and right brain and bring them into harmony. So when we have something like what you just described, a discordance, I believe, but I don't believe you know, I feel it, but I'm not sure. I know it. But I have doubt. I'm sure I want it. But I I'm self sabotaging, like all those programs, that is from that as part of our pre evolved state, and who we're evolving into, over time, eons of time are being seen, we'll have, we will have more unification between the left and right brain, our frontal cortex will be greater because we will have greater perception, we'll be able to be more pleasure, not pleasure seeking for simple pleasure, but real pleasure, the pleasure have what really is truly, deeply fulfilling and rewarding. Our bodies are going to evolve into a five chambered heart over time, because we're going to be much more loving and caring about ourselves about one another, we're going to develop that. So that process is underway. I'm teaching it already in my classes and groups. I've been doing this for years. And that is what brings us out of that dualistic experience. Because all that is just old paradigm stuff. It's not the truth of who we are or what we're growing into. It's possible for us all.


So I'm not sure if I remember my initial question. But I am wondering about that. You talked about the 12 dimensional consciousness, and that this new paradigm will be a whole new ballgame. And I'm curious how you look at this new paradigm. How fast is coming? Are we in it? Are we in five d now? Like, what is your perspective on how fast is coming and how it looks like? What is it?


Yeah. Okay, well, there's, there's, again, there's like a dualistic response to this, because we're experiencing life through this linear, time based reality. So when we ask, is it here yet? From a linear time based reality? It depends on what any unique individual where their consciousness is? The answer is, yes, it's here. But from a linear time based reality, it depends on who the person is. Because if the person is an individual is still in a lot of density, duality, various degrees of pain and suffering, or what we call egoic structure, which by the way, the ego I just want to blow that out, it is a lie, it's just a lie. It's the whole egos old paradigm, such a lie. But it's a false truth. When I say a lie, I mean a false truth. And I can talk about that, but depending on where a person is in their vibration in their consciousness, they're going to be residing at that bandwidth of frequency, where they either perceive it to be here or not. And some people believe it to be something outside of us or something in the future. And that is simply not the case. It is here now, as all things are because from a nonlinear perspective, everything is here now. So it becomes a matter of each person becoming through their own discipleship through their own free will and choice. Leveling up vibratory Aliy energetically up leveling and shifting to become vibrationally compatible with that time space reality where it's here now. Does that make sense? Yes, and that is just trauma healing. That's what we're talking about. We're talking about trauma healing, because that old paradigm, it's just full of trauma. You know, I'm not good enough. I'm not worthy enough. I'm not loved. I'm not lovable. I'm not important. I don't have anything to offer. Divide and conquer me against them. Victim victimizer. I'm a victim, someone's victimizing me. It's not my fault. It's someone else's fault. Right and wrongness I'm right. You're wrong. I didn't do that you like, on and on these games, we know them right. And divide and conquer is such a big one. We see it all over the news. And, you know, we have to undo the, you know, I hope it's okay that I say this word, we have to undo the brainwashing of our consciousness. All of that is trauma healing, you know, not not getting our needs met. We've come through this old paradigm where we weren't getting our needs met. So we were functioning from I just have to survive. I just have to put food on the table. I just have to get through this, you know, pandemic like I just have to survive. And so we're breaking free now. This is the new paradigm. We're breaking free of living for survival. I mean mine get food on my plate, who cares? Who gets hurt? Make money, Who cares who gets hurt? You know? Screw my brothers and sisters, screw Earth, screw the planet. Like, who cares? What happens to the water like you get that? That's I mean, mine that's old planet. old paradigm serves to self to the harm and detriment of the many new paradigm serves to the good of all. All benefit, zero harm. How can I prosper and prosper my brother and sister and prosper the Earth? What's the most benevolent best that can take place? How can all beings thrive? What can I do to contribute? So the journey from here to there, which is available now? Is a healing journey for too long? People have believed and interpreted that healing was first reserved for physical illness? No, no, no. Like I always say no, no, no, I mean, like healing is what we do to heal and resolve our mental and emotional and energetic traumas. And oh, by the way, yes, it's going to heal the physical issues, too. Right?


Your help to do that, like by the extraterrestrials, for instance, are there are there? Are they here helping us because it's hard, like these emotional things are just there. We get triggered. We don't know where it's coming from a lot of the time people go to therapy for years, and it's not resolved. And I don't think for all of us, and especially, you know, people watching these kinds of shows, I think the willingness is so there, yes, it's like, but how like, I feel a bit hopeless. I get a lot of emails. thing. So it could be helpful to know, are we being helped? Because sometimes it seems like it is. Yeah. Difficult, difficult?


