In this interview, Jack Morrigan shares a deeply personal journey. He experienced childhood trauma and struggled with drug dependency during his teenage years and early adulthood. During this challenging period, he found himself sinking into depression and grappling with thoughts of suicide. This is a story of going from being an atheist to channeling deities and dragons to help others heal from past traumas.

Life took an unexpected turn

Jack’s background was rooted in atheism, and he pursued a scientific path, studying medicine and psychology at Cardiff University. He even contributed to research articles while working as a researcher at Cardiff University and the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London.

However, his life took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon a spiritual teacher on YouTube. This encounter sparked a mystical experience that completely altered the course of his life. A few months later, despite having no prior knowledge of what a kundalini awakening entailed, he experienced one during a lucid dream, akin to a near-death experience.

Following this profound experience, Jack’s awareness expanded to include subtle energies, telepathic communication with deities and dragons, and a deep unification between his consciousness and the consciousness of our living world.

Channeling deities and dragons

Jack’s journey continued as he became a senior student of the mystic, Francis ‘Fran’ Bennett, for five years and completed a foundation certificate in person-centered psychotherapeutic counseling. Today, he works as a spiritual healer, guide, and channel, dedicated to helping individuals expand their consciousness beyond the confines of their bodies and heal from past traumas.

What sets Jack apart is his unique approach: he channels deities and dragons for his clients, allowing these beings to lead healing sessions. This incredible transformation has taken him from being an atheist publishing psychological research papers to a man who now lives in harmony with our living world, channeling deities and dragons to facilitate energy healing for others.

Transcript of the interview

Jack Morrigan 0:00

My goal was to stop my thoughts. And what I did was I watched them. And as I watched them, they slowed down, and then they completely stopped. So instead of there being thoughts moving through my mind, there was just this stillness and peace. And I felt so peaceful, like all this torment that I been suffering through, just wasn't there. I'd gone through all of this time in education, you know, I'd studied medicine and psychology, I'd done all of this stuff that was in academia and education, but I had never been educated about this. I'd never been educated about something that existed inside of me, that would bring me happiness.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:45

Hello, Jack, a warm welcome to the show.

Jack Morrigan 0:48

Thank you so much for having me. It's a real pleasure to be here with you. Yeah, I'm

Jannecke Øinæs 0:54

really excited to see where our conversation is going. Today. I always am. And I know you've had some mystical experiences. You've had sort of an NDA II or light and the experience. And then you went from being an atheist writing these articles on psychology to becoming the spiritual teacher, channeling deities, and even dragons. I don't have that many guests who are channeling dragons. And I would love to learn what that is how that is possible. Dragons to me, you know, it's something I? Well, it's a parallel to like fairy tales. When I think about dragons, I think about fairy tales. But there's so much that is existing in this universe. So I'm really curious to learn more about that. But I would love for you to share a little bit about your, your religious background, or spiritual beliefs before you started having before you actually become became spiritual after being an atheist, like, tell us more about that. Sure.

Jack Morrigan 2:00

First of all, it's funny to me to hear you repeat all that to me, because it's like, yeah, like a lot has changed. So I was raised, technically, in a Christian household. In the UK, in the south of England, though, like, I was kind of made to go to church when I was very young. But as soon as I was given a choice, I chose not to. Because I personally saw, I didn't really like the feel of things at church, like I felt like people were, were lecturing me and it just didn't, never resonated with me. So my, what I saw spirituality as growing up was just religion, and almost entirely Christianity, and the very specific form of Christianity that I was exposed to growing up. So I didn't have interest in spirituality. In fact, I was very opposed to it. And my interest went into science and philosophy. And that was how I saw the world. So I am a separate object, my consciousness is just a kind of quirk of my biology that's given some kind of evolutionary advantage. And it just happens to be here. And when my body dies, my consciousness will die. And that's it. Game over.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:30

That's what,

Jack Morrigan 3:32

that's what I thought. And it was terrifying. Right?

