This is the story of Agnieszka Furtak, who, from a very young age, found herself navigating the delicate boundary between the tangible and the ethereal.

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Agnieszka Furtak 0:00

We are here to tune into our true nature. It is a game we are choosing to channel stream of consciousness into that very specific experience that is pre planned in many different aspects you know characters in your life main players in your life, and you all agreed to play these roles in each other's lives.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:31

Hello, Agnieszka, a warm welcome to the show.

Agnieszka Furtak 0:34

Thank you so much. Thank you for this opportunity. So glad to be here.

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I am excited to speak to you today. And I'm really glad you came on to the show and that you wrote to me because I know my audience is very curious, like myself about, you know, the big questions of life and mystical experiences, and some of my audience have musical experience or their haven't. And I find that these mystical experiences are varying a lot. And I know that today you are a Hypnotherapist? Do you have a spiritual mission based work and all this have come from what you experienced in your childhood? And I know you're very passionate about this. So I would love to just ask have you been religious? Have you had any religious beliefs before all these, these non physical phenomena started to happen

Agnieszka Furtak 1:26

with you? Definitely. I grew up in Krakow, Poland, in a religious country, in a religious family. So going to church, practicing different traditions. It was a basis for my upbringing. Honestly, everything was happening in the atmosphere of being part of this religious context, pretty much. The society was organized around religion. Poland was predominantly Catholic, I was born in late 70s. And obviously, to this day, it is a predominant religion. However, most people right now are not practicing, or they have declared themselves to be at East or agnostics. But when I was born, and then the family was born, that was something that was not my choice. It was how we lived pretty much 90% of people I knew live this way.

Jannecke Øinæs 2:36

And your mystical experiences started very early, like you told me that you sort of lived half and half with in the fiscal world and in the non fiscal world. And I don't understand what that is like. So I would love for you to share how it was, like being you growing up like this,

Agnieszka Furtak 2:58

I can tell you, it was very confusing. Because I literally felt like I don't understand the laws of this reality of this realm. I had a hard time anchoring to my physical body, I would have spontaneous in and out of body experiences, I would lose consciousness, my body was wobbly, I would fall down the stairs, when I was almost three, I fell out, I kind of pulled it out of a swing, I was in the park with my mom, and she didn't realize that I have a really hard time understanding how to navigate my body. And if my body can handle the energy on Earth, that was my experience, I felt like there is this there's a bobble or some Invisible Veil that is preventing me from being fully there. So my essence was mainly in that sort of ethereal space. And in that space, I was free. And in that space, there are no hard edges. But in the more dense reality that everybody around me seem to live in. I didn't know how to navigate that experience and understand what it is about. So one of those times when I kind of pulled it out of the swing. I was not protected. And I like to swing fast. So at some point I lost consciousness. And I flew out of the swing and I hit the ground. I lost consciousness. I was tiny and I was almost three my mom thought I died because I really hit the ground hard. So it was you know, very confusing to say the least. And I did not feel safe. That was 100% what I was dealing with on daily basis that I didn't have guidance at the big Getting in terms of how to understand where I am what is expected of me? Who are these people who are supposed to be taking care of me and and loving me? Yeah, that was very vague.

Jannecke Øinæs 5:13

When did you sort of understand that you were different than that other people did not live in this sort of dual reality

Agnieszka Furtak 5:23

when I was less than 10 years old, because majority of my summer times out spend on my grandma's house, or she lived in a village. And I had experiences there that prompts some kids to call me a witch, for example, a neighbor had injured himself, he fell down the stairs. And, you know, adults were talking about him, he was in a hospital, he had some severe brain damage, and there was blood. So just brain hemorrhage, I believe that he suffered from and I said something along those along those lines, that he's, he's going to die. All of a sudden, this information came through and he did two years later, he passed, I'm sorry, two days later, he passed, and kids would start calling me which, so I, I was just sort of expressing certain things that would somehow find a channel and speak for me, I was that channel. And also going to school and feeling a certain way, again, feeling this, this sort of veil, this invisible a wall. I didn't understand sort of the societal rules, how to build friendships, how to gain, maybe not gain, how how respect works, how safety works, these things that we talk about, in terms of teaching children, and sharing those skills, I didn't have those. So I think combination of not being fully aware how to be a human in this society. And those mystical experiences, including visitations from what we call, you know, Christ consciousness, or Jesus. That definitely made me feel isolated, misunderstood, and, and confused. Like I think this is the word that just keeps coming up. For me when I think about my childhood, and how my perception of where I am, what's possible. What information surrounds me was different than anybody that I knew.