Well, let me let me say two things. First, we go through years of therapy, I'm not discrediting that, but that is old paradigm, the solutions will not be found through the brain, the brain does not have these, the brain is a vehicle. So the brain is a tool. But it is not going to happen. And even on the mental plane, the mental plane is still, you know, fourth dimensional consciousness, the solutions that we're seeking are way beyond fourth dimensional consciousness. So we have to get beyond the brain to try to figure it out. Now, I'm not saying there's not value in therapy. But I'm saying that's not where the solutions will be found. So that's why people get frustrated, I totally get it because I have been going through that with people like I'm here. But I want to say like, we have to get beyond the brain, we have to get to the higher dimensional realms, and that is available. That's what Lightworkers star seeds are doing. So that leads me to the second part of your question, which is are we getting help. And by definition, Starseeds and Watkins, not people who are having disassociation disorder and just claiming to be Starseeds and walkins. Because it's a nice way to disassociate from trauma, real star seeds and walk ins and you can tell the difference, there is a difference. We are literally here from the stars helping, that's what we're here for. So there that's the reason we had to incarnate into the physical was because of the laws of freewill. You cannot change Earth or change humanity. If you're not part of humanity, the only way I can make change here and any true lightworker knows this, that the way to make change for the collective is to be part of the collective because universal law Law of One will allow you when you are one with something to make change with it and for it, but you have to be at one with it. You have to somehow be it I can't make change against someone else's freewill if they're not fully participating or two or you're choosing it. So star beings and extraterrestrials are literally embodied in human form. That's one way we're helping starships are helping the benevolent ones are helping and I know there's a lot of discord about this in the so called like extraterrestrial community because they're all at different frequencies and bandwidths having very unique experiences of growing and healing and learning but I can say, with Claire cognizance, like 100% certainty and knowing that there are beautiful benevolent Star Families, ships who are helping, but they are being very respectful to the best of their ability and very honoring of human freewill choice, which is law. So they're doing all kinds of things and some of what they do like we do i One of the things I do regularly is called DNA Activation webinar like we do these were activating dormant DNA. And the dormant DNA in humans bodies has solutions to all world problems. Now, I learned about the dormant DNA activations, and how to do that from my first contact experience. So I wouldn't ever have known how to do that. That's a great example of how Star families are helping, they're helping us when we are engaged with them. Then when we activate our dormant DNA, we start revealing to ourselves, the solutions that we're here to bring forward to humanity to support and assist in the journey. It's all part of how we're all connected. There are plenty of ships who are deactivating things that would affect them, that we're doing on Earth, that are very harmful. For example, certain things that have taken or could have taken place with HAARP. If you're familiar with what HAARP is, or CERN, there are benevolent benevolent Star families doing things, but they can only they can only interfere in terms of that word, if it's going to affect them. Otherwise, they can help and be of service as long as freewill is completely honored and respected. And I'm talking this in terms of benevolent Star Family races who are here in service to the light because they would never break that law of free will choice you see.


I need to start wrapping up soon. A couple more questions I just felt called to ask and it's a bit personal, but I feel like you might be able to come with a perspective or an answer. I feel that I've been the starseeds whatever in a way that means, but I've just felt that I have a strong connection to the Pleiades for instance, that I'm so drawn to it. And I've been kind of obsessed about it. And I'm wondering if you receive any information about me and this and my origin, like where I come from, helped me understand more about why I'm doing with them from north.