Jannecke Øinæs 3:36

Right. I know, I don't understand why it is what believe that is, it is really terrifying. But I had to have my own truths. And that's part of why I'm doing this show is, is I'm just so convinced now. And also because of hard my own spiritual experiences, which I know also you had, and we're going to do a channeling later on. And because the dragons are the deity set your channel, they speak about the great return. And I'm very excited to learn more about that. And I know also, that you've had struggle in your life. And I also find that important to mention, so that you know, everybody was watching understand that. It's not like you're all of a sudden start to channel and get all these answers, and everything is just shiny and bright. But you actually came from a deep depression, like I've had myself, so is this depression or this story around that is that link to what happened when you one day, went to YouTube and saw something that changed your life? Because I know you have a story about that?

Jack Morrigan 4:44

Yeah, so I didn't quite realize it at the time. But I looking back at it, I can see that I had a traumatic childhood. That my both of my parents were abusive, often physically and emotionally neglectful. So my emotional needs when were never really met and held. So, life for me growing up was very frightening, because I didn't have a safe place to go to. And I'm sure a lot of you will relate to that. I think it's quite common in sensitive people. And if you don't relate to buy in, you're lucky. So then when I went into my teenage years, I just did what most teenagers I knew did to try and cope with that. All that trauma that we carry. And that's to turn to drink and drugs as a way of coping, hoping that maybe through relationships, like through romantic relationships, I would find someone that would fill this hole that I kind of knew was there on some level. But it never worked. And I was really in a downward spiral, especially when I got into my early to mid 20s. So I was increasing the drug use using it as a way of trying to cope with everything, feeling just totally overwhelmed by everything that was happening in my life. And yeah, definitely feeling depressed. I think I was experiencing depression from childhood onwards, just kind of bouts of it, including suicidal ideation. And it had got really bad around my mid 20s, you know, I was like actually making plans for how I would take my life. I knew where I was going to do or like, where I was going to go, what I was going to do, and I was really in a lot of emotional torment. And it was arising from my childhood, and I would say now actually also from intergenerational trauma and cultural trauma that was in my system. But I had very little consciousness of that I just knew I was in a huge amount of emotional pain. There was a glimmer of light, because I had just been accepted into a new job moving to a new city at the time, I was living in Cardiff, and then I was getting ready to move to London. And it was filling me with a sense of possibility. Now it's like there was this glimmer of light, like, okay, maybe things are gonna get better. So, I was feeling curious and open. And it was at that time that my housemate to be in London, messaged me and said, Have you ever heard of Eckhart Tolle? I think you'd really like him. He's a spiritual teacher. And like, I didn't even really have a concept of what a spiritual teacher was like, I literally had to Wikipedia spirit spiritual teacher, I think like literally. And but I was very curious and open when normally I wouldn't be. So I, I went on YouTube, and I looked at one of his videos. I don't remember which video it was, like, people ask me this all the time. I think that kind of hoping that they can track it down and have this same experience that I'm just about to describe. But I looked at him and I wasn't even really listening to his words. I was just looking at him. And it was like, everything else just faded into the background. And all I could see was him like he was floating in space. And his image just like glowing with this golden white light. And my mind when quiet as I was watching him almost as if my mind was being absorbed into His image. I obviously had never experienced something like that before. You know, I'd experimented with some psychedelics, but never very, in a very extreme way. And I was sober at this time. To make that clear. So having an experience like that, while completely sober, was surprising to say the least. And that alone would have really shaken my worldview. Because I was experiencing something that my scientific background couldn't make sense of. However, because I was feeling curious, like, and I saw that one of his videos was called How to stop thinking. So I decided that I would sit on my bed and I would try to meditate, which for me, didn't have any kind of training involved in it. You know, I didn't know anything about meditation. It was literally just, I'll try and do this. And I just based it off what I'd seen in movies. But to my surprise, it actually worked. So my goal was to stop my thoughts. And what I did was I watched them as I was just witnessing thoughts arising in my mind. And as I watched them, they slowed down. And then they completely stopped. So instead of there being thoughts moving through my mind, there was just this stillness and peace, which was just like a blanket, just like holding me. And I felt so peaceful, and relaxed, make all this torment that I've been suffering through, just wasn't there. And I just felt absolutely wonderful, like, better than the experiences that I'd been having with drugs. And obviously, this was clean and healthy and free. And it was a very, it was a very special moment, for me, probably the most important moment of my life. Because it revealed to me that there was something more that I'd gone through all of this time in education, you know, I'd studied medicine and psychology while at school, and I'd got a first class honours degree in Applied Psychology. I'd done all of this stuff that was in academia and education, but I had never been educated about this. I'd never been educated about something that existed inside of me, that would bring me happiness. No one had ever told me about that. No, in those 26 years. But I stumbled across that car, and he obviously knew about it. Looking back at it now, you know, I can say, Okay, I had a glimpse of my true nature. That's what happened in that moment, I was, I was witnessing my own presence, the stillness of my own presence, and feeling the peace of my own being. And something else that happened during that experience was that I was looking around my room, and it was like, almost like everything was transparent, make it almost like it was a hologram. And that that same light that I had seen shining in our car was now shining, in everything that I was looking at. And that it was peaceful. Now, looking back at that, I can be like, Oh, that is the light of my own being. I hadn't realized, but at the time, I just knew that something very, very significant had happened.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:52