Jannecke Øinæs 8:00

But did these experiences sort of give you peace and love? Like when I experience No, when I interview people with near death experiences, they're saying that they experienced this immense love. And it's just so beautiful on the other side, most of the all of them, but 99% of the ones I've interviewed, so Did did you feel sort of that that was home that you sort of remember that you're coming from there, I'm just sort of after understanding more how it felt. There

Agnieszka Furtak 8:34

are definitely instances, especially when I had these visitations from Christ, which were immensely loving, and I had several of those, and they lasted good 20, sometimes 30 minutes, so they were not short. This was not an aberration. This was not some sort of daydreaming, although all of these encounters took place in a summer outside of my grandma's house, when I was just sitting and looking at the sky. It was a summer day beautiful. And I was just relaxing. I was outside and I was the sort of dreamlike state when there was no resistance within and these encounters I'm sure. Were here to took place to protect me and to show me where home is what home is and what that feeling primal feeling and internal state that we're all streaming from. Feels like so I never obviously forgot dose and our seeking dose and I remember talking to my friend in the village about that, but nobody else you know, could relate or had those kinds of experiences. I just had those direct conversations with we've gotten it was something that completely and gross me absorbed me. And on some unconscious level gave me a hope that I am well protected and well taken care of. And, and there are mesmerizing, you know, people who have Kundalini experiences or who meditate and have this experience of oneness they can relate, or people who are, who are able to experience certain altered states of consciousness, and they will speak of those things. No ego, there is no identity that is based on the physical persona, obviously, I was a little girl. So I didn't have the words and context to understand those experiences. But I was basically like, cradled, I was loved, and I was cherished the light, and this love was beaming towards me, and I was simply enveloped in it. So these were, you know, profound, and they really helped me understand that, even though there is this confusion, nonetheless, there's this whole other aspect of life that is so full of bliss, and unconditional love. And that all is well in that level of reality, on that level of reality, everything is absolutely magical. And there is nothing to fear. And there, there are no actions that can really interfere in being accepted and being seen in this way.

Jannecke Øinæs 11:55

I want to talk a little bit back to you saw Jesus, but then you said he's talked to God, or did I misunderstand? Well,

Agnieszka Furtak 12:03

I saw an image of Jesus. So what I saw physically was always figure of Jesus sometimes face gigantic face on the sky, usually made of clouds or light that form sort of like, like a cloud shaped face. But you couldn't really mistaken, it wasn't just some sort of approximation, it looked like images, you see religious images of Jesus, when the light is spreading from the heart, you know, those classic images. These are the visuals that were presented to me. So visuals were what was one part, it was sort of like a portal open, right? And then that light was beaming towards me. That's why I could recognize that this is not just some sort of fantasy that I'm having an experience. So I'm sitting outside, and there is this reality, but there's also the supreme reality that I'm interacting with. And it took a shape of what I knew from religious classes. Because obviously, everybody had pictures as well, in all homes, and that this was Jesus.

Jannecke Øinæs 13:22

Right? I mean, it seems like spirit is showing itself to us in the way we're comfortable with it. And the way our belief system is set up. So I would probably have seen Jesus or Buddha swells since I think about them as my sin away, or look up to for wisdom. So that makes sense. Now, do you know or have you asked why you've been so different? And had these experiences because that's not my reality? Yeah.