Okay, I'm just going live, we have your Higher Self here and you have a team, you have a beautiful team and some of them are star beings, beloved, hear us now, of course, you know this and the one who utilized her voice earlier also identified and knew this and stated it and it is true indeed for you are of course, connected to Star Family races of your own not only Pleiadian although that is your first originating STAR home, you see your originating STAR home, your originating meaning your first incarnated experience, we would like to offer you and others some suggestions, which would further assist you however, before we do so, let us say more to you. You are here of course, to bring forward more consciousness, your role in creating this particular podcast will be to assist and already has been and will continue to assist with the ripple effect otherwise known as the 100th Monkey effect. Some know this already is underway to some to a greater or lesser degree, it is already happening. And at the same time, to some degree it has not barely begun to happen. And so a podcast such as yours in particular, will play a great and significant role in this you are affecting more than you know. And you will continue to affect more than you know and realize through your service and contribution. And that is part of what you are here for and indeed there is more for you, as you are aware are on your journey. You are connected to your own star family race and heritage. And this is still only a limited part of who you are for you are much greater than that as well. You are an infinite being with infinite knowledge and infinite intelligence expressing as an individuated source in physical form. Now you are an aspect of that totality in your individualized self and yet you have access to that and as you continue to cultivate in your own journey more and more of this will be revealed to you. You see, and this is true for all beings. Your unique service and contribution has much to do with healing lineages of oppression of suppression, and of various forms of disempowerment. And this is true for many beings, but this is true specifically for you, for you have been, your lineage has been disempowered, the power of the Divine Feminine along your lineage has been greatly disempowered, you see, and because of that you are here reclaiming that power, the power to speak truth, the power to know consciousness, the power to reclaim your true divine, authentic self, this is what you are doing, and you are expressing this, and also providing it to others as well. This is a great service, and you will affect the masses, and have a great and profound effect in this and through this ripple effect, not only through wisdom of the North, but also through your own journey for you are truly a seeker, who is truly on a path of growth and evolution. And as such, you will have the you will have a significant role and already are having a significant role in this 100th Monkey effect. Are you understanding this? And is this resonating for you? I'm hearing Yes. Does it make sense? Yes, yeah, let us go further, we offered a practice. And what we would suggest and the one who is utilizing her voice is agreeing as well. You may because of time, be required to do this separately. But there is a practice where you can connect through your own Sacred Heart Center, through breath and breathing of expanding through the magnetic core of your heart center. You can access your lineage not only your star family lineage, but the Lords of all the laogai and the Lords of all the light, who are in service to those who are in the awakening and transformational journey. And you can begin to practice this for your own self simply by by extending a practice of breathing through the heart. Now most beings on earth believe that the heart does not have brain matter, this is untrue. And most beings do not believe that the heart can breathe. But we would say this is untrue, as well, you see, your heart has brain matter that can be developed. And your heart has the capacity to breathe, not in the same way as your respiratory system that you currently know. But it does. So if you buy we'll have your own, do a simple sacred prayer each night or whenever you feel aligned in doing so. And through your own willingness attempt. At first, it will seem like an attempt. But with time, you will see that you truly can do this, to attempt to breathe through the heart. And when you breathe through the heart, feel and sense the magnetism of the heart, strengthening your capacity to breathe through the heart, you will open your core pillar. This is not the only tool and practice. It is a practice that will assist you in connecting more deeply as you have requested, to not only your own star family that serves the light, who serves the light, but also to the Lords of all the logos, and the various teams that are associated with you as a unique individual and others as well who are in service to the light for when one being truly serves the light as you have chosen to and truly this disciples themselves to their own path, as you have chosen to one will never be denied their right to connect with their own divinity and their own teams in the nonphysical. And this is what we are offering you as a practice, you will find it to be quite useful and helpful. And yes, there is more.


Thank you so much for for my Higher Selves message today and also for you bringing it through you. This has been highly interesting. I have a question that I asked most of my guests and I'm wondering about what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?


Okay, well, the deeper meaning of life is to access to have experience and to come into the in the denser realms I would say it's to have experience for the purpose of expanding consciousness through the experiences of unconsciousness. For the one that is infinitely This is somewhat being channeled for the one that is infinitely conscious, knows itself and is omniscient and omnipresent. And the only way in a sense to experience the experience of expanded consciousness is to become to a greater or lesser degree unconscious, to experience the experience of consciousness. expanded. This is only how we would describe things perhaps on the lower realms and lower being denser on the higher realms and as one chooses to evolve the experience becomes different it becomes how can we, as more emerging beings, reunify with our source, reconnect with our source realign with that infinite. All that is, while still maintaining the individuated self remembering who we truly are as love, as consciousness as energy, and developing the capacity to utilize that energy, for more expansion of consciousness in a whole new way, and to become conscious creators and collaborators, with our source, with the infinite all that is add with one another, to create an entirely new experience, infinite experiences that are so much more to our liking, to expand enjoyment and pleasure, consciousness, and all of the infinite potentials. Without all of that old, denser experience, this is how we would describe but in one simple sentence, we could say that the purpose of existence is experience and remembering and reunification and exploration and pioneering. Pioneering, they're highlighting pioneering, they're saying, We want you to begin to see ourselves as pioneers creating something entirely new. For in the past. You were explorers, you were explorers of the density. Now, you are more than explorers. You are pioneers of a whole new reality that has been yet unknown to you, and unexperienced by any of you, for it is being created by you of what could be possible that is beyond anything you have ever formerly known or experienced, while embodied. And even beyond


My oh my it was the whole masterclass where I felt like thank you so much. Where can people connect with you, Laurie, if they are curious and interested in connecting and learning more from you?


Yeah, well, my website is my name Lori It's And there's lots of free gifts there. If someone wants to activate their dormant DNA, there's a whole class and a activation, you can learn how to do it for yourself why it's important. That's at Lori forward slash free gifts forward slash DNA. They can also learn about their star seed connections and what I call the Indigo family tribes at Laurie forward slash free gifts forward slash star seed. And if we didn't talk too much about the animals, but if they want to learn more about how to help animals on a global scale, they can go to Lorie spawn forward slash free gifts forward slash animals. Because we're animals too. We're in the anime, you know, we're in the animal kingdom.


So we didn't get to speak about that. But maybe one day you can come back because some notes here that we didn't get time to go through. But thank you so much for your service for humanity and for coming to the show today. This was highly inspirational. Thank you.


Thank you so much for having me. It's been my pleasure.

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