Thank you so much for sharing. I get these pictures in my mind. And it's just so beautiful. And I'm thinking, I find it interesting that some people like you are experiencing this while others are not. And that a lot of us are struggling. And a lot of us want these experiences, but I'm not experiencing it. But that's why so healing to hear about experiences like these, I believe. And I also know that there was another experience that he also had. And that's also my experience that once you have a spiritual experience, more mystical experiences are starting to happen, it seems like you have opened up something. And I also have a theory that this is happening more, more spontaneously for more and more people, that this wasn't the case many years ago, but now it's like popping up all over the place that more and more people are having these mystical experiences. Now, have you thought about or reflected about why you were so fortunate to have this mystical experience? Like, I'd seem like you didn't ask for it. You just turned on a video of Eckhart Tolle. And Grace happened to you. Yeah.

Jack Morrigan 14:13

So that's like, it's been a really interesting journey with that, like, because I showed a really close friend of mine, that same video, and I expected him to have the same response. And I was shocked when he didn't. And that kind of evoke kind of two things like there's like an unhealthy side and a healthy side to what that evokes. So the unhealthy side is like, I am special and better than everyone else. You

Jannecke Øinæs 14:39

know, this spiritual ego.

Jack Morrigan 14:43

Likely, you know, and looking back at my past, with my childhood like and how I wasn't really loved very much. It's like, that part of me was like, oh, okay, well, this can be the thing that makes me important and makes people love me. You know, like that. shadow side. And I think that's really important to be aware of, you know, and I still have that, I still have this side, like, I can still feel it, I can see. See it, as I'm speaking right now, because it does not want to be spoken about, like I can feel where it is in my body, you know, and I think that's, it's really important to, for anyone in my position or our position to be vocal about these things, just to make sure that everybody out there knows that they're not alone when they start experiencing that. And that's okay. It's just part of the journey. And we can all keep an eye on it. And, you know, it's when we start pushing it down, and pretending like it isn't there. And going into that whole kind of spiritual image of what a spiritual person is supposed to look like, like that we can really find ourselves in some hot water. So I always want to be open about that. The other side of it is more kind of, I think, factual in a way where it's like, Okay, I've lived quite a lot of past lives here. And some of them have started coming back. You know, now, and I, you know, I can remember bits and pieces. So it's like, oh, okay, this happened to me, because I have put in a lot of preparation in other lifetimes. So that I was ready. And it just took a small spark to ignite me.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:42

Yeah. And moving over to this nd experience that you had, was it really a near death experience? And because I understood it was linked to a lucid dream.