Agnieszka Furtak 14:00

So you know, later on in life, great question. I started meditating a lot. 14 years ago, I signed up for my first vipassana retreat, and this is pretty rigorous practice. You give up your technology, you're not allowed to talk for 10 days, you wake up at 4am and you start meditating at 430 You either meditate in our meditation hall or in your own room. And I've had some activations happen. That made me again further realize that there's there are some things that I am able to experience that most people cannot no matter how many years they've been meditating, so that I asked directly. Me Maybe 10 years ago, I would ask that question. But more than anything, I was just experiencing through meditation, certain states of consciousness, we can call them astral projection journeys, and certain levels of oneness, that I just assumed that this is something we all can experience, if we tune into that frequency to that level of subtlety within. To me, the way I deduced it is that, you know, body is a technology. And if you can focus on that internal technology, and you can activate those domains that we all have within us, then this is something that can be universally experienced. So I never felt like I was special in that sense. Although, on day seven, you know, I had one of those profound experiences when I entered meditation hall and a day or two prior to that I had so much build up energy through this Vipassana practice, you have to understand that this practice is not a walk in the park, you sit in one position, you're not allowed to move. I've never sat in Latos before or meditated for several hours, we have short breaks. So your body is in this comfort, you feel bones and muscles in your body, you had no idea you've had you have. And at the same time, because I couldn't sleep, I was also laying down at night and meditating. And the energy felt like, I'm just going to pop, it was this feeling of pressure, like if I'm going to fly out of the cage. And on that morning, on the seventh day, we are in a meditation hole, but I'm in space, and I'm looking at stars and planetary system and Stan and I have an incredible journey, I company with this level of bliss that I remember from encountering Jesus in childhood. So I started putting the two together, that I am a little bit different in my 30s In my early 30s. Because people are not sharing these experiences, and I didn't even feel like I wanted to speak about that after we were allowed to speak on the last day, I had another experience that maybe avid meditators, tailors can relate to, you start experiencing reality in its absolute detail. So I could zoom into a leaf. And I could just study these subtle textures and variations in color. Everything around me became very vivid. not overwhelming, but it's almost like something just came into focus in such a delightful way. That, you know, I was just looking at the trees and the birds, and everything was just humming. And I was integral part of it. And I didn't have the need to even articulate it until one of the teachers asked me about that experience. And I said, you know, I was traveling in space and I. So Pluto and Jupiter and, and different planets. And I was incredibly euphoric. And now that euphoria has calmed down a bit. But I definitely see like there are some incredible possibilities that can be activated. So I started Yeah, connecting the dots, that maybe I have some special abilities because my teacher told me that I can really focus powerfully he said that I am gifted and he mentioned something about just grounding and following you know the process correctly. And I was hooked. I started meditating two hours a day after I left that retreat center. And I was meditating, you know, for years, two years after I completed the first vipassana retreat, you know, I was interested in energy because lots of things came to my awareness how information is available. We have this like, sort of file cabinet with information about our lives and I can look into that I've had experiences just receiving information from the field if you will. So, yeah, eventually I understood that most people don't function that way. It was about 13 years ago, when I had that realization, she

Jannecke Øinæs 20:08

will. Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I find that people who have these mystical experiences in childhood, they often do like you, they start to meditate, they start to ask questions, and they start to go deeper into the journey. And somehow they end up working with it, which I feel is maybe part of why they are having these mystical experiences, is to be of service and to share knowledge about it. Have you felt that that this is sort of a mission that you may be planned on before you incarnated on this planet? Definitely,

Agnieszka Furtak 20:44

with the access to the information to that field of oneness to the zero point energy, you know, it's very easy for me now to stay there. And to just tune into that. Two years after I started meditating regularly, I did complete Reiki course, I got attuned to do energy work. And after partaking in some Ayahuasca ceremonies, and doing some further clearing work, because I had a lot of fear that I was harboring within my body. And I was not comfortable with guiding people. I had to first tackle those experiences. And I have some interesting stories to share about that too. Because, you know, once you meditated, yeah, you realize, oh, you know, you're not gonna be the economist, or you're not gonna work in education system, you're not going to be doing sales or anything else. You have this plan to actually help people be of service and activate those inner healing abilities within others and guide them into those hypnotic like a state where they can experience greater reality within so yeah, I became very curious. And I realized two years after I completed my first vipassana retreat, that this is what naturally is a consequence of acquiring this awareness.

