In this interview with Hans Wilhelm, the renowned author, and illustrator behind the popular YouTube channel “Life Explained,” we delve into the fascinating concept of the law of attraction. Wilhelm believes that the entire universe operates on this fundamental principle, where like attracts like. On Earth, we are presented with a unique opportunity to experience diverse thought patterns and challenge our own belief systems, enabling our souls to explore different vibrations.

Why The Secret Didn’t Work

During the interview, Wilhelm raises questions about the widely discussed film “The Secret.” He suggests that while we can manifest our desires through willpower, it may not necessarily align with our highest good, but rather serve our ego. The focus of the law of attraction should not solely be on “getting,” as many have misunderstood, but rather on “becoming.” Our ultimate goals should revolve around personal growth and self-realization.

Wilhelm also sheds light on soul groups and how the law of attraction operates in the spiritual realm. Souls with similar vibrational frequencies are naturally drawn together, and on Earth, we have the opportunity to interact and resolve any past karmic issues. As humans, we can evolve and potentially be attracted to higher soul groups if we have progressed rapidly in our spiritual journey.

The universe is inherently abundant, and as souls, we are born with that abundance. However, Wilhelm emphasizes the importance of discerning the origin of our desires—is it from our ego or our soul? He warns against negative astral beings that may assist in manifesting ego-driven desires, such as material possessions, at a great personal cost. This path stems from a belief of “not being enough,” which fuels these negative beings.

What is the astral realm?

Delving into the astral realm, Wilhelm references the biblical fall of angels and explains that some souls have fallen too low, surviving by feeding off our energy and implanting dark thoughts. Like attracts like, so dwelling on negative thoughts can attract negative entities. Maintaining a pure and balanced mind becomes crucial, and practices like Byron Katie’s “The Work” can be immensely helpful in challenging and transforming negative thoughts.

Thoughts are alive

Wilhelm underscores the aliveness of thoughts and their potential to manifest into reality, subject to the laws of karma. Thoughts are energetic entities, and when they gain strength through repetition, they form thought complexes that attract similar thoughts. In heavily populated areas, we may find ourselves walking through various thought complexes, which can contribute to feelings of depression.

Protecting ourselves from negative beings

To safeguard ourselves from negative astral beings, Wilhelm suggests catching ourselves when we slide into self-pity, as it can lead to depression. Meditation becomes a valuable tool for gaining control over our thoughts and cultivating inner peace and clarity.

How karma plays in the law of attraction

In exploring the interplay between karma and the law of attraction, Wilhelm emphasizes that every experience we encounter is a reflection of our past actions, whether in this life or a previous one. The law of karma, intricately intertwined with the law of consequences, stores these experiences in specific planets, genes, and the Akashic records. To transcend the wheel of karma, forgiveness and making amends become essential steps on our path to liberation.

As the interview concludes, Wilhelm leaves us with a profound statement: “Everything that happens to me here is to bring me home.” These words encapsulate the transformative power of understanding and applying the law of attraction in our lives, ultimately leading us to our true selves.

Listen to the podcast version here.

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