Jack Morrigan 16:52

Yeah, it's unusual. Some people when I talk about it, they kind of question whether it is a real nd or not, which is why I talk about it as an Andy like experience. But instead of it being triggered by like a car crash, or a medical emergency, it was triggered by a period of deep meditation. And so I was really focusing on my own nature, like the nature of myself, as opposed to my ego. And doing that very consistently, like in a very disciplined way. And what that did was it triggered some kind of a reaction inside of my psyche, which flowered during a lucid dream, where I was talking to a mystic, me looks like an Indian mystic. And he was sat in front of me in this lucid dream. So you know, I'm as conscious as I am now. And he was giving me a lesson. And he said to me, feel the awareness in your left hand, which I did, you know, I'm like, I can feel the sensations that are there in my left hand, and then feel the same in your right hand. So I feel that and then he says, To me, the hands are different. So I can feel my left hand in space, I can feel my right hand and space are in different places in space. And then he says, To me, the awareness is one. And I realized that what was aware of my left hand on my right hand was the same thing. That there is only one awareness. And that recognition, it was like flipping a switch. And the whole dream collapsed in on itself, I was just in darkness. And I felt my spine rotating backwards to this bizarre angle, my too far like it shouldn't be able to go that far back and it cracked in a really loud crack. And then I went through what many nd experiences talk about with this tunnel of light. So I was just in darkness, I didn't really feel like I had a body. Almost like I was just a point of consciousness. And I saw this light in the distance and the brighter it got, the more that I felt an a very intense sense of fear inside of my body, but also ecstasy, like incredible pleasure. And both of those grew at the same time as the light was getting brighter and brighter. Eventually it became it was right in front of my face and not I had a face but you know, I mean, and he was right in front of me and I felt this like, barrier between myself and the light And also that there was some kind of a presence outside of me, that was giving me an invitation to cross over that barrier into the line. And, you know, the fear was more there was so intense now, you know, it was like, I literally felt like I was dying, like on some kind of existential level, like, it's hard to describe if you've not experienced something like this, but it's like, we go through our lives on a kind of foundation. There's a foundation that's there, like our fundamental sense of identity, that's there. And what it felt like was that that was starting to disappear. Which was terrifying. But, you know, this isn't a horror story. The good thing is that this presence around me was really benevolent and was like, like a loving parent just gave me this little nudge over the barrier. And I crossed over into the light. And when I did that, all the fear completely disappeared. Like it had never been there. And all I was feeling was this ecstasy. And all I could see was golden white light, just this ocean of golden white light all around me was, it was very intense. Just unlike anything I'd ever experienced. After a while, I wondered if my body was okay. And then my consciousness came back into my body. And my body was in this very strange posture in my bed with the same ecstasy moving up and down my spine really rapidly. After a while it died down. And then I, I fell asleep. That experience like so at the time, I didn't know anything about Kundalini. Later, I found out about Kundalini and I read up on some articles, and I was like, Oh, wow. Okay, like, that sounds a lot like what happened to me. So I think I basically I awakened my Kundalini through that meditation experience. And that that had catapulted me into a near death like experience. But that experience, really, what I find interesting about it is really what came afterwards. Because it transformed my consciousness opened up. Like it started to open my human potential, I would say. So I became aware of things that I had never been aware of before.

Jannecke Øinæs 22:45

All right, well, that when you open up to channeling for instance,

Jack Morrigan 22:52

yeah, like it happened kind of step by step. But like I, I started having out of body experiences and meeting beings, my angels, and then realizing that I could communicate with them telepathically. throughout my day, realizing that they were just always there, like, it's like the, it's like, we found each other's phone numbers. And we could just call each other anytime, you know, anytime I was feeling low, some benevolent beings would come in and explain to me what was happening and why and just be with me, and hold me through that experience is very beautiful. And eventually, some connections formed with specific deities and beings, were they would explain their unique relationship with me. And that they have a mission, you know, that there's things that they they want to share with humanity. And I'm designed in such a way that they can share that message through me. So that's where the channeling began.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:06