Jannecke Øinæs 22:21

I am curious to hear more about this. Did you mention the word library or something like that? around us? We could we have this information around us? Can you share a little bit about what that is? And

Agnieszka Furtak 22:34

yes, yes, it? Absolutely. So I'm sure a lot of your guests speak about that. There is this field that we share. And there are some even scientific names about a morphogenetic field. They are people who have been investigating the the ether and how information is stored. There are lots of different modalities that speak about how we can access this field. And we can balance energies, for example, family systems, or family dynamics, when you have a group of people and acting out certain situations that were less than pleasant, and actors that don't know anything about you, volunteers, feel the emotions and feel those interstates of the participants. And then the therapist sort of guides the group in order to balance out the energy for the person who is experiencing all these like fluctuations in the mind in the body, because there was some abuse and validation and so on. But I was more interested in you know, how this information is stored. So some people call it archives, and there are different names for it. For me, I understood that if I tune into that zero point energy, it's like, it's like the key unlocks access to information. So I see it more as a network. And if I can be so quiet and so attuned to that field. It will show up in my awareness as an image as a download like a block of information, realisations. Sometimes I will have just slides or movies being played. Like if you can picture Tom Cruise and like Mission Impossible films. He's looking at the screen and moving the the imagery around and he can enlarge an image You can shrink the image. So I realized that we have this ability to access information that look like holograms, but when you actually step into them, because there is no resistance within in terms of your own biases, your judgment, your expectation, you're just very neutral and there is no person in that experience, you can enter any field there is literally no secrets. Because you we are authentic, right? On that fundamental level, we are light we are love. So if you understand that, and if you can maintain that state information comes to you because you are not boxing yourself in any way. You're not limiting yourself. So let's

Jannecke Øinæs 25:58

see, say you you look at me right now, do you need to reach like, as you said, a zero energy point in order to see into the field around me. And

Agnieszka Furtak 26:12

the way I work is, it's by permission, right? Whatever happens in a session is for the highest good of my client, they typically come because they have a lot of unprocessed emotions related to difficult childhood experiences, or life experiences. We call it trauma in today's society. So when they come to me, on the surface, they're gonna tell me, for example, you know, I have a drinking problem, because my husband suffering from dementia, I'm 62 years old, I know this is not what are we going to work on, I already know that there is. So I get hints of information right away. And then when I am next to the person, I guide them for a series of exercises that are easy to follow. But we need to prefer the architecture of the body and the mind to go to those subtle levels because people protect those experiences and protect the the wounded child within. So it's not like everywhere I walk, I see data about everyone, sometimes yes, sometimes a little bit of that calms, I can read it very easily. Or I can, let's say look at you, you can say that there are some, like darker spots, lighter spots, energy typically is not even around so I feel it, I see it more like a cloud or there was more density in and behind you, like near the lamp that you have in the back. But it's not. What does that mean? So this can mean this, you know, we share space, right? With different energies where you can call it like a energetic weather. And so some, so we need that ventilation, we need to open windows, maybe cleanse the space, sometimes it can be a thought

Jannecke Øinæs 28:17

we like thought form.

Agnieszka Furtak 28:21

Correct. And it's just like a cloud, it's nothing really

Jannecke Øinæs 28:25

challenging just to be a bit left brain mind. So you mean that their mind? Yeah.

Agnieszka Furtak 28:31

In that side is a little bit more dense than the other side. It just might mean that you using this part of your brain more dominantly. And maybe because you need to plan your interviews, and there is a certain level of, you know, focus and organ organizational skills that you need to use. But there is nothing that I see that would be really problematic.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:04

What's good. Now, what is the like deepest insights you've had from these experiences that you have had throughout your life? Like What Did it teach you about life and the universe? Great

Agnieszka Furtak 29:22

question. So I've had several encounters, you know, with people during sessions, I've done 1000s of these sessions throughout the years, some would just should meet out of body and I had these incredible experiences of just pure light and love, lots of different visions, you know, beings, dragons, just life forms that are all around. And now my energy is grounded and it's very stable. And I don't have as many fluctuations in my energy. It's a more even keel. But looking at all the spectrum of the experiences that I've had, I would say that few things. First of all, like we're not alone, universe is full of life, you are not your body that came first to me before I even talked about these, these other forms of life, intelligent life in the universe. You are not the body, body is a device, that if you learn how to utilize, it will work and waste like a supercomputer word. But because this device is also infused with a love and support, it's not just a knowledge, it is also this experience of well being. And ultimately, bringing all the experiences into the present moment reality and understanding that, on some level, you creating all of that. Or you have ability to have that experience because you opened yourself up enough, you know, you're safe, you know that this is a temporary experience in this body. So you might as well experiment and live life on your own terms rather than so calming yourself to some limitations that maybe had a good intention behind it. But life is definitely not squarish not well defined. There are no harsh lines, or solid lines, we are malleable. And we can all with those practices that are no difficulty required time of course, and dedication. But they are free. And they are all designed, like yogic practices, Pranayamas, prolonged fasting, meditation, all of those things I'm speaking about, have the capacity to return. You hope you return to this primal state, no matter what happened to you, no matter what context no matter what life experiences you've had, that you can consider challenging.

Jannecke Øinæs 32:39

I have three questions that I ask all my guests. The first one is what is self love to you?

Agnieszka Furtak 32:46

Great question. Self Love is the capacity to recognize that you are allied that you will love despite being in the world that might reflect something different. So read self love is recognizing that this is essentially who you are. And when you act from that place. You're immune to whatever comes your way that might be useful to others. Self love means that you don't live in survival mode that you are adventurous in the way you think the way you act the way you seek. That would be self love to me.

Jannecke Øinæs 33:43

I love that that's a bit different than I heard before. I love what you said about then your human immune makes so much sense. What is happiness to you?

Agnieszka Furtak 33:55

Um, for me personally, happiness is freedom. Having the ability to learn having internal flexibility in terms of my thinking and in interpreting information. Happiness is to experience new sensations in the body. A joy that feeling that all is possible, right? This by changing let's say circumstances. You mentioned law of attraction. So happiness to me is that freedom of creating and knowing that there are consequences for you creating but with that responsibility. There is precision of how you combine thoughts and feelings and emotions. So you can sort of So do this Inner Engineering That to me is happiness because I will test certain hypothesis that I have. And then, you know, like, sort of scientist or chemist, I will have an experience. And I can go back and forth and tweak things, said to me that that's happiness that I have that freedom, you know, that understanding that this ability is within me, and I can execute it. And that makes me feel like, you know, I can never get stuck. Or if I get stuck, I can quickly unstuck myself.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:34

Right? And that we all have this ability as well. 100% A lot of us don't know it

Agnieszka Furtak 35:41

correct? Or not hard. It's called knowing it's real happiness, because you're like, Oh, my God, it's in my hands, I can do this. Yeah, really happy to know that. Right.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:54

And like you said that life is magical, you know, that, that's your real experience. Now, what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective

Agnieszka Furtak 36:09

deeper meaning of life is to use life experiences. To understand what you are, underneath their experiences, you are not the experience, you are the creator, you are the observer, you can also have non attachment towards those experiences that are transitory. So the meaning of life to me is to know that we are here to experience awareness, despite perceived adversity, and play with those realms. So that when you phase out of this reality, you take all of that knowledge with you. And wherever you going next, right, ask yourself, What am I doing with the rest of my eternity. So knowing that, that we are eternal, and this cosmic game continues, then we can play that game on many levels internally, knowing that this information is intact, this information is recorded, and the you're not losing any of that. And when you can hold those understandings. Simultaneously, you know, you're going to have a wonderful adventure in life. So knowing essentially, that your eternal, no information is lost on you can never lose yourself, no matter how dark things can get, and you can always reset that. So that would be for me something that I consider fundamental, you know, to my meaning of life,

Jannecke Øinæs 38:27

hmm. Wow, that it was a lot of wisdom right there. You said, Life or the cosmos is a cosmic game.