So, could you share a little bit about who you are channeling? You're saying different deities, and then dragons? Could you share? Who are they? What are they? Straw,

Jack Morrigan 24:16

so there's three goddesses that they channel, they are the Morrigan and have Thor and Hello. So I it's difficult to go into like a huge amount of detail about them, but they're essentially like ancient beings that are as old as the earth, and that are a part of the earth that blank part of the life flows of the earth. So the Morrigan, for example, describes herself as like a river of consciousness that flows from the root chakra of Gaia. So if you imagine that our earth is actually alive, and that she has chakras and energy systems and flows and you The deities are like rivers that flow from the chakras to specific lands on the surface. And they're there to provide like, life giving energies, like to share knowledge, which enables the expansion of the Earth's consciousness. And all of us, whether we're human, or whether we're these Earth Goddesses are the earth, we're all parts of the earth, just like our body has cells and limbs, you could say that the Goddesses are like, like, each one is like a finger of Gaia. And human beings are like cells within these fingers, you know, or you could use the analogy of the tree of life I give the whole tree of life is Gaia, then human beings are like leaves that come and go every season. Whereas the deities are more like branches the whole time. So my relationship with these deities, it's like, it's like I am a leaf, that is realized that it's attached to a branch, and is now communicating with that branch. Like we have a relationship. And they can teach me how, what the tree needs from me as a leaf. If that makes sense.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:30

Oh, my goodness. And then we have the dragons is that something completely different? It's,

Jack Morrigan 26:34

it's linked. But I my experience with the dragons is that they're more cosmic. So they're linked more to the cosmos itself, rather than to just the earth. So I, you know, I've got a scientific background. And so when I started having experiences of dragons, yawn throughout this Kundalini awakening, I was like, man, like, I've lost it. I can just about get on board with angels and deities, but dragons, like that's just fantasy movies. And it was only really about a year ago that I really started to realize that they were, they actually existed. And there's a whole story there about like, how I actually connected with them. But one way of understanding this is like, if you look around the cultures of the earth, there are images of dragons everywhere. And there are images of dragons being worshipped like deities, in in cultures all over the world that have no connection to each other. So that it implies that there is actually some kind of a reality there, and that there may be beings that are actually can take on that dragon form, that have been interacting with human beings for a long time, potentially, from throughout the whole of human history. So when I started to connect with them, I was like, Okay, wow, my, these are like, they feel like the goddesses and the deities that I've been connecting with the energy was a similar strength, but just different, just like a different flavor. But the way that they've connected with me is that there's a group of them. So it isn't just one being, it's a group that all work together. And they call themselves the dragons of the rising rose. Sometimes there's so much like light and purity in the energy that I'm speaking about, that I can get quite emotional.

And I think what it is with this, you know, I went through my childhood feeling so alone. And I think so many of us do, and we feel so disconnected from other human beings and from the earth and from the cosmos and from life. So, sometimes I'm really moved because I'm aware of how deeply loved we are as beings and how connected we are to the cosmos, and each other and earth and life. That's one of the things I feel very strongly when I connect with the dragons. And they will say over and over again that we are the cosmos The Dragons are and the humans are, we are all part of this one living cosmos. So we were a team, and we're a family. And we're loved. And we have our place within all of this. So the dragons that I work with, they're called the dragons of the rising rows, each one of them connects to one of the major chakras of the human body. So that's the seven colored chakras. And then there's a black chakra below and a white chakra above. And then there's a final dragon which unifies them all. So there are 10, in total. And since I've been connecting with them, they've been sharing this message of the great return. Which is difficult to talk about. Oh,

Jannecke Øinæs 30:56

well, thank you so much for being so authentic and honest, I love that. I cry so much myself. I'm a crier. And I just noticed that this, this really is coming from the heart, which is really beautiful. It's amazing. And there's so many people out there who needs this messages. So I'm just so grateful that you're here sharing what you're sharing today.