Agnieszka Furtak 38:37


Jannecke Øinæs 38:40

Your little bit more about that.

Agnieszka Furtak 38:43

Um, the way I see this, you know, I'm, we, we are here to, while we're alive, to tune into our true nature. So even though we wearing a costume and you know, we have names and categories for the sexes, for the professions, and we define ourselves by these different functions. function is not who we are our experiencing a sort of a point of view or perspective. And it is a game in a sense that we are choosing to channel stream of consciousness into that very specific experience that is pre planned in many different aspects, you know, characters in your life, main players in your life, and you all agreed to play these roles in each other's lives. So it's causing because it's planned from a different level of consciousness. And once you You again, realize that you're playing this game from a different level. And every step of the way, you can kind of pause and, you know, even contemplate that and laugh at it, and realize that this is this is the experience is real, but this is projection, then life becomes really laughable in many ways, you are just able to meet people on many different levels where they are, and find a common ground and find that playfulness. So the cosmic gay, the cosmic game, to me means that, you know, there is not seriousness that there shouldn't be this level of seriousness that we apply to these life events, if we can understand that we enter the game, because we want to have fun, we want to meet other players, we want to experience new sensations, we want to understand what it's like to be this character or that character, then even if some of the experiences are not so pleasant, we understand that, yes, we acquire this information, this information is always with us, we can take it to the next level. But this is not the fundamental level. So if we could just relax and enjoy this experience more how it translates to everyday life, we wouldn't just be stuck up, you know, just be able to have more of a flow in life and advance through these things. And, and, and just have this playfulness about our existence. So we're here to essentially remember that, and once we awaken to that reality, you know, emotions, I say that in one of my pawns, emotions, don't control me, they show me. So we start utilizing all of these different intricacies about our bodies and mind, in order to perceive not in order to judge not in order to manipulate others, not in order to put ourselves on a pedestal, we understand that we're playing this game with ourselves, in order to, in a way prove to ourselves that this is not who we are. So let's make it as crazy as we can do in order to reset that pattern and understand how you know, it's a game wake up from this illusion of mortality, and no limitation. So essentially, it's like that it's just like we're hallucinating in a way into into this feeling that yeah, this is all real. Do you really

Jannecke Øinæs 43:21

work in shift of consciousness?

Agnieszka Furtak 43:25

Great question. You know, I've been on this journey consciously for about 14 years. And the information that I have, based on these states that I can tune into and just just be is that cosmos is always in a perfect state, there is no lack. Nothing needs to be changed. And this is again, a projection whatever we are tuning into, we're just inviting it into our space. So from that grand scheme of things, and nothing is in this order. However, everything is also in this flux. So whatever is dominant tendency, let's say in the game, then of course, it's going to effect again like a weather players of this game because we can gain more momentum more power in those realities. So in our collective reality, there is a shift of consciousness. Yes, more and more people are not interested in playing the old game. They're interested in having more easy time in the game. So in that sense, I do think that there is more intentionality. Yeah. Let's let's shift from that level. And let's see if we can engage more playfully and that can mean different things for different people. But Definitely, I mean, think about this, when I had my first mystical experiences out of body experiences as a child, you know, in my, in my teenage years, I would see yogic books, there are no yoga studios in Poland at the time. And now the information is there, you don't have to go to India to study with a monk, you know, this used to be very sacred and protected knowledge. Now, you know, we pass on retreats, they're not for everyone, I would highly recommend, for most people to break that inner sequel, we're creating all the sequels, right, but now we have to suspend the movie. And there are many tools. You know, some people are shocked when I tell them stop eating for 510 days, you got to have an internal experience. And you're going to break that sequel of what you think is right, what do you think is real. So in that sense, because we live in the era of inflammation, if you want to impact that global consciousness, it's absolutely attainable. And there are tools that are free, everybody can use them, Vipassana meditation is free as well. And you don't have to seek that information. Again, and used to be more hidden. And now everybody who, who is consciously choosing that and more and more people are choosing that are going to have internal discoveries. And when you do, you are resetting your understanding of how you can participate. So while you're in the game, you are not so absorbed in the game, that you're just doing doing doing doing acting, acting, and then maybe reflection happens towards the end of your life when you are ready to exit the game. Right? So so we have these intervals, that that are just like, No thought is there, no action is there. And we can practice being in that suspend that state and that the more we stretch that space, you know, the more positive implication. So looking at, you know, that that linear progression, I do believe that we are in that in that consciousness shift. I mean, your channel is a proof, you know, you have these conversations is more interested that people you know, don't feel like they just need they just need to sort of keep this to themselves for 4050 years, and not talk about their own experiences. Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 47:48

I definitely feel like people are not so afraid anymore to share these experiences and YouTube channels and podcasts and is popping up all over the place, which I find great. Because way back when when I started it wasn't that many shows about it. I've been on YouTube for so long, since 2012 where it all started. But a lot of things started then. But yeah, it's important that it comes from different angles and more stories are being shared so that people can find information on their own and not necessarily through mainstream media that is influencing us a lot. Now this has been so oh yeah, this has been so interesting. I loved your perspectives and I find that they resonate with me I'm they're similar to what I've heard it was just sort of a different angles sometimes that I found very fascinating. So thank you for that. And where can people reach you if they want to reach out to you if they want to work with you? How can they find you?

Agnieszka Furtak 48:47

Yeah, absolutely. I facilitate hypnotherapy sessions and parallel lives journeys, aka past life regression or regression therapies and different forms of holistic healing including energy and NLP. So to find the information that you need in order to understand what's possible with it, it's best if you go to balance is perfection that comm balance is perfection that calm that's my website. I also have Instagram balance lab by Agha for tag, but if you go to my website, you'll find all the links. You'll find testimonies, recordings, I record some sessions. I have tons of testimonies from clients written and also video testimonies.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:41


Thank you so much, Scott. correctly. Thank you so much for being on

Agnieszka Furtak 49:56

the show today and sharing this knowledge. Thank

Jannecke Øinæs 49:59

you And thank you for watching guys much light from here. Bye bye

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Navigating being detached from the physical realm

From early childhood, Agnieszka had a series of out-of-body experiences that became a coping mechanism, allowing her to escape a painful family environment. These experiences provided a sanctuary where she could temporarily evade the overwhelming emotions and uncertainties of her world. However, this detachment from the physical realm had its consequences, as she struggled to anchor her consciousness in the material world.

An incident at the tender age of two vividly illustrates this detachment, where she perceived the world around her as intangible, resulting in frequent tumbles down the stairs. Her sub-reality was whimsical, a stark contrast to the chaos of the three-dimensional realm.

At the age of three, while swinging in a park, a spontaneous event occurred that would leave a lasting impact. Her consciousness momentarily separated from her body, catapulting her into the air and rendering her unconscious. It was a moment of genuine concern, as her mother feared for her life.

To strengthen her nervous system, Agnieszka received vitamin B12 injections. A few years later, at the age of eight, she embarked on a series of encounters that would forever alter her perspective on life. These divine experiences took place at her grandparents’ house in a remote Polish village, far from her hometown.

Seated on the porch and gazing at the sky, she beheld the radiant visage of Jesus – a luminous presence brimming with love and acceptance. These encounters, lasting approximately half an hour, left her in a state of blissful awe. Even when called inside for lunch, she hesitated to depart from this source of profound protection and unconditional love. To her dismay, she discovered that her grandmother could not share in this divine vision; for her, it was simply a sunny summer sky. The children in the village, ignorant of her experiences, labeled her a witch due to her uncanny ability to predict death.

As time passed, these extraordinary encounters served as a catalyst for a lifelong journey of exploration. Agnieszka delved into psychology, meditation, perception, truth, and healing, eventually becoming a hypnotherapist, hypnosis teacher, and energy healing practitioner. These professions allowed her to assist others on their quest for wholeness, drawing from her thousands of therapy sessions and a newly completed book.

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