Jack Morrigan 31:21

Thank you. Yeah, it's important, you know, I can feel them, like, they, they are very keen to share their message, you know, and they care very deeply about humanity, and they see us suffering, and they know that their message can help. So, you know, they want this to be shared, you know, through through our conversation through your platform and to your listeners. Because we are in the time of the great return. And it will feel like it's something terrible. Until we realize that deeper truth of it. You know, you can look around all all over the world, you know, there are terrible things happening. And we're more aware of those terrible things than we ever have been. Yeah. That what the dragons would say is like, what's happening is you are in the end of your winter. The cosmos is a single being and it has seasons that it moves through. And at the moment Earth is in a winter. But that it winter will end. There will be a spring is coming.

Jannecke Øinæs 32:46

Are you channeling now? Or do you want us to go into channeling?

Jack Morrigan 32:50

Let's go into channeling because that'll be that'll be easier for my emotions.

Jannecke Øinæs 32:56

All right. Okay, so take your time.

Jack Morrigan 33:01

So what I do when I channel is like I close my eyes and I start speaking this language that I've come to know is Dragon light language. The one that I will bring through today is called flee and de Shan the names are quite difficult to pronounce, so don't no pressure to remember them. But she is the white dragon of the rising rose. So she's like the whole upper chakra, which is the part like the heavens, you could say. I'll let her describe herself to you. It'll take me about a minute to do the, the focusing in and then she'll say her name a few times. And then she'll start speaking and then I'll be back here. So I've got some awareness of what's happening, that she'll be at the foreground and she'll, she'll say everything. Alright, and one last thing I'll say before I disappear, is that you may be able to feel her energy coming in. For those of you who are spiritually sensitive, it's something to bear in mind. Because it's useful, it can help kind of train your own skill in picking up the energies of these beings, it's just a useful, useful tool to have. You can plantation fiandre Foundation Foundation, Quijano Nyan nano Canada. So I'm just tuning myself in. So sometimes I'll be using the words of what I'll call our language Science Foundation. Why dragon of the rising rose here to share with you the message of the great return. And whenever I come through Jack's form, what I share A most strongly is the message of my energy, the message of my energy, I am a dragon of peace. And those sensitive among you will be able to feel the peace, that I extend to you. And I do this freely. Because I know with no doubt or hesitation that the piece that I share with you, that I am calling Mine is in reality, yours I am simply serving as a mirror, to the peace of your own divinity. You and I are one we are one being it is just that my eyes are turned toward my being our being I'm because I know my being our being I am our being. And so, the essence, the quality of the being that we are our divinity radiates through my form, because I am turned toward divinity.

And all I am doing here is reminding you through the direct transmission of the piece that you are, I am reminding you, that you too, can turn toward your divinity. This is my wish for you. Because you are a child of the cosmos that we are, you are a child of divinity. You deserve to live as a reflection of your divinity. And this great return that you are in the great return of humanity. The great remembrance of humanity as the cosmos and the return of humanity to the cosmos makes your remembrance of your divinity inevitable.

I would very much welcome a dialogue between us to speak if you feel comfortable to do so.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:22

Right? Yes, I'd love to ask some questions. I am curious about the great return that you're referring to. So how long has this been going on? Did it start in 2012? Or did it start way back? When? And could you share a little bit more about what it actually entails?

Jack Morrigan 38:42

Absolutely. So the great return. It is humanity stepping from winter to spring. So once humanity was one with the cosmos, the beings here knew that they are the cosmos. And not just as an idea in their minds, they lived it as a reality as an awakened reality and scientists themselves you could say that they're being was fully illuminated with the light of divinity as they were in the summer time. However, of course, we were there at that time, we were there with the humans. And we were even able to take physical form with the humans back in this time. Your histories are not quite complete. And there is much more to be discovered about how things actually work for your ancestors. In the past. However, it was inevitable that you could say there would be a fall from grace but there's four From Grace was not some, because some terrible thing was done so much is that it was the inevitable turning of the seasons of the cosmos. So the cosmos has seasons, there is sun summer, there is a winter. And as the light from the center of the cosmos dims in this part in this solar system, there is a retraction of spiritual knowledge. And the beings that live there go from a state of openness, unity, and a wealth of knowledge to going into a closed state, like Hive and hibernation or going into a seed form. Now, their self, their knowledge that was them, once connected has now turned in on itself. It has lost its ability to be aware of all of this life around it that it actually is. And in this seed state, it feels disconnected and afraid. Because it does not know what exists outside of these walls, these walls that are its own egoic identification. Over time, the light of the cosmos returns. And these seeds start to feel that light and some of them Germany, they open, they remember the cosmos around them. They live that as their own actual experience. And they try to share that message with those around them. So if you look to the early mystics going back some 1000s of years, you could say that that's what those beings were, they were early seeds to open. You could call that the beginning of the Great return. Though the great return is something that really amplifies significantly over time, just like the dawning of the sun each day. So it is more that the great return could be set to have begun in earnest in 2012. Though the foundations for it were laid far before this play many brave souls who have incarnated in your realm.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:43

I'm looking forward and how this will look like can you share a little bit about what concrete things might happen? We have a war going on in Ukraine and the Middle East. Is that will that grow? Sort of because it's a symptom that we need to look at our shadow collectively before we can raise our vibration? Like? Are we expecting more of wars and things like that before it gets better? Or can we expect that that is sort of the last struggle and now we're moving in on tour into a new era that's going to feel better for humans? And I know that you're looking at this from a different perspective, like a higher perspective, but as a human, it seems just like a lot of struggle.

Jack Morrigan 43:44

Yes, I know. I know. And I'm compassionate for your situation. Because it is a very difficult time. My advice is to go within your heart. When you see these wars, raging, most of you are in resistance to this. You are saying to yourselves consciously or unconsciously, this should not be. Now what I'm suggesting is that you may well find work against these situations, he may be called to do so. And that's all well and good. But what I encourage you to do is to do this from a ground of peace. A ground of acceptance. And I'm aware that this can be a big ask, but I assure you it will make your life far are easier and make you far more effective in any work that you do to oppose such wars and conflicts, it is to open your heart and human beings so fully that you fully accept this conflict, as it is. As it is your heart is open to it, you do not resist it, it's arising is necessary for the future flourishing of humanity. And this conflict has a right to exist. If you are able to open yourself in such a loving and accepting way, in a way that is so surrendered to the truth of what is happening, your body will become a temple in which the divine enters this world, like a river, and that flowing river will flow out of you as a temple of peace and divinity, and it will touch the collective consciousness. And it will Sue's the these emotional outbursts that are causing wars. It is in your deep acceptance and love of them precisely as they are that they will be soothed and transformed.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:45

have we chosen to be here at this specific time all the souls that are on earth right now did we choose this for, you know this specific reason to be part of this great return?

Jack Morrigan 46:59

Yes. And it's difficult for me to share this through Jack's body because he will get emotional, but we love you on we have enormous respect for you all. Sometimes, people will look to beings like us as if we are somehow superior. Our experience is not like that. In fact, we experience it the other way around. We see you as superior to us. Because you have chosen to come here and take on a massive burden on for yourself. You have come from pure divinity, a place of total perfection and satisfaction. You have forfeited your place there to come here to a realm that is suffering. And you've done it out of the depths of love that you are.

It is a huge sacrifice. And we see all of you like that. No matter who you are. We see that and all the people that you may be tempted to label as bad in the coming years.

Vladimir Putin as been regarded as such by many of you, we do not share this view. We hold him in high esteem in our hearts because we know that his actions are born out of the suffering of his disconnection from divinity. And we have nothing but admiration for any being that would lose themselves. Because we know without doubt or hesitation, that each and every one of you has done this out of love for the cosmic being that we are. We are that same being. So we profit from your sacrifice. It is we who are indebted to you. It is we who admire you. All

Jannecke Øinæs 49:44

right. A question came down into my mind right now. I look at it like this that humans are in conflict with themselves like you just refer to him Putin being an example and I can feel it in myself, how can we forgive ourselves?

Jack Morrigan 50:05

Wonderful question. And beautifully put, because this is how you can help. This is how you help in these conflicts and these wars, because many of you are feeling helpless right now. It feels like the world is falling down around you and you can't do anything good. But that is not true. You can and you are whether you realize it or not. How do you forgive yourself? Everything that you've done, that you call bad or wrong, every harm that you've caused, came from your disconnection. From the truth of who you are. All of that anyone in your position would do the same. You've done nothing wrong by causing harm. harm is an inevitable part of this phase of life. You need it to be disconnected and unconscious enough to cause harm. Because harm was necessary. During this phase of human evolution, and the evolution of the cosmos, you have endured it and perpetrated it for the good of us all. Now, this is quite a radical change in the way that you perceive the things that you have guilt and shame around. But in truth, you can do no wrong. Everything that you do, everything you've ever done, has been held by a consciousness of life that is far superior to anything you could conceive of within your mind. It always had a plan. And that plan always included the suffering that you received and gave out. There is nothing to forgive. There is nothing to forgive, because nothing wrong. Ever Happened.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:57

Wow, what a what a perspective. What a healing perspective. Thank you so much for coming through today. I am honored and very grateful.

Jack Morrigan 53:10

You're so welcome. It's a privilege to be here with you. I'm very grateful to you for allowing my message to be shared with you. And through you to your audience. Thank you Are you back Schumer? Pretty much

Jannecke Øinæs 53:41

Oh, wow. You know, that was really powerful and beautiful. I got to touch there. It was like really intense in a way. Yeah. It just felt so present with life and everything and with that energy, and that the the answer that came through was really helpful. How do you feel? Do you remember anything?

Jack Morrigan 54:04

Yeah, I'm kind of like in between places at the moment. So what I feel is very, very peaceful. Just kind of touched by life and a little tired.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:27

That's allowed. All right, Jack. I have three questions that I ask all my guests. The first one is what is self love to you?

Jack Morrigan 54:40

Like that's remembering who we are. Like remembering that we've always been in love and that can never ever be taken away from us.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:56

And what is happiness to you?

Jack Morrigan 55:01

is probably the same thing.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:09

And what is, for me, it's

Jack Morrigan 55:11

like that's like, I experienced that. It's just like, I'll deviate from happiness when I get caught in my emotions, and I forget who I am what I am. But when I remember when I turned back to the spirit that is just all around me, and pervading me in all ways, then I remember happiness, and I feel it, and it doesn't matter what's actually happening. I can be deeply happy, while in a queue, you know, waiting in line, or even when going through a tragedy. I'm not saying I'm always like this not at all, but it can happen and it is there.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:58

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective,

Jack Morrigan 56:03

the deeper meaning of life first to, to realize that we are life, to discover the life that we are, and then to live that as fully as we can, in a way that is expanded and connected with as many beings in this living cosmos as possible.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:30

Then, Jack, how can people reach you? Uh, could you share a little bit about how you can be of service to people if they need help?

Jack Morrigan 56:40

For sure, yeah. So I do. I do healing sessions, where I'm like, in my humanity, and then I do others where I'm channeling the goddesses of the Dragons for people. You can find out about that my website, which is my rising, named after the dragons of the rising rose. And I also do a group where every saturday and every other Monday we, we gather together on the Saturdays I do channelings. And then on Mondays, we do something called an integration session where we all meet and talk together. And I intentionally take myself off the kind of stage or the pedestal of being the one who's doing these channeling so that we can all meet as human beings and just talk normally.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:26

Beautiful. Well, it's been such a joy having you on the show. It really enriched me. It inspired me and it felt so healing and I feel it did also for my audience today. So thank you so much.

Jack Morrigan 57:39

Me so welcome. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

Transcribed by

Jack Morrigan – Official